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Psychedelic Dub


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guys, i've noticed from all the talks that have been done on this forum, this specific style seemed to be pretty ignored.


from my music journy through my life, it was chill-out music that really got me into electronic ( a Riders on the Storm remix that i could never find again :( ), and it always had a special place inside me, but not everything thats CHILL seems to have a chill effect, unfortunately, but again, this is a matter of taste, stuff like dark ambient or glitched are just offendive for me.


anyway, i wanna share this topic for people who really adore this style, and i would love to see people adding more artist, im pretty sure i dont know all of them


my top favourite is definitely OTT, a genius in composing, has a feeling for notes just like Bach and Mozart, an artist that never-ever disapointed me.


my list goes something like this: Ott, Youth, some Younger Brother stuff, Cell (though only his Phonic Peace album, everythin outside that album has a different style), Slackbaba, Eastern Spirit, Kumba Mela Experiment, a small part of Gaudi, Pitch Black, Desert Dwellers, Peaking Goddess Collective


a slight touch of this magic music have also artists like: Zero Cult, Chronos, Androcell, Chilled Sequence, D. Batistatos, Kalpataru Tree, Kuba, Side Liner, Suns of Arqa, The Orb, Shulman


what makes this style magical is definitely rhythm, but rhythm makes no sense or it can get boring if its not paired with good melodies which loads of artists up there lack


some preferations would do the topic good, here's mine:


- Entheogenic - Ground Luminosity (Ott's New Yoghurt Loom mix)

- Abakus - California Sunshine

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aVbGMtCkCj4 - Chronos - Spiral Clouds

- Androcell - Neurosomatic Circuit

- Cell - Magic Karma



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How did you search for psy dub?


Your search for the term psydub, psy dub, psychedelic dub, psychedelicdub returned 170 results (apart from this, nothing else helpful found)


is it the yonderboy remix of the doors perhaps? www.youtube.com/watch?v=6glGL1w6WMc


no, i remember i've heard forest sounds like birds, rain, etc, it had a lot of sounds from the original song though it was more trip-hop and lounge oriented (a mix of them), from what i've searched so far, it sounds a bit similar to the first track in This release, but your link sounds amazing too :)


anyway, regarding the topic, i have noticed that the psychedelic side of dub actually inspired people out of its walls too, and it all starts on the circle of Youth/Ott/Hallucinogen, for example Toires makes some amazing music, it has a trip-hop like beat but a totally dubbed bassline (especially the track Ma Wal Hob from Sanati album), and the mix with the arabian culture just makes it orgasmic :).

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Thanks for aharing artist names that do psychedelic dub. I've never been able to find much, just the occasional last track on psy trance album. I'd like to hear more of it for some inspiration as I've recently started to produce what I'd call psychedelic dub. I'm having a short break from producing psy and techno

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Thanks for aharing artist names that do psychedelic dub. I've never been able to find much, just the occasional last track on psy trance album. I'd like to hear more of it for some inspiration as I've recently started to produce what I'd call psychedelic dub. I'm having a short break from producing psy and techno


i myself am a hobby producer too though time is not one of my friends, and i rather listen than create, but i can tell you one thing, people might criticise me for this, but since the moment i have discovered OTT, i could never find better music than him, to me he's a centre of knowledge, what u can learn from him just by listening is amazing, it is pretty rare to find people with skills like him. give him a detailed try...

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Any tracks you could recommend? I've just listened to a few on Youtube and they've been pretty awful imo. They do have a nice sound quality though and the percussion is great.


i usually get offended when someone does not like Ott :P, but thats not the case here at all, i've heard some tracks of yours u promoted, and i can say that we both speak a different langauge when we say PsyDub, now some people here are gonna shout at me what im about to say, but psydub originally has oriental roots, what i mean is composing style and rhythm, not just melodies, i think your just looking for a more deep side of dub, dub itself is a language which fits in all kinds of music styles, so we have to be very careful what we call psy and what not (98% of the psytrance releases have no "psy" touch at all, if u know what i mean).


i've heard a lot of people calling this psychedelic dub (

), to mee, it just sounds DUB


even though i opened the topic for recommendations, there's nothing that i can recommend you for your taste :(.


for the topic, here's another HIT, cant sit when i listen to this :)


Gaudi - Truthful Old Man

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hey Whats up!

I've kinda recently gotten into psy dub myself, and don't know of too many psy dub artists. I know of Shulman, Sun Project and thats about it without getting borderline.Psy-Trance. If you know of any bonafide Psy Dub cats please give em a shout out! Lets see if we can compile a list of sorts.

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Here's a very good artist, Outersect, i hate the fact that i discovered it so late, but hey, at least there is something that i can listen for some months :)


Outersect - http://www.outersect.net


a free track from him: http://www.outersect.net/Audio/Ikodia-SuperstitiousImmigrantMix-320.mp3


he released an album in 2007 called Caldera which sounds very very good, and an album is on the oven, probably released in the next couple of months :)


also, i have checked some charity party for haiti in London, i went there specifically for Youth since i have never heard any of his dj sets apart from the KETAMA mixed release. he speaks my taste, but only until that day that i've listened to him, and it worries me because he's a the owner of the best DUB sound label LSD Records. The problem was, very poor mixes, very incompatible genres mixed, and i rarely heared something in dub rhythm played there, in other words, there is a style change, and i hope that does not count to the whole label, i just hate Minimal Techno shit, and it sounded a lot like that (please minimal fellaz, dont be offended)


ps, here's a very nice set from a DJ called Sneaky Hippie, the guy does not have any kind of special technique, yet he mixes tracks from the same family sound quite good :).


http://www.slac.com/phoenix/sets/ HIGHLY PREFER the Sneaky_Hippie_-_Sanctuary_Post_Dub_Mix one

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some old astralasia, loads of planet dog stuff (feed your head albums), knights of the occasional table, children of the bong, tranquility bass, timeshard, of course banco de gaia.. these are all old school but to me are psychedelic and dubby

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Excellent topic - was looking for a discussion along these lines. As mentioned, Ott. and Androcell definitely make my list. Without question, the newer guys like Radioactive Sandwich and Globular - both have been putting out great releases for a while and both have put out some unbelievably good albums.


"Mirage" by Radioactive Sandwich and "A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy" by Globular are their best. As chance would have it, both are free at Ektoplazm.


"Life Is Nice" by Kukan Dub Lagan is one I feel that deserves more recognition.


"Blumenkraft" and "Hallucinogen In Dub" from Ott. are on my all-time list.


"Efflorescence" by Androcell is my favorite though none of his three full-lengths lack anything. Anxiously awaiting his fourth album....


The "Healing with Sound" EP from Brujo's Bowl is heaven, wish he would abandon that Zenon-esque sound and do psy-dub on a full-time basis.


Slightly off-topic: "Hermit's Sanctuary" by E-Mantra; "Tales of the Inexpressible" and "Nothing Lasts..." by Shpongle; "Tales of the Coin Spinner" by Easily Embarrassed; "Kinetik" by Phuturprimitive and the "Spiritual Doping" compilation from Neogoa are all on constant rotation in my personal playlists.

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