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Found 5 results

  1. Artist: Tryon Title: The Twilight Solution Label: Hypergate Records Date: September, 2008 1. Frame Intro 2. Skyline 3. Reward of Mind 4. Freak Stuff 5. Magic Cooler 6. Out of Time 7. Paranormal 8. Twilight Solution 9. Sidhartha - The Sleepwalker (Tryon remix) 10. Atmos On Fire Ah it's that time of year again here in the states, where we consume more food in a day than most families in the third world get in a month. Obscene really. Our national holiday celebrates the extermination of a native people and outright theft of their land. What better way to commemorate that by doing what we here do best. Overeating. We actually shove a chicken inside a duck and then shove that inside a turkey and cook it. That's actually a thing. Bow down to the Turducken! So much food I wouldn't normally eat, but how do you say no to carmelized pecan and marshmallow sweet potatoes? You don't. You just become their b*tch and welcome them as your new starchy overlords. And as gluttonous as this sounds (and it is) this all day foodguzzle is just a tolerated evil so the retailers can shove a commercial Christmas up or ass. What are you laughing at Halloween? Don't think they wouldn't f*ck you and start celebrating Christmas in July. Syrian refugees are fleeing for their lives and we're doing carnal things to birds. Welcome to the United States. Now...since you'll be issued a firearm (welcome to Murrica!) and the requisite 15 lbs of added weight if you're lucky enough to emigrate here you will need some high tempo night time music to help melt away the flab. Tryon is our good friend tickle me Telmo and he lays a brutal acid smack down with his debut. High speed dance music with dark atmospheres that also incorporate a little forest growl. The bass lines are out of control and he uses acid as his weapon of choice. This isn't pseudo twilight music. It's four on the floor controlled chaos that makes no apologies. Does it sound the same? Sure, but acid doesn't care who it burns. Very good stuff. Now could you pass me some more gravy, I seemed to have gotten my second wind. Psyshop
  2. Artist: Sidhartha Title: Into Immortality Chapter One & Two Label: Hypergate Records Date: April, 2013 Chapter One 1. Into Immortality 2. Yutopia Paradox 3. Single Atoms 4. Dominant Species Chapter Two 1. Sidhartha & TDR & Shaddai - Iori Yagami 2. Symmetrix & Sidhartha - Time Is Your Illusion 3. Sidhartha & Tryon - 4th Dimension Encounter 4. Sidhartha - Wonder In The Night What's with that little thing in the corner. Looks like a peppermint. Makes me want a candy cane. If acid and lasers are your preferred sweet than this is Christmas and Easter on the same day. Sidhartha has been around for a while and here he delivers two twilight EP's. The first one is all him and the second one he enlists some friends to help with the heavy lifting. Into Immortality- There is a certain amount of groove to be found here amidst the fast paced intensity. And it seems really fast. With the rapid pace I feel like he's trying to fit a lot in on the move. Like the drive thru guy at Wendy's attempting to hand me my order as I blow by him at 45 miles an hour. Not a bad bouncy opener. Yutopia Paradox- "If there are extra terrestrial beings out there where are they?" Wal Mart. Where else would they be? It begins as just generic full-on, but he eventually begins the acid shower and some great movement. Good, but not great. Single Atoms- Didn't care for this one. It was noisy and had the depth of a kiddie pool. Dominant Species- I guess this is where the drug use started because this is simply put an all out assault bursting with acid and thumping kicks. With just a couple of chances to catch one's breath it moves like a rhino through a door built for a smurf. Iori Yagami- It's on to part two and right away it seems more focused and deeper. Lots of juicy bits flying about with a powerful punch. The sticky icky is everywhere so bring a towel. The samples are muffled with more grunting and groaning than a late night Taco Bell visit. These guys know what I'm talkin' about... Time is Your Illusion- Who ordered the meal with extra lasers? This is a fat guy in daisy dukes on rollerblades without brakes going downhill. You can't turn away and there is going to be a lot of damage. Great lose your mind track. 4th Dimension Encounter- Teaming up with twilight Jesus (Tryon) it's more acid washes than the 80's. The ass shaking is in full force immediately as they paint a picture. But they don't use brushes. They use buckets. Wonder In The Night- With the final track it seems he wants to end on a less bombastic note. But it doesn't reflect who he is. It's rather boring especially placed next to the other monsters. Put that f*cking crash helmet back on. Two EP's. Lasers and acid. Powerful twilight music. That's what you're gonna get and that's what I woulda wrote if I could get away with a two sentence review. But that's not my style. I liked part two better as it was a straight up out of control freight train with no brakes. And I ain't Denzel. Beatport Chapter One Beatport Chapter Two Mdk
  3. Artist: Various Title: Fractal Overdrive EP Label: Hypergate Records Date: September, 2011 1. Fractal Overdrive (Karmacrop Remix) 2. Fractal Overdrive (Suria Remix) 3. Fractal Overdrive (Alienn Remix) 4. Fractal Overdrive (Elektrik Boy Remix) Hypergate Records was founded by Sidhartha (Nuno Santos) and has been on a bit of an ass kicking tear lately. Well, at least digitally. They are a full-on label that stays true to the driving Portuguese sound. With the smashing twilight quality of Alienn's One EP and the very good Tryon Cube Sequence EP, I am left with their first digital release. Karmacrop (Sidhartha & Khopat) may have been responsible for the original track on the largely forgettable Fractal Energy 3, but here we have 4 remixes of that track by some of the best names in the twilight genre. And whoever the f*ck Elektrik Boy is. Verdict? Let's just say that this maintains the quality of their other digital releases. It's pretty good actually, but if you hold it up to the insanity that was Alienn's One Ep, well everything's gonna look bad. It's all relative. I love a good hot dog, but if you offered me a choice between that and a 16 oz. steak... Karmacrop owns this EP with an acid soaked bath and crazy zipper leads. Suria brings a lot of metallic and scratchy leads with a nod toward the darker and side of things. Pretty good as well. Patrik continues his commanding wield of all things acid with his take as his leads pinball like a uh, pinball with a couple of build ups that I could've done without. The final remix has a punchy bass line and some distorted psychedelic leads that could've placed it in the forest. Good show. So all in all a nice release. Intense and firmly planted in the twilight mode. If you're looking for an acidic Christmas than this will melt your tree. Congratulations Hypergate, I salute you. What the f*ck is wrong with you? http://www.beatport.com/release/fractal-overdrive/681207 Mdk
  4. Artist: Tryon Title: Cube Sequence EP Label: Hypergate Records Date: October, 2011 1. Awareness Test 2. Frequency People 3. Deep Space This is a cautionary tale. Of not being happy with what you have, but being unhappy with what you don't. Based on a true story. The names have remained the same because he is the f*cknut that did it. Elmo Pereira had it all. Fame, with appearances on the late night talk shows. Fortune Women. But as is the case with a lot of stars who rocket to the top and burn so brightly he became addicted to the perks of the lifestyle. The fall began while he was shooting a product shot for Red Bull when tragedy struck. He was burned on over 70% of his body spending 7 months in the intensive care unit. Once released he became a virtual hermit, sinking into a deep dark depression. To take his mind off his troubles he traveled to Ireland for an extended vacation. Unfortunately his wealth allowed him to crawl inside a bottle in an endless menagerie of pubs and backroom bars where the drink choice was only limited by his imagination. But alcohol was merely a gateway drug. Soon his recreational drug use became habit forming. Coke, heroin, prescription drugs to numb the pain and finally...meth. Immediately rumors began to circulate to producers and he was quickly dropped from his successful television show. His agent stopped fielding his calls and soon he took up with a bad crowd. His downward spiral continued with the release of his latest books. The fanbase scattered like dust in the wind and sales were dismal. For the final humiliation he was caught on camera performing favors for drugs. With no where to go and nobody to turn to, he sought relief in the warm embrace of death. After not being seen for many months, Elmo released an album that garnered critical acclaim in 2009 called The Twilight Solution. Psytrance seemed tailor made for his high strung personality and the music he made had the masses dancing. After favorable appearances on compilations, Elmo has since gotten his life together with professional and personal success. This EP is his latest effort to quell the demons that have haunted his past. Awareness Test- "This is an awareness test." All hands on deck cause this is a rumbly motherf*cker. The leads rip as thick lasers strafe the target. I'm sorry did he drip a little acid on you? Tide will get that sh*t out. He's got the layers and a build up that actually builds tension. How novel. Good job sir. Frequency People- "Well how can people relax under the tensions of modern life?" More blow jobs obviously. Sounds heavy with a cyber twist. It's more of a underground sound, with churning rhythms. After the break, the lead starts to do its thing and the acid is let loose. It hits its stride near the end and becomes a pretty good track. Kind of a wall threatening to topple on you. Deep Space- Acid rollercoaster. Strap yourself in and try not to lose your cookies. That lead dances like a stripper I saw who told me she was only doing this to pay for medical school. Well, far be it from me to get in the way of science and education. The end is an array of sticky leads and bright lights which make it one of the best tracks for me. I love the shiny lights! Hypergate Records is on quite the roll. Massive release after massive release with quality night time sounds. I liked Sidhartha as an artist and I like him as head of this label. The Portuguese sound is intact and as potent as ever. While not as intense and blistering as the Alienn EP One, it is still a good bet to get the body moving. http://www.beatport....sequence/819924 Mdk
  5. survey1

