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Found 22 results

  1. Artist: FinalFlash Title: Tales from Outer Space Label: Phonix Records Cat no.: PHODIGI023 Format: Digital download Release Date: 16th November, 2018(BeatPort 2 Week Exclusive) World Wide Release:30th November, 2018 Mastered by Dale Byl at db Mastering, South Africa Artwork by Etnarama FinalFlash was the project of Robert Dalton and formerly Joshua Tallie who sadly passed away in an accident last year. Robert hails from South Africa and now continues the FinalFlash project himself. The project has come to be known for its original take on the twilight psytrance sound, and was quick to gain recognition as a rising star on the scene having released on a number of respected labels such as Dropland Records, Boundless Records and Psyology Records. It was only a matter of time before the Phonix family had the pleasure to work with FinalFlash. The end result is this space aged EP - Tales from Outer Space! The release starts with 'Angloriant The Spider' and her intricate web of stratagems and illusions. Expect crisp production alongside haunting melodies, the textbook definition of a dancefloor gem. 'Space Monkeys' is an overpowered roller coaster of energy - a ruthless display of space age sonic manipulation. And to complete things, is the eery yet mysterious - 'Fokken Prawn'! In keeping with our firm beliefs in karma - all proceeds from the sale of this EP will be donated to Joshua Tallie's family. As you have done so before and will do for many moons more, take us to your speakers! It's time to hear some Tales from Outer Space! TRACKLIST: 1. Angloriant the Spider 145 BPM 2. Space Monkeys 145 BPM 3. Fokken Prawn145 BPM Tracks 1,2 and 3 written and produced by Robert Dalton at FinalFlash Studio, South Africa SAMPLES: https://soundcloud.com/phonix-records/sets/finalflash-tales-from-outer-space-ep Now available on digital stores everywhere! Including our new store on Bandcamp!! Bandcamp: https://phonixrecords.bandcamp.com/album/tales-from-outer-space Beatport: https://www.beatport.com/release/tales-from-outer-space/2422328 Junodownload: https://www.junodownload.com/products/finalflash-tales-from-outer-space/3961556-02/ Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Tales-Outer-Space-Finalflash/dp/B07K33G3PP *Join our mailing list on our website for the opportunity to receive free CD's, free entries to parties and previews of upcoming music from Phonix Records!!! *For Bookings Info: angad AT phonix-records.com phonix-records AT gmail.com
  2. Artist: Various Artists Title: Phonophilia compiled by Gayle Adams Label: Phonix Records Cat no.: PHODIGI022 Format: Digital download Artwork by Paulo Etnarama Phonophilia is defined as the love of sounds. For Phonix Records and our extended family, 8 years into our journey, this love for sounds stays true. It is the north star that helps us stay the course. With that in mind, our very own Gayle Adams, partner and co-manager at Phonix Records, started her own journey to compile this release - a testament to the sounds we love. Over a year a later and Phonophilia was born - a journey built to stand the test of time. The release starts off with Infektion's 'Rage' (Bruno Lopes/Portugal). Deep and deliberate, it is an ode to the classic twilight sound only the way Infektion knows how to - intense and engaging without compromise. Glitch (Dash Hawkins/ South Africa) steps in to dispel any 'Misconceptions'. More energy, more groove and a robot communicating through melodies a single message - something wicked, this way comes. We then go into the depths of the inner self. Through the practice of deep meditation, and fundamental vibrations, L.E.O.F and Ionkhe (Mario Funes and Ivan Lugo/Mexico) show listeners how each one of us can be a 'Nuclear Army' unto ourselves. Reborn with a new sense of understanding - we encounter a message from the other side. FinalFlash (Robert Dalton/South Africa) share the otherworldly tail of 'Dhampyre'. A beautiful story with bone chilling atmospheres - a story as ancient as time itself. coRupt (Andre Rossouw/ South Africa) furthers this new found sense of focus through 'Strange Fiction'. He helps transition the release to the next level with an effortlessly woven story of epic proportions. The next chapter gets the adrenal glands working in overtime - Domination (Ricardo Barreto/Mexico) remixes Locked Locker's 'Alpha' (Marcelo Espindola/Brazil and Josue Guzman/Mexico). Carefully honed to a razor's edge - this is truly a diamond in the rough. Killer Buds (Marcelo Espindola and Tarcisio Mainardi/ Brazil) and Dirty Devils (Felipe Vidigal and Emilio Renault / Brazil) take this energy one step further with their outrageously over-powered tale of 'The Lumberjack'. Among all the chaos and mayhem, 'The Descent' into a melodic dimension starts with Earworm (Max Meshiv/Israel). The master does it again - with this slick psychedelic BOMB. Not to be outdone are Contrast and ReFractor's 'Hyper Drive' (Conor James Steed and Luan Boes/South Africa) - a deeper exploration further into the melodic dimension. With the final leg of this release, Epitaph (Andres Romero and Jose Novelo/Mexico) featuring Orc'N'Roll (Alejandro Olvera/Mexico) take listeners into a burst of energy, guitar riffs and shadowy melodies. Singularity (Andre Muller/South Africa) further explores this realm with his epic remix of Iron Lotus's 'Lotus of Sorrow' (Daniel Honor/South Africa). A well-executed story that effortlessly balances both power and beauty. Not to be outdone, Phonix scientist Omega Flight (Derren Nuttall/UK) teams with Twisted Reality (Ben Edge/UK) to present a deranged re-telling of Deliriant's 'Truth be Told' (Shane Renew/South Africa). A wormhole of an experience, their remix transforms this classic into something truly unique. Beware, the acid is indeed in the music. The final chapter of our journey is 'Anechoic Chamber' by FrontRunner (Marc Le Roux/South Africa) featuring Rubix Qube (Kieron Grieves/South Africa). It is a fitting end to our exploration of Phonophilia. Beware - the 'Anechoic Chamber' will completely absorb any residual waves and whatever is left of listeners with its measured manic chaos. The Phonix team would like to thank everyone involved with this release for helping us realize our vision. Now, let's follow the north star like we have done so in the past, and will do for many cycles