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Found 106 results

  1. Exactly three years after the original release of Chromatic World EP, Morphic Resonance and Neogoa returns with material that suprised many lovers of Goa trance music around the world, but this time with new and improved sound and mastering, carefully mastered by PsiloCybian and with wonderful artwork and visuals by Diogo Salvador edited at Neogoa Design. This release also comes with extended edition of Outro track and previously unreleased track: Interdimensional Shift. So, prepare yourself to experience this magical release once again and enjoy it in best possible audio quality. Tracklist: 01 - Telekinesis (140 BPM) 02 - Epsilon Aurigae (146 BPM) 03 - Chromatic World (144 BPM) 04 - Psychoactive Landscape (144 BPM) 05 - Outro [Extended Edition] (90 BPM) 06 - Interdimensional Shift [bonus Track] (144 BPM) SoundCloud Samples: YouTube Stream (HD): Buy/Download: http://bit.ly/get-morphic Released January 24, 2017 All tracks written and produced by Cristian Fernandez at Morphic Resonance Studios, Spain www.facebook.com/morphicresonanceofficial Mastering by Saša Dukić (PsiloCybian) www.psilocybian.com Artwork design by Diogo Salvador at Dionysus Artwork www.dionysusartwork.com Get in touch with Neogoa Records: Official Website - http://www.neogoa.net Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/neogoarecords Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/neogoarecords Instagram - http://www.instagram.com/neogoarecords Google Plus - http://www.google.com/+neogoarecords SoundCloud - http://www.soundcloud.com/neogoarecords
  2. Artist: Rayavana Title: Exit Human Perception Ep Label: Neogoa Date: June, 2017 01 - Secrets Of Time (155 BPM) 02 - Back From The Future (157 BPM) 03 - Perennial Journey Through The Mind (158 BPM) 04 - Tetra Zod (160 BPM) Neogoa has released their first foray into the high speed niche of nitzhogoa. I'll come right out and level with you that I don't care for this type of music. It's oftentimes cheesy and all the time mentally exhausting. But even though I don't like it I can appreciate it and the fact that a lot of people do like it. And if you're a fan of this particular style then this is a must download. The melodies are typically fast and furious with great sound. I didn't find it particularly deep, but I did like his use of layers. There is a lot of energy here. I think the holy grail for goa freaks who are hesitant to give this music a chance is a nice balance between Nitzho and goa trance. As Antic mentioned the debut album from Agneton fit squarely in this category. This leans more towards the frenetic Nitzho side so hardcore goa heads will probably give it a pass, but it does nitzhogoa very well. Neogoa Bandcamp
  3. We're excited to introduce you our latest discovery from Belgium - Rayavana. Behind the project is young and passionate nitzhogoa producer Joeri Coosemans who is debuting on our label with 4-track EP entitled 'Exit Human Perception'. This release is a must-have for every fan of nitzhogoa and everyone who likes their Goa fast, energetic and highly melodic. Tracklist: 01 - Secrets Of Time (155 BPM) 02 - Back From The Future (157 BPM) 03 - Perennial Journey Through The Mind (158 BPM) 04 - Tetra Zod (160 BPM) All tracks written and produced by Joeri Coosemans (Rayavana) Mastering by Igor Čeranić at Deimos Soundlabs Artwork design by Richpa at Neogoa Design Exit Human Perception is now available for download. Download and support this release on Bandcamp: http://bit.ly/GetRayavana SoundCloud samples: https://soundcloud.com/neogoarecords/rayavana-exit-human-perception More Rayavana at: Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/rayavana SoundCloud - http://www.soundcloud.com/rayavana Get in touch with Neogoa Records: Official Website - http://www.neogoa.net Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/neogoarecords Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/neogoarecords Instagram - http://www.instagram.com/neogoarecords Google Plus - http://www.google.com/+neogoarecords SoundCloud - http://www.soundcloud.com/neogoarecords
