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MFG - New Kind Of World

Guest Ubik

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Guest niels_knigge[at]ofir[dot]dk

I totally agree with diepeveen, he's always making great reviews......


BUY THIS!!!! (9/10 if you insist on a grade)

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For me, this album is like Astral's Dancing Galaxy. What do I mean by that? New

Kind of World is MFG's best album. If you don't own anything by these guys,

buy this one first, then move on to other things. First of all, this is not

Astral, but yes it's definitely from the same general area (literally and

figuratively speaking). It's melodic, uplifiting, complex, powerful, and oh so

good. Favorite tracks: We Are the Machines, Born Into a New Life, Peaceful

Relaxation, Experience, and When We Dream. This is awesome.

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Guest Davidtolsn

this cd makes me want to vomit, it is so bad. the only song i can tolerate is

"the waking mind." how can people listen to this shit? i could do better on a

ten dollar keyboard. i tried to give it some time because of all the positive

reviews, but it refused to grow on me. i like astral projection, but mfg is

all of the bad parts of astral projection - times ten - without any of the

good ones. the ultra-cheesy melody, the ultra-simple beat, the ultra-stupid

sample, with mfg it's all there. do NOT buy this cd. 1/10

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Double post from below.

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Track list:

01. 07'15" Electric Bubbles
02. 07'53" When We Dream
03. 08'11" Experience
04. 06'51" Alien's Land
05. 08'25" The Waking Mind
06. 08'51" We Are The Machines
07. 08'03" Born Into A New Life
08. 07'40" Peaceful Relaxation
09. 09'31" New Kind Of World

The first time I heard this album, I thought it was boring and bland. Boring and bland?!

I thought the kick drum was too prominent in the mainstream *bomp* *bomp* we're in a club sense. Moreover, I was expecting something darker and more Sci-Fi-esque via themes of Project Genesis that stood out to me more (at times). I had heard Project Genesis before this one and thought it was the first sequel to The Prophecy and that the darker tone I enjoyed from PG was regressing. Being so focused on what the album wasn't in my mind, at the time, I shelved the thing for FIVE YEARS (maybe longer), until 2007. Prior to this review, I put the disk in the computer, turned off the monitor light which bothers my eyes, equipped head phones-- and what an awakening!

01. Electric Bubbles I read so much negativity about on the first page. Are you nuts? This may not be a super song. But I think it's great! It doesn't give away the GOLD just yet. The crisp, chiming melodies are interesting. The synth lead at 5:15 is strong. This is a catchy albeit less intense and visionary. I'd rather build up to those so the album gets better as it progresses! The track sounds GOOD and DIFFERENT from anything MFG has ever done AND it has GOA written all over it. Did some of you forget that this is an INTRO track??!  B+ / A-

02. When We Dream is more developed and visionary. Excellent sound/melody. I love the part where the music becomes clearer and louder upon its return in the last act. This is an outstanding MFG track. I really think they top themselves a handful of times on this album though!  A

03. Experience showcases a brooding, dark rhythm. The first half is catchy but lacks the punched up ingredients that showcases their often elaborate, mystical, and intergalactic style and approach. But it builds with suspense and intrigue. The scenery is simply less enchanting/WOW scenery here despite the song being strong, danceable, and catchy! Fortunately, A LOT of positive surprises happen in the second half of the song, buildup, engaging sound/melody work. The music is more exciting in second half while retaining the dark undercurrent synth. The track is different which is good for variety, but I found the previous TWO tracks (especially Track 2) so much more enjoyable in comparison.  B+

04. Alien's Land even MORE PSYCHEDELIC than the previous track. There's more variety too. Lots of little soundscapes, catchy synths, and development. So far  found the sound/melody work most memorable in Track 2, and a few more surprised would have been nice. But the dark and psychedelic stomping approach here works.  A-

05. The Waking Mind is more emotive and varied compared to Alien's Land. The first 1-2 minutes are simply there to get to the delicious fruits (melody work) to come. Once the third (or so) minute kicks in, the track is marvelous! The melody/sound work, development, transitions, buildup, and climax are superb. And that little squeaky 'accent' sound is so catchy! I love this track!  A

06. We Are The Machines is another complex and meticulous, infectious vehicle. Good buildup, mixing, use of samples, and excellent sound/melody work in the song's second and third act reward listeners. Set to a core, stomping beat, the music keeps changing up and keeping our interest. The melody (tune) work I found more memorable in the previous track, but this is going for a more technologic, articulative design and in that sense, it's excellent.  A-

