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Guest The Journey Man Project

Excellent... good communication, very trustworthy... I sent him some cd's, in return her purchased me some of my choice from Saikosounds... 10/10 and really nice guy despite a wee misunderstanding ;)

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Just recieved the CD - Condition was as promised, the package was tightly sealed and delivery was pretty speedy. Communication was prompt and friendly. Recommended seller!


Ditto! :) Everything went well - and the packaging was extremely good! :)

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i don't know what happened, but we had a deal for about 10 cds, i told him i would pay in a few days cuz i had to switch credit cards.....

when i tried to contact him a few days later, no response up till now...


i'm still hoping he'll turn up one day, but the least he could do is tell me the deal is off so i canj spend my money on something else....

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I ordered 4 cds from Aaron. Got them very speedy (this morning. listening to them right now. YUEAH) and extremely well packed. I think the airplane could've crashed and these and the black box would've come out alright :D


Recommended seller!!


oh, and these cds look almost unplayed. Very good care taken. Aaron take a bow :rolleyes:

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neat packaging

friendly trader




wow this guy is one of the best

bought some ultra rare stuff, you would swear they are brand new

packed real safe

great guy, good comunication

highly recommended


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I purchased a few flying rhino records and the shipping and the packaging were great! Even bought 134 cds from Aaron and everything worked as it should, I am very happy.


He is one of the nicest fellows i've been doing business with. The communcation is the best part, it is ALWAYS fun to talk to the guy.


<3 Aaron!


and thanks for everything. :D

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134 CDs... Damn, how much did shipping that lot from the US to Sweden set you back?


DP, like 150 bucks. But all in all, he got a mad deal. Japanese releases, and everything. :) HEEHEE. I still have ALL OF MY RECORDS. Well, most of them if anyone wants them. :-/



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