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  1. FREE DOWNLOAD PULTEC live @ London Psy Tribe 14 Apr 2012 http://soundcloud.com/pultec/pultec-live-london-14-apr-2012freedownload www.pultecmusic.co.uk https://www.facebook.com/PULTEC Booking Enquiries email: recrystallizerecords@europe.com Track List: 01. Question Time - 135 bpm 02. Tribal Tech - 138 bpm 03. You - 138 bpm 04. Just Kidding - 140 bpm 05. Ice Cream - 140 bpm 06. Freaks-r-us 140 bpm 07. Get in The Flow 140 bpm 08. Taking Over 140 bpm Released by: Recrystallize Records
  2. FREE DOWNLOAD PLEXUS Live Act @ London 14 Apr 2012 http://soundcloud.com/plexuss/plexus-live-act-london-psy-tribe-14-aprfreedownload www.plexustrance.co.uk Booking Enquiries email: recrystallizerecords@europe.com Enjoy the page thanks, http://www.facebook.com/PLEXUSTRANCE Track List: 01. LSD 25 02. I Tested 03. Hallucinogenic_-_Plexus vs Stereographic feats Creatrix Drums 04. Mystical Experience 05. Night Discover 06. Dragonfly 07. World Vision 08.Wonderful Released by: Recrystallize Records
  3. EP - Question Time - PULTEC RR1EPD014 - 19/03/2012 As Time moves on, infinite and irreversible from the past through the present to the future.The rate of speed at which a piece of music is played;The meter of a musical pattern is all question of time and nowhere The debut EP from Pultec Question Time achieved through consistent and synergic high tech progressive trance,tribal and bouncing bass lines and ethereal morning melodies.With 3 focused tracks like these you will be looking forward for his next release! Track list: 01.Question Time - 135 BPM 02.Tribal Tech - 138 BPM 03.Just Kidding - 140 BPM Label: Recrystallize Records Format: DIGITAL Release Date:19/03/2012 Genre: Progressive Trance Artist: PULTEC Catalogue Number: RR1EPD014 Listen Here: http://soundcloud.co...-time-by-pultec BUY HERE: http://www.junodownl...2-02/?trackid=1 www.recrystallizerecords.co.uk www.pultecmusic.co.uk
  4. EP - Twilight Ninja - FATNOIZE - RR1EPD013 - 07/03/2012 South african producer FATNOIZE delivers his debut EP. Deep intense tech trance trough minimal surreal edge with a large dose of psychedelic punch blended solid progressive basslines with dark crunchy sounds and silk morning progressive high tech trance. Twilight Ninja EP is sure to be an explosion on every sound system, you will be awaiting for his next release on Recrystallize Records. Track list: 01.Dance Mode - FATNOIZE - 136 BPM 02.Minimal Clinical - FATNOIZE - 140 BPM 03.Electricks - FATNOIZE - 142 BPM 04.No More Plastic Kung-Fu - FATNOIZE 140 BPM Label: Recrystallize Records Format: DIGITAL Release Date:07/03/2012 Genre: Progressive High Tech Trance Artist: FATNOIZE Catalogue Number: RR1EPD013 http://www.junodownl...nja/1926402-02/ http://www.junodownl...allize/releases http://soundcloud.com/recrystallizerecords/ep-twilight-ninja-fatnoize www.recrystallizerecords.co.uk
  5. EP - Party People - GB RR1EPD012 - 02/03/2012 The debut EP from GB is sure to be an epidemic blasting on any dance floor with its huge basses, floating melodies and crystal clear atmospheric sounds. The 2 tracks EP features track one Narcotics and track two Party People. Track list: 01.Party People - GB 02.Narcotics - GB Label: Recrystallize Records Format: DIGITAL Release Date:02/03/2012 Genre: Full On Psychedelic Artist: GB Catalogue Number: RR1EPD012 www.recrystallizerecords.co.uk http://soundcloud.com/gb-2012 BUY HERE: http://www.junodownl...ple/1924226-02/ http://www.junodownl...allize/releases ____Recrystallize Records_________ _+22_________________+222_______ _+222_______________++22_______ _++22______________+222________ _++22_____________++22________ __+222___________++22_________ __+222_________++222__________ __++222_______++222___________ __++222_____+++222____________ __++2222__+++2222++22_________ __+++2222+++2222++2222________ ___++222++2222+++222222+22____ ___++22++2222++2222222++222___ ___++++++2222222222222222222___ ____++++++22222222222222222___ ____++++++++222222222222222___ _____+++++++2222222222222222___ ______+++++++22222222222222___ _______+++++++222222222222____ _______+++++++222222222222____ ________+++++++2222222222_____ _______+++++2222222222___ ______Peace & Blessings
