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best/ worst live performance ever


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Some goodies:


Hallucinogen 2001, 2003, 2003 again ;)

Younger Brother 2003

Infected Mushroom 2001

Astral Projection 2002

Son Kite 2003

X-Dream 2004

The Delta 2004

Midimiliz 2006

Texas Faggott 2000

Jaia 2006

Freq 2006

Juno Reactor 2005

Eat Static 2006

Koxbox 2004

Saikopod 2004



Some bad ones


Son Kite 2005 (well it wasn't bad.. however it was about exactly the same than before)

Koxbox 2006 - awful monotonic shit

Infected Mushroom 2005 - kill yourself already duvdev

Ott 2003 ..wasn't too good (after all I was expecting nothing less than heaven), much improvement after that thou ;)



etc etc.. might remember some of the years wrong, and the Simon for example is as good always.. but first time is special so ;)



oh and what I really want to see next is Neelix and Haldolium :)

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I saw Time Lock performing this weekend and it was by far the best music I've ever heard!!! :wub:

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What was the best/ worst live show you have ever seen? and why was is it so good/ bad?


All time favourites are:


1. Juno Reactor (All the times ive seen them) They simply fucking rock everyones socks off ALWAYS :)


2. Exquisite Corpse (Aka Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia), but this was with his girlfriend, and some really weird tekk/psy/punk stuff that I never heard from them on ANY album later on....

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