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What music are you listening to right now?

Sputum Rotgut

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You made me want to listen to it too, although my favorite album from Magik series is # 7 Live in LA, It introduced me into trance and electronic music in general Posted ImagePosted Image the old good trance days Posted Image


I still listen to the entire series from time to time. I own all 7. Timeless trance if you ask me.



Listening to this now


Posted Image

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I just found a video of David Bowie singing Comfortably Numb, cause I was looking for proof that David Gilmour is actually God, but then realized that God must've split in two, to perform this duet. :)




Back in the Off Topic daze, I remember a topic that Ov3rdos3 started about David Gilmour's Godhood. Maybe I'll start a new Guitar Hero topic... and throw some Jimi in there too.

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