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Found 1 result

  1. Artist: Various Title: Android Wave Label: Timecode Records Date: March, 2013 1. Open Water HUJABOY AND TICKETS 2. Power Of Six DISTANT TOUCH 3. Welcome To The Zoo TICKETS AND TERRAFRACTYL 4. The Doctor AUDIALIZE 5. April 2nd 1968 ANDROID SPIRIT FEAT. DILLAN M 6. Expect The Unexpected LEMURIANS 7. Plastik EARWORM AND TICKETS 8. Kiffen ABOMINATION, ANDROID SPIRIT, CONSTRUCTOR 9. Drop Of Water MENOG 10. Object 008 SULIMA What's this? A new Timecode compilation? Interesting. Excuse me a sec... Hell. Yes. The grandfathers of South African psytrance are back with their latest offering for all the twilight acid heads out there. For years they had set the standard for nighttime melodic darkness and catapulted their distinct sound into the ears of eager listeners. With their 30th release the track list is impressive put together by Tickets himself. And by the way he is on half the tracks on this thing be it as Tickets or Android Spirit. Open Water- "Just relax and let it go. Don't f*ck around. Just do it." Mr. Summs comes right out swinging with Hujaboy on the first track with that uneasy feeling the label has worked so hard to perfect. The whole "you done stepped in it now" vibe is ever present and hints at the wrong turn you may have just made. Good opener. Power of Six- This is a relatively new artist to the Timecode fold, but it seems like he's gonna fit right in. Lasers, acid, and atmosphere. Would've liked a little more power and chaos, but not bad. Welcome To The Zoo- Tickets has been getting away from the strict 4 on the floor stuff of his Timelapse album and becoming more theatrical and dare I say complex. Oh he'll still bring the heat and all his laser goodies, but even though he's getting more detailed it's missing its power. Good, but I find myself missing his chaotic monkey poo flinging acid ways. The Doctor- "At the end of the day I would feel like I was a legal drug pusher." Holy sh*t where the hell have you been? Probably having a great life gettin' high and banging multiple hot chicks at the same time you lucky bastard. Sounds like my life...you know minus the uh, drugs and multiple hot chicks. Oh, and you probably make way less trips to Wal-Mart. Nice to see you still use two scoops of acid in your psytrance. Good track. April 2nd 1968- I like the bass line in this one, its got oomph. Synth lines roll out amidst the firing of many lasers and it's just gathers momentum as it progresses. Expect The Unexpected- Nah I expected this track to blow and sure enough...It's more techy with a lot of percussive sounds as well as an extended break that is on par with wisdom teeth removal. By a Wal-Mart greeter. How the f*ck did this make it on here? Plastik- My main man Earworm from the US! Never, and I repeat, I have never heard a bad track from this guy. Lasers and acid rips erupt like you're in the middle of a firefight. The basses are warm and there are plenty of sounds to keep you busy. Great track. Kiffen- Lasers and a good groove keep this one hopping. At times floaty but more often than not bruising. Keep coming back to this one makes me want to dance. Hmmm...the wife's on call so... Worst. Harlem shake. Ever. Drop of Water- "As men busied themselves about their various concerns they observed. They observed and studied." Not one of Morgan's more stellar samples, but let's face it he could narrate what you had for breakfast and it would attract an audience. Daniel Bernardo needs no introduction as he's been doing the acid thing for quite some time. There was some dead space in the track early on, but he more than makes up for it with a blistering acid explosion. Good track. Object 008- Closing things out is Sulima whom I thought was a dakpsy guy. And he may be, but he ends this compilation rightly with pumping rhythms and several twists and turns down a creepy hallway. Good stuff. While this doesn't come close to their heyday back in the 2000's it's still pretty good. They represent the twilight sound with some very good tracks that will surely get you moving. Still scratching my head about that Lemurians track as it just didn't fit with any of the other tracks on the album. Oh well, like I said there's plenty of other acid laden goodness to consume. So congratulations Timecode, you've still got it. Psyshop Beatspace Goastore Mdk
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