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Found 5 results

  1. Artist: Frozen Ghost Title: Sin For Dinner Label: Disasterpeace Records Date: 2009 1. Sour Kangaroo 2. Foxxy Underwear 3. Freakazoid 4. Rapture 2.0 5. Betelgeuse 6. Nine Kinds of Crazy (Cold Turkey) 7. Hiyarant - Smug (Frozen Ghost Remix) 8. Arranged 9. Sin For Dinner "I used to be beautiful. What happened to me?!?" Loud. Drenched in acid. Funky as f*ck. Madness. Relentless. Thumping. Temple pounding brain shredder. All avid descriptions of the insanity that Barry Wynne has created over the years. If you like South African psytrance with all of the qualities I listed above then this should be right in your wheelhouse. Think the Midnight Storm series rolled in cocaine. This was a digital release in only 256 mpbs quality 8 years ago, but recently he offered it for free in Wav quality. Unfortunately I can't locate it any longer, but here are some spots you can get it. One other thing to note, the Wav version differs from the one released in 2009. German Amazon I think DJ Shop Dj Tunes
  2. Artist: Orca Title: Insanity Now EP Label: Disasterpeace Records Date: March, 2013 1. Freek 2. Alien Conspiracy feat. Hiyarant 3. Straight To Hell "This...is going...to..." Suck? Blow sweaty monkey dick? Appeal to the lowest common denominator and make your family sad? Well, it doesn't do that, but the first track has elements of all three I would imagine. Look, if you throw a grapefruit over the plate you gotta be prepared to get a little dizzy. *Holds head in hands* Look what you made me do, use a baseball reference. Which means I just crushed your sh*t over the left field wall. What possessed you to make such a vapid commercial wasteland of a first track? And that buildup...I've had paper cuts that felt better after I refilled a salt shaker. Go sell that to Nutek would you? Alien Conspiracy is better and good to see you working with Hiyarant. It can only help. Straight to hell is a hugely fun track that will get you moving with all its crazy scraping leads. It's relentless and some of the best stuff since Fist of Fury. Reminds me a lot of Frozen Ghosts barely contained insanity. Yummy. Disasterpeace continues to be a destination for the rip roaring twilight and it's good to see Alon make a recovery on this EP after that...ahem, hiccup. So like Meatloaf said... "Quit lookin' at my b*tch tits!" Beatport Mdk
  3. Artist: Hiyarant Title: This is Only A Game Label: Disasterpeace Records Date: August, 2011 1. Osaka Remix 2. Something Else 3. Chaos Resolved 4. Last Possible Solution 5. Yojimbo (Hiyarant Remix) - Frozen Ghost 6. Hall of The Mountain Clown (Hiyarant Remix) - Rubix Qube 7. In Hindsight 8. Power To The People 9. Triple 7 "You people have been chosen...to reveal our existence to the world!" Whew. This is intense. Hiyarant is Stuart Vermaak from South Africa and he drops a migraine inducing blend of hard bass lines, ominous samples, and ear piercing leads right into your living room. As you would expect from the artist behind Collision the mood is dark and unrelenting. One does not just sit and listen to this. Oh no, you put this on right before your first Muay Thai fight. It's brick hurling twilight madness that people not familiar with our music might associate with animal cruelty. Severely detuned leads that sound like they're weeping are everywhere and there is a lo-fi rawness to its production. The low end rumbles and the highs screech like an eagle. It might be a lot to take in one sitting, but if you need a blast of energy before you go all hostel on someone...have I got something for you. "Let's get to work..." Beatport Mdk
  4. Artist: Various Title: Super Cereal Label: Disasterpeace Records Date: March, 2012 1. Hiyamyzo - Soaring 2. Wired Vs. Zinx - The World is At War 3. Dirty Motion - Schyzophrantic (Sinful Reactions Rmx) 4. Hiyarant - Express 5. Ironstein - Absolut Carnage 6. Mr. Jack - Alter Ego 7. Frozen Ghost - Global Thermonuclear War 8. Orca - Spaceships 9. Tryambaka - Acherion Orchid 10. Hysteria - Deviant 11. Critical Mass - 16 Volt "Truth is for pussies." Yeah, this might hurt. Ever been overlooked? "Yeah I really like the direction Timecode is going." "What about Disasterpeace?" "Oh! And that new joint from Nexus Media is the sh*t!" "It's like you don't even hear me. By the way, does your Mom and Dad know you came out?" Disasterpeace is that other South African label. Timecode and Nexus Media are king, but these guys somehow get overlooked. Which is a shame because they have delivered the goods. Whether it's Frozen Ghost's Sin for Dinner, Ulterior Motives by Rubix Qube or Badass by Xatrik, this digital label offers up the most intense hyper trance around. Pounding rhythms, bass lines with a mind of their own and