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Asura - Code Eternity


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It WOULD be good if it didn't such stupid samples... first one is some guy

talking about Iran... and track 3 has some fucking police scanner recording.

Asura your FRENCH don't but in english samples you can't understand!!!

lameos... 6/10 for the melodies -.01/10 for the ridiculous samples.

I actually LOVE the introduction sample where someone is talking about the islamic revolution in Iran,

i'd like to know what does he say, who is talking and in which situation.


Can anyone help me please?


About the album, it's pretty good indeed, even after all the years passed, the only track i don't like

that much is the title track towards the end, when the melody becomes too easy and cheesy (the

1st half is good, in my opinion it gets bad after ~5').

My preferred are 4. Phoenix, followed by 1.Like a Summer Day


I suggest to check out also the two Asura tracks appearing on Fahrenheit Project (Part One), they're both good

(all the album is damn good).

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I agree with Jon about a quality blend of ambient and trance on Asura's debut. Much more trancey than Life^2. Throw in the goa touches and there is a lot to like about this album. If I had one gripe I felt the opening two tracks could've shown a little more evolution. You've got a lot of chalkboard to write on when the tracks are over 10 minutes.


Other than that the melodies and melancholy went hand in hand like porn and the internet.



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First two tracks .? yes. There are like those horses whose front and rear feet are tied on side so that they can't run but can only walk around and eat grass.


The combo of 3-4-5 is jaw dropping stuff. I can listen to such ambient day, in day out! Too bad , looks like they(he) have forgotten the existence of 303's these days.

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This album has a special space in my heart. I have always been that kind of person that empirically interprets all beautiful things through sorrow. And when I listened to this for the first time, from the first minute to last, I wept and wept and wept. It didnt make me sad per se, I just couldnt find another way to cope with what I was hearing. O, my beloved Melancholy! Just listen to that subtle melody in Trinity (my favorite track). Just wow... 10/10


You can get the digital download for very cheap money here and you wont regret it! Its worth a lot more: https://ultimae.bandcamp.com/album/code-eternity

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