more... Take us to your speakers! It is time to explore Phonophilia! TRACKLIST: 1. INFEKTION - Rage 141 BPM Written and produced by Bruno Lopes at Infektion Studio, France 2. Glitch - Misconceptions 143 BPM Written and produced by Dash Hawkins at Glitch Studio, South Africa 3. LEOF vs. Ionkhe - Nuclear Army 145 BPM Written and produced by Mario Funes and Ivan Lugo at Ionkhe Studio, Mexico 4. FinalFlash - Dhampyre 145 BPM Written and produced by Robert Dalton at FinalFlash Studio, South Africa 5. coRupt - Strange Fiction 145 BPM Written and produced by Andre Rossouw at coRupt Studio, South Africa 6. Locked Locker - Alpha ( DOMINATION RMX) 145 BPM Originally written and produced by Marcelo Espindola and Josue Guzman at Locked Locker Studio, Brazil/Mexico Remixed by Ricardo Barreto at Domination Studio, Mexico 7. Killer Buds vs. Dirty Devils - The Lumberjack 148 BPM Written and produced by Marcelo Espindola and Tarcisio Mainardi at Killer Buds Studio, Brazil and Felipe Vidigal and Emilio Renault at Dirty Devils Studio, Brazil 8. EARWORM - The Descent 147 BPM Written and produced by Max Meshiv, Earworm Studio, Israel 9. Contrast vs. ReFractor - Hyper Drive 147 BPM Written and produced by Conor James Steed at Contrast Studio, South Africa and Luan Boes at ReFractor Studio, South Africa 10. EpitaphPsy feat. Orc'N'Roll - Mental Illness 145 BPM Written and produced by Andres Romero and Jose Novelo, guitar by Alejandro Olvera, at Epitaph Studio, Mexico 11. Iron Lotus - Lotus of Sorrow ( Singularity Music RMX) 144 BPM Originally written and produced by Daniel Honor at Iron Lotus Studio, South Africa Remixed by Andre Muller at Singularity Studio, South Africa 12. Deliriant - Truth Be Told ( Omega Flight vs Twisted Reality RMX) 143 BPM Originally written and produced by Shane Renew at Deliriant Studio, South Africa Remixed by Derren Nuttall and Ben Edge at Omega Flight and Twisted Reality Studios, United Kingdom 13. FrontRunner featuring Rubix Qube - Anechoic Chamber 140 BPM Written and produced by Marc Le Roux at FrontRunner Studio, South Africa and Kieron Grieves at Rubix Qube Studio, South Africa SAMPLES HERE! https://soundcloud.com/phonix-record...by-gayle-adams https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OcSu_HmnnWQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OcSu_HmnnWQ Mastering: Track 5 Mastered by Chris Hoy, sHiFt Studio, South Africa Track 6 Mastered by Ricardo Barreto, Domination Studio, Mexico All other tracks mastered by Dale Byl at db Mastering, South Africa Licensing: Track 6 released with permission from Marcelo Espindola and Josue Guzman (Locked Locker) Track 11 released with permission from Daniel Honor (Iron Lotus) and MMD Records (Official Fan Page) Records (South Africa) Track 12 released with permission from Shane Renew (Deliriant) OUT NOW ON BEATPORT EXCLUSIVE!! Beatport https://www.beatport.com/release/phonophilia-compiled-by-gayle-adams/2373232 Soon available on shops everywhere such as: Juno Download http://www.junodownload.com/labels/Phonix/releases/ AudioJelly http://www.audiojelly.com/labels/phonix-records/13262 DjTunes http://www.djtunes.com/label/phonix-records *More Info: http://www.facebook.com/PhonixRecords http://www.phonix-records.com/ *Join our mailing list on our website for the opportunity to receive free CD's, free entries to parties and previews of upcoming music from Phonix Records!!! *For Bookings Info: angad AT phonix-records.com phonix-records AT gmail.com
  3. Dj Wàkàme played to middle groovy twilight sounds at sunday acid afternoon in private studio. Recording mainly the killer track released in 2018!!! Good listen Happy People FDLR Podcast 022 Tentagram - Restart - Egohunter Recordings Endeavour , Nukleall - Mexican Cowbell - Green Tree Records Dayalix - Virtual Planet - Green Tree Records Section 8 & Endeavour - Placebofx - Looney Moon Records Synkronic - Alien8 Society - Future Music Records Stereoxide - Mind Master - PsynOpticz Records Stereoxide & In Lak Ech - The Observer - PsynOpticz Records Dharma - Candy Flavor - Future Music Records Section 8 & Virtual Light - Slack Attack - Looney Moon Records Southwild & Whiptongue - Genetic Transitions - Wildthings Records Alta - The Others - Green Tree Records
  4. Dj Wàkàme played to groovy twilight sounds at sunday acid morning in private studio. Recording mainly the killer track released in 2017!!! Good listen Happy People FDLR Podcast 018 Shred’er - The Seven - Transubtil Records Kipi Vibration - Living - Transubtil Records Samadhi - Raw - Believe Lab Purist - Visionary States (Ingrainted Instincts Remix) - Sangoma Records Drip Drop - Greece 2020 - Believe Lab Mental Drop - Do You Know Where You Are - Transubtil Records Earthworm - Psychedelic Anthem - Transubtil Records Dsompa , Animalien - Tropicaliens - Believe Lab Babagoon - Red Eye Jedi - Sangoma Records Radikal Moodz - Skyfall - Transubtil Records Groove Hunter & Laa Toka - DNA Of LSD - Sun Station Records Brain Jam , Dimmitrion - Remodulated Borg - Believe Lab Saikro - This Is Not A Dream - Dream Project Records Via Axis - The Lizard - Sangoma Records twilight Psychedelic nice groove acid fusiondelic records
  5. Dj Wàkàme played to groovy twilight sounds at sunday acid morning in private studio. Recording mainly the killer track released in 2017!!! Good listen Happy People FDLR Podcast 015 Groove Hunter , Nemo - Corridor Of Eclipses - Vertigo Records Module Virus , Ingrainted Instincts - Experiences - Believe Lab Rezonant - Dig Deep - Sun Station Records Hypereggs - Queens Of The Stone Age (Ukauka Remix) - Sangoma Records Virtual Light , Mark Day - Petty Fly For A Psy Guy - Believe Lab Kusabi - Primordial Experiment - D Noir Records LaaToka - Kemi - Sun Station Records Oksha , Critter - Sample & Hold - Sun Station Records Sagoam - MeccaniKailen - World People Production Psiked’eliah , Slide - Fnkingallo Dsompa , Animailen - Tropicaliens - Believe Lab Tristan - Origens - Believe Lab