    [EP] Alienn - One

    Release Notes: Title: One Release Date: 11.November.2011 Label: Hypergate Records Mastering by: Sidhartha // Audiocrafting.com Tracklist: 01. Alienn - One 02. Alienn - The Access 03. Alienn vs Stereopanic - Chemical Kinetic Alienn needs no introduction so lets go right to the tracks: 01. One - It's a good track, the melodies are well placed, and the pace convinces me to hear it until the end because it gets more and more powerfull as the time goes on. It ends pretty well with lots of variation in the bass tones and leads, nice start Mr. Patrik 8/10 02. The Access - What can i say about this one??? Just hear it and you'll find out why Alienn is one of the best night full on acts nowadays, if you weren't already convinced by his previous work. Amazing arrangement, and so complex that you almost can't believe it's true, this is pure ecstasy. It's that good 10/10 03. Chemical Kinetic - The voices at the beggining promise a very good track, and i wasn't wrong, it's a very good combination from these two acts which was something i was expecting because the quality of the artists involved it's undeniable. The end is amazing, with many surprises around the corner. Another great track and great to finish the EP in beauty. 9/10 Final conclusions: This EP was just like i expected and more, The Access is, probabbly, Alienn's best solo work until now, and proves he's imo the best of the best in this specific genre. The other tracks are very good too and Stereopanic sure brings quality to this release so... What are you waiting to buy it??? Where to buy i hear you saying avidly?? Here: http://www.beatport....e-records/21545 or http://www.beatport....ease/one/827837
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