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Scorb : Ipso Fvcto


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Ipso Fvcto

Trick Music





1 Pareidolia (0:41)

2 Sol Invictus (8:58)

3 Yodyssey (7:52)

4 Rave From The Grave (6:41)

5 Apohenia (1:21)

6 Wobbly Matter (5:51)

7 P2P (5:25)

8 Pyrotechno (6:25)

9 Tower Of Klorox (9:07)

10 Angleterror (6:12)

11 Ipso Fvcto (8:14)

12 Aquiescence (5:53)

13 Supraliminal (4:16)


Scorb is back with his follow up to his magnificent self titled debut album. That one was a twisted freakish album dripping with psychedelia so I was looking forward to this one so much & when I read the review from Psyreviews I nearly wet myself with anticipation. So did it live up to my sky high expectation?

Let's see


1. Pareidolia

41 seconds of atmospheric ambience is just an intro into the real music here.


2. Sol Invictus

Following on from Pareidolia this one has a soft ambient intro before the pounding beat kicks in with a crispy baseline & a synth line that disappears as it repeats. The sounds used around these are very much what I was expecting. Dark twisted sounds dripping with psychedelic goodness. The melody is excellent, at the start it echoes through the mind and the baby of it that continues manages to twist around everything very well complimenting as it goes along. It's a pretty complex track with a lot going on. Perfect to listen to at home, on the train, in the gym & I can see it working brilliantly on dancefloors the world over. The twists & turns, the timing of the breakdowns and the energy given by the synth line are beyond great.


3. Yodyssey

Yodyssey has a more prominent bassline that seems to dominate the track which is a shame as the music behind it is oozing with trippy goodness. The sharp acid sounds & spooky ambience are delightful. After hearing the releases this year on Gi'iwa though I expect more from my basslines now & a standard pedestrian fullon bassline no longer cuts the mustard. That 303 is bloody amazing though and sends this from mediocre to well above average. Shame it's so brief.


4. Rave From The Grave

Church bells ring out instantly giving this a dark eerie atmosphere. A slightly bouncier bassline and a thumping beat give more energy to the scene. The quality of Scorb's production is really evident here. The sounds are all pristine and when you have nice ideas coupled with great production the end product is always going to be good. The melody is dark and works well to create the party in a graveyard feel. Zombielicious :D


5. Apophenia

Has a nice pokey melody at the start. Probing the mind like a scanner & really sounds nice with the light percussion accompanying it. Shame such a nice track is so short.


6. Wobbly Matter

Apophenia seemed like it was just an intro for Wobbly Matter. The sounds are sharp & flitter about through my mind like bats on acid. The bassline thankfully moves a bit more than on Yodyssey & that adds an extra element of danceability to this. For a track that starts with a lot of energy this sure manages to continue building the energy. My only problem is that it never releases the energy it has built up.


7. P2P

While I don't like the cheesy ass opening sample I do like the Drum & Bass beats and bass in it. When I heard that Scorb had made a D&B track I imagined the best D&B track ever with Scorb's twisted sounds under those huge beats. While this is a nice D&B track it's very much D&B track & the Psychedelic elements are lost in the glare of the coked up beats & overly confident strut of it all. This sounds like D&B through & through, it could do with more melody or more fucked up acid in it. Still it's a nice variation from your regular Psy fare so it's very welcome when it comes on the album.


8. Pyrotechno

The beat now feels very slow & plodding in comparison to P2P but with that the sounds are given room to breathe & I can feel the darkness creeping through this track. It's exactly what I was hoping from this album. Creepy in the extreme, insanity in the background and beat that allows you to fully appreciate the weirdness that is going on. Nice stuff, no wait nasty stuff, twisted nightmare type music. The wet squelchy sounds are my favourite :)


9. Tower Of Klorox

This follows on similarly from Pyrotechno but has more energy to it. A more danceable less mongy track. The psychedelic elements can still be heard but they are not as foreboding as in the previous track & while good the first half lacks the insanity level of Scorb's best works. The final 3 minutes though have a lot more feeling behind the music. The darkness shines through (???) and it all seems to drip seamlessly down from the UFO infested night sky, down through the soil into the basement where it seeps into the minds of the party goers. Worth the wait :D