  6. Title: V/A Made In Mexico Label: Phonix Records Cat no. : PHODIGI017 Format: Digital download Release Date: (BeatPort 2 Week Exclusive): October 14th, 2016 World Wide Release: October 28th, 2016 Mastered by Dale Byl @ db Mastering Studios, South Africa More Info: https://www.facebook.com/db-Mastering-129239436996/ Artwork by Derren Nuttall aka Ink Junkie: http://phonix-records.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/Made-in-Mexico-Revised-180716a.jpg More Info: http://www.inkjunkie.co.uk/ Promo: After years of plotting, amigos Ishikawa and Psykoatl finally got together and began playing with the idea of a compilation featuring only Mexican acts making twilight and hi-tech psytrance. Over the course of many knob twisting and beat hacking sessions - they were able to assemble an explosive collection of works from the freshest talent that the Mexican psytrance scene has to offer today, aptly named Made In Mexico! This saga starts off with newcomers Epitaph and Talkin Dave. A haunting and mind bending story - Ishikawa and Psykoatl could not have thought of a more fitting way to start this magnum opus. Following up is the hyper melodic Dirty World, produced by rising star - 1.16. This is a deep story full of energy and violins, topped off with a serious bassline that means business. Now that the tone of the compilation is set, Thorus Wrath - runner up winner of the X-Side - Dominate Remixes competition - presents his winning remix. A real rumbler of a track, with his signature treatment to the bassline - there is no stopping this beast. Amplifying energy levels even more, Domination takes things to the next level with Mars Attacks. Full of furious energy - Domination leads an assault on the senses that is known to manifest itself in listeners through uncontrolled stomping. Just when you thought you could not handle any more energy - Roby and M.A.D (the super powered duo of X-Side and Eyetek), continue the sonic Invasion. There is no turning back, there is no surrender. Initiating motivation protocol! Not for the faint of heart, these 3 minds join forces to give you every adrenaline junkies dancefloor anthem. If this wasnt enough, whizz kid Outer Connection thrills with his unrelenting remix of Portuguese master Sidharthas Omniverse. A beast of a track, for maximum enjoyment and your safety - we recommended that this be played loud, preferably in a large open area. You have been warned! Moving on to the latter half of this release, Psykoatl and Ishikawa shift their focus on to deeper darker sounds. The Concept Nemesis (T.C.N), hot on the heels of his epic Exhausting the Limit EP, presents Subjective. A deranged twister, with production so clean - one cannot help but grin like a boy with a new toy. Keeping the darker mood going, The Evil Monkey explains to us his Isolated System. Equipped with sinister melodies, and enough energy to power a spaceship - this is one system that should not be tampered with. As the release approaches it end, listeners are treated to the triumphant return of mastermind - Akros. With Omega, Akros stays true to his original style and presents a cracker of a track which literally explodes with melodies to mark the end of this sonic adventure. Made In Mexico is the culmination of months of hard work from the Phonix Family with the sole intention of putting the spot light on Mexico and the new wave of talent that is all but set to take over radio waves galaxy wide! With that said, we humbly ask listeners once more to boldly go forth and again - take us to their speakers and push the limits of sonic manipulation! Viva La Mexico! TRACKLIST: 1. Epitaph Talkin Dave 145 BPM Written and produced by Andres Romero and Leonardo Novelo @ Epitaph Studio, Mexico 1.16 Dirty World 146 BPM Written and Produced by Irving Lagunes Gómez @ 1.16 Studio, Mexico 2. X-Side Dominate (Thorus Wrath RMX) 146 BPM Originally written and produced by Jose Luis Cruz @ X-Side Studio, Mexico Remixed by Manuel Olmos @ Thorus Wrath Studio, Mexico 3. Domination Mars Attacks 147 BPM Written and produced by Ricardo Barreto @ Domination Studio, Mexico 4. Roby vs M.A.D Invasion 147 BPM Written and produced by Roby Martinez Cantu @ Roby Studio, Mexico and Jose Luis Cruz and Claudio Pereira @ M.A.D Studio, Mexico/Portugal 5. Sidhartha Omniverse (Outer Connection RMX) 147 BPM Originally written by Nuno Santos @ Sidhartha Studio, Portugal Remixed by Kevin Rodríguez @ Outer Connection Studio, Mexico 6. The Concept Nemesis Subjective 146 BPM Written and produced by Franco Sanchez @ The Concept Nemesis Studio, Mexico 7. The Evil Monkey Isolated System 147 BPM Written and produced by Pablo Pérez Sahagún @ The Evil Monkey Studio, Mexico 8. Akros Omega 147 BPM Written and produced by Fernando Miranda @ Akros Studio, Mexico Track 4 released with permission from MMD Records Track 6 released with permission from Hypergate Records SAMPLES: Compiled by Ishikawa (Angad Kapoor/USA) and Psykoatl (Marco Reyes Balam/ Mexico) Available on shops everywhere such as: Beatport http://www.beatport.com/label/phonix-records/21766 Juno Download http://www.junodownload.com/labels/Phonix/releases/ DjTunes http://www.djtunes.com/label/phonix-records Still Fresh: The Concept Nemesis Exhausting the Limit EP V/A The Twilight Core Vol. 2 *More Info: Phonix Records: http://www.facebook.com/PhonixRecords http://www.phonix-records.com/ *Join our mailing list on our website for the opportunity to receive free CD's, free entries to parties and previews of upcoming music from Phonix Records!!! *For Bookings Info: angad AT phonix-records.com phonix-records AT gmail.com
  7. Title : Thrillseeker - The Dawn EP Label : Phonix Records Cat no. : PHODIGI014 Format : Digital download Release Date: 17th July 2015 (BeatPort 2 Week Exclusive) World Wide Release: 31st July 2015 Mastered by Dale Byl @ db Mastering Studios, South Africa Artwork by Paulo Etnarama The greatest of feats, the longest of leaps – they all start with a first step. And so it is with the story of Pedro Pinto - one half of the popular Portuguese duo, Algorhythm, whose brand energetic twilight mayhem has been rocking dancefloors for some time now. With over 3 EPs and countless releases as Algorhythm, Pedro felt the time was right to try something different. This idea took root in his mind, and finally came roaring to form the debut EP of Thrillseeker - the exciting solo project from Pedro. Every day starts off with a special period of time, where magic is boundless and the air is electric. It is also a time of great and turbulent change, where the forces of light and darkness battle. It is on a similar note that this release starts, with Thrillseeker's melody crazed beast that is 'Apocalypse'. As it leaves you breathless, twisted and yearning for more - Thrillseeker focuses our attention to the where this story began - the 'Konflikt' between night and day; a sonic expression of overpowering energy and chaos leading to dancefloor bliss! This is what this release is all about, new and magical beginnings, changes of epic proportions ... 