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Koxbox - Forever After

Guest Tequila

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Yea this is killer...


I didn't like it much the first couple listenens but just this past couple days I've been loving it...


This is seriously psychedelic and colorfull music, and so well paced...


Koxbox have a way of using sounds very well, they're all so rich and distinct from each other...


Apparently Hux-Flux was heavily influenced by Koxbox - and you can hear it in Koxbox music...

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not that easy-accessible i guess... can't see what the fuzz is all about


it's way too experimental and incoherent, and way too much detuned fuglyness


4 mediocre to good tracks (1,3,5,6), and all the rest hideously fucked up by some detune or too much chaotic unfitting weirdness, and then the first one is a real weird one, it's atmo is very appealing but a constant threat of the pitch bending all wrong in the melods and additional fx make this a very hard to enjoy track for me. the mystic atmo also makes it appealing again but it just keeps on walking the line of uncertainty, same as with dragon tales album, too much of that "humpy jumpy" feeling and no tranceflow or continuity. then again i can imagine myself being struck by it as the most genius work ever in a year or so, so i won't take these things too seriously for now. all i'm just trying to say is that misses a small element to be perfect to me... at least the point of no return track. Now that i've listened it slowly to the end (while typing all of this crap) i must say that it just misses a small touch of extra psychedelica for it to be accredited as it is now. and that "humpy jumpy" idiot-gnome-trance feeling makes it's return when insect & insect bite starts to play... :P


still, i really like this track (at least when that trippy pad kicks in)


neurobic also misses that extra level of sounds and keeps dangling below average in a mediocre pad/atmo experiment, pretty uninteresting but a nice song for the background


and then space interface, the unreleased infected mushroom masterpiece :P this also misses it, not enough sounds and layers to be a great psychedelic song.

then again, this album was released in 94 so it was pretty groundbreaking for the time i guess... techtrance with an ambient touch, the ancient goa formula


back then it must've been a hit but listening it today leaves me unsatisfied. not that these 4 tracks aren't good but... incomplete...



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a cd which passes perfectly for homelistening or when you are in mood to be alone in the forrest !


this cd grows on you for every listening. This is a real psychedelic story. I cant see a lot of other records that has the same storytelling in it.

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1994 / 95



Posted Image



Track list:


01. 09'45" Point Of No Return - A-

02. 09'15" Space Travellers - A

03. 08'14" Insect And Insect Bite - A

04. 07'26" Tribal Oscillation - B+

05. 13'38" Neurobic - A-

06. 07'49" Space Interface - B+

07. 07'54" Orientalic - B

08. 06'58" Loads Of Flow (Molecular Mix) - B



WOW. The reviews weren't kidding when they said it takes time to like this album. This album has taken more time to grow on me in a positive way, more time for me to find great since maybe the time I critisized Pleiadian's Family of Light for being a serious disappointment with exception to three tracks (Head Spin, Modulation, Meter) all the way back around 2001. When I read that Forever After actually released in 1994 I almost soiled my panties. I don't know why its taken me so long to appreciate, to get into and really enjoy this album. Its been one of the least accessible album's I've gotten over the years that I later looked back on in an entirely different perspective, one with understanding and enjoyment. I finally "get" it and I feel like I speak my thoughts in clarity.


I'm not going to go through a track-by-track review. Furthermore, this is still not one of my favorite albums. Nonetheless, I've noticed that some of the melody/sound work has a way of getting inside the listeners head in a way not many albums achieve, not like this. Not like Insect & Insect Bite (Split Mix) for starters. Everytime I listen to that song, I feel like infectious aliens are articulating, developing my brain. In other words, I'm hooked. Forever After is one of the greatest electronica Psy/Goa releases of all time. But it took years for me to really enjoy and get into for some reason. Strange.. I wonder why it's like that.



Favorite tracks - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6



A- (Keeping in mind this was 1994/95 when this was released. I think it sounds great by todays standards)

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Koxbox was one of the few early Psy acts who had access to a big professional studio. The gear and production methods used on this debut album might be old-fashioned, but the quality is very high even for today's standards. The same goes for Dragon Tales.

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The standouts for this one I believe to be Point of No Return, Insect & Insect Bite, and Neurobic (a very trippy mid-tempo dream). Really good goa trance, but there are also tracks that don't hold up well at all. Tribal Oscillation?


Only if it's the Prana remix.


Space Interface and Orientallic are an acquired taste if you like the housey type stuff.


So a few great tracks and some that could use some new paint.



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