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Found 2 results

  1. Psy-Fi Warming Up Tokyo 2017.3.25 (Sat) Open/Start 22:00 at UNIT&Saloon&Unice,Daikanyama, TOKYO   Entrance : 当日5000円/On the day 5000yen 前売チケット3000円/Advance Tiicket 3000yen. ※プレイガイド等の情報は下記をご覧下さい。    Line Up : 2/16 Updated!!!   ■UNIT - "Psy Fi × MATSURI" Floor -Sound Acts The Delta from Germany (Boshke Beats/Nachtstrom Schallplatten) - Live Etnica by Mauri Etnica from Spain (Etnicanet Records) - DJ Set Matsumoto Zoku - Live   -DJs -Freestyle & Trance Set - YUTA (Matsuri Digital/Liquid Drop Groove) MASA (Space Gathering/Hypnodisk) REE.K (Space Gathering/Hypnodisk) -PA ACOUSTIC -DECO Kanoya Project -VJ OVERHEADS KOTA -PERFORMANCE Seira -LIGHTING Yocchi (Mind of Vision) ■SALOON - "MATSURI Dark Side of Trance" Floor -LIVE Fullmoon Mondo (FULLMOON REC./NEWWORLD) Slum (Sunflowers Of Today/FULLMOON REC.) Eikiller (和刻/Free Radical Rec./FULLMOON REC.) -DJ BuzZ (Sangoma Records/God of Death/Abracadabra) AK-2 (Mind of Vision/Chirakari Crew) Take&Mog (Occulta Rec./Uroboros Rec.) DJ HISA (OverDrive/Good Vibes) -DECO Kanoya Project -PA OtOdashi ■Unice - MDG & 神眼芸術 presents "Tokyo Underground Groove" -LIVE Doppelgenger (Guruz/Asylum) vs Kojiro (Re:Birth Festival/MoV)  GUUSUN (Matsuri Digital Groove) -DJ REE.K (Space Gathering/Hypnodisk) DJ Yogurt (Upset Recordings) Terubi (神眼芸術/Tokyo Underground Style/ Rhythm9) Dr.Waxman (Bass Ment Style) -DECO Taiki Kusakabe -Sound MMU -VJ Chrisholic Kagerou ■Shops Matsuri Digital Official Shop Guusun Official Shop Ponkotsu Fiction 神眼芸術 GURUZ HappyShake AmazonHospital ピンクガネーシャ HARRY Q (鍼・マッサージ) Tag me 英利花(Henna Tattoo) STONE63 (Live Painting Workshop) ■Venue : 〒150-0021 渋谷区 恵比寿西1−34−17 ZaHOUSE ZaHOUSE bld, 1-34-17 Ebisu Nishi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 03-5459-8630          ■Information : Event Page : www.facebook.com/events/1967207763506760/ Web :http://matsuri-digital.jp/ Facebook :https://www.facebook.com/MatsuriDigital/ UNIT :http://www.unit-tokyo.com/       ■注意/Notice : ※ 未成年者の入場不可 / Minors are not admitted. ※ 要顔写真付きID / Please bring your photo ID. ※ 再入場不可 / Re-enter is not permitted.      ■前売りチケット/Advance Ticket @プレイガイド チケットぴあ/Ticket PIA [Pコード/P Code:323036] https://goo.gl/ekLtr7  ローソンチケット/Lawson Ticket [Lコード/L Code:323036] https://goo.gl/TQDneB   イープラス/eplus https://goo.gl/TCpF5G clubberia http://www.clubberia.com/ja/events/263818   @Shops Psychedelic Garden 〒160-0023 新宿区西新宿7-8-2 福八ビルB1 Fukuhachi Bld B1, 7-8-2 Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku-ku,Tokyo 160-0023 Tel: 03-5925-2588 営業時間/Open Hours:12:00-22:00   Rhythm9 (リズム9/下北沢) 〒155-0032 世田谷区代沢5-31-8 5-31-8 Daizawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 155-0032 Tel: 03-6805-2119 営業時間/Open Hours:12:00-22:00 会場となるUNITでも販売中です。 at UNIT sell the ticket from 4th Feb 2017.
  2. Netherlands cutting-edge festival, Psy-fi Festival showcase held by MATSURI DIGITAL at UNIT in Daikanyama on 6th Feb 2016, it is first party of MATSURI DIGITAL in 2016 and special guest artist is KOXBOX and Tetrameth MATSURI DIGITAL presents Psy-Fi Festival Show Case in Tokyo   2016/2/6 (SAT) at UNIT/SALOON/UNICE Open / Start 23:00   ◾︎UNIT - Psy Fi Floor -LIVE Koxbox (Koxbox Music) TETRAMETH (WEAPON Records) JOUJOUKA (MATSURI DIGITAL)   -DJ DJTSUYOSHI (MATSURI DIGITAL) YUTA (MATSURI DIGITAL) K.U.R.O. (Psyristor Trax)   -DECO Kanoya Project   -VJ KAGEROU INSKY (JOUJOUKA)   -VIDEO laserboy.tv   -PHOTO Jiroken   -SHOP MATSURI OFFICIAL SHOP Happy Shake     ◾︎SALOON - Hentai Floor -LIVE Ubar Tmar (Panorama Records) THE TENGOKUBATAKE JAPON Guusun (WAON) hentai cameraman (liberdade. beneficio)   -DJ MASA (Space Gathering) minami (manosu)   -DECO Kanoya Project   -VJ OVERHEADS   -SHOP hentai works     ◾︎UNICE - BLACKSHEEP & OtOdashi Floor -LIVE ifax! (BLACKSHEEP)   -DJs SUNGA (BLACKSHEEP) COGEE (BLACKSHEEP) MJ (BLACKSHEEP) NOCO (Paramount) HIDAI (OtOdashi) TAAAHHH (OtOdashi) Ukyo (OtOdashi)   -DECO COLORgung   -LASER NxOxT -SHOP Luvnot Pink Ganesha     ◾︎ENTRANCE -Limited Advance Ticket 3500 yen http://eplus.jp/sys/T1U14P0010843P006001P002179275P0030001 -ON THE DAY 5000yen     ◾︎VENUE UNIT/SALOON/UNICE http://www.unit-tokyo.com/ ZaHOUSE 1-34-17 Ebisu nishi, Shibuya-ku,Tokyo TEL 03-5459-8630     ◾︎NOTICE Please bring your photo ID     ■Psy Fi Psy Fi Website http://www.psy-fi.nl/ Psy Fi Official facebook https://www.facebook.com/Psy-Fi-133012646892630 Psy Fi 2016 "Holographic Universe" https://www.facebook.com/events/1435512616765581/     ■INFORMATION -MATSURI DIGITAL http://matsuri-digital.jp/ https://www.facebook.com/MatsuriDigital   -iFLYER http://iflyer.tv/Psy-fi   -Clubberia http://www.clubberia.com/ja/events/247344   -Residents Adviser http://www.residentadvisor.net/event.aspx?788902   ーA-Files http://a-files.jp/psy-fifestivalshowcase.html
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