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For all Goa Trance fans there is one place to be - Neogoa, a web portal where you can find detailed information about all artists and publishers who are specialized in newborn Goa Trance trend and music. Neogoa.tk follows the newest releases in this genre, and offers a great number of reviews from all spheresa of psychedelic sound, from downtempo/ambient to psy trance & goa trance. Besides this role, Neogoa has evolved into a net-label too. Moreover, Neogoa works as a radio-promoter for all interested newschool goa trance artists and DJs, and it cooperates with other web portals and organizations.


The very first version of the web site was created during the summer 2010, when Richpa extended his previously written texts with databases which contained all the necessary information about artists and labels - all with one goal; to share all relevant information about Goa Trance in one place. Shortly after, the idea of creating a new VA compilation became vivid. The final result - the "Dimensional Gateway", a conceptual compilation which will be experienced as a real "psychedelic space odyssey" by many people. The goal of this release was to truthfully represent the essence of Goa Trance, and we believe that we have succeeded to achieve it.


The future of Neogoa project will be directly linked to the community, as it already was from the very beginning. We have established important connections with many organizations, artists, DJs and web portals. The plans are clear - to work and to do our best in order to make our web site the best we can, so that visitors and users of our portal can have the best insight into the music we love and live for. One of our main goals in the future period will be to promote artists and DJs through our releases and radio shows.

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Wow man, very nice work. Congratulations! I will be happy to participate if you need any help. Also, if you need translations in English I can help you with that so that the international viewers can enjoy the site as much as we do. 





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Great initiative brother, it's all in Serbian but it's more or less clear what you're talking about! Btw maybe you can put Protozoa also between the 2010 releases? :)


Protozoa infos will be added in the neogoa timeline section. Also, some infos about Sita Records will be very useful. And yeah, people from Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia, Albania, Slovenia and Kosovo are all familiar with croatian language :D


@Mirza, thank you very much, ill contact you via mail or facebook very soon ;)

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Cool! Btw did you guys know there's already a German site dedicated to Newschool? Runned by Ghost On Acid, he's on this forum too...-> http://return-of-the-sun.de/


Few months ago i found that site while i was searchin' on google something about newschool. Great site apsolutley. Anyhow, i want to include ALL negoa artist on neogoa.tk and here is list that i created few days ago, so i must ask you for help. If i missed someone please add project name and his myspace/soundcloud/discogs page, any info that'll be useful. Here is alphabeticly sorted list (with myspace links):


Aerosis SAD

Afgin Izrael

Agneton Belgija

Ajna Francuska

Alienapia Ukrajina

Alt Anesis Izrael

Amanians Belgija

Amithaba Buddha Portugal

Anakoluth Švicarska

Annunaki SAD

Antares Belgija

ArmagedDance Rusija

Arronax BiH

Artha Poljska

Artifact303 Rumunjska

Astral Gnomix Švicarska

Astrancer Brazil

Astreveta Kosovo/Albania

Aurari Kosovo

Avigmati Francuska

Beast303 Portugal

Bit-Head Portugal

Blackstarrfinale Engleska

Boneva Turska

Brain Technology Hrvatska

Celestial Consciousness Ukrajina

Chemical Products Srbija

Chronomyst Francuska

CoaGoa Austrija

Cosmic Silence Njemačka

Crucifix Grčka

Cyberion Njemačka

Daimon Belgija

Dhamsuta Kosovo

E-Mantra Rumunjska

EBT Turska

Ethereal Švedska

Filteria Švedska

Gazzuar Rusija

Goalien Norveška

Goalogy Rusija

Goasia Srbija

Grand-Cheff Francuska

Hypnotic Signal Rusija

Imba Srbija

Indika Project Švedska

Infinite Dimensions Engleska

InnerSelf Makedonija

Jikkenteki SAD

Jikooha Japan

K.O.B. Švedska

Ka-Sol Švedska

Khetzal Francuska

Khooman Rusija

Landscape Observer Rusija

Liquid Flow Hrvatska

Lost Buddha Portugal

Magic & Witchcraft Finska

Mendark Grčka

Merr0w Francuska

Mindsphere Turska

Mysterious Wizard Portugal

NanoPortation SAD

Nebula Meltdown Finska

Neospherix Project Rusija

Nephilim BiH

New Born Izrael

NK47 Izrael

Nolax Austrija

Omegahertz Grčka

Pan Psychic Rusija

Pandemonium! Portugal

Paramatma Makedonija

Party Droids Belgija/Portugal

Persistent Aura Belgija

PharaOm Francuska

PortaMento Danska

Primal Source Rumunjska

Project Cosmonaut

Project Shidartha Hrvatska

Psychedelic Quest Grčka

Ra Norveška

Radical Distortion Grčka

Räma Portugal

Rudraksha Makedonija

SatanicElectro Poljska

SETI Project Engleska

Sky Technology Ukrajina

Somnesia Francuska

Space Elves BiH/Srbija/Engleska/Austrija

Space Vibes System Ukrajina

Spirit Medicine Ukrajina

SubConsciousMind Švicarska

Subra Izrael

Summamutikka Finska

The Grey Guy Njemačka

The Wonderboy Izrael

Travma Turska

Vast Novi Zeland

Virtuart Francuska

Vox Hrvatska

Xervana Švedska

Yan Etki Turska

Yesod Švedska

Ypsilon 5 Švedska

Zed Reactor Grčka

Zirrex Rusija


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Is it online everyday at certain time, or it's streaming only when you activate it? Because right now it says "radio status is off"


Stream is online only when i activate it and the problem here is fact that i don't have premium option on that site and i can't do 24/7 stream. So i'll do some schedule in upcoming days for stream. IMO, one stream per week (maybe on Sunday only) will be enough. Anyhow, i'll post here when it'll be. One more thing, it would be great if some goa DJs post their promo mixes so we can present every Sunday one DJ :)

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Stream is online only when i activate it and the problem here is fact that i don't have premium option on that site and i can't do 24/7 stream. So i'll do some schedule in upcoming days for stream. IMO, one stream per week (maybe on Sunday only) will be enough. Anyhow, i'll post here when it'll be. One more thing, it would be great if some goa DJs post their promo mixes so we can present every Sunday one DJ :)



It's a good idea Brotha :) I'm for this !:D

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Great work! Keep it up!


Some artists from my country who still stick to this genre:


J.I.S. (Journey Into Sound)









They perform regularly in Hungary (except for PequalNP who I do not know in person).


And another friend of mine is making his MySpace page after he signed a contract with a label (for one track). But that's a secret so no more details. :D



And some other artists whom I couldn't find under the 'artists' section:






Laughing Skull




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Thanks guys for new infos, it'll be updated in day or two. I have already received few emails with new infos and some correction for artist database list, so if you notice any mistake or missing artist, don't hesitate to send mail at iparic70@gmail.com


And yeah, some nice news, Mirza (Arronax) did a great job with translation for neogoa info text, so it'll be online by the end of day.


I must say one more time, if you're label - feel free to send me infos about your upcoming releases and news. It'll be posted on index page as a news and also it'll be posted in upcomming releases section.


If you're an artist, feel free to send your bio, infos, photo, myspace/soundcloud link. We'll do best job to promote you and your music.


If you're a DJ, send link to your promo mix and it'll be streamed via neogoa.tk online radio stream (it'll be 100% functional soon).


If you want to help building this site and it's database, feel free to writte biography for some artist, or do a review and it'll be posted on neogoa.tk.

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