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  1. some old astralasia, loads of planet dog stuff (feed your head albums), knights of the occasional table, children of the bong, tranquility bass, timeshard, of course banco de gaia.. these are all old school but to me are psychedelic and dubby
  2. i read feersum endjinn recently and its really good! by far my favourite of his books though is the algebraist.. possibly one of the best books ever
  3. no thats not it.. similar though, thanks for the link.
  4. Thanks.. there is room for improvement of course but i am learning. a simple "your horrible" would have sufficed to get your point across though, no need to get all childish. were here to help each other after all, dont forget you're learning too. thanks to the others
  5. Dubbic Tail is the first, but i kind of finished them both around the same time. i still have to polish them up a bit i reckon.. thanks for yer reply!
  6. this is the first track i have ever finished enough to put online.. i'm still messin about with it though, is it any good? http://www.myspace.com/rockethqmusic cheers all
  7. hi this is only psy in essence, the tune itself is old school techno type stuff but maybe someone can help, i remember seeing this video on tv in the middle of the night (chill out zone or something..) in the mid 90's, i cant remember the name (it sounded japanese i think..) but it was epic in scope. it started off in space and came in to earth using all real footage spliced real fast mixing wild animal footage and humans hooked up to various VR style gadgets.. there was astronauts and ameobas, video games and robots mixed with crowds of japanese people milling about. i likened it to a kind of techno baraka. if anone could tell me the name of the artist or song or better still, a link to where somebody has kindly posted it on the net it would be great, Thanks in advance!
  8. i forgot to mention; check out "green" by steve hillage it has the original omriff
  9. bizzare bazaar (actually all of strangitude) kick muck (great for bringin on the mushies) actually all their stuff!! i got a present of the vitamin enriched CD boxset about 8 years ago before it was taken off the shelves for impersonating kellogs and some fucker stole it out of the house i was living in at the time!!! to this day it hurts to think about
  10. i have tales from the dark forest which has a fuckin deadly track by trashlords; -overtrash. i ordered the album with psychotic micro which i heard the other day and thought was tasty as feck. but is there any more stuff (not on compilation) from these guys? like an album? would be nice...
  11. thanks i managed to timestretch it to fit the bar, but still loads of moving it about with snap off to get it to fit excactly right. i think the act of timestretching it exposed the slight out of time difference that falls away toward the end of the bar. feck it i'll record it again. its no longer in midi though, that'll teach me to keep my original basslines in midi so i can see what notes and when etc. when i need them again. pain in the star but i live and learn... thanks all!
  12. where does oldschool end and newschool begin? whats in between? when did progressive start? has full on always been around? genres genres genres.... personally i,m a rather big fan of psychedelic trance music. someone should draw up a chart with a timeline on the bottom and genres on the side and see them all blend together.
  13. i recorded the bassline at 125bpm along with the kick and they synced nicely. the only change ive made to the tempo is my recent attempt to change it to 135bpm and then it sounds out of sync........
  14. i came back to a track i was working on that i thought sounded nice, but it needed the tempo speeded up. when i did this (adjusting the tempo on the transport bar in cubase), me bassline fell out of sync with the kick. this is probly a stupid question that i havent thought through fully yet but why is this? no amount of manual dragging with snap on and off could get them in time, like they were at the slower speed. is it fixable without having to record a new bassline?
  15. if the original uneffected sample is strange it helps again. recording odd sounds from around us is great fun. i got a great sound out of recording the back of my ancient old fridge, then giving it some delay and phaser and yum! Sound effects libraries often have rare gems within too for tweaking purposes.
  16. thanks for the suggestions all! i will finish a track! it will happen! i'm gonna try not to start another until i've made serious progress then hopefully i can give yiz a listen to it. cheers bole
  17. forgot to mention i use Cubase SE with Reason. Bolenat!
  18. hi all, i have started about a million tracks and got some nice sounds. i seem to be able to get the main section of a track the "peak", but then i fall foul of the arrangement phase when i have to piece it all together in temporal order and i get bored and before you know it i have another new track started, and the cycle continues. has anyone got any advice on arranging a psy track to completion, or techniques to give continueity to the process so i dont stop and start something else. i know this is primarily a problem of me being a lazy bastard with fleeting focus and "trouble concentrating" to quote an old school report, but any tips would be cool, nice one buds! p.s. i did finish a couple of tracks but they are the audio equivalent of nob cheese
  19. the cobra 1 is a tasty plug-in http://www.kvraudio.com/get/1079.html choppy goodness.
  20. i had a version of cubase sx for a while (it wasn't exactly above board) but now its died or locked me out or something. having learned the error of my ways (or been concerned for the state of my computer) i have decided to go legit. cubase SE is far cheaper than SX to buy, but is the difference in what you are capable of doing as huge as the price difference?
  21. wow, i didn't know he had a new one out. must check it out. his 10 years of banco is a really nice one too. it is a pity that he's not so widely recognised now but years ago when he released maya and later last train to lhasa, lots of people in goa had a tape of his to play in their huts. i think he's just been replaced with the shpongles of the psyworld i do think his stuff is more epic though if thats the right word. thanks for the prompt and the synopsis, i'm off out to buy it now. boom
  22. yeah, i did mean music. sorry missed that bit out. thanks though..
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