'The Dawn' is here! A culmination of several years honing his skills – this EP marks only the beginning of the things to expect from Thrillseeker in the future. With this our 14th release, Phonix Records is proud to join forces with Thrillseeker in realizing his debut EP and continuing forward with our mission to release only the very best in twilight psychedelic music! As you have bravely done before, it is time now to boldly go where no one has gone before - take us to your speakers for it is a new day and the dawn is upon us! TRACKLIST: 1. Thrillseeker - Apocalypse 146 BPM 2. Thrillseeker - Konflikt 146 BPM 3. Thrillseeker - The Dawn 146 BPM All tracks written and produced by Pedro Pinto at Thrillseeker Studios, Portugal SAMPLES: Available on shops everywhere such as: Beatport http://www.beatport.com/label/phonix-records/21766 Juno Download http://www.junodownload.com/labels/Phonix/releases/ DjTunes http://www.djtunes.com/label/phonix-records Still Fresh: X-Side - Tormentor EP V/A - Diamond Cut compiled by Etnarama *More Info: http://www.facebook.com/PhonixRecords http://www.phonix-records.com/ *Join our mailing list on our website for the opportunity to receive free CD's, free entries to parties and previews of upcoming music from Phonix Records!!! *For Bookings Info: angad AT phonix-records.com phonix-records AT gmail.com
  8. Artist: Various Title: Stereo Neferia Label: MMD Records Date: February, 2009 1. Rubix Qube - Grind 2. Broken Toy - Super Evil (We Want Your Soul) 3. Ignition - Electromagnetic (Khopat Remix) 4. Lost & Found - Insider 5. Zion Linguist - Stereo Neferia 6. Hiyarant - No Break 7. Damage - No Mercy 8. Zion Linguist Vs. B-55 - Insane Asia 9. Deliriant - Phase Me "All I know is that I'd rather have a bottle in front of me, than a frontal lobotomy!" Preach. MMD is another label from the twilight capital of the world South Africa and Lord knows you can never have too many of those. That part of the world seems to have a handle on how to bring the heat. Having released some really dark and heavy hitting stuff before I knew I had to get my hands on this. If you are a fan of the Timecode or Nexus Media style then this will be right up your alley. More pumping beats and dark melodies to set you a dancing. I won't discuss all of the tracks, but hopefully I'll give you a feel for the album. You have an absolutely face melting and blistering opening track with Kieron's Grind and even though the next track is full of annoying samples it still hits pretty hard. I even like the crunch of the guitar. Lost & Found doesn't disappoint with his all out assault and seems to save his best tracks for compilations (although his new album is out and it's free!). Reminds me of older sHiFt work. The title track is a little weak, but No Break is exactly that as the acidic pummeling is unrelenting. Insane Asia isn't really that insane (Hiyarant took that title), but it's not bad. Closing things out is Shane Renew with a rather tame track compared to his two artist albums, but the last quarter is really enjoyable. In closing this was very good. No track was terrible and the vast majority were very good. I can easily recommend this one. Psyshop Beatspace Mdk
  9. Title : Psycho System - Infinity Protocol EP Label : Phonix Records Cat no. : PHODIGI011 Format : Digital download Release Date: 22nd August 2014 [2 week Beatport Exclusive Release] World Wide Release: 5th September 2014 Mastered by Dale Byl @ db Studios, South Africa Artwork by Etnarama: Psycho System are David Iglesias and Sergio Cano - two adrenaline fueled beat mechanics from Spain; the latest additions to the Phonix Records family. We found them in Spains equivalent to Area 51, experimenting with zero gravity fields with maximum power levels on full volume cerebral machines. No strangers to the arts of hi-tech beat hacking, the duo continue to produce music with the aim of freeing the minds of their listeners from the simple shackles of gravity to enter the realm of outer space, and beyond - the ultimate frontier. It is here in this realm that one can truly experience freedom. Phonix Records is proud to present - Psycho System's 4th high octane EP - 'Infinity Protocol' the mindmelding phenomenon of freeing the human brain through auditory stimulation. Having spent countless hours fine tuning this thrilling roller coaster of sonic mayhem, with this release Psycho System show why they are a force to be reckoned with. The opening chapter has co-conspirator Ctrl Z3ta (Ricardo Morales) from Mexico joining the duo, combining their capabilities to create a 'Furious Harmony' that will no doubt set the stage for the revelations to come; note : a very sturdy stage is required as these boys are not playing around. Having warmed up the listeners' auditory receptors, Psycho System then reveal the 'Gateway from Infinity' - a portal of high energy and immense power. Only the brave will have the courage to step through this portal, as it leads up to the end of the Infinity Protocol - the 'Way to Outer Space' - where released from all inhibitions, listeners are given the precious gift to truly experience freedom of mind, body and soul. With this electrifying release - Phonix Records proudly continue to unleash only the very best of twilight psytrance mayhem. We invite you if you dare to join Psycho System and initiate the Infinity Protocol! TRACKLIST: 1. Psycho System vs. Ctrl Z3ta - Furious Harmony https://soundcloud.com/phonix-records/psycho-system-vs-ctrl-z3ta 2. Psycho System - Gateway from Infinity https://soundcloud.com/phonix-records/psycho-system-gateway-from 3. Psycho System - Way to Outer Space https://soundcloud.com/phonix-records/psycho-system-way-to-outer Track 1 written and produced by David Iglesias and Sergio Cano at Psycho System Studio, Spain and Ricardo Morales at Ctrl Z3ta Studio, Mexico Tracks 2 and 3 written and produced by David Iglesias and Sergio Cano at Psycho System Studio, Spain Available on shops everywhere: Beatport http://www.beatport.com/release/infinity-protocol/1356084 Juno Download http://www.junodownload.com/labels/Phonix/releases/ AudioJelly http://www.audiojelly.com/labels/phonix-records/13262 DjTunes http://www.djtunes.com/label/phonix-records Still Fresh: Distant Touch vs. Zabot - Alternate Algorithms http://phonix-records.com/distant-touch-zabot-alternate-algorithms-out-now/ Psygamma - Megatron http://phonix-records.com/psygamma-megatron-ep-out-9th-may-2014/ V/A - Pag Asa http://phonix-records.com/va-pag-asa-out-now/ *More Info: http://www.facebook.com/PhonixRecords http://www.phonix-records.com/ *Join our mailing list on our website for the opportunity to receive free CD's, free entries to parties and previews of upcoming music from Phonix Records!!! *For Bookings Info: angad AT phonix-records.com phonix-records AT gmail.com