10. Angleterror

This is the track that Damien of off Psyreviews in his infinite praise of music he likes described as evolution. He said he wants to have it's babies & stalk it etc etc and went on for some time about how good it was without actually describing it. It is not a bad track, the bassline is very crisp & has some movement. A fluttering synth is among the most trippy sounds I've ever heard & sounds like dark moths have gotten into my brain. Other than that though it's a very standard track with a cheesy star wars sounding sample. I'm not sure what is so evolved about this track. Nice but not that great. It seems like it's just about to get great but then ends.


11. Ipso Fvcto

This is a wonderful piece of break beat psy. The intro is long & teasing & the beats come in, in cool confident fashion. Very smooth & twisted at the same time. The psychedelic level is kept high while exploring other sounds. Much more intersting than the D&B track and the variation adds another plus to this already very good album. The sample is actually pretty good & well placed to complement the track rather than detract from the greatness.


12. Aquiescence

Starting to slow things down a bit now and the trippiness of this track is pretty high. Very nice psy track. Slow plodding beats & a lot of weird noises coming from the darkness. The slight touch of melody that rings out is so isolated at the start of the track that the brain reaches out for it, opening it up for the other sounds to permeate & confuse. Excellent stuff indeed but that's not it there is more melody in the second half which is really nice but you can still here the slight melodious touch from the start coming in & every time it does is like an ice pick of joy to the brain.


13. Supraliminal

We finish on an ambient track. Nice melody & dark feeling to close the album with. Soft, slow percussion & weird sounds just like the rest of the album only without the energy. The atmosphere is among the best on the album & is almost medieval. Just a shame it's so short.



Well to sum up I'd say this is a damn good album. Is it as good as his debut? No, but it's almost as good. Is it the best album ever? No. Is it the best album of 2007? No, but it is a damn good album that is definitely worth buying. It's crisp, clean, dark, twisted, psychedelic stuff with enough variation to keep it interesting throughout the whole album. In the future I'd like Scorb to listen to Gi'iwa artists & try & make his basslines a little more dynamic like theirs. Scorb's basslines here were a little flat and boring & I'm grateful the rest of the music was more than enough compensation for that.

Not life changing but a very nice album here :D

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Not sure what Damien was on when he wrote that review, but this isn't nearly as good as he described it.

It's quite better than most fullon, but it's definitely nothing groundbreaking or special.

Well thought out and conceived, but really, I don't understand what all the fuss is about.

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I mean… Shit. Am I managing to communicate anything to you? Just listening, for the tenth time, to the way the intro to Angleterror rubs in from out of nowhere.

This is fucking genius, and yes I’m well aware of how over-used and misappropriated that word usually is. It really is streets ahead of everything else out there.

We’re listening to evolution happening right before our ears, and fuck me does evolution sound good.



I know this is a new paragraph, but I’m still talking about the same track. Angleterror. I want to have its babies so much that I’ve opened up a fake Facebook

in the name of one of its former schoolfriends to see if I can stalk it effectively enough to work out where it lives. Then I’m going to move into the flat next door and

drill holes from bathroom to bathroom so I can perv on it with foaming cock in hand, until my cover gets blown by researchers working on a BBC documentary about

the privacy concerns opened up by social networking sites such as Facebook.

However biased this review might be , he's absolutely spot on here. Maybe he got swayed by this particular track ,hence the review :lol:
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Whie backacking India Scorb - Scorb was one of the albums I had with me. I liked ita lot for it's different feel and touch. Iloved soem tracks and others I didn't care much for at all. Yesterday I listened to this 2nd album for the first time from A - Z. WoW!! I digg it in it's total, love the emotions, sounds, drive, variation and spooky Tim Burton/Denny Elfman melodies. After reading through these two pages I see many prefer the debut album over this one.. Think I will have to go back to the first and see what 'm missing, because this abum. I'm Loving it! Great album.


anyone heard his ShivaSPace Technology tracks?

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