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  1. well you're saying it's hidden but the data is there.. couldn't unhide that shit for like 2 days?
  2. So it's impossible to see it? Man we put so much time and energy into that shit and I'll never see it again?
  3. Easier to sell I suppose? It feels more like Shpongle to me than Ineffable anyway..
  4. Oh my god it's not sitting on a server anywhere? my life is over.
  5. Ineffable is great but I just can't get past the fact that he's turned these projects into weird bands instead of focusing on the standard old posford magic in the studio. I keep pointing at Infected Mushroom, they've kinda done the same thing.
  6. Is the old off-topic data still around somewhere? My mind would be blown if I could go back through those old topics.....
  7. Way better than anything they've put out since Tales of the Inexpressible in my opinion. Thx Benji!
  8. Not familiar enough with FSOL, and was a huge Posford-Whore for a long time, so I can't properly gauge this one. I will say I'm liking this "The God Particle" EP way more than the stuff Shpongle's put out on these last few albums. People who've dismissed Shpongle in the past, check out The God Particle it's quite good IMO.. it's about time they did something good again. Looking at FSOL's history, and listening to a couple tracks while I read through this thread, I imagine the Shpongle boys (Simon and Raj, I mean.. not fanboys) would tell you FSOL's better. Again, I'm WAY biased here, as I feel I kinda "grew up" with Shpongle and know it so well, so of course they get my vote, but only on that basis, so fuck my opinion
  9. yeah I know, I used to be a HUGE Simon Posford supporter... With Shpongle and Younger Brother I feel he's totally flown off-track. EXCEPT.. the God Particle EP is pretty fucking sweet. The rest of his recent shit is really really really weird and off-base if you ask me. Oh well, thx for the TONS of music you made long ago that I enjoyed, Simon - uhh have a good future
  10. The screen crapped out at this event and they had to reboot it:
  11. I called it. This album is fucking whack. but of course, that's just my opinion.
  12. I know this is "off-topic" but is there any way to find the old off-topic forum, even if it's all locked up? There was some awesome shit in there I'd love to dig through
  13. Ouroboros is right. You have failed.
  14. I combined a bunch of gifs that I did not make into this thing.. It was way harder than I was expecting to crossfade animated gifs.. The works are from David Ope, fucking brilliant: http://dvdp.tumblr.com/tagged/dvdp%20done so awesome
  15. Fuck. Wish I could help Thank you for everything, Mars <3
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