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What music are you listening to right now?

Sputum Rotgut

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Astrancer finally released his track Archons, which he put up at teaser for quite some time ago. Listening right now, so can't comment if it's good yet, but begins promising. :D 

*Done, really nice ornamental oriental track. I could've done without the vocal/vowel synths tho. And an odd choice was to put that super catchy Intro main hook in the final part of the track at around 08.00 mark, that melody could've ripped the track from 03.00 onwards. Still a  nice build-up to this final killer hook. (Which becomes the Katharsis of the tune). And closes the track with the same melody it started with in the intro.

It was that hook/main motif which was in the teaser two years ago or so. :) Very victorious/Nitzhonot type melody, reminiscent of Luminus, Shiva Shidapu and Holymen. And a very nice emotionally expressive egyptian/indian type flute pad.

I really like the swirling euphoric acidic background layer, reminds me of Mindsphere, Lost Buddah, and Ethereal.

*edit the original teaser was in 2019:


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Did anyone else here see TV commercials for Goa Head in 1998? I remember vividly a commercisl for Goa Head 6 I think, and they played some snippets of the tracks such as Chi-A.D Astral Warrior(Remix) to a nice animated trippy CGI vortex.

Remembering this now almost feels like a memory from a parallel reality. :D I hope this genre gets that wide-spread recognition once more. 

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Astral Projection - Utopia (Concept Rmx)

I read the information that this remix was made by Martin Freeland aka Man With No Name. It sounds similar to his style, and in 1996 he had his own label Concept in dance. (The word Concept in the title of the remix seems to hint). The source is so-so: just some comment on youtube. I didn't find any information on discogs. When I listen to Total Eclipse - Waiting For A New Life, it also seems to me that there is a MWNN sound. And there is also no confirmation of this version on discogs.

Total Eclipse - Waiting For A New Life


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