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Freshly Cut Tomato (Cronomi Records)

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name: Freshly Cut Tomato

label: Cronomi Records

catalog: cronomi1

style: Goa Trance

playing time: 76:01

release date: 2008-07-11





1. Pandemonium! - A Mad Scientists Night (Subra vs Felis Remix)

Written & Produced by Filipe Santos, Remixed by Michael Anenburg

2. Anakoluth - Orbiting The Earth

Written & Produced by Roman Hunziker

3. Jikkenteki With 11 - Super Power Mustard

Written & Produced by Rennis Buchner with Kei Watanabe

4. Alt Anesis and 5Meo-Geo - Ficus

Written & Produced by Philip Khripkov and Boris Mor

5. Subra and Har-El Prusky - Freakagnux

Written & Produced by Michael Anenburg and Har-El Prusky

6. K.O.B. - Pitch & Chips (A Fairytale About A Chip)

Written & Produced by Jannis Tzikas

7. Merr0w - Pixelized Sight

Written & Produced by Brice Fruyt

8. Radical Distortion - Unchristened

Written & Produced by John Spanos and Nick Politaridis

9. Astrancer - Ashram

Written & Produced by Bruno Filizola


Mastering by Colin OOOD

Artwork by Yotam Ben Dror


In the past few years there has been a revival of the old-school sound of Psychedelic Trance, known as Goa Trance. Cronomi Records is a new Israeli based label specializing in new-school Goa Trance. Our mission is to take the vibes, energy, spirit and magic of classic Goa Trance and put it into modern music produced using modern tools and standards without falling into boring formulated patterns of mainstream mass-produced music.


“Freshly Cut Tomato” is the first product of this vision: A compilation featuring 76 minutes of some of the finest Goa Trance producers of our time. It's a showcase of a variety of flavors in which every listener can find something for both body and mind. From minimal and progressive through psychedelic night-time music to epic melodic tracks, this compilation has it all. We at Cronomi Records hope that you will enjoy this compilation as much as we enjoyed making it for you.


Samples available! Click:


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Whoa ! What an initiation ! Half of Psynews on compilation, and some old school artists like Har El Prusky involved.


Mike, this looks great, samples sound fresh and psychedelic. :D


Anakoluth, very delicious track you made there, if that is you who made it. :unsure:


Jikkenteki, after this, I beg you not to stop making music, sounds great ! :clapping:


KOB/Jannis, very good work you've done there, chaos minimized, but still psychedelic. ;)


All in all, great initiation, good luck with the label in future ! I have hopes... :D

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yes 'tis me :) hope you like the whole one too, then!

Hey man, then it's awesome ! I didn't know you were into making music, this is revelation. :D


I recognize some tribalistic patterns in your music, and maybe the most sophisticated full on bassline I have ever heard, honestly.


I wanna hear the whole track. Keep up the good work, man. ;)

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I want to add, why on Earth such name for compilation ? Is there any explanation ? :D


Edit : Is it like, it is not cheese, but tomato kind of trance, sweet but refreshing ? :P

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Thanks everyone for the support! :D



I want to add, why on Earth such name for compilation ? Is there any explanation ? :D


Edit : Is it like, it is not cheese, but tomato kind of trance, sweet but refreshing ? :P

I personally dislike the entire spiritual/metaphysical/indian/religious/whatever theme around trance generally and goa trance specifically. So you will not see artwork and names coming from Cronomi records with that "boom baba shiva" theme or any other cheese for that matter. The small of a freshly cut tomato is my favorite smell and I also believe this name represents this compilation - yes - sweet but refreshing ;)


i guess that's an expression of mike's affinity to gardening ;)

I didn't have much success growing tomatos so far. But I manged to grow 6 trees from seeds I picked up from trees on the street, not to mention my cactus collection. :D

Also nice to see psynews is actually such an artist-based community these days :)

Yea well I didn't notice half of psynews was on it until the tracklist was done. Matter of coincidence I guess :P


Looks very nice indeed mike, wasn't there a thread about this release in this sections a few months back as well?

Yes, but tracklist and some other info has changed so I asked Nemo to delete the old one and let me post this.
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