  6. EP - Angels In Earth - COLDSUN - RR1EPD011 / 07/01/2012 ( Full On Psychedelic ) Recrystallize Records welcomes the new fresh talent from Mexico COLDSUN presenting his first debut release EP Angels In Earth.The 2 tracks EP features track 1 Angels in Earth and track 2 Spiritual Readers all produced by COLDSUN, his fullon melodic style is sure to be a revolution on the psytrance scene. Track list 01.Angels In Earth 02.Spiritual Readers EP by COLDSUN - Angels In Earth Label: Recrystallize Records Format: DIGITAL Release Date:07/01/2012 Genre: Full On Psychedelic Artist: COLDSUN Catalogue Number: RR1EPD011 www.recrystallizerecords.co.uk http://www.beatport....e-records/16467 ____Recrystallize Records_________ _+22_________________+222_______ _+222_______________++22_______ _++22______________+222________ _++22_____________++22________ __+222___________++22_________ __+222_________++222__________ __++222_______++222___________ __++222_____+++222____________ __++2222__+++2222++22_________ __+++2222+++2222++2222________ ___++222++2222+++222222+22____ ___++22++2222++2222222++222___ ___++++++2222222222222222222___ ____++++++22222222222222222___ ____++++++++222222222222222___ _____+++++++2222222222222222___ ______+++++++22222222222222___ _______+++++++222222222222____ _______+++++++222222222222____ ________+++++++2222222222_____ _______+++++2222222222___ ______Peace & Blessings
  7. EP - Voices of The Aztecs - CREATRIX [Digital EP] RR1EPD009 / 07/12/2011 ( Full On Psychedelic ) The non introduction Brazilian and Portuguese duo Creatrix brings us The voices of the aztecs EP Inspired by the deeply involved and intricate Aztecs dance rituals. Full of power tribal trough goa melodic progressive Creatrix style Featuring a brilliant voice collaboration with brazilian writer " Elisio Brasileiro " the track " Natureza" a perfect blend of sun dance magic driving to the acid Trancegate and Take My Time. Thanks: Elisio Brasileiro, Daniel Oliva, Paulo Freitas. Track list 01.Voices of The Aztecs - 145BPM 02.Natureza - 145BPM 03.Trancegate - 145BPM 04.Take My Time - 145BPM EP by CREATRIX - Voices of The Aztecs Label: Recrystallize Records Format: DIGITAL Release Date:07/12/2011 Genre: Full On Psychedelic Artist: CREATRIX Catalogue Number: RR1EPD009 http://www.beatport....e-aztecs/843213 http://www.facebook....RIX/60924722273 www.recrystallizerecords.co.uk
  8. EP - Get On With It - FULL PROPULSION - [Digital EP] RR1EPD010 19/12/2011 Recrystallize Records welcomes the japanese talent Full Propulsion; with Get On With It EP a perfect presentation to describe his full on powerful style. As Full Propulsion"believes music as any art form speaks for itself". Get On With It EP a combination of 4 high-energy tracks of twisted melodies,uplifting FX, deep psychedelic atmospheres mixing up twilight-style full-on each track building up a tribal journey trough space. Track list 01.Rebirth 02.Brazilian Pizza 03.Time Off 04.Tricky Times EP by FULL PROPULSION - Get On With It! Label: Recrystallize Records Format: DIGITAL Release Date: 19/12/2011 Genre: Full On Psychedelic Artist: FULL PROPULSION Catalogue Number: RR1EPD010 BUY YOUR NOW: http://www.beatport.com/release/get-on-with-it/850707 www.recrystallizerecords.co.uk Demo: http://soundcloud.com/recrystallizerecords/ep-get-on-with-it-full
  9. OUT NOW EP - Kalilaskov AS - Itz UZ - RR1EPD007 ( Darkpsy ) The EP - Itz UZ is a dense fusion darkpowered by Gamaliel, Kalilaskov As & Sick Noise linking it to a breathless Rmx. Track list 01.Floating in the Void - Gamaliel & Kalilaskov AS 02.Time Has No Mercy - Kalilaskov AS (Sick Noise Rmx ) EP by Kalilaskov AS & Gamaliel - Itz UZ Label: Recrystallize Records Format: DIGITAL Release Date:07/10/2011 Genre: Darkpsy Artist: Kalilaskov AS Catalogue Number: RR1EPD007 BUY and FULL PROMO CLICK HERE http://recrystallizerecords.bandcamp.com/album/itz-uz-rr1epd007-07-10-2011 http://www.junodownload.com/products/itz-uz/1842505-02/ http://www.beatport.com/release/itz-uz/818160 http://www.amazon.co.uk/Itz-Uz/dp/B005UGJLOA/ref=sr_shvl_album_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1318353805&sr=301-3 www.recrystallizerecords.co.uk
  10. EP - Hyperactivity - CHEMIKAL MIND [Digital EP] RR1EPD008 ( Darkpsy ) - Hyperactivity can be described as a psycho state wich every psy mind turns abnormally active, insanely energetic. The EP Hyperactivity by Janaina aka CHEMIKAL MIND is out now experiencing the brazilian dark blend with hiper full range of deep intense surreal forest ambients and visions. Track list 01. Chemical Lab - 165 bpm 02. Mirror - 165 bpm 03. Deep Forest - 165 bpm 04. Do you Mind - 172 bpm EP by CHEMIKAL MIND - Hyperactivity Label: Recrystallize Records Format: DIGITAL Release Date:19/10/2011 Genre: Darkpsy Artist: CHEMIKAL MIND Catalogue Number: RR1EPD008 www.recrystallizerecords.co.uk BUY HERE FULL PROMO: http://recrystallizerecords.bandcamp.com/album/hyperactivity-rr1epd008-20-10-2011 http://www.junodownload.com/products/hyperactivity/1849388-02/ soon on Beatport etc...
