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Asura - Code Eternity


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Best chill / ambient in years... Everything Asura does is out of this world.

Their track on otherwise so shitty Clubber compilation stands out too. Get the

fahrenheit compilation from infinium records too, got lots of asura tracks on


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Asura - Code Eternity


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Artist: Asura

Title: Code Eternity

Label: Infinium

Date: 2000


Track listing:


01. 10'18" Like A Summer Day

02. 10'07" Trinity

03. 10'24" Simply Blue

04. 08'07" Phoenix

05. 09'26" Code Eternity

06. 04'27" Territories Part One

07. 09'12" XP Continuum




-THIS is Ambient- I have tons of Ambient at home, and honestly this is one of

the best ones.

The style is not pure chill (with waterfalls or butterfly flutterings :), this

is what you can hear during a party's warm-up, when there is slow rhythm, but

its still not time to dance, but Listen.

On the first Three tracks, you have slow rhythm, ambient background, simple

instruments on the front, surrounding hypnotic acid loops.

The 4th is total ambient in some parts...relax...and powerful & kicking in some

parts. ok.

The 5th track gives a lot of energy thru lots of hypnotic distorted layers

above lots of other smooth layers & cool kick.

Territories is pure ambient with voices & flows...mmmh

XP Continuum is another cool track..it makes me think about a heart that beats

in a dream.

What we got here is a nice nice nice album. 9/10 for Ambient lovers.

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Guest Shakrademia

The best Chill Ambiendelica stuff I've ever heard. The guys of Asura reached to

melange the best in New Age, World Music, Ambient and Psychedelic trance... in

a chilly and dreamy way which can't let anyone indifferent.

Simply the ambient album of 2000!

9/10 (sure 10/10 for the 2nd!)

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Guest Munky Business Corperation 2001

I agree with Freak51, it is good but not (yet) upthere with the SHPONGLES.

However, these French guys sure got potential. Their next album will be

released somewhere in april 2001 so hope they progress and craft their

compositions a bit more varied but consistent. Track 1 for example is so much

better and varied than the rest of the compositions. Furthermore, bring in

more French flavour i.e. weirdness as it all sounds a bit ordinary, especially

for ambient cause there are no rules, so don't play by them, Asura boys. 8/10


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No doubting that this is very good - emotionally charged and enjoyable.... but

it isn't as amazing in my view as some people have suggested. I agree with

Freak 51 in that the tunes are built in a fairly simple manner 'lego-like' - I

feel like I am waiting for the good bits in the tunes more than I really

should be.....


There are many many influences here that show through - it isn't ground

breaking, but it is worthwhile. Many of the beats sound like early Transwave

and Total Eclipse sounds (maybe it's just the French way ?), and Code eternity

has a melody that is straight from Banco de Gaia's 'Last Train to Lhasa'.

Highlights for me are tracks 4, 5 and 7.




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Guest eworld

A new edition of this album, with the same traxxs, is available. More luminous,

as nice as the first one, for a good medicine for the mind. Buy, buy, buy it!

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Guest bulkdump

Unbelievable... it's a pure "chef d'oeuvre". Awesome, unforgettable, fantastic.

I can't explain with words what I feel since i discovered these guys. Although

it's not really inovative, it's really beautiful, and that's what I expect

when i listen to a composition. My best ones: Trinity. Very oriental trax,

which kick ass really, and Code Eternity, a pure trambient Anthem that reminds

me Banco de Gaia as you said, Bomble. 15/10, if you like the NICE, not the


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Guest sysweed

This is one of the best albums I've heard, even better

than Shpongle! Lots of nice melodies and oriental voices with a heavy kickdrum

like in Trinity, which is probably the best one here, followed by Phoenix and

Code Eternity, but all really good! Relaxing but still powerful... 9/10

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Guest aphtal

Definitly one of the best ambient album of all times. I won't say that it's

better than Shpongle, but probably as good as this monument. 9,5/10

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Guest Astralogic

Sorry, but it's not difficult to be better than Shpongle. I don't understand

this addiction with shpongle, whom the second album is worst than the first.