  4. Artist: Various Title: Sadhana Label: Neogoa Date: June, 2015 01 - Room Full Of Eyes - Feasts Fires (145 BPM) 02 - Trikselos - Planet X (148 BPM) 03 - Pandemicus - Exit (145 BPM) 04 - Anumana - Distance To Goa (146 BPM) 05 - Celestial Consciousness - Insider (Katedra Remix) (130 BPM) 06 - Space Vibes System - Life Tomorrow (145 BPM) 07 - Sky Technology & Imba - Intergalactic Warlord (144 BPM) 08 - Spirit Medicine - Dark Matter Of God (135 BPM) 09 - Spacenode - Steel Shakti (145 BPM) Has there ever been a movie that was the equivalent of a foot long propaganda hard on for the United States? I say yes. And his name is Rocky IV. "I must make goa trance better than ever before!" I like your enthusiasm Ivan (pun intended) and I'm just gonna pretend I didn't see all those nandralone bottles on the floor. I knew there had to be an explanation for the superb quality of all the releases Neogoa churns out on a regular basis. And now we know. Ivan was on da juice. We all know the story. Russia "creates" a super champion boxer through technology and steroids while Rocky trains the "natural" way. The pure and altruistic way. Forget the fact that Sly was on the juice probably longer than most of you have been alive. It also glosses over the fact that during a night out and a few too many, a Russian coach bragged to an American coach that they had been injecting their athletes with steroids. Of course the US complained to the ISOC and demanded the Russians be brought to justice. Nah, I'm just f*cking with ya, they ran home immediately and concocted their own super patriotic cocktail blend for their own athletes. True story. So in the eighties Americans were led to believe that all things Russian were bad and shady. That the world needed a Rocky to set them on the right path and protect people from the evil red sickle of Communism. With that in mind I view this compilation with a sideways skepticism that's been ingrained into my mind for decades. But I'm an adult now and I see things a lot more clearly. Frequent collaborator Sky Technology compiled a bunch of tracks from Russian and Ukranian artists (perhaps Drago was one of them, I don't know I wasn't in the meeting) with what I would call uneven results. Like steroids...yeah your muscles might get bigger, but there's the acne, back hair, and punch a grandma in the face cause it's Tuesday roid rage. The first two tracks are forgettable; so forgettable that I think the compilation should've started on track three. It says he worked really hard on this compilation, but in two seconds I could've just saved him some time. Pandemicus is a name I haven't seen since the Dancing Mavka (there's a few of those on here) and the goa trance journey begins here. 4-5 years between tracks is a long time so I can only assume he was sent to Siberia for not cleaning up those steroid bottles. Worth it. For me anyway, don't know how he felt about it. He goes for the heart and doesn't stop until he rips it out mortal Kombat style. Never been a fan of Anumana and this track didn't do a thing to change it. Full-on new goa style that wasn't interesting or innovative until the last third. The Katedra remix of Insider is a dark, sinister, entrancing track and easily one of my favorites here. There isn't a lot going on, but the atmosphere is palpable and it's full of rising and falling melodies. Space Vibes System returns with a nice track if unspectacular and Sky Technology and Imba's controlled chaos is well appreciated. Dark Matter of God has evil melody tendrils that snake and slither with wicked intent even with the galloping bassline. Closing things out is Steel Shakti, a track that takes zero chances and basically trips across the finish line. It pains me to say this because this label is usually synonymous with quality, but for me this is just a pretty good release from the label. Too many mediocre tracks and not enough stellar ones. It's not a terrible album, by any stretch, but when you've set the bar so ridiculously high anything less than greatness is a disappointment. I have discovered that I even tire of the tracks on repeated listens. A victim of their own success I suppose. Not every album or compilation can be a home run and even though this one falls into that category, this label has earned my loyalty and I look forward to them dusting themselves off and getting back to the drawing board. Free at Ektoplazm
  5. Latest Goa trance mix by Neogoa Records label DJ Masala from Japan, presenting his vision of melodic Goa music previously released by the label, perfect for trance-dance in nature at dawn. For more free Goa music by Neogoa on YouTube, please ► Subscribe: http://bit.ly/SubscribeNeogoa Tracklist: 01 - Stellarians - Penumbra's Sanctuary 02 - OXI - Haphazard Dance (Nova Fractal Remix) 03 - Stellar Force - Astral Dive 04 - Imba - Chloe's Thing 05 - Psychowave - Innertrip 06 - Omnivox - 5 Dimensions 07 - Lunar Dawn - Orbiting The Sun 08 - Arronax - The Unkown Helions Guard 09 - Celestial Intelligence - Light After Darkness 10 - Zopmanika - Cosmic Influence 11 - Nova Fractal - Through Our Senses 12 - Journey Into Sound - Transdimensional Vision 13 - Crossing Mind - Virtual Mind Cleaner Masala is goatrance addict