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Crop Circles - Tetrahedron (DAT Records) *Etnica&Lotus Omega !*


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sorry for everyone who tried to mail over weekend, i had just space for 5 message so it got full.

plus i think if u try to email me from the forum it doesnt arrive at all (the email i used to register with psynews was inactive and got closed recently)

so if anyone clicked on send an email it surely didnt work and i didnt receive anything there.

i apologize for that :)


now you can send me a PM here or mail me to:


draeke [spam] at [spam] fastwebnet [spam] dot [spam] it


I don't want to receive more spam so convert it yourself and remove the [spam] thing

I have now already reserved 30 limited and 30 standard more or less.

These as direct buy from me.


Shipping costs are roughly like this :



1 CD ~ 3 eur

2-3 CD ~ 4 eur



1 CD ~ 5 eur

2-3 CD ~ 6 eur



1CD ~ 5,5 eur

2-3 CD ~ 6.5 eur


will be more precise soon, with prices in private message


Russia is considered Europe as far as i know for shipping prices in italy


registered costs will come soon too, these ares for priority airmail.

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It's out!

I see that psyshop shows it's available.


I can't wait to hear these in perfect clarity! That and I'm surprised I haven't really seen much talk or enthusiasm about Cerealogy. Yes it definitely leans more minimal, of which I'm no big fan, but this track absolutely exudes power/force in a way that not much else I've heard does. Makes me want to learn to fly large aircraft... haha Hold on passengers!

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hello :)

seems like beatspace and psyshop decided to start selling it before the release date!

anyway, tomorrow i will post all the discs that i received pre order payments!

also, limited cases arrived and will get them tomorrow, time to prepare the packs and hopefully i will ship the limited tomorrow as well.


in any case there is a huge bunch of shops that will have my release for sale, i found out with google it is on sale on 10 online shops at least!


























amazon uk






some i had never heard of and never bought from! wicked (elimbo anyone?!?!) !

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seems like beatspace and psyshop decided to start selling it before the release date!

anyway, tomorrow i will post all the discs that i received pre order payments!

You haven't even PM'd me yet about the correct prices and bank details, I have the money sitting on my bank account just for this.. :unsure:
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sorry i thought i explained in the previous messages that PM here doesn't work very well, i lost all messages and many didn't come through.

i thought i sent payment infos to everyone via regular mail, just mail me at my proper email address.

many people were able to contact me and pay in the last week, sorry for everyone who felt i let them down, it wasn't my intention, loads of communications issues/troubles i had with emails and private messages.


i think i must disable pm here, i was overloaded and couldn't keep up with everyone writing from discogs, isratrance, psynews and to my email.

in any case your names are noted and your cds reserved, just contact me asap on my email.

draeke at fastwebnet dot it



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yes is finally out in every shop and every form ;)


It is because of you all that it happened, I was just the bridge between the will of all the old schoolers and Etnica lovers and the artists themselves, but is because their music is so powerful and beautiful that we all really wanted it, and after 10 years the album is out.


I want also to publically, once again, thank Mars because if it wasn't for him the album wouldn't be here now. He did a lot. And it ment a lot.


Now, reviews please!, i want to hear your comments on the artwork, the music, the mastering, anything!


And also as you all know, beside the standard edition there is the options of buying the limited edition from me too, around 30 left on the batch of 101.




CIAO and Merry Christmas BtW!

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Final message form my side, I have to ask, to everyone who may have received broken cases, to report to me please, i will work out a solution with everyone of you.



Apparently from the first stash of packs, some people had some broken cases.


I am sorry for the happened and seems is also an event limited to some people, i am now putting a lot of extra padding bubbled plastic paper that i didn't have when i shipped the first orders as i never had any experience of broken cases with the standard, already bubbled, shipping bags that i use.


since my limited release is all about the special dark green jewel case i am more than willing to have everyone happy and with the case in perfect condition.

beside this i wish you all a Merry Christmas and i will answer you all from the 26, i am now off to my family house.


thanks again for the support.


PS: some people who reserved a limited case never got back to me, one has even disappeared from psynews so i want you all, who still have no infos from my side or anyway still wanting to buy one copy of the limited edition to mail me, i will now make a list of some users who should contact me, even just to say i don't want my copy anymore as i am running out of ltd cds and if you don't want it someone else happily will :)


EDIT, some people contacted:


still missing to mail me:






is anyone in contact with them ?

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To avoid the jewel case breaking when sending in jiffy bags the best option is to wrap it again in more bubble material. When I send CD's I recycle material from the jiffy bags I receive; but if you're sending a 100+ CD's it's a different story - you should find the nearest store selling household goods and ask them for the packing material inside the boxes :lol:


Most important is that the teeth that hold the CD of Tetrahedron are reinforced by being joint.

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yes that is what i did, i found a place where they sold me 7mt x 1mt bubble material :)

but i did after shipping the first 20 packs. nonetheless i received also comments that cds arrived safe and sound so i think is limited to some case, hence why i ask to report and will be more than happy to fix the problem :)

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