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Review requests? What about PENTA - PENTAFILES??? That came out in 2002 I think and is a great dark psytrance album.


I thought I once saw it in the old reviews section but now I can't remember. It's disappeared somehow. :o There just HAD to be a review page/thread on this one. It was too popular on here around release.


Can we get a review thread up for it??

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No review thread on the 2006 comp with new tracks by Hallucinogen!!, Prometheus, Eat Static?? It didn't come up when doing a search. I just found out about it on the Oct thread titled Best 2006 albums. :blink::unsure:


UPDATE: I just found it when searching for "LUCAS." Hmmm...wish the search engines were a bit more widely accepting.

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I think you're talking about Message From God. That is their 2006 album..


The Message was their 2001 album. Confusing I know.. But I don't think their is one for The Message


It's just in the wrong year mate.


Check here in 2000

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The Nommos - Primal Meltdown [ Avatar Records ]


at least a short review would be welcomed... I'm thinking about buying some dark/twisted stuff (the freshest dark is 6 months old), I liked Digitaria... so...


or is there something better?

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