  11. OUT NOW - EP - The Beyond Within by PLEXUS - RR1EPD005 Essence of psychedelic blast goa trance. A spiritual journey into the unknow The Beyond Within will take you to a mistical exploration as an uplift the consciousness through the dance experience. Track list 01.Wonderful 02.Mystical Experience 03.The Night Discover 04.I Tested EP by PLEXUS The Beyond Within Label: Recrystallize Records Format: DIGITAL Release Date:30/06/2011 Genre: Psychedelic Artist: Plexus Catalogue Number: RR1EPD005 BUY HERE: http://www.junodownload.com/products/the-beyond-within/1777196-02/ http://www.recrystallizerecords.co.uk http://www.myspace.com/recrystallizerecords http://www.facebook.com/pages/Plexus/167148493319585?sk=app_178091127385 take your flight! Bless
  12. Hello my friends check our releases BOOM SHANKAR RECRYSTALLIZE RECORDS OUT NOW - THE WICKED ONE - DIGITAL DIMENSIONS [Digital Ep] RR1EPD003 OUT NOW - DARK RIFT - CHEMIKAL MIND [Digital Album] RR1ALBD001 OUT NOW - WORLDWIDE CONNECTION - PLEXUS - 2010 [Digital Album] RR1ALBD002 check more in our page http://www.myspace.com/recrystallizerecords www.junodownload.com/labels/Recrystallize/releases/ CHEERS Enjoy… "love and light. respect"
  13. OUT NOW - DARK RIFT - CHEMIKAL MIND [Digital Album] RR1ALBD001 Check amazing woman production psychedelic dark sound name is CHEMIKAL MIND The further we travel through space away from the Dark Rift, the more "Light" we receive from the center of the galaxy. As we move more and more into the Dark Rift, the less "Light" we receive. We are literally moving into the darkest of times during our journey around the galaxy. The album opens branding by Jana aka Chemikal Mind is now out!!! Flowing with dynamic basslines,shifting rhythms,metallic samples, organic atmospheres and mystical sound.Make it undeniable there is a blast !!! Jana has composed most of the music of the new album with a killar collaboration of her partner of other projects Alexander aka Creatrix aka Plexus,projects she s also involved. Dark Rift will twist your mind and free your soul. Tracklist: 01 - Capricornio - 148 BPM 02 - Harmful Interference - 148 BPM 03 - Broken System - 148 BPM 04 - Scorpion - 148 BPM 05 - Corporation - 148 BPM 06 - Flashback - 148 BPM 07 - Attack Forces - 148 BPM 08 - Welcome Bro - 160 BPM 09 - Like Machine - 180 BPM All Tracks W&P by Jana DARK RIFT - CHEMIKAL MIND [Digital Album] Label: Recrystallize Records Format: DIGITAL Release Date: 23/01/2010 Genre: Dark Psychedelic Catalogue Number: RR1ALBD001 BOOKINGS HERE: recrystallizerecords@hotmail.com http://www.myspace.com/recrystallizerecords BUY HERE: http://www.junodownload.com/labels/Recrystallize http://www.myspace.com/chemikalmind
  14. HELLO WORLDWIDE PEOPLE WELCOME TO RECRYSTALLIZE RECORDS OUT NOW - WORLDWIDE CONNECTION - PLEXUS - 2010 [Digital Album] RR1ALBD002 Plexus is back with a brand new Album Worldwide Connection release on Recrystallize rec. Its a reminder of the acid times of Goa Trance Psychedelic of 1999 when Alex began his productions and Djing. The new album is the continued sucess of the pure powerfull and funky sounds that Alex has produced over the years between gigs and studio sessions. Alex's music is differently unusual to any other psytrance producer,his tunes based on solid beats,atmospheric sounds,scratchy crazy synths,acid basses and deep fat kicks who drives through fellings on the dance floors. Worldwide connection brings you to a high level dance experience. Tracklist: 01 - World Vision - 148 BPM 02 - Worldwide Connection - 148 BPM 03 - Goa Taste - 148 BPM 04 - Dragonfly - 148 BPM 05 - Fucking Waste - 148 BPMWI 06 - Smoking Machine - 148 BPM 07 - Temple - 145 BPM 08 - Life in Process - 148 BPM 09 - Is Back - 148 BPM All Tracks W&P by Alexander WORLDWIDE CONNECTION - PLEXUS [Digital Album] Label: Recrystallize Records Format: DIGITAL Release Date:23/01/2010 Genre: Psychedelic Catalogue Number: RR1ALBD002 BOOKINGS HERE: recrystallizerecords@hotmail.com http://www.myspace.com/recrystallizerecords BUY HERE: http://www.junodownload.com/labels/Recrystallize http://www.myspace.com/plexusss http://forum.isratrance.com/out-now-worldwide-connection-plexus-2010-digital-album-rr1albd002/
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