Of course, Asura is far, far better than Shpongle, and probably better than

everything that went out for a long time in ambient. The first trax really

kicks ass, the second is a well thought mix between oriental and trancey

vibes, the third makes you deeply fall into tb303 waves, Phoenix is a good

compromise between low beat and

spacy cords and flutes, Code Eternity is unforgettable, the 6th is very sad and

extremly nice (who is shouting?), and seventh shows us another dimension of

the band, in a trip hop way well balanced. Something more to say? Clap, clap,

clap. 10/10 and forget Shpongle definitly!

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Guest Zoltar

Just got the second edition (2001, Infinium Records) for a ridiculous price.

I'm listening to it for the first time right now... My God this is good.

Really relaxing, great stuff. I want more, 50 Asura CD's.

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Guest Jonnnnnnnnnnnnnny

This stuff is really good compared to most of the ambient/chill stuff out

there. I really didn't expect something like this. It is not better then

Shpongle in my opinion, but it is very beautiful at many times. Still, if you

guys think this is great, wait till you here Amethystium. That stuff is

amazing. I got it new for only 10$ at www.mp3.com/amethystium =At that same

website there is also an extrememly controversal comedy cd called, Freedom Of

Speech. For that, you have to go www.mp3.com and then type in, Freedom of

Speech in the rectangle search box. Anyway, sorry for getting off subject.

Great album Asura!

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Guest Music From God

I think that the world of Ambient has found its new God...

Buy it, even if you're deaf. Don't listen to. Feel it...


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Alright, I listed and "felt" this album more carefully. This is truly

magnificant! No BS. This is very deep and beautiful. This is NOT

dub-atmosphere-slow-minimal-bull shit. This is really cool, beautiful

sounding, with excellent rhythm that really moves you. The reason people

compare this to Shpongle is because both Asura and Shpongle are at the highest

level of this type of music. Shpongle might be better for tripping, and

Shpongle has some awesome tracks regardless, but I can not compare this with

Shpongle as if one is better than the other. They are both totally different.

They are both totally original. Enough said. Asura gives us seven tracks, but

seven excellent and/or awesome tracks. You can really tell they put alot of

time in and didn't just take an idea and loop it this way and that. I don't

reccomend you sample these on MP3'S, cause mp3's are compressed. As you know

most compression loses some or alot of quality, hence ruining the music. I

trusted my instinct and bought this without hesitaion and it is worth it.

Seven tracks? I'll take quality over quantity anyday. This is some awesome

stuff that deserves to be in every ambient/chill/trance lovers collection,


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Guest I love you Asura

About mp3, I went listened on mp3.com. And I listened To Totem. I can say you

that even in the mp3 format, this piece is a tidal wave. This is NOT ambient,

this is Trance, the real trance, not psyche, ultra melodic, ultra full on,

ultra sensitive, ultra beautiful. In my opinion, this traxx has the potential

to be a world hit. And they are nevertheless so-called an ambient group... Now

I understand why Music from God fell in love with us: They are huge because

they are surprising, because they are different, because they dare where noone

dare to, and I think that it is only the beginning... Asura should be followed

closely, I think that we risk to have surprises in the years which come.

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Guest faroutwohman

Whats up with the sample In track "simply blue" can this guy understand

english? It's just a sample of a police radio........ i don't get it.....

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Guest chunder

sorry but.....i can't stand music like this which simply slows a trance 4/4

beat down to half-speed and thinks it's proper ambient/chill music,which seems

to be the case here.if you are going to produce downtempo stuff then please

use some polyrhythms of some kind,otherwise it just sounds naff[the synths are

ok though].i can't think of any occasion when i would choose this over

say,shpongle[since they were mentioned above],except when maybe on heavy


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Guest mihai[at]dumitru[dot]ro

Oh My fucking GOD !!!! .. this is musik !

Sometime there is a moment as you`re waking .. and you become aware of the real

world around you .. but you`re still dreaming .. because you are in

Territories Part One .. m|ck_eyi

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It WOULD be good if it didn't such stupid samples... first one is some guy

talking about Iran... and track 3 has some fucking police scanner recording.

Asura your FRENCH don't but in english samples you can't understand!!!

lameos... 6/10 for the melodies -.01/10 for the ridiculous samples.

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