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problem with "experience" is, that most of the tracks here are remixes that are not as strong as the originals on the singles. the original of "your love" and "charly" (charly single), g-force 1 and everybody in the place (everybody.. single), fire (fire single), ruff in the jungle bizness are better on the singles (IMHO). nonetheless i would choose "jilted" over "experience", because it is more matured and a conceptual work rather than a track-compilation.

i do not care about the last albums and FOTL has its highs and it's ultra-lows.

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experience: handful of great tracks, rest decent or good


jilted: only great tracks!


fat: handful of great tracks, rest decent or good


outnumbered: 1 or 2 decent tracks, rest crap


invaders: 1 good track, rest crap


Yup. Jilted was their only true masterpiece, without question.
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is it really recommended, or its just only because theyv been good in one songs? i mean is there full album really nice, with good ideas and if yes, what album is recommended?

Music For The Jilted Generation - a very diverse album.

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Jilted, followed by Experience then Fat.


Great memories of time spent at high school(outside of) in the mid 90's tie-in with these albums for me.


indeed, here the same, very good memories, from this I went straight to (old skool) goatrance :)


watch their clips on youtube, so funny


last two albums are great too, but different sound, but still genious works, Liam Howlett is really a genious when it comes to timing, .....putting it all tougheter!

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Wow... all this hate for Invaders Must Die! I listened to it and thought it was immensely better than Always Outnumbered... To me it's close to (not quite though) their glory days, it's very throwback but it makes me feel like I'm a teenager again, in a good way. Seriously... I've been listening to the album quite a bit lately, I love the "Omen" track especially. Nothing new, it just does what it does really, really well.

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flipping beautiful 303 in this one!



this album will forever be my most cherished album I ever owned. I think I bought it three times during the years due to loss.


It was just so good. Thank you Liam, for the soundtrack to my teens.

edit: oh and laserdome, with poison playing, even if I was just 12 or something, still remember it as it was yday it was so awesome!


And Fat of the land came out just in time too, also a very very beautiful album.


But Break & Enter is prob my fav off of Jilted. But its hard to say. Every track is special..

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Yep, classic track. Liam is a genius.


BTW here is a clip for their legendary live in Athens in 1995. If you're wondering why the music stopped is because metal fans where throwing rocks at the stage. :lol:


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i remember in my teens when MTV was MTV, and everytime prodigy would come up it was mostly no good and later breathe, it was always max volume

lol back then MONO FULL SIZE OLD SCHOOL TV .... but you didnt know, shit, it worked for us after 6 beers some blunts and shiet. it was great.

and at a party once at a friend, he had like 30 ppl there, and amazing apartment apparantly his dad was true audiophiliac so he had smoething like a 7 speaker system connected throghout the apartment, and it sounded just fucking awesome, i mean he couldve DJd there..


anyway, prodigy always got most plays most def, and i introduced it to everyone :D*proud*


edit: no good video is one of the fucking best videos ever. second is breathe.

havent been matched yet, IMHO

especially breathe omg.

had to link it...


and haha when i got dialup 55.6k, first thing i tried to download was a 50mg mpeg of the video for Smack my bitch up. cause.. well.. it was fucking awesome

took a few hours but i got it :P


edit: u gotta be at least 15 to watch this video. .. .. :D


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yeah baby

if you not feeling this, again, check for brain tumour, this is oldschool acid-techno-breakbeat-dnb-LIAM at its finest

and the video is just wicked.


edit: and i just adore the look of i forget his name, the guy looked almost like a girl on the cover of jilted, the guy in red mohawk in Firestarter, just cant remember his name :)

Basically the vocalist of the group.

Anyway, in No good, he has this amazing look on his face almost in every shot, and I cant even imagine How it must of felt like being such superstars and yet appearing so damn humble and extremely proffesional and kept bringing out classics, no talk, just action.


mad mad respect for Liam and the rest of the prodigy crew but there is no denying that Liam stood for 99% of Prodigy.

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special notice goes out to Voodoo People.

I think its not for this album. It should be EXCLUSIVELY on Hackers OST, same should One Love.


Sure, they ended up on jilted but felt out of context. Wouldve been an utopia if Voodoo People and One Love stayed on Hackers OST and left those out from Jilted.

to be clear: voodoo people and one love is two of the best of the album. But it shouldve stayed exclusively on the OST.

Liam couldve picked those out from Jilted.


Just my honest opinion when dreaming about Utopias whether paradigm shifting or just small small "betterments".

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Music for the Jilted Generation came out over a year before Hackers was released (probably before it even went in front of the cameras).

Voodoo People and One Love are both solidly Music for the Jilted Generation tracks. I think both fit in greatly and that album is a top to bottom classic.

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