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Found 3 results

  1. Richpa

    Etnica - 2012 EP

    Artist: Etnica Album: 2012 EP Label: Neurobiotic Records Style: Full On, Psytrance Tracklist: Impact (08:47) Axis (07:30) Triptonite (Pleiadians Live Mix) (08:30) It's really hard to be unbiased enough when it comes to any Etnica/Pleiadians material, at least in my case, they're probably one of the few projects that got special status in my psytrance book. They doesn't need any introduction, so I'll skip that part and try to focus on their latest effort - an three-track EP (2012) that came out on Italian label - Neurobiotic Records. First of all, don't expect or hope for some spectacular return of melody that has been trademark of thier work and sound in 90's, this is pure full on psytrance release with some really interesting moments and there are few melodic parts that sounds great to me. First track - Impact, got one minut and a half long intro with atmospheric melody in background, sounds like abastract ambient perfect for some Ultimae compilation, but right after that comes huuuge beat, first thing that you'll notice is crystal clear sound and production, nice fullonish basslines are perfect addition for very energetic beginning. Around 05:30 mark comes second break with melodic build-up which reminds me on late Pleiadians style and I like it, alot! Second track is Axis, and right after short intro speech rhythm comes and you can feel that this one will be much more brighter, it got pretty much melodic bassline with nice effects in background. First build-up is around 03:30 minute and it sounds hmmm, interesting it got some weird melodic percussions that I find pretty much funny and catchy. Overall it's not a bad track, but after repeating it few times it gives that good old it's so generic feeling. Last track on this EP is Pleiadians live remix of legendary Triptonite track and I'm sure that many people will judge this whole EP on this track. Why? Well it's Triptonite and we heard a bunch of good and bad remixes (of Triptonite) and when it comes to remixing something that is some sort of cult, people always experience more deeply known track and this one definitely is such a track. My opinion about this remix? Well it's one of better ones, even it's in some full on style, (BUT!) it got enough of melody and I'm sure it works / will work very well on every dance-floor, still orginal version is my all-time favorite. Conclusion - It's not best Etnica release, but it's solid, at least to me. As much as I love Etnica/Pleiadians from the old days, I love their newer stuff aswell. Favorite track from this one is Impact and I'm sure it will grow on me even more. Don't like that much Axis, I find it dull/boring and Triptonite is, hmmm, cool. Artwork for this release looks clean and nice, and production and soundquality is just perfect. You can preview/buy this release at Beatport.
  2. Artist: Liftshift Title: Full Cycle EP Label: Neurobiotic Records Date: 24-01-2011 Style: Progressive Psytrance Tracklist: 1. Ritual Energy (08:49) 2. Web Of Life (07:08) 3. Full Cycle (09:25) This EP is a nice one, with a lot of energy in each track. Ritual Energy is a perfect example and I'm not just saying that because of the name. The opening track shows that this release starts of very powerful and is well thought about. It's a very unique style, much different to a lot of other stuff I listened to. This Dutch producer represents a style that is somewhere in between progressive and full-on. It's definitely a fun experience listening to and the second track, Web Of Life, is not bad either. I must say, he set the standards pretty high with the first one so I can't say it's my favorite. It's like Ritual Energy has more of a story to tell during the song than this one. However, I am very happy he saved the best for last. Full Cycle is ultimate perfection in my opinion and it can't be a coincidence that he named this EP after it. He thought about everything, nice build-ups, good effects and not to forget a warm feeling left with the listener. Just everything about it makes me want to replay this track several times. I have got to say this is very promising for the future. After listening to all of this I am very excited and curious to see what ells this guy is gonna release. Also, it might be nice to know that the full EP can be listened to on soundcloud and it can be purchased there as well. Links: http://www.beatport....ll-cycle/322111 http://www.sourcecode.nu/ http://soundcloud.com/liftshift http://www.facebook.com/Liftshift
  3. Artist: Zen Mechanics Title: Re:Modified Label: Neurobiotic Records Date: February, 2011 1. Holy Cities (Ace Ventura Rmx) 2. Psychotropical Nights (Sonic Species Rmx) 3. Off the Grid (Burn in Noise Rmx) 4. Hallucination Generation (Loud Rmx) 5. Modified (Headroom Rmx) 6. Voodoo Bytes (Earthling Rmx) 7. CBR (S-Range Rmx) 8. Mecha (Dickster Rmx) 9. Immerse (Liftshift Rmx) F*ck. Another remix album? What are we Hollywood now, can't come up with original tracks gotta remake everything? Did you know they are remaking Footloose? Footloose. Kevin Bacon must be turning over in his grave. What?...oh. I'm just getting word that he's not dead. Just his career! His car, just his...get it? His career. Please tip your waitress. See, this is what happens when you have non-paid interns as your fact checkers. Why the hell do I keep you around? Oh. Carry on. Looks like two pigs fighting under a sheet. My main gripe with a remix album is that I feel the need to go back and listen to the original to see how the remix is different. That takes time. With a newborn that f*cking eats every 2 hours it might take me 6 weeks to review this pig. Nonetheless, I tread on because Wouter would want it that way. His Zen Mechanics project strikes the perfect balance between psy and progressive combining the driving and melodic elements both have to offer. Holy Cities from 2008 was quite good so I look forward to seeing what other projects do to his good tracks. Most of the remixes are from that album and I wonder why they chose already good tracks to remix? Wouldn't it make more sense to take a crappy one and make it better? If you already start with something good how good a remixer are you....just riding Wouter's coattails. Unless...all these projects think his music sucks. Hmmm...I would look into that. But I see your genius Wouter....keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. Holy Cities (Ace Ventura Rmx)- Great. 