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Khetzal - Corolle


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This album is pure happiness & love. Listening winds gives me such a good feeling about everything , everytime I hear it. Thank u for this wonderful music Matthieu.. Waiting on my toes for the 2nd album. THIS ALBUM JUST KILLS ALL THE EVIL IN ME :) Thank u again Suntrip n Khetzel :)

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Music-wise it's among the best goa albums in this millennium. Sound-wise it's among the flattest and most fatiguing. There are no highs, no lows, no peaks, no valleys. I don't think I've ever managed to listen it through. Maybe I should try some kind of dynamic expansion to make it listenable.

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Holy crap, I should have gotten this album before now! It's awesome!


how could you be on this forum for this long and not get it with all the praises sung about it here? :)


now, eight years after its release, i think it's safe to say that corolle is right up there with the other greatest albums of goa trance like twisted, ifo and transdimensional.

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yea i still got this... hes great person i met him plays violin n shit , pedals n shit no joke ... great live act.. hope all is well.

great suntrrip release grab it if you are fan of pure goa shit

bells of sarnathi still remember that shit gyptian road fucking so memorable.. bit outdated but sure it was fucking great at the time...

all the best take care one love its one definatly to keep and only one i got from suntrip since i got rid of others i had due to my fucking manic shits ... sorry guys i really apologise


ah well..


khetzal ... magic get it... he did fullon music too but i got enough on my plate as it is fuck all rest


and yea i still got that party flyer but unfortunatly couldnt make it and gig because of passaport problems was fucking complete utter shyte!!!!! :angry: i had to phone joske and apologise like fuck . was really sorry after all they did... shithappens.

also had gig with total eclipse , four carrot nuts tims shoots n shit antwerp n shit... lots of belgium shit i think...

that gig with total eclipse flyer was pretty good had buda in it n shit ... but omg was fuckin mad even some one had to goto hospital because somebody fell off on dancefloor and hit head straight down on floor or something... fucking parties all da same... shit happens... or you get lost , or some speaker blows up and theres the smelling stinkin weeds , beer alcohol n shytes then people coming talking to you completely fucked on drugs... fuck all that shit


anyways heres the old flyer


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Enjoyable album, favourites are Djaningar, Listening Winds & Anamatha. The rest are good as well. I like the variation in tempo.


I hope to hear more slower goa tracks below 140bpm, which unfortunately most artists ignore today.

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