and true believer, from Japan. He is refreshing addon to the Neogoa Records roster in 2016, as Neogoa pioneer in the far east. He is DJ and party promoter based at Tokyo-Japan and Andalusia-Spain. Lots of influences took its toll on Masala´s path getting to where he is now. He was influenced by some of the cultures of India, Sri Lanka and Nepal in period of his life far before being a Goa Trance listener. At first he was expiriencing sounds of Uplifting trance, Euro trance. Slowly progressing towards more underground sound, he passed through the gates of Goa trance in 2011, and after that love for trance made him began DJing in 2012. Masala plays all melodic Goa trance that feels like cosmic and emotional, morning – newschool or oldschool era, nonetheless. His sets have storytelling based on getting his audience´s spirits in a state of trance. So, his primary DJing concept is story building by melody line. In 2015 his work was recognized by organiser and he started playing his DJ sets worldwide at some good gigs like Trip to the Sun @ Spain, Belgian Connection 2015 @ Belgium, Connection Festival 2015 @ Spain, Transition Festival 2016 @ Spain, Belgian Connection 2016 @ Belgium, Connection Festival 2016 @ Spain. Besides playing on many different parties, Masala also organized some events in Japan and Spain – Strange Planet @ Tokyo, Japanese Connection @ Tokyo and Osaka and Connection Festival @ Sevilla. Follow and like DJ Masala: Official Website - http://www.neogoa.net/masala/ SoundCloud - https://soundcloud.com/msla-psyche Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/DjMasala-370625559774525/ Mixcloud - https://www.mixcloud.com/masala-yamaantaka-psyche/ Get in touch with Neogoa Records: Official Website - http://www.neogoa.net Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/neogoarecords Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/neogoarecords Instagram - http://www.instagram.com/neogoarecords Google Plus - http://www.google.com/+neogoarecords SoundCloud - http://www.soundcloud.com/neogoarecords
  6. Artist: Morphic Resonance Title: Chromatic World EP Label: Neogoa Date: January, 2014 01. Telekinesis 02. Epsilon Aurigae 03. Chromatic World 04. Psychoactive Landscape 05. Outro "Hold on bro...I'm just...I can't even begin to get my mind around...Lemme get this straight. You want me to...read the script. Actually read it? Am I on Punk'd? Ashton! Ashton you sonofab*tch, get out here!" *make mind blown hands around head* Obviously he has yet to take my advice, but the look on his face well, let's just say it was similar to the one he had when I caught him trying to understand the speaker phone. Dim witted Ryan aside, big thanks to Ivan for delivering this treat. This is like finding a Picasso for 5 bucks at a yard sale. Christian Fernandez is from Spain and with his cover that looks like Pinhead went disco he just put that country on the goa map with a hard hitting acidic bomb. Mixing the old school and new school styles the melodies are hypnotic and swirling. Hell the first track just kept evolving, I thought it would never end. But in a good way. The acidic bad assery is at a premium with melodies from the Pleiadians playbook. Screeching and thick Epsilon Aurigae is a wet dream Astral wishes they could do. Just relentless. Chromatic World continues the serial unwinding of melodies with a lush and dark atmosphere. I haven't wanted to fornicate with music since M-Run, but... call me, maybe we can work something out. If he puts out an album of tunes like this he will rocket to the top of the goa pyramid. It growls, it screams, and it's a powerful door smasher. Not to mention the teaser of a downtempo track at the end. Futuristic and dark it speaks of evil lurking around the corner. This fool just put E-Mantra, Crossing Mind, and Filteria on notice. Free at Ektoplazm! Mdk
  7. FREE DOWNLOAD: http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/spiritual-doping Sky Technology returns to Neogoa with his brand new downtempo compilation 'Spiritual Doping'. It features nine tracks carefully selected by this Ukrainian goa trance maestro. Enter the world of deep and relaxing goa trance sounds and enjoy the ride. Mastered by Stryder at Beavernest Atop Studios with artwork design by Richpa at Neogoa Design. Soundcloud samples Tracklist: 01 - Abstract Concepts - Toxic Feeling 02 - Imba - Interspatial Vibrations 03 - S.I.O.D. - The Truth Is Out There 04 - Tavi - Gautama Buddha (The Awakened Sage) 05 - JBC Arkadii - Molekula 06 - Sky Technology - Transformation 07 - Katedra - Eidos 08 - Sky Technology - Road To Nowhere 09 - Language Of Love - Rasa Lila (Sinoah Edit) Coming soon on Ektoplazm.com!
