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  1. I like Family Of Light better. More moody and better tracks.
  2. I think I have better musical taste than all of you.
  3. And in case you're wondering I asked Agent Smith and people DON'T go to heaven after they die. He says he doesn't give anyone anything.
  4. This was really crap I thought.
  5. Sentinel

    Cast Away

    I liked Cast Away. It's one of the good Hollywood movies. Same with What Lies Beneath.
  6. Well I guess it was crazy to think like that about nightclubs but I was so fed up with being subjected to basically stay in my room and excluded from fun. And some wrong people like non-white guys were there attempting to get to you know who. That should not happen to me at the hands of other people is what I thought so..... medication just makes you accept it. It's not like I would actually 'explode' a nightclub. I just get so angry.
  7. And I also have a guy with long fingers in my head , is masked who makes me think all this sh*t is his set up for me. The Tomic album has his hand on there and it's called 'My number one' making me think I'm his number one victim or something. Maybe cause he's mad at me for calling God my father (some guy called me Jesus at the hospital) for some reason or other - maybe I didn't like the way I was being subjected to live. Well it's all obvious bullsh*t and I don't need any of this.
  8. Actually I never really wanted to go to nightclubs in high school. I can't remember what it was. Can you really suppress someone like that with medication just because they form a smart sane reaction? I guess I have to be stupid and form a stupid approval. I especially hate the side effects. It's just like the Dr Strangelove movie. I hate Stanley Kubrick too.
  9. You sound like the psychiatrist that put me on medication in the first place. Who do these people think they are that they can put you on medication for no medical reason? I certainly don't allow that sort of sh*t with me. I had only written a letter to him to get some help with stuff like - being sexually abused, having an obssession with white girls, wanting to explode a nightclub for being excluded from it (maybe that was the recoil effect of anti-depressants that I used to be on and gone off of) and other stuff that made perfect sense, it didn't mean that I was ill, it's just the most appropriate way for me, as a self respecting individual to react to things. Anyway he tried to barge into my house mainly I think because he wasn't a white guy and didn't like what I wrote about white girls and supplied me with anti-psychotic medication which I thought was inappropriate and 'as if' I would choose to take that sh*t cause I was healthy. But then he had to come back another day and force me to go to the hospital and start taking it which gave me hallucinations later and now I'm stuck on it. F*** this bullsh*t world.
  10. I think it has an iconic bladerunner sci fi type sound that I like a lot. The bassline I mean.
  11. I may as well put another movie idea I thought was really cool that won't get made: Island Of The Green Lagoon This is about the curse of William Carl Wallace the IIIrd who was a Scottish pirate. Kimberley is explaining the curse during a party in the attic of a house. 'Carl' was a pirate captain who went trekking alone on an island in the carribean in the 18th century, when he returned to his ship he killed all of his crew - the island had somehow engulfed him and turned him into a slimey green bacterial monster. It was a carnivorous plant that had digested him in a slimey bacterial green lagoon. So these group of kids are going to this island for a celebration after winning a school football championship. Well pretty soon they start getting killed by Carl, the bacteria regenerating in his veins had prolonged his life. The kill scenes are like: 'Pizzaface Brian' gets slammed frozen in a fridge in a wooden lake house... stuff like that all at night. Then the survivors kimberley, andrew, peter find the pirate ship and escape. They read the log revealing the horror of the crew as carl killed them, dress up in carl's clothes and play cards and it's daytime now. Carl has been hiding on the mast. He ropes down to finish them off. Peter gets shot in the stomach as he's being held off the ground and Carl shows his rotting teeth as he smiles, andrew has to walk off the plank blindfolded leaving kimberley. She perches herself up against the wall of a cabin as Carl approaches her wearing a crown and holding a cutlass. She screams 'what do you want from me!...'. She gets an idea and throws her ring in front of a concealed cannon... Carl is interested because it reminds him of his mistress. As he inspects it she waves a lighter at him and he laughs. Then she unconceals the cannon and carls face goes blank. Thew cannonball shoots him out of the ship and it explodes in the air splatting the slime everywhere. His crown floats to the seabed. The End.
  12. Okay, I apologize. After reviewing your situation I don't beleive you to be in any involvement with these 2 alien 'Gods' in an evil plot to harm me. I must be getting paranoid again as I have been missing my medication.
  13. I was surpised he was involved with Zohan when I watched it. That was the best Adam Sandler movie and performance. I laughed so hard at the acting of the goat guy and his whole thing.
  14. As long as you don't mess up my personal rule of getting only good effect from the world.
  15. Why don't you just explain (put clearly) what you are doing?
  16. Coming up with movie ideas is cool fun.
  17. I like drive in movies but there aren't any drive ins left.
  18. Most good movies are impossible to make.
  19. I like 'Rekleiner' for minimal type music. They're really intelligent I think. 'Undulation 2' (compilation mixed by Audiofly) is really good.
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