  10. Title : Psygamma - Megatron Label : Phonix Records Cat no. : PHODIGI009 Format : Digital download Release Date: 23rd May 2014 Mastered by Dale Byl @ db Mastering, South Africa Artwork by Etnarama Notorious across the cosmos for his beat hacking, space diving and dancefloor demolition skills, Israeli scientist – Psygamma (Omri Fabish) – decided it was time to fuse his brand of cutting edge sonic mayhem with weaponized soundwaves to create the ultimate secret weapon of neurological destruction. Hearing of his plans, the Phonix Records labs were faced with a moral dilemma - to release upon the unsuspecting solar system this super powered monster or... not? In the end, the choice was clear, the twisted minds had won! Phonix Records is proud to present Psygamma's debut solo EP - 'Megatron'. We are immediately engaged by sounds, familiar, yet alien, a tremendous ‘Space Battle’ ensuing; Psygamma’s epic retelling of fellow beat hacking mad man – Inzimo’s sci-fi inspired tale. With phasers set to kill, the unsuspecting listener is immediately induced with our scientists’ sonic beams. Barely having recovered from the initial shocks of experiencing space warfare, the weaponized waves induce the numbness of ‘Blue Brain’, the physiological condition brought about naturally by the cold void of outer space. Symptoms include shivers, perspiration, a ghoulish attitude and the need to pound one’s feet on the floor. The last and most significant chapter of this saga is the epitome of Psygamma's true intention - to take over this galaxy through his secret weapon - 'Megatron'! Sinister melodies accompanied by uncontrollable energy will help release enough endorphins to scramble what is left of your fragile mind. With this EP, Phonix Records continues to push forward only the very best in twilight psytrance. And on that note, let us unleash upon this reality the twisted arms of Psygamma's super weapon - 'Megatron', roll out! TRACKLIST: 1. Inzimo - Space Battle (Psygamma RMX) https://soundcloud.com/phonix-records/inzimo-space-battle-psygamma-rmx 2. Psygamma - Blue Brain https://soundcloud.com/phonix-records/psygamma-blue-brain 3. Psygamma - Megatron https://soundcloud.com/phonix-records/psygamma-megatron Track 1 originally written and produced by Shlomi Amir @ Inzimo Studio, Israel, remixed by Omri Fabish @ Psygamma Studio, Israel Tracks 2, and 3 written and produced by Omri Fabish @ Psygamma Studio, Israel Available on shops everywhere such as: Beatport: http://www.beatport.com/release/megatron/1296400 JunoDownload http://www.junodownload.com/products/psygamma-megatron/2471185-02/ DjTunes: http://www.djtunes.com/psygamma/megatron-psygamma Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Megatron-Psygamma/dp/B00K7JY3DO/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1401037749&sr=8-3&keywords=psygamma Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/music/album/Psygamma_Megatron?id=B5qyuo2zdbv5wmlwlcowzmmqqma *More Info: http://www.facebook.com/PhonixRecords http://www.phonix-records.com/ *Join our mailing list on our website for the opportunity to receive free CD's, free entries to parties and previews of upcoming music from Phonix Records!!! *For Bookings Info: angad AT phonix-records.com phonix-records AT gmail.com
  11. Artist: Various Title: Menog - I See Change Remixes Label: Spectral Records Date: November, 2013 1. Audialize Remix 2. Iliuchina Remix 3. Kin Remix 4. Tryambaka Remix 5. Biorhythm Remix 6. sHiFt Remix 7. Bretheren 8. Ectima Remix 9. Chilled Cquence Remix "I know change. I embody change. All we do...is change." Oh you're gonna get sick of hearing that. The first couple of times I listened to this I wanted to put Daniel in a dark Portuguese prison with a dead chicken around his neck. I know what you're thinking. What an odd thing to say. I only bring it up because this actually happened to a kid in a foster home in North Carolina. Seems kinda mean and f*cked up so I figured it would be a good form of punishment for Daniel. I mean some sort of retribution needed to be enacted for someone who would willingly put his listeners through the torture of 9 remixes of one track. One. Imagine being stuck in the movie Groundhog day, but instead of getting to cold cock Ned Ryerson you get to beat your head against the wall for 24 hours. Because even with the changes each artist made to the original it's still the same f*cking track. Same one. By the time Tryambaka's version rolled around I was seeing double and began to sharpen my knife. But then I got to thinking. This is probably not meant for home listening and most assuredly not meant to listen to all the way through. Maybe it's just for DJ's looking to drop some acid and thumping beats into their twilight set. Because let me tell you even though there are 8 clones they all have that in common. Eviscerating acid scalpels that are relentless guaranteed to rock the dance floors. The 9th and final mix is a laid back yet eerie dub track that thankfully let me catch my breath. So I would say there is a time and a place for everything. With my kids playing upstairs I was free to let this blare through the subwoofer and I loved it. Listening all the way through with the headphones doesn't do it justice. Some searing tracks in here for you night time psytrance people. Beatport Mdk