  8. Hellooooo dear fanatics and openminded friends!!!! -<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-< -<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-< Please welcome aboard to our 3rd fulltime multi-days 1000% pure GOA TRANCE festival!!! This time we move up from high croatian south mountain "Velebit" to northern astonishing "Lošinj" Island. Exact location is a beach called "Liska Slatina" near small village called "Ćunski" (Island of Lošinj/Croatia) with woods and beach perfectly measured and formed by our GODS eons of time ago, putting up big flat stone surface, surrounded by deep forest and sea. Ancient prophecy Was - LET MAKE SURE FANATICS will find and claim has their eternal home and playground in UNIVERSE!!! -<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-< -<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-< This year, our goal is to build up our festival story into unreal combination of summer vacation and non stop top quallity Goa Trance - full lenght for almost 6 days. There will be 2 floors separate - big main floor with 40 KW of croatian D.I.Y. soundsystem called "Saso Mange" wiil make sure you will dance your asses off till sun will makes you wish to go 50 meters away to most beautifull beach in croatia to swimm and listen to full power 604 Other smaller floor will be with less sound power in the middle of camp in woods covered with full shade for overnights chillouts and overdays power afternoon goa warmups for next day when mainfloor will have daily maintaince -<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-< -<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-< """"""LINEUP""""""" LIVE: AEROSIS (Suntrip) USA https://www.discogs.com/artist/735261-Aerosis https://soundcloud.com/aerosis -<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-< ARCANE VOICE (Goa Madness) SRB https://soundcloud.com/arcanevoice -<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-< ARTIFACT 303 (Suntrip) ROM https://soundcloud.com/artifact303 https://www.facebook.com/Artifact303/ -<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-< CACTUS ARISING (Timewarp) GRE https://www.facebook.com/CactusArising/ https://soundcloud.com/cactusarising -<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-< CELESTIAL INTELLIGENCE (Suntrip) MK https://www.facebook.com/IntelligenceCelestial/ https://soundcloud.com/celestial-intelligence -<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-< COA GOA (Timewarp) BIH https://soundcloud.com/coagoa -<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-< COSMIC DIMENSION (Suntrip) MK https://www.facebook.com/c.dimension/ https://soundcloud.com/cosmic-dimension -<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-< DIMENSION 5 (Suntrip) UK https://www.facebook.com/Dimension-5-270797016315868/ https://www.discogs.com/artist/27798-Dimension-5 -<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-< E-MANTRA (Suntrip) ROM https://www.facebook.com/EMantra604/ https://soundcloud.com/e-mantra -<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-< EPHEDRA (Goa Madness) BEL https://soundcloud.com/ephedra-1 https://www.discogs.com/artist/134263-Ephedra-2 -<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-< EZOTERICA (BGF) CRO https://soundcloud.com/ezoterica <-<-<-<-<-<--<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<--<-<-<- FIERY DAWN (Timewarp) GEO https://soundcloud.com/fiery-dawn https://www.discogs.com/artist/4013522-Fiery-Dawn -<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-< IMBA (Suntrip) SRB https://www.facebook.com/imba604/ https://soundcloud.com/imbagoa -<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-< JAGOA (Suntrip) BEL https://soundcloud.com/shivoham-2 https://www.discogs.com/artist/3360175-Jagoa -<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-< JARALUCA (Neogoa/Goa Madness/Timewarp) POL https://www.facebook.com/jaralucamusic/ https://soundcloud.com/jaraluca -<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-< JOURNEY INTO SOUND (Neogoa/Timewarp) HUN https://www.facebook.com/jis.604/ https://soundcloud.com/jis -<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-< KRIS & STEVO OLDSCHOOL DRUM & SYNTH JAMM (BGF) https://www.facebook.com/UltimateXperience/ https://soundcloud.com/djstevozg -<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-< KURANDINI (Cronomi/Timewarp) POR https://www.facebook.com/Kurandini-396654637090207/ https://soundcloud.com/kurandini -<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-< LUNAR ASYLUM (Phantasm) UK https://www.facebook.com/LunarAsylumUK/ -<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-< LUNAR DAWN (Neogoa) CRO https://www.facebook.com/lunardawnmusic/ https://soundcloud.com/lunar_dawn -<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-< MANIA (BGF) CRO https://soundcloud.com/emilzuccon -<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-< MERR0W (Suntrip) FRA https://soundcloud.com/merr0w https://www.facebook.com/Merr0w-223645580125/ -<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-< MINDFIELD (Phantasm) UK https://www.discogs.com/artist/30781-Mindfield http://www.604bookings.com/acts/mindfield/ -<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-< MOONLIGHT (604 BOOKINGS) ISR https://soundcloud.com/moonlight1212 -<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-< MORPHIC RESONANCE (Suntrip) SPA https://www.facebook.com/MorphicResonanceOfficial?fref=nf https://soundcloud.com/morphic-resonance-goa -<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-< NERVASYSTEM (Phantasm) UK https://www.facebook.com/Nervasystem-537239736405231/ https://soundcloud.com/nervasystem -<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-< NEBULA MELTDOWN (Suntrip) FIN https://soundcloud.com/nebulameltdown -<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-< OMNEON (Timewarp) EST https://soundcloud.com/omneon -<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-< OMNIVOX (Spacedock) CRO https://www.facebook.com/musicbyomnivox https://soundcloud.com/musicbyomnivox -<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-< OXI (Timewarp) SRB https://soundcloud.com/oxidedic https://www.discogs.com/artist/3287143-Oxi-3 -<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-< PROXEEUS (Neogoa/Goa Madness) FRA https://www.facebook.com/proxeeus/ https://soundcloud.com/proxeeus -<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-< PSYSUTRA (Neogoa/Cronomi) POL https://www.facebook.com/psysutra604/ https://soundcloud.com/psysutra -<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-< SHAKTA (Suntrip) UK https://www.facebook.com/Shakta-179526058746351/ https://www.discogs.com/artist/11440-Shakta -<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-< SIAM (Timewarp) GRE https://soundcloud.com/siam-1 https://www.discogs.com/artist/2692888-Siam-8 -<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-< SKY TECHNOLOGY (Neogoa/Timewarp) UKR https://www.facebook.com/Sky-Technology-141473395927323/ https://soundcloud.com/sky-technology -<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-< SKARMA (Suntrip) HUN https://soundcloud.com/skarma -<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-< STEVO (BGF) CRO https://soundcloud.com/djstevozg -<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-< SUN SITH (Neogoa) CRO https://www.facebook.com/lunardawnmusic/ https://soundcloud.com/lunar_dawn -<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-< SYB UNITY NETTWERK (Sirius/Transient/Flying Rhino) FRA/UK/SLO https://www.discogs.com/artist/4756-Syb-Unity-Nettwerk http://kylven.bombsquad.org/ -<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-< TRIQUETRA (Timewarp) BEL https://www.facebook.com/triquetra604/ https://soundcloud.com/triquetra-2 -<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-< VEASNA (Neogoa) GER http://www.neogoa.net/veasna/ https://soundcloud.com/pdinklag -<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-< ULTIMATE XPERIENCE (Neogoa) ENG/FRA/SLO https://www.facebook.com/UltimateXperience/ http://kylven.bombsquad.org/ -<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-< U.X. 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-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-< PRESALE & TICKETS : For this years festival we will have a bit different presales as before, first phase called "early bird" round will start at wendsday-15.02.2017 and it will cost only 50€ for all 6 days but there will be limited number of 100 promotional early bird tickets available in that period. If there will be some early birds left after phase round finishes, they will be destroyed with no possibility to buy them after period expires. -<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-< After those 2 weeks, another presale phase called "late bird" will start at 01.03. and in that period there will be available 200 late birds for price of 70€ for whole festival. That presale phase will last for one month or earlier if all tickets will be sold. -<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-< 3rd phase with standard presale will start at 01st of April and it will be active till 01st of July (3 days before start) for a price of 90€. Importaint information is that full possible capacity for this year is maximum of 1000-1200 people we can host in camp on the festival location (we will know exact maximum number in middle of spring after first big work actions on location). In case festival would be sold out before start, it wount be possible to buy tickets at the gates. People comfort and safety is on first place. In that dream case, for next year (2018) it would be possible to gain more place for at least 500 more people. -<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-< At the gate, starting price from tuesday (04.07.) will be 120€, every day after - price at the gates will go lower by 15€ (wendsday - 105€, thursday - 90€, friday - 75€, saturday - 60€). Festival program will start at tuesday (04.07) at 20:00 - and will go till sunday late afternoon (daytime). One day tickets wount be available at all because of difficult