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  1. Hello guys, I think, I did say about 70% of labels send out full retail copies... And that's cool - I'm a raging collector myself, and I want full retail version in my collection - or close to retail version at least...
  2. What is this orb festival actually, And exactly where it is organized. Could people participate in.. Have it good.
  3. hey Whats up! I've kinda recently gotten into psy dub myself, and don't know of too many psy dub artists. I know of Shulman, Sun Project and thats about it without getting borderline.Psy-Trance. If you know of any bonafide Psy Dub cats please give em a shout out! Lets see if we can compile a list of sorts.
  4. Well after much waiting, my good friend James charlie sent me a photo of this instrument I had built some time ago. This is one of the many remnants from my past, when I was not so good at documenting my sculptures or paintings. Oh the pieces I’ve lost to laziness and indifference. It’s a good thing that we jam together on a weekly basis or this one may have been lost forever.
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