  12. V/A - The Twilight Core compiled by Ishikawa Label : Phonix Records Cat no. : PHODIGI007 Format : Digital Download Release Date: 01 Nov 2013 (JunoDownload 2 Weeks Exclusive) Worldwide Release Date: 15 Nov 2013 MASTERING: Track 2 Masted by Alon Laifer, Israel All Other Tracks Mastered by Dale Byl @ DB Mastering, South Africa Artwork by Paulo Etnarama: At Phonix Records, our scientists and wizards work tirelessly towards their higher calling. Their rhythmic mantra, dedicated to the greater beings of the twilight, echoes through the labyrinthine walls, consuming their mind, body and soul. To reach out and activate the minds of their followers, they have only one route to create the very best twilight psychedelic sounds they can. Masters of their craft, they have invested many hours and lunar cycles in research, trials and extensive dance floor testing to arrive upon the epitome of twilight psytrance The Twilight Core. Grand Poobah, Ishikawa, is the conductor, aligning the monsters and directing their powers. 'It Begins' with the activation of the core, entrusted to head scientists Dexter and Soul Eater. Their pet project, to accelerate the neurons in your brain, allows you to bend thought and enhances functioning. Just as you reach this higher state of being, you face an ego-shattering experience, 'Downtown' a process perfected and redesigned for the year 2013 by the legendary master of the dark arts, Orca. Fragmented, disoriented, but still alive, you come across the dream team of Undelete, Organnika and Psycho System. Together, they go about systematically reconstructing your fragile ego through the ancient 'Dancing Molecules' protocol, a forgotten practice. It would be prudent to rest now, and realign your new sense of beign, but devious whiz kid Thrillseeker has no such plans of letting you off easy. Immediately, you are 'Intoxicated', unable to express yourself outside of dance, the primordial language. Not missing a beat, you are introduced to the formidable duo of 3M and Z3ro. Some of the most powerful scientists around, specializing in hardcore dance floor destruction, they bring you to, 'The End', a delicious parting gift as you re-enter reality, changed forever. The Twilight Core is truly greater than the sum of all its parts and will take listeners on a journey into the final frontier that of inner space. This is an experience for body, mind and soul that aims to change your perception of what is, and if all goes well the idea of your very being. What it all really boils down to is a very simple question are you ready to experience the Twilight Core? SAMPLES ONLINE!! Check it out.. TRACKLIST: 1. Dexter vs. Soul Eater It begins Written and Produced by Dexter Santos & Joel Costa at Dexter Studio, Portugal http://soundcloud.com/phonix-records/dexter-vs-souleater-it-begins 2. Orca Downtown 2013 RMX Written and Produced by Alon Laifer at Orca Studio, Israel http://soundcloud.com/phonix-records/orca-downtown-2013-rmx 3. Undelete vs. Psycho System vs. Organnika - Dancing Molecules Written and Produced by Andrew Cachaco, Jorge Romao at Undelete Studio, Protgual, Brunos Faria at Organikka Studio, Portugal, David Iglesias at Psycho System Studio, Spain http://soundcloud.com/phonix-records/undelete-vs-psycho-system-vs 4. Thrillseeker Intoxicated Written and Produced by Pedro Pinto at Thrillseeker Studio, Portugal http://soundcloud.com/phonix-records/thrillseeker-intoxicated 5. 3M & Z3RO - The End Written and Produced by Juan Carlos Benavente at 3M Studio, Mexico and Javier Duran at Z3RO Studio, Mexico https://soundcloud.com/phonix-records/3m-vs-z3ro-the-end SOON available on shops everywhere such as: Beatport http://www.beatport.com/label/phonix-records/21766 Juno Download http://www.junodownload.com/labels/Phonix/releases/ AudioJelly http://www.audiojelly.com/labels/phonix-records/13262 DjTunes http://www.djtunes.com/label/phonix-records *More Info: http://www.facebook.com/PhonixRecords http://www.phonix-records.com/ *Join our mailing list on our website for the opportunity to receive free CD's, free entries to parties and previews of upcoming music from Phonix Records!!! *For Bookings Info: angad AT phonix-records.com phonix-records AT gmail.com -records AT gmail.com
  13. Artist: Various Title: Compile Your Mind Label: Digital OM Productions Date: November, 2011 1. State of mind - RAOUL 2. Definitely Diabolic - MAGNETO 3. Walk through the portal - SIDHARTHA 4. Massive Dynamic - TRYON 5. Badass - ORCA 6. Bullzeye - TECHNODROME 7. Ice Queen (Zion Linguist rmx) - PITCH HIKERS 8. Just Scream - RAZ 9. Search for emotions - RAZ *Rubs temples and reaches for bottle of aspirin. Attempts to open, foiled by childproof cap and hucks pills across the room.* All the ingredients are there. Good track listing, acid, lasers...how did they manage to f*ck this up? I'll tell you how. They've taken what was once pure and tainted it. Twilight psy once combined the best of dark and light, moody atmosphere and melody that all rumbled with power. Now it seems that the depth and storytelling is gone replaced by buildups, hard bass lines and rampaging leads that lead, well...nowhere. It's commercial full-on in different clothes with samples that while cool at times tend to dominate where they should enhance. The whole thing feels too clean and white washed. It's screams, "Hey look at me! I'm hard and edgy!" Yeah, but you're doing it wrong. There are bright spots of course. Tryon continues to shred any obstacle in his path with deluges of acid and barely restrained power. Each of the tracks have positive moments only to be marred by cliches. This has all been heard before and no matter how many lasers and twilight presets you use it's still generic sounding. Instead of having a cohesive flow the tracks seem to have been thrown together like a hippies festival outfit. They seem like they would work on the dance floor, but this has the feel of a watered down genre trying to have it both ways. If you truly are hard and edgy, most people won't like you. Psyshop Beatspace Goastore Mdk
  14. My latest set "Monsterz", a Dark Psytrance mix @ 150 BPM! Available stream on Soundcloud and download from my website. Stream on soundcloud Visit my website www.djcelteric.com for more mixes!!! Get my FREE app to listen to my mixes on your iPhone or iPad. PLUR, DJ Celteric