to control them once you enter the venue. To enter venue, you must pass 3 security checks and you can go trough with full festival tickets ONLY!!! -<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-< Presale tickets you can order directly from our fb page, festival email or from official festival ambasadors from where you will recieve all paying informations (bank acc/paypal). After purchasing - in next 24 hours you will recieve confirmation mail with your ticket number and picture. Bring printed confirmation mail at the gate where your bracelet and ticket, ofcourse with same serial number and your name from confirmation mail, will wait for you. -<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-< EARLY BIRD (Balkans 10-15.02(ACTIVE NOW)/Rest world 15.02 - 01.03) - 50€ 100 tickets available -<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-< LATE BIRD (01.03 - 01.04) - 70€ 200 tickets available -<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-< PRESALE (01.04-01.07) - 90€ -<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-< AT THE GATES : 04.07 - 120€ 05.07 - 105€ 06.07 - 90€ 08.07 - 75€ 09.07 - 60€ -<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-< FESTIVAL AMBASSADORS: BALKAN GOA FANATICS https://www.facebook.com/BalkanGoaFanatics/?fref=nf STEVO https://www.facebook.com/stevo.kurcubic.39 LUKA https://www.facebook.com/luka.veic.9 DAMIR https://www.facebook.com/damirscasni JOSKE https://www.facebook.com/joskevranken SHAY https://www.facebook.com/shay.avraham.547 OFFICIAL FESTIVAL EMAIL: balkan.goa604.fanatics@gmail.com -<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-< HOW TO COME TBA SOOOON -<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-< -<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<
  9. DJing for fun, I just wanted to drop few URLs of mine: http://www.mixcloud.com/xphorm (mostly psytrance mixes but also the other electronic music genres...) and if you want to download some of them: http://techno.vizio.biz/sessions Hope you enjoy
  10. Hello, people of Goa. It is an honor to me to write this review of Proxeeus' debut album, entitled At the Mountains of Madness. It is an honor, because this release has a special meaning. First of all, it is released on July the 14th, which is the French National Day, comemorating the Storming of the Bastille. And it is no coincidence that NeoGoa has chosen this very day to spot a fair light on the Proxeeus project, which proudly represents France in the Goa scene. It is also an honor, because this very day is also the 5th birthday of the NeoGoa adventure. Introducing a new artist to celebrate this time of the year is definitely a great way to spread the Goa flag. Hence it is a good opportunity to recall that NeoGoa has been a brilliant label all over the years, constant in quality and innovation, and that had definitely left its print in this scene. I shall also add, as a personnal remark, that the very first full-lenghth Goa release that I ever listened to was Dimensional Gateway vol. III, and that from this day this label has been for me a criterion to determine the average quality of a newschool product. Henceforth, I say to you, NeoGoa : a big thank you, and a happy birthday. I wish you eternal glory. Now, let's talk music. Introduction Behind the Proxeeus projects is Jérôme Lesterps, a rising artist who has spent a whole year building himself a reputation in the realm of Goa Trance. One year ago, he was anonymous. But after much work he managed to participate to some releases : Stellar Discovery [Goa Galaxy] in summer 2014 Celestial Transvibrations [NeoGoa] in winter 2014 Psychedelicus [Goalogique], Floating Between the Moon and the Sun [Goa Madness] and Translinguistic Perceptions [Visionary Shamanics] in spring 2015 And now a full lenghth album released by a famous Goa label. This rapid evolution can be explain by the peculiarity of his sound. A sincere acidic sound inherited from the golden days, with an extra supplement of smoothness and a rusty groove. It is with this musical signature that Proxeeus made me like acidic Goa Trance. At first I found it to be bizarre, but I gradually got into it, even though his music offered many little imperfections. Sometimes a bit bland, sometimes too fluffy, or too confuse, and pretty repetitive from track to track. According to me, the biggest challenge that Proxeeus had to deal with with the Mountains of Madness was to overcome these many issues to produce a brighter sound. The concept At the Mountains of Madness The title of the album in itself conveys us to an unusual destination. But the promise is clear. The journey will take us to an ascending spiral of altered mental states, until we reach the top of psychedelicness. Madness will be explored in its utmost glory, as mountains tend to be associated with something dominant and transcendant. The style This is the hardest part of the review. Depicting sounds with words is not a natural thing, but it is important to put an impression on an artist's fragrance. First of all, Jérôme Proxeeus