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SynSUN unreleased albums?


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I found these in "mp3s".


SynSUN - 1999 - Zelur Project

SynSUN - 2000 - The Full Power Of Goa

SynSUN - 2001 - The Sounds Of Cosmic Lifeforms


They aren't on discogs or synsun.info so I assume they were promos or something. Anyone have some information on this?


More importantly, does anyone have these in high quality? I love the style of music, especially in "The Full Power Of Goa".

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psyhoe PLEASE add them to discogs smile.gif

I once asked synsun about these works and he was willing to sell them on cdr but i never got back to doing that and hence i have no idea on how they are or which tracks are inside.

But please, when u can, submit them!


PS: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SynSUN there is also mentioned a 4th unreleased album from 2002, Electronic Experience

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These are indeed great works from SynSUN. The fourth album mentioned is a combination of downtempo tracks, including

some kinds of proto-Tadarinda things :) ...


Anyway, soon they'll get a rerelease (don't know if I'm allowed to say more lol), so no need to search the web anymore!

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sorry i didnt follow the topic :)

i got these ones:


1999 - Zelur Project [PROMO]

2000 - The Full Power Of Goa [PROMO]

2002 - The Sounds Of Cosmic Lifeforms [PROMO]


i will add them to discogs


the music is really good goa, not as their 'new' crap

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well synsun surely has loads of unreelaseds, i hope they will put them somewhere, maybe all the albums in flac for buy and download etc.

maybe a remaster and a proper release, digital only even, would be great.

but i am sure there were some great tracks in all these discs!

i am interested to hear

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I messaged the artist to ask to buy them on CDr and he said it would be released soon. Something funny about that? :unsure:



Yes, these are really good... err... fucking awesome! (the first two at least...)

Nothing funny at all. :) I guess it was just the smiley that went "wrong". I was just curious about such a splendid piece of news. Sorry. :)

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Ive got some of these 'albums'.







Any ideas where to upload?

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