  15. Artist: Various Title: Android Wave Label: Timecode Records Date: March, 2013 1. Open Water HUJABOY AND TICKETS 2. Power Of Six DISTANT TOUCH 3. Welcome To The Zoo TICKETS AND TERRAFRACTYL 4. The Doctor AUDIALIZE 5. April 2nd 1968 ANDROID SPIRIT FEAT. DILLAN M 6. Expect The Unexpected LEMURIANS 7. Plastik EARWORM AND TICKETS 8. Kiffen ABOMINATION, ANDROID SPIRIT, CONSTRUCTOR 9. Drop Of Water MENOG 10. Object 008 SULIMA What's this? A new Timecode compilation? Interesting. Excuse me a sec... Hell. Yes. The grandfathers of South African psytrance are back with their latest offering for all the twilight acid heads out there. For years they had set the standard for nighttime melodic darkness and catapulted their distinct sound into the ears of eager listeners. With their 30th release the track list is impressive put together by Tickets himself. And by the way he is on half the tracks on this thing be it as Tickets or Android Spirit. Open Water- "Just relax and let it go. Don't f*ck around. Just do it." Mr. Summs comes right out swinging with Hujaboy on the first track with that uneasy feeling the label has worked so hard to perfect. The whole "you done stepped in it now" vibe is ever present and hints at the wrong turn you may have just made. Good opener. Power of Six- This is a relatively new artist to the Timecode fold, but it seems like he's gonna fit right in. Lasers, acid, and atmosphere. Would've liked a little more power and chaos, but not bad. Welcome To The Zoo- Tickets has been getting away from the strict 4 on the floor stuff of his Timelapse album and becoming more theatrical and dare I say complex. Oh he'll still bring the heat and all his laser goodies, but even though he's getting more detailed it's missing its power. Good, but I find myself missing his chaotic monkey poo flinging acid ways. The Doctor- "At the end of the day I would feel like I was a legal drug pusher." Holy sh*t where the hell have you been? Probably having a great life gettin' high and banging multiple hot chicks at the same time you lucky bastard. Sounds like my life...you know minus the uh, drugs and multiple hot chicks. Oh, and you probably make way less trips to Wal-Mart. Nice to see you still use two scoops of acid in your psytrance. Good track. April 2nd 1968- I like the bass line in this one, its got oomph. Synth lines roll out amidst the firing of many lasers and it's just gathers momentum as it progresses. Expect The Unexpected- Nah I expected this track to blow and sure enough...It's more techy with a lot of percussive sounds as well as an extended break that is on par with wisdom teeth removal. By a Wal-Mart greeter. How the f*ck did this make it on here? Plastik- My main man Earworm from the US! Never, and I repeat, I have never heard a bad track from this guy. Lasers and acid rips erupt like you're in the middle of a firefight. The basses are warm and there are plenty of sounds to keep you busy. Great track. Kiffen- Lasers and a good groove keep this one hopping. At times floaty but more often than not bruising. Keep coming back to this one makes me want to dance. Hmmm...the wife's on call so... Worst. Harlem shake. Ever. Drop of Water- "As men busied themselves about their various concerns they observed. They observed and studied." Not one of Morgan's more stellar samples, but let's face it he could narrate what you had for breakfast and it would attract an audience. Daniel Bernardo needs no introduction as he's been doing the acid thing for quite some time. There was some dead space in the track early on, but he more than makes up for it with a blistering acid explosion. Good track. Object 008- Closing things out is Sulima whom I thought was a dakpsy guy. And he may be, but he ends this compilation rightly with pumping rhythms and several twists and turns down a creepy hallway. Good stuff. While this doesn't come close to their heyday back in the 2000's it's still pretty good. They represent the twilight sound with some very good tracks that will surely get you moving. Still scratching my head about that Lemurians track as it just didn't fit with any of the other tracks on the album. Oh well, like I said there's plenty of other acid laden goodness to consume. So congratulations Timecode, you've still got it. Psyshop Beatspace Goastore Mdk
  16. Artist: Various Title: Audio Discharge Label: Replicant Records Date: March, 2013 1. EMP - Paranoia Destroyer 2. Tryon - Warning Shots 3. Iliuchina - LSD Block Remix 4. sHiFt - Punp (Tantrum Remix) 5. Tryambaka - X 6. X-Side - Hyper sleep (Tantrum Remix) 7. Jaws Underground & Catarsis - We Are Leigon 8. Tantrum & Iron Assault - Audio Discharge 9. Smugg Juggler - This Is It (Hiyarant Remix) 10. Sonic Assault - Delirium "What the f*ck is going on?" Sometimes you need a good punch in the face. "Yeah I'm in line. What's that? Oh...no bats? Ok, just fists then." Hard to believe this idiot is famous. You didn't do anything except get your pudding pounded on tape. Well...you did shame your family so I guess that's something. Can't wait to hear how she explains how mommy and her ginormous ass got famous. "Mommy who is that black guy and why is he trying to jump over you?" While Kim K. is an obvious choice I was speaking musically and metaphorically. Goa is awesome, progressive trance can be dreamy and vivid, and downtempo is what it is. But give me some twilight music with some f*cking balls and I'm listening. Now I wouldn't know Replicant Records if I tripped over them, but Tantrum seems to have assembled quite a track list here. Several styles of the night-time music are represented. We all know that doesn't guarantee success as numerous compilations continue to prove. But if you're looking for music for a workout, driving, or just setting up that bondage studio for that cute school librarian with the horn rimmed glasses who crinkles her nose when she smiles than this is for you. This discharges all over your face with thumping beats, malicious intent, and enough sticky icky acid that it will require a few hair washings. Lasers will have you ducking for cover as this storms with track after track of barely controlled chaos. It's dark and futuristic with effects that crackle and hum with energy. Some of the leads I didn't like, but they were brief, succumbing to the onslaught of those I did. Recommended. "Yes sweetie I have that library book that's overdue. I meant to return it, but I get so forgetful these days. Of course, it's right over there on top of that shelf. Would you be a dear and get that for me? So sweet." F*ck Geico, I'm off the clock. Party time. Beatport Mdk
