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  1. Whichwhat is well balanced mixture of alien delirious madness, pure vibration, tantrix and sismic, electric sheep, heavenly, deep and spiced, strongly textured, battle of vimanas vision inducing, always hypnotic with well-built uplifting energies and the extra added twist, masterpiece for mind travelers leting the trip begin, offering high charged energetic dance floor stormers with captivating melodies and intense shattering 140+bpm build ups? Agneton "Horizon in your head" is perfect since track 2, i want more.
  2. Please recommend full-on techno with 140+bpm dark ambient flavour. I know Dark Soho first 2 albums and Four Carry Nuts : Mechanical Age in "Psychedelic Trance Goa" I ask if exist something interesting in "Other Electronica"
  3. Alien pride is the underground melodic madness 140+bpm high quality production, massive grooves, deep and powerfull serious bass lines, atmospheric and trippi pads, innovative and very effective in churning out ever new and killer sounds, new kind of sounds from the new alien generations coming to give you much psychedelic feelings, fullon groove energies ready to go to bomb the dancefloors all ar

  4. i pretend more and more moder goa trance relases. Give your contribute to demolish todays other parrot psytrances with the art of true psychedelic trance!
  5. neo goa trance is wilkommen. I must hate todays overdose parrot one note no climaxes psytrances due to i must love todays tinydose fullcolours modern goa trance. All you need is the alien spirit and nothing!
  6. Out of Orion defunct label wanted to release the Nada album.
  7. Out Of Orion defunct label wanted to release the Nada album. Dat records can be what Out of Orion was.
  8. skazi is not psychedelic skazi is not other electronica skazi is hardstyle
  9. Which Other Electronica is spiritual underground, 140+bpm uptempo climaxes, strongintelligentalien, sharprobotsapiens, huge old future, full-on-all-in-one, colourful brain activity inducing?
  10. Is 140+bpm strongintelligentalbum alien spirit?
  11. WARNING it is the average usualy dayly weakhouse, nothing to do with the 140+bpm strongintelligentalien hard to find music.
  12. Hello psynewsers! Every year, Psynews hosts the competition of the releases! For those who are new on our forums, I'm talking about the "best of since 2008" in the GOA TRANCE music style. As 2008 is finishing, we can officially review all our 2008 albums, or even re-listen, make up our TOPs best since 2008 albums and/or compilations, come to Psynews, post it, and see the results. Albums/compilations that will make your "best of since 2008" valid have to be released since the year 2008, and they have to be in one cathegory: GOA TRANCE All participants in this "BEST OF" thread can edit their posts as many times as they want, until someone close the thread. This means that if you change your mind about your favourite releases of since 2008, you can post a new TOPs, but please use the edit post function of our forums, and don't write a new post. We hope that many of you will participate in this exercise, and remember, the bigger the database gets, the more relevant the results will be! Releases such as RA "9th" and Crop Circles "Tetrahedron " are accepted in the competition. They both contain new elements, so we consider them valid since 2008 releases. They can be voted.
  13. best goa trance track is "The Misted Muppet - Photos of Ghosts" due to is melodic uptempo climaxes beyond human boundaries
  14. yes cd1 is damaged, pourchased from PsyShop
  15. "Musica Psychedelica Scandinavica" (Spiral Trax) and "Transient Six" ( Transient) and "The Misted Muppet - Photos of Ghosts" (Sundance ) are perfect
  16. Which labels are focused producing 140+bpm underground uptempo climaxes in the good alien foolish way superior intellect? I know Suntrip and Phototropic only.
  17. is Enteropia Divine like Electric Universe Cosmic Experience, neo goa trance?
  18. i love who love or produce what i love, pure psychecelic trance acid flavour 140+bpm strongintelligentalien superior intellect due to superior taste
  19. is neo goa trance Agneton seduction or official isratrance?
  20. cancer is weakness lovers and noises lovers
  21. which are outstanding melodic 140+bpm releases since 2008? Agneton - Horizon in your head is stunning biter harder releases recommendations are wilkommen
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