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Found 2 results

  1. Hello Goa-Heads ! A few days after the release of Ten Spins Around the Sun by Suntrip Records, which contains pretty daring experiences (i'm thinking in : E-Mantra remixing Crossing Mind, and Filteria remixing Khetzal), I got in the mood to talk about our secret fantaisies, our hopes, our phantasms concerning Trance, Pychedelic and Ambient music in general. Then, I asked myself : If I was an all-mighty psy/trance/ambient label owner with (almost) infinite powers, what album/compilation would I like to create ? To make it shortly, what would be the CD of my dreams ? The purpose of this topic is to let you create in imagination this magical object, that doesn't exist, and surely never will, but if it did, it would be so incredibly amazing for you. If a magical genie was telling me to make a wish in this sense, I would formulate one of these two following options (my favorite is the second one). Everything that follows is mere fiction !!! First option A Double Goa Trance CD made with psytrance artists I really would like to know how psytrance acts would sound if they had to made Goa 604 Trance. That is why I imagined this : In 2015, the newborn psychedelic label Starfact Records, willing to open new perspectives in the world of newschool goa, released an amazing double CD (called Elements) whose goal is to shake the actual scene. The first CD contains exclusive Goa Trance tracks written by some of the most accomplished psychedelic acts out there. These projects were asked to describe their own vision of the mother-genre of every modern electronic psychedelic music, using the traditionnal organic rhythm, acid loops and oriental patterns, in the spirit of the old days, but adding to it their own touch. Those projects represents the many aspects of the psychedelic scene, with songs illustrating four essential Elements of this scene : Ambient 01. Carbon Based Lifeforms -- Panorama 02. Astropilot -- Through the Rift Morning 03. Suduaya -- Night View 04. Mindwave -- Magnetic Hi-tech 05. Furious -- Nevermind 06. KinDzaDza -- They Took my Sanity Underground 07. Electrypnose -- Le Grand Combat 08. Merkaba -- Above Meridians Bonus track 09. Cybernetika feat. Morphic Resonance -- Planetary Movement Tracks 01 and 02 are gentle midtempo Goa Trance with minimal melodies and heavy atmospheric layers. Tracks 03 and 04 consists of more full-onic Goa songs, with efficient sunny melodies. Tracks 05 and 06 are fast Goa songs, with raw, gargling experimental sounds. Tracks 07 and 08 include exotic sounds, recalling some of the most original early Goa projects. Track 09 is just a crazy dark-toned sci-fi delirium with a pure Goa vibe. The second CD of Elements is no less original. It contains eight Goa Trance remixes of songs from the projects aboveseen. Those remixes are made by some recognized Newschool Goa producers. Imaginary tracklist : 01. Carbon Based Lifeforms -- Supersede (Khetzal Remix) 02. Astropilot -- Svar-Ga (Ra Remix) 03. Suduaya -- Divine Healing (JIS vs CoaGoa Remix) 04. Mindwave -- Rhythm (Artifact303 Remix) 05. Furious -- Somnambulo (Sky Technology Multidimensional Remix) 06. KinDzaDza -- Intergalactic boom (Aurax Remix) 07. Electrypnose -- Leo Zitrone (Antares Remix) 08. Merkaba -- Galactic Ohm (Siam vs Lectro Spektral Daze Remix) Second option (favorite) A Goa Trance album made in Altar Records Here I imagined that three stars from Altar Records ---- E-Mantra (Emmanuel Carpus), Astropilot (Dmitriy Redko) and Suduaya (Louis-David Roquefere) ---- joined their forces into one unique Goatrance/psybient band, that would be called Artemis. Their first release as a trio, called Dance to the Stars, would revolutionize the world of melodic trance and ambient, being a contemporary equivalent of Pleiadians - I.F.O. It would contain very rich songs, full of colors, with a strong emphasis on textures, atmospheres. Their would be joyous melodies stressed by a precise bassline. It would be essentially a (goa ?)Trance album, with two long psybient tracks in the end. It would tell the story of a planet gone astray into a shapeless nebula. Here is the imaginary tracklist : 01. Intro <01:27> 70 bpm 02. Artemis -- Arcturus <07:22> 144 bpm 03. Artemis -- Cosmic Foutain <08:34> 135 bpm 04. JIS -- The Illusions of Reality (Artemis Remix) <08:03> 145 bpm 05. Artemis -- Another Dream <06:57> 145 bpm 06. Artemis -- Perfumes <09:07> 150 bpm 07. Artemis -- Vacuum <07:48> 138 bpm 08. Artemis -- Fade Away <11:51> 87 bpm 09. Artemis -- Dance to the Stars <13:48> 87 bpm That's it. This would be the album of my dreams. Nothing else to add.
  2. Well since Boris Bleen, Etnica, Chi-ad and some other have had their topic, I think Atma deserve it's one too . So c'mon, what are you top 3 favorite Atma's track ? Mine are : 1) The Exorcism of spirit (from Map of goa vol 2) 2) The Rise of Overman (from The secret of meditation) 3) Forbidden Paradise (from Music revolution)
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