07. Born Into A New Life gives us another solid core synth foundation. Some very nice melody work enters later on, showing that there are brains included with this dark and driving dish. Some fantastic sound/melody work happens in the second act. The WHOLE track transforms into something catchier at some point. I love when these artists surprise and impress, make the songs more dynamic, fun, energetic, and exciting. The unexpected buildup and climax is just one example of this. The best aspects arrive in segments rather than drive the overall track I feel. That said, it's a great track. MFG never disappoints. They simply combine very good/great songs along with super/superb songs on the same album. I forgot how interesting this song is at times.  B+A-

08. Peaceful Relaxation again impresses when we least expect. The first minutes are mere buildup to some really punchy, stand out sound/melody work. The overall music becomes more arresting as the song progresses. Some AWESOME surprises, one stand out one with a VOICE SAMPLE. A peaceful state is encouraged during this transition before the music EXPLODES. Fun things like this make the songs more memorable and bring us back! Another memorable track.  A-

09. New Kind Of World begins with a beautiful Middle Eastern intro. The melody driven song is optimistic sounding. It improves, becomes more lush, harmonious and enjoyable as it moves forward. Lots of Earth/Nature/Animal influence here. Some would say spiritual. It's a carefully made track and retains the storytelling aspect in the album's final chapter.  A-

New Kind of World may just be the strongest album MFG ever released. It's too bad it took me around five years to appreciate it. While Project Genesis is still my favorite of MFG's first three Pure Goa albums, this is a fantastic album, one I found renewed love and appreciation for years later. New Kind of World is one of the best Goa albums ever released. Now it's off to Project Genesis and then more Astral Projection, the pioneers that inspired MFG I can only imagine, and look how they broke into their own with this album over The Prophecy when we draw AP influences. New Kind of World is its own visionary album with a dualistic arc. It's pretty grand.

Favorite Tracks: 1, 25, 6, 8, 9


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I kind of overlooked this album because noone of the tracks had the same authentic Sci-fi movie feeling of Project Genesis, but on it's own it holds really well. Definitely one of the classics. Can't go wrong with the rattling old school israeli style. Awesome melodies as well. This is definitely as good as Project Genesis, minus the story-telling of course.


And I must say, Peaceful Relaxation was the first sign of the style of Project Genesis. Such a strong alien atmosphere. Great melodies, samples, effects, composition. Masterpiece.

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Artist: MFG
Title: New Kind of World
Label: Phonokol
Date: 1997

01. 07'15" Electric Bubbles
02. 07'53" When We Dream
03. 08'11" Experience
04. 06'51" Alien's Land
05. 08'25" The Waking Mind
06. 08'51" We Are The Machines
07. 08'03" Born Into A New Life
08. 07'40" Peaceful Relaxation
09. 09'31" New Kind Of World

I figured I would try and get this one in before the world came to an end.

Ever see the movie cars?


Of course you have. It was made by Disney-Pixar which has brainwashed more people than Scientology and Radical Islam combined. My kid loves it. Loves it. I'm not joking when I tell you I have watched that thing over 100 times. He mutters lines from that movie that make him sound like a diminutive Rain Man spiraling off into the corner. Anyway you have "The King"


who has been the gold standard of racing for quite awhile and this perennial 2nd place a**hole trying to become number one and finally stop living in the King's shadow.


Astral Projection was the measuring stick for melodic goa trance back in the day. Some would argue that they perfected the genre. The analogy above is how I picture MFG. Well, probably with a lot less a**hole and I'm not saying that they tried to maim or kill Astral in an automobile accident, but I'm also not...not saying it. You would have to ask them.

MFG or Message From God are Aharon Segal and Guy Zukrel and this was their second album that continued their melodic style of storytelling goa trance. Phonokol is responsible for this before they became the full-on sh*tshow they are now. Wow, I typed MFG so much you would think I was a Chinese restaurant trying to avoid the health inspector. The put out an album back in 2006 but since then have found religion so who knows if they will produce any more music.

Electric Bubbles- Used to hate this song. Absolutely hate it. When you think your getting a thick juicy steak and someone slips you some chicken, you're gonna be a little pissed off. While it isn't a melodic stormer, it is a crunchy, fairly psychedelic tune. It's Cronomi Records type stuff before they did it. Lots of effects and hallucinogenic pads that drip. They sound like what I think an acid trip would be like. While walking through a bunch of funhouse mirrors. The break is really spacey and expansive with bleeps and whirs.