  17. Artist: Zero Hour Title: Dementia Label: One Foot Groove Date: April, 2010 1. Reborn 2. Nuclear 3. Psyonic Emanations 4. Prototype 5. Code 138 6. Inferno 7. Dementia 8. Transformer 9. Overmind "Whenever I see a world untouched by war...a world of innocence. A world of lush forests and clear rivers...I really just want to nuke the crap out of it. They'll never know what hit 'em." HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! Oh sh*t I think I just peed myself! Hold up, I'll get it together... Sorry, that last one just got out. Ok that is an actual sample from one of the tracks here. I couldn't tell you which one because they all sounded exactly the same. I know hardware synths come with loads of presets, so why this guy decided to use just three is beyond me. It's night time full on that isn't that bad, but it's just the same track over and over. Not to mention the same stuff we have heard year in and year out. Same sounds thrown together with dark movie samples. I like the premise, but the execution is lacking. Nothing stands out with this release. Well, the above sample is funny as sh*t and for those who cannot get enough build ups you've got plenty here. Oh and for f*ck's sake what's with the Transformers sample? Some movies should be off limits. Beatport Mdk
  18. Artist: Various Title: Are You Connected? Label: Spectral Moon Records Date: September, 2005 1. Tsunami destroyer WINTER DEMON 2. Survive the festival MATTER OF BEAT 3. Dance or die NEUROMOTOR 4. Will smoke you TOXIC 5. Getting closer DIGITAL OUTLAWS 6. Organic noise NEUROMTOR VS ATMAAH 7. Use it for evil (edit version) PSYCHOTIC DEMON 8. Mindover MECHANIX 9. Crazy sense rmx HYPER FREQUENCIES "You mean I have to live the rest of my life in this body? No f*cking way!" Who doesn't love a good Chucky sample? Waitaminute, is he even relevant anymore? I actually saw the first one in the movie theater and it scared the crap out of me. I was so high. So high I could kiss the sky. Anyway...Are you connected? I already know the question you're gonna ask? And the answer is I don't know. I have so many questions and not one of them couldn't make me sound like a dick. Is there a worse track than Dance or Die? I'm sure there is, but hearing that is like having a raging case of hemorrhoids at a seminar and the only place to sit is on a cactus. As if wanting to answer my question, Will Smoke you by Toxic forced me to throw up in my mouth a little bit. The chopped up sample in Getting Closer is dreadful and I'm wondering if I was on auto-f*cking pilot when I bought this. One bright spot it would be Organic Noise. It's a fast paced pummeling of a track that sounded like a continuous growl from a hungry lion. Wait, maybe that's not such a good thing...The other nice track was Uze It For Evil...dark and spooky. This one left a foul smell after I rapidly deleted it. You sonofab*tch. Beatspace Psyshop GoaStore Mdk
  19. Artist: Hiyarant Title: This is Only A Game Label: Disasterpeace Records Date: August, 2011 1. Osaka Remix 2. Something Else 3. Chaos Resolved 4. Last Possible Solution 5. Yojimbo (Hiyarant Remix) - Frozen Ghost 6. Hall of The Mountain Clown (Hiyarant Remix) - Rubix Qube 7. In Hindsight 8. Power To The People 9. Triple 7 "You people have been chosen...to reveal our existence to the world!" Whew. This is intense. Hiyarant is Stuart Vermaak from South Africa and he drops a migraine inducing blend of hard bass lines, ominous samples, and ear piercing leads right into your living room. As you would expect from the artist behind Collision the mood is dark and unrelenting. One does not just sit and listen to this. Oh no, you put this on right before your first Muay Thai fight. It's brick hurling twilight madness that people not familiar with our music might associate with animal cruelty. Severely detuned leads that sound like they're weeping are everywhere and there is a lo-fi rawness to its production. The low end rumbles and the highs screech like an eagle. It might be a lot to take in one sitting, but if you need a blast of energy before you go all hostel on someone...have I got something for you. "Let's get to work..." Beatport Mdk
  20. Artist: Various Title: Overdose Part 01 EP Label: Dropland Recordings Date: July, 2012 1. Overdose - Absolum & Ex-Gen 2. Open This Shit - Zinx & Wired 3. Asteroide - Terraformers Dropland Recordings have been releasing several EP's in the twilight psytrance genre that have been well worth the dough. This one is a mixed bag though. Only 3 tracks, so...uh, a small bag. Overdose- "The dead have highways. Highways that lead to intersections. And intersections that spill into our world. And if you find yourself at one of these intersection you should stop and you should listen cause the dead have stories to tell." My love affair for Absolum's music has been going on for quite awhile. Wow. That uh, that's...coming off a little bit gay. Better dial it down. But truth be told he doesn't make bad tracks. Ex-Gen is one of the newer twilight warriors that lays it down in the same fashion. Overdose is fast and frenetic with membrane slicing leads and a dark theme. Is the sample a little cheesy? Sure, but when the pizza is this good, I don't mind some extra cheese. Open This Sh*t- "You think you're better than me? I'll tell you what you are...you're zero!" Zinx is another newbie in the twilight realm that marries movie samples with intense music. A few EP's in and his style is pretty clear. Unfortunately I remember him more for his Unclean EP cover than for any of his music. It's hard, but nowhere near as good as the opener. Asteroide- Does a speech by MLK belong in psytrance? Terraformers seem to think so. This track is another sample heavy effort that has it's own unique groove. He strays from it, but always comes back to it. It's kind of all over the place. Worth it? You'd have to ask Cartman, they gave him an anal probe. For me the Absolum track rules and the Terraformers one comes in a distant second. Zinx? Meh. Beatport Mdk
  21. My latest mix "Enlightened", a 90 minutes set from Progressive Psytrance to Twilight Psytrance blending from 138 to 145 BPM! Streaming & Download link: Soundcloud Get my app to listen to my mixes on your iPhone or iPad. Visit my website www.djcelteric.com for more mixes!!! PLUR, DJ Celteric
  22. My monthly LIVE MIX "Enlightened" next Saturday, February 25 at 1:00 pm EST (GMT-5:00). mixlr.com/djcelteric/enlightened-live-mix Tune in from your computer, iPad or iPhone for more than an hour of the latest and greatest psytrance tracks mixed live by DJ Celteric! Download version available shortly after... PLUR, DJ Celteric Get my app to listen to my mixes on your iPhone or iPad. Visit my website www.djcelteric.com for more mixes!!!
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