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This weeks stupid covers


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I like the smoke. I like smoke in air ^^


... and WTF are the mushrooms do in the corners of the cover? Stupid.

:huh: wtf are you talking about. The mushies is a indication of something shroomy. Tho Muscata isn't pr say a psychadelic substace.


And they also spelled it psychadelic rather than psychedelic. Thay must have really spent their time on this one. :wank:

well, the word psychedelic is originally spelled with an.. jes.. an 'a'. as in psychadelic. And not psychedelic ;)

But Timothy Leary (if not mistaking person) changed it to a 'e' because it looked ,,cooler". SO, in all reality. Yur the wank :lol:


btw. anyone heard this album?

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