"One of these things is not the same..."

When We Dream- Nice spiraling melodies are the hallmark here, as they dance with the agility of a cat. Some of the leads scrape the cloud ceiling screeching with intent. Very sunshine centric, with melodies that just keep continue to evolve. The break is a thin slice of heaven. Classic.

Experience- More screaming effects that come from the stars. It's very deep and lush with lots going on. Scratchy and crunchy sounds dominate until the first melody line appears after 2 minutes. But instead of just riding the bringing the melodies (which it does pretty well), it brings way more to the table. Bubbling bass, percussion, and a hodgepodge of effects that all add up to a great track. Better than great.

Alien's Land- One of my favorite tracks they have ever done. This would be the 2nd melodic sledgehammer they put on the album. More effects, a staccato lead, and what I call the jacket zipper. Hell, we've all done that! The layering gets fast and furious with panning of the melody and it becomes a sticky, acidic mess. C'est vraiement delicioux!

The Waking Mind- The melody here is on a rampage as it switches sounds. I like how there are layers but it's not drenched in reverb so you can hear each individual piece of the puzzle. It's so crystal clear, it's like having your very own tour guide. Instead of just going a zillion miles an hour it has bunches of twists and turns to really make it a very full effort. Nice.

We Are the Machines- More back in the day goa tastiness! Gurgling synths usher in sparking leads and a real shiny bass. The leads keep changing without missing a beat as this is the definition of a smashing track. So full of power and melody and never becomes boring with even more surprises than the last one. Such an awesome track.

Born Into a New Life- "Tomorrow at sunrise, you will be born again...into a new life."

Sweeps and popping leads give this one a very earthy feel that doesn't forget to pack the groove lunchbox. Old school all the way with growling synths that demand twirling. Layers without being overbearing and the way it meanders is just trippy. With more gurgling effects they take the atmosphere to that next level, but it's the final melody that really gets the blood pumping.

Peaceful Relaxation- "You are feeling very sleepy. Very relaxed. As your body calmly drifts...deeper and deeper into a state of peaceful relaxation."

Mmmmm....not quite. This ain't the downtempo track you're looking for. It shines brightly with sparkling pads and insistent melodies. More twirling required. The lead just keeps turning over and over and I get caught in the glare. It has it all and most importantly it is entrancing.

New Kind of World- In this episode, MFG decide not to offer you a true downtempo track. Or one at all. The percussion sounds like someone banging on empty buckets...and who let Raja Ram play his flute? To close it out they delivered a full-on Nitzo kick. And they still rocked it. Melodic and stand-offish with furious arpeggios that are lighter than air in an uplifting sense.

Ok, so what was that? Let me check the score on my bedpost...*cracks knuckles*

Yeah, that adds up to an album of ass kicking quality. No question. Old school all the way with melodies out the ying yang. It was deep and had lots of interesting segues in a lot of the tracks. Never once was it a straight forward full on stomper even though it had some good movement in its own right. Classic that if you have the opportunity to buy you should sell a kidney for. Well, not your own, but uh...grandparents are on the way out, right?


Settle down Matlock or I'll have them take your fruit cup away.


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This is my fav MFG album, definitely more accomplished and complex than The prophecy, brigther and more melodic than Project genesis.

Highlights are "when we dream", "we are the machines", "the waking mind", "peaceful relaxation" and "new kind of world".

I like how they chose one of the strongest track to close this album out.

One of the best pure goa albums ever made. 9/10.

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Actually I found this forum while googling for MFG reviews. I came across this album because was looking for darker goa (I had 2 MP3s from this band, but forgot about them)

Recently I re-discovered them and checked online for more. Found all the albums at youtube. However it seems only Pr. Genesis album has the style I was looking for.

This one is nice too, but nothing special imho. It´s more on the "trippy" side I think... Project Genesis is much better imo.


This one sadly would get´s max. 7/10 from me.... need to check their album after Genesis now, but guess they won´t stand up.

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Great album, made an amazing impression when I first heard it. And I listened to it a lot later on during the 00’s. Since then the times when I play these old classics becomes more rare, but I plan on revisiting this among others. For sentimental purposes.

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8 hours ago, astralprojection said:

Same here, it was one of the first true goa trance I heard besides astral projection and chi-ad. When we dream and peaceful relaxation sticks out to me. 

Yes indeed I agree, I also remember Born Into a New Life beeing kinda dark for the era, not particularly dark by todays standards. :) Still a very solid futuristic scifi vibe.

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