remains here truthful to his former tracks. The album is characterized by a very strong feeling of organic-ness. While many Goa artists tend to focus on a story-telling structure with narrative movements, and resort to mythological motives, Proxeeus prefers to brew a mixture of sounds, like a sorcerer making up a potion. Psychedelicness is attained through the unfolding of many textures, through the cooling and warming of the beverage, through the chemical reactions that occur between the many drooling, peeping, bubbling sounds of 303 sparks cooking up amidst the bassline cauldron. The music acts as a warm fluid, a psychedelic lava that progressively enters the mind to make consciousness boil like a strange philtre. And this is precisely what I like about Proxeeus' sound : it's liquid, and it proceeds by waves. It has amplitude, regularity, roundness, just like water. Warm water. When I close my eyes while listening to this music, a biologic scenery unfolds in my mind. Many Goa artists tend to create a vast, cosmic sonic space, to fill it with energy, and to shake it with a sismic energy in order to create spacequakes, thanks to heavy basslines. Proxeeus does not. Instead, he occupies the space with a muffled bassline and dense textures that gives a feeling of an inner resonance. It's a bit of an underwater sensation that, combined with a organic input provided by the acid loops and the hot tempo, plunges your body in an amniotic bath. It is a carnal music, but in an intimate, cocooning sense. The heat of the music is the heat of a breath ; the pumping is a heartbeat ; the fluidity is like blood running. Adding up to this biologic theater, there is an underlying cyberpunk theme. Machines meet hot organic fluids. Living organs are connected to computers through wires. Sinister atmospheres of an uncanny laboratory go through the tracks. A mechanical menace is heard echoing. And accross the Galaxy, malevolent cyborg aboard their starships seek to rapture the living. The coldness of steel responds to the warm vividness of the body. And that is very interesting, because it highlights the relationships between the actual Jérôme Proxeeus, a being of flesh and bones, and the metallic instruments which he tries to make sing. But overall, it is an introvert music with a silky touch, a deep music aligned with the body's frequencies which uplifts organic memories from time to time, a shamanistic beverage with a retro sci-fi accent. The global mood of the track, with its deepening reverberations, put you in a stasis suitable to a psychedelic experience, and the constant buzzing of coloured spots all around the tracks puts the mind into a hallucinogenic state that soon becomes a form of enlightened madness. The plot The story takes place in a far future. Mankind is rotting in decay across the Galaxy. Machines are supreme and lead the Milky Way, while sloth and slunder have paralyzed most of humans. In the dark suburbs of one of the largest human colony, a rumor has spread. There is a new drug that circulates underground, an illegal substance with legendary properties that people struggle to obtain. Its name is ayahuasca, a synthetic product famous to awaken ancient memories from one's ancestors. But Proxeeus is a young hacker that isn't interested by drugs. One day, as he enters confidential files of the deep net, a mysterious entity appears within his occulus rift. It is a living hologram, a artificial intelligence made up of algorhythms who claim to be Hanuman, an ancient Hindu god. As Proxeeus talks to him, the divinity progressively takes possession of him. Hanuman's goal is to counter a conspiracy, machines plotting to enslave manking to a higher degree, a mechanical menace that threatens the colony and beyond. That's why he reveals to Proxeeus a code – the Vimana, to hack the machines, but his brain cannot handle it. To make his plan work, Hunaman sends the human to collect as much ayahuasca as possible, so that the god penetrates further into his mind, and expands it from the inside. As he is tripping high, Proxeeus deviates from his course, and enters a dimension against which the junkies warned him about : the Mountains of Madness, a range of hallucinogenic peaks against which consciousness is wrecked. As the hackers sinks into insanity, Hanuman seeks the cybernet for the help of another hologram : Chandra. The final track tells depicts the ruins scattered around the Sea of Tranquillity... The tracks 1. Across the Galaxy Dark, mysterious, stomping. A modern track with a bassline reminding me of Etnica – Intense Visitation, and cool electric FX. 08:36 is mind-opening. A- 2. Hanuman Deep. Twisted. Dedallic. A bit funky. Somehow recalls me of Miranda. A- 3. Vimanas I didn't expect this more full-onic bassline into Proxxeus' universe. Some metallic, scrapping sounds recall early psytrance. A slightly bit itchy for my taste. But I liked a lot the oriental climaxic melodies, which are very hypnotic. A 4. Mechanical Menace Very shamanic. Crazy and ritualistic. I would definitely dance to this one