usually enough of the sticky icky to satisfy your neighborhood whore. Compiled by Myzo it says for twilight goodness all you have to do is just add milk. I have milk. Haven't checked the date on it, but it's probably still good. And it's gluten free for all your unfortunate digestive requirements, so you got that going for you. "Same sh*t...different day." Hey you said it I didn't. I love the twilight stuff. And fairly or unfairly I compare everything to the Midnight Storm series because for me that is the pinnacle of the twilight genre. Bombastic and epic. Sorry Ben, this is not that. Hiyarant, Dirty Motion, Tryambaka, Orca, Frozen Ghost...a lot of major players are represented here. All have made awesome tracks. They just decided not to put them on this compilation. Look at the cover. Even the superhero has a disappointed and disapproving look. Not feeling so super are you? Gone is the thick and brooding atmosphere and acid for acid's sake is easy to spot. There were parts of each track I liked, but none of them brought the heat or was memorable. It seemed a little more geared for the commercial crowd with frequent stops and starts and too many samples. That said it is thumping and in spots it will quench your thirst for aggressive hyper trance. Middle of the road I think. Seems like there is a reason Timecode and Nexus Media are top dogs. Beatport Juno Download Mdk
  5. Artist: Xatrik Title: Badass EP Label: Disasterpeace Records Date: January, 2012 1. Badass 2. Dangerous Conditions 3. Work My Magic 4. In It Holy sh*t. What the f*ck happened here? This the same chick that sang Genie in the Bottle? Apparently there was also a Pizza Hut franchise in there. What the hell was your wish, lifetime supply of cheesy breadsticks? *Puts finger to ear to hear producers* This just in we are going with live video that has just come into us of Ms. Aguilera on a rampage at a New Jersey Nets game. "Oh the humanity! She's insatiable!" Once an incredible talent, Ms. Aguilera now spends countless hours at various drive thrus using the voice to "King Size it" and whining when told she cannot put a frosty on a Wendy's triple. Rumor has it that anyone not making the cut on her team must report immediately to a giant deep fryer where they will be promptly sodomized with a stick so she can snack on you like a corn dog. I have no proof of that, but you know, it sounds perfectly plausible. Xatrik is Greg Hamber from South Africa, the birthplace of the vuvuzela otherwise known as the Christina Aguilera dinner bell. He's back and fatter than ever with his new Fatass EP that promises...I'm sorry? Excuse me, I think I would know...oh sh*t. Badass. Not Fatass. Wow, that uh....that makes a lot more sense. Badass- Typical Xatrik with high speed cyber technology sounds and acid erupting from a sawed off shotgun. The bass line is sprinting like it's on the run from the cops and the groove is intact. It's bombastic and crackling with energy. It truly is badass, but then so Greg's full time job... Dangerous Conditions- "Do you want to live forever?" With a little help from the Qube he continues to shower the listener with acid and heavy beats. It's dark with impending doom as it changes tempo which I wasn't that big a fan of. Minor drawback as this thing gets it's second wind and brings the power with the groove. It rises like a tsunami full of cars, houses, carnival equipment, a couple toilets...you get the idea. Let's just say that it keeps comin'. Work My Magic- "Mr. Fletcher? You don't have to worry about the police...I worked my magic on them" It starts with a slow techno crawl and quickly rounds into form. Bouncing with nod your head goodness he experiments with breakbeats and techno applications. There is a dark melody that hums throughout as bass sounds warble and wobble. But they don't fall down. In it- Man that bass line is like a Godzilla village stomping beast. Or the local ladies at the Golden Corral lunch buffet Ewww....pretty sure the chocolate wonderfall is limited to food. It's a wall of concussive force kicking in the deadbolt and shattering double plated glass. It's a snowball track that gets bigger as it rumbles downhill. Oh yeah, you stepped in it. F*cking punishing. Another quality twilight excursion from the reigning heavyweight champ of the genre. His ability to mix dark vibes with acidic mayhem and groove are unmatched. Work My Magic is interesting as it isn't just a 4 on the floor stomper, but rather a composite of that and some breakbeat manipulation. It sounds great with everything crystal clear and I think he really payed attention to cranking up the funk meter. So there you go. Having a gun doesn't make you badass. Being Xatrik does. Beatport Mdk
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