9 and a half minutes. Did you not read my intro? I'm beginning to think that you don't care. No I'm not crying, I just have something in my eye! I'll be in my trailer! *Storms off weeping.* The original was an exercise in slow evolution combined with a driving beat that I really enjoyed. It combined futuristic visuals with a reverance for ancient cultures in a droning march. Yoni Oshrat blew onto the scene with the awesome Rebirth in 2007 and he keeps it so close to the original that I am hard pressed to differentiate the two. Little changes here and there, but quit piggy backing. The track itself is good, but as a remix not so much. If I wanted to hear the original I would listen to the original. Psychotropical Nights (Sonic Species Rmx)- "We were in the jungle. We had access to too much money. Too much equipment. And little by little we went insane." British artists Sonic Species apparently don't care about my time either because this b*tch is over 9 minutes as well. The original was on the Universo Paralello compilation and these guys just thought it would be a great idea to add a minute to an already long tracks. Dicks. Nah, just kidding. If you got a story to tell you don't rip out a few chapters because some reader is a lazy f*ck. I think this track has more effects making it a deeper listen. Other than that it once again sounds very similar to the original in a full-on copycat way. Not terrible at all, but neither is the Fruit Loops gay Wal-Mart equivalent Fruity Spins. Doesn't mean I want to eat it. Off the Grid (Burn In Noise Rmx)- With so many changes in direction it's going to be a challenge to improve on this one. A valiant effort was made with a synth that ran up and down over 8 bars as another lead powered it's way in. Alas, once again, too similar to the original so if you could please step this way. Yes, yes, don't dawdle. Come right over here and face the corner. That's it. Think about what you did or didn't do and maybe you can come out of the corner in a few minutes. Hallucination Generation (Loud Rmx)- "Come join the world of the hipsters." Nah, what was once a group of unshowered hippies has morphed into a bunch of obnoxious iPhone douchebags that hang around the local Starbucks like they were giving away tall lattes loaded with irony. The original was basically a full-on track, but he made it much deeper with effects and his technique of having a synth wipe everything out just to rebuild. That said, not one of my faves by him. The track is called Hallucination Generation, but all Loud makes me want to do is take a nap. What a snoozefest. Modified (Headroom Rmx)- "Would you like to be modified?" The original had a cool Blade Runner high tech android quality with leads that whipped you around. Headroom's take is a thumping futuristic version that seems more clinical with less human interference. Robotic machinations with equal parts cybernetics and slowly oscillating leads. Darker, as if the war between humans and machines was already over, and we're dealing with the aftermath. Loved it. Voodoo Bytes (Earthling Rmx)- The effects make it again, creating a nice outer space atmosphere. The break is solid and the whole thing has an exploratory value even if it is full-onish. It reaches its zenith near the end bringing some impressive power. CBR (S-Range Rmx)- "Time and space is defined as a consensual hallucination." Progressive project S-range throws a groovy lead out there, but...gone is all the stuff that made the original fun to follow. Sigh. Mecha (Dickster Rmx)- Dick Trevor broke out his sci-fi stick and repeatedly whipped the original track with great effects that couldn't tumble over each other fast enough. It was like chicks at a wedding dress sale. He seemed to soup up the 303 giving it some extra oomph, realizing that it should dominate. Good call because it made a difference. Immerse (Liftshift Rmx)- This was another futuristic track with a bunch of effects that was a good psy/prog hybrid more focused on atmosphere than melody. Liftshift adds a punchier bass and a nice warm break. He creates a low tech approach that still has that future sound with the effects. I went from being bored to really digging into this one. Smooth progressive I would say. I am now going to give a conflicting conclusion. On its own this was a good listen and I enjoyed it. Some really good stuff here. But, I'm not gonna lie. To say I was disappointed with this would be like saying I was sad when my dog died. Ouch, ok, that's a little harsh. Here's my point. Adding or subtracting a synth does not a good remix make. I was always under the assumption that you take a part of the track you find memorable and then change everything else to make it almost unrecognizable. Be unique, be creative. Most of the tracks here were fine, but failed as remixes, being just full-on watered down dopplegangers without any interest or color. Imagine hopping on some Kenyan's back for the last 100 yards while he ran a marathon and then saying you ran a marathon. No you didn't. And now the Kenyan has back problems. Holy f*ck I just used dopplegangers in a sentence. So I suppose you could listen to this and like it, but it really makes you appreciate how good Wouter is at constructing a track. Kinda gives creedence to my theory of keeping the competition and your enemies closer. Well played sir. http://www.beatspace.com/6096/Neurobiotic+Records/ZEN+MECHANICS/ReModified/detail.aspx http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/neu/neu1cd031.html http://www.goastore.ch/product_info.php?products_id=4299 Mdk
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