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Found 3 results

  1. Artist: Various Title: Analogue Label: One Foot Groove Date: 2007 1. Artifakt - Baal 2. Electric Mirror - Play It From Your Heart 3. Hydraglyph - Totalled 4. Atyss - Atomik Circus 5. Rabdom L - Fire Bird 6. Zion Linguist - Twisted Radio 7. Kut 'N' Paste - Red Dragon Correkt 8. Noise Anomalie - Virus 9. S.C.A.M. - Dirty Trancin' 10. Konchord - Bounty Hunter "Them Illegals took ur jobs!" A redneck can be blissfully ignorant about a lot of things but guns, poor hygiene, and f*cking his sister probably aren't one of them. But hey I ain't mad atcha Cleetus, nobody's perfect. I am ignorant about a lot of things too. Middle East politics. Surgery. What I can and can't wear after Labor Day...Just sayin' nobody knows it all. Take this label for instance. They're from South Africa (which is already good enough for me) and I have only been acquainted with two of their releases. But holy sh*t they were monsters. If you like the night time psytrance you typically get from South Africa do yourself a favor and check out the only album from Kut 'N' Paste and Replenishing Roots from Tryambaka. Scorchers, but finding a copy of the former can be difficult as they went full-on Yabai on a brother. So this compilation mastered by The Artifakt showcases lots of dark night time goodness. The mood is heavy and the bass lines rumble. It's a solid bit of dark-themed night music and has aged well. I would say there isn't much filler and would be a solid purchase. Who knows if the label is still active cause I've come to realize you cannot rely on Discogs. Kinda like wikipedia a bit. But this label was definitely heading in the right direction. Beatspace
  2. Artist: Various Title: Dead Can Dance Label: One Foot Groove Date: May, 2014 1. Iliuchina - Brain Magic 2. Biorhythm - Sunquake 3 3. Dark Nebula & Tantrum - Neophyte 4. Sub-Zero - Ego Killer 5. Zion Linguist - Bam Bam Thea (Ironstein Remix) 6. Glitch - Dirty Game 7. Tryambaka - Dead Can Dance 8. Sick Addiction - Scooby Groovy Boo 9. D_Maniac - Dragon Tribute Zombies. "Dig thru the ditches and burn thru the witches...!" Brainless Zombies Walk...Dancing Dead. Movies have taught us that zombies are mindless creatures, hungry for brains or at the very least very competent in synchronized dance. Which makes this the perfect soundtrack for dead people. Loaded with samples and embarrassing stops and starts only the brainless or those so high as to act brainless could enjoy this. It's a perfect example of an attempt at quality twilight music gone horribly wrong. Very wrong. It was tough to choke this moldy cheese down let me tell you. Like a constipated grandfather who wolfs down prune juice in search of relief there's an awful mess waiting for those who choose to swallow this. Cornball melodies and just outright boring and uninspiring music is what this compilation is all about. Every one of the artists (at least the ones I'm familiar with) have produced waaaay better stuff than this. I tried to find one redeeming quality to this sh*tshow, but only found salvation at the end of the delete key. You're dead to me! Dead!! "Dude, look at the cover...we're already dead." DEADER! Beatport Mdk
  3. Artist: Zero Hour Title: Dementia Label: One Foot Groove Date: April, 2010 1. Reborn 2. Nuclear 3. Psyonic Emanations 4. Prototype 5. Code 138 6. Inferno 7. Dementia 8. Transformer 9. Overmind "Whenever I see a world untouched by war...a world of innocence. A world of lush forests and clear rivers...I really just want to nuke the crap out of it. They'll never know what hit 'em." HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! Oh sh*t I think I just peed myself! Hold up, I'll get it together... Sorry, that last one just got out. Ok that is an actual sample from one of the tracks here. I couldn't tell you which one because they all sounded exactly the same. I know hardware synths come with loads of presets, so why this guy decided to use just three is beyond me. It's night time full on that isn't that bad, but it's just the same track over and over. Not to mention the same stuff we have heard year in and year out. Same sounds thrown together with dark movie samples. I like the premise, but the execution is lacking. Nothing stands out with this release. Well, the above sample is funny as sh*t and for those who cannot get enough build ups you've got plenty here. Oh and for f*ck's sake what's with the Transformers sample? Some movies should be off limits. Beatport Mdk
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