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  1. It's all just a hoax by now. The real members of the band died like 7 years ago, and their borg replacements aren't capable of making music thats up to par, so its just like a "oh yeah, theres an album coming alright" type of ordeal..... thats right, hit up those blog spots now.....astral projection is dead
  2. is the new astral projection cd really still not out yet?
  3. I still say 1200 Mics is [some of] the best psytrance around
  4. any good psychedelic freeware out there??? i need something to either give me a good psychedelic effect on an electric guitar or a good psytrance synth for the keyboard
  5. Looking for some good Psychedelic freeware (vst / effects) to use with either a keyboard or a guitar. Anything from Astarl Projection Psytrance to Pink Floyd pure psychedelic style. Let me know if theres any good Psychedelic Freeware Out thEre!!
  6. Seriously you all, if any of you want to work on a collaboration let me know through PM or a simple reply! Drummers and Trance can go along quite superbly...
  7. ^^ Which of the EPs are his??? I'm looking to do a collab here in the next little while. Not positive on the style yet, but TripHop / Psybient / Psytrance all have me intrigued.... If any of you need a drummer to lay down some tracks I have a feeling there are some talented music makers on the psy side of things Hit me up!
  8. I'm still in the early stages of getting music online, but like I said i'd be happy to work on a PsyTrance / TripHop Music Collab. Anything from Astral Projection to Bluetech to Ott to Amon Tobin. Those are my influences and I'd like to work on some similar music if any of you have those kinds of skills or similar styles.
  9. If any keyboard players or overall electronica-music-makers are looking for a drummer to lay down some tracks, i'd be open to a collab.... I've also got some softsynth capabilities, but I like to work on pieces that are already there. Don't feel like starting from scratch at the moment.... You don't have to send my all of your best work or anything, I'm just looking to do some tracks with another talented artist
  10. For anyone whose interested, apparently theres a new album coming out in 2010 according to his page on Nutek Records
  11. Anyone familiar? That link lets you listen to full-length tracks. Some great stuff on there. Let me know if we get any news on a new album
  12. Hoping someone has some info as to whether or not theres a new album in the workings for this artist. Def one of my fav in this genre. if you haven't heard him, i'd recommend giving some of his tracks a listen. its hardcore and in your face Painkiller Any info on some new material? His 2 albums 'license to heal' and 'brainwash' are up on Psyshop. haven't heard anything on a new album tho...hope some of you psytrance fans can help me find out!
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