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  1. anybody wanna buy electric universe - cosmic experience for €100?
  2. the nommos' tunes on va - night tribe were very nice, though i suppose their style won't please the strictly wham-bam-in-yo-face-ma'am crowd
  3. and i just got the hang of the rules of that game
  4. zolod had already left parasense for some time before he died
  5. i love cheesy samples, especially because it pisses off the puritans
  6. 7 hours and nobody congratulated you yet? seems like they've gotten bored of you anyhow, that's a logical combination, i'm curious what it will bring
  7. always been having the feeling NRS' album kick drum inertia has been terribly underapreciated
  8. i'll say psyleketro whenever that damned pleases me
  9. i foresee psyhouse, psylektro, clubpsy, psypop, psycore, psynoise and countrypsy
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