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Found 4 results

  1. Artist: Xerox & Illumination Title: XI Label: HOM-Mega Productions Date: September, 2005 1. Night Shift (Remix) 2. Ghost In The Machine 3. Battleship 4. Paranoia 5. Soul Control 6. Funkenstein 7. Assimilation of Reality 8. Astrix - Oranda (Final Mix) 9. Bottom Line 10. Xerox & Illumination with Chakra - 7 Days (Etnica Remix) ""As I was going up the stair I met a man who wasn't there!" C'mon where else can you hear a track that has an excerpt from an over century old poem along with an Animal House sample? Nowhere, that's where. This duo has been around for a very long time and deserve to be called rocks of the psytrance community. For me this was their best album and they took full-on in a very dark, industrial direction when it was (some may say still is) wallowing in its own generic swamp of mediocrity. Thumping beats along with wailing leads make this a fairly eerie listening experience. Battleship is an absolute monster. They take a break from the haunting full-on with Funkenstein which is more of a techno, big beat track. Not great, but I like to see artists stretch themselves on occasion. There is even an Etnica remix! Everybody loves Etnica remixes, right? Well, maybe not this one. It's kinda boring. But overall this is a good full-on album that rises above the swamp. Beatport
  2. Artist: Various Title: Re-Start Label: Utopia Records Date: September, 2005 1. Bizarre Contact - Freedom 2. Phanatic - Restart 3. Passenger - Tranceforum 4. Vibe Tribe - Liberation 5. Freaked Freakuency - Our Way To Paradise 6. Ananda Shake - Fashion TV 7. Elec3 - Stigma 8. Deedrah - Self Oscillation (Ananda Shake Remix) 9. Alternative Control - Have Mercy "We are the ones who must transform the dream." Hit that button Stimpy! Hit it! Make them all go away! If you're searching for that compilation that is jam packed with color by numbers full-on well step right up! Need more guitars in your psytrance? No problem! Tired of intricate melodies and deep atmospheres? Look no further. This is cotton candy sweet for those who want to remain unencumbered with thinking outside the box. Acid samples seem out of place in the way that Neil Diamond would throwing down a freestyle at the Apollo. And holy sh*t did Ananda Shake f*cking castrate the classic Deedrah goa track. Criminal. Aside from Our Way To Paradise this is the proverbial turd in a punch bowl. Why the hell do I keep doing this to myself? Psyshop - Not available? Consider it a public service.
  3. Artist: Various Title: V/A - Zoo-B-4 - Future Technologies Label: U.S.T.A. Date: September, 2005 1. Distorted reality NOK 2. Dance OPTOKOPPLER 3. Venus MAGICAL SEX 4. Inside the house ENZIO 5. Cat vs Pigeom GENETIC SPIN 6. Magic Power NARKOTIX 7. Dance 2 the beat MIDITEC 8. Radiance (Psytekk rmx) SYSTEM NIPEL 9. Mystery of time MAGOON "There's no sounds like hit sounds." In the ongoing and tedious effort to whittle down my music collection I came across this. Ah, 2005. Back when labels were releasing full-on at an unparalleled rate this was just another title. I was buying up every release I could similar to a child with a new toy fetish and unlimited funds. Did the same thing with DVD's when that wave started cresting. Anyone need a used copy of 15 Minutes? All of which left me poorer and stuck with sh*t I no longer watch or listen to. This is typical Israeli full-on which had it's place back in 2005. Unfortunately that stage was super crowded. Highlights? Well, let's call them...not as low lights. The Genetic Spin track was on the funky side. And Magic Power had its moments. But let's face it, it is still full-on and not particularly that good of full-on. Is USTA an acronym for U Should Totally Avoid? I'm just askin' cause the label's picture on Discogs has some poor shlub shoveling a pile of sh*t. Just askin'. Psyshop - ONLY $3.94!! Mdk
  4. Artist: Various Title: Are You Connected? Label: Spectral Moon Records Date: September, 2005 1. Tsunami destroyer WINTER DEMON 2. Survive the festival MATTER OF BEAT 3. Dance or die NEUROMOTOR 4. Will smoke you TOXIC 5. Getting closer DIGITAL OUTLAWS 6. Organic noise NEUROMTOR VS ATMAAH 7. Use it for evil (edit version) PSYCHOTIC DEMON 8. Mindover MECHANIX 9. Crazy sense rmx HYPER FREQUENCIES "You mean I have to live the rest of my life in this body? No f*cking way!" Who doesn't love a good Chucky sample? Waitaminute, is he even relevant anymore? I actually saw the first one in the movie theater and it scared the crap out of me. I was so high. So high I could kiss the sky. Anyway...Are you connected? I already know the question you're gonna ask? And the answer is I don't know. I have so many questions and not one of them couldn't make me sound like a dick. Is there a worse track than Dance or Die? I'm sure there is, but hearing that is like having a raging case of hemorrhoids at a seminar and the only place to sit is on a cactus. As if wanting to answer my question, Will Smoke you by Toxic forced me to throw up in my mouth a little bit. The chopped up sample in Getting Closer is dreadful and I'm wondering if I was on auto-f*cking pilot when I bought this. One bright spot it would be Organic Noise. It's a fast paced pummeling of a track that sounded like a continuous growl from a hungry lion. Wait, maybe that's not such a good thing...The other nice track was Uze It For Evil...dark and spooky. This one left a foul smell after I rapidly deleted it. You sonofab*tch. Beatspace Psyshop GoaStore Mdk
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