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Some newschool compilations or albums?


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and to save your time http://www.discogs.com/release/986509


also a compilation "Opus Iridium" coming soon @ Suntrip with Ethereal, Shakta, Filteria, Afgin, Solar Fields, Aes Dana, Asura and Ra.

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Here is a preview from the booklet from Opus Iridium (that will be released 14th of march)... On that cd Ethereal for instance will be as you know (www.suntriprecords.com)


Anyway, I in the booklet I made an overview of all goa trance releases in the new millenium, year by year... So here is the overview of 2007, maybe there is something you didn't know about yet:


2007 was the year of the mp3-revolution for new school goa trance. Many new artists promoted themselves this way and caught the attention of cd-labels, not yet resulting in a lot of new cd-releases, but hopefully that can happen later! But it’s clear the “new school” movement is starting to become a scene within the scene. Not so many cd’s were released in 2007, we had Twist Dreams, Goasia – From Other Spaces and Dimension 5 – Transdimensional re-release from Suntrip Records, Pure Planet 2 from Kagdila and of course Transwave – Backfire with some great unreleased tracks from them. A great re-release compilation was Retrodelic Vibes 3 on Avatar Records.

The amount of mp3’s is much higher, from Metapsychic we had the albums of Vox – Innerpolarity and Mindsphere – Inner Cyclone, also the Human Hyperactivation compilation was on the same label. In Israel the “old is gold” group released the Golden Vibes 1 and 2 compilation. Ektoplazm from Canada released two great EP’s from New Born – The Trip of the Luna King EP and the Observer EP, and Shivlink also released an online EP from Liquid Flow called Goa Terminal. There were also tons of artists putting stuff for free on the net. 2 of them made remarkable great goa tracks in the past and gave them now away for free, Synsun and Artha. Many of the mentioned downloads can still be found on www.ektoplazm.com site, have a look there! Last but not least we will mention the revival of Flying Rhino Records. On their website, they have a lot of old goa releases downloadable for free, because many of the old cds are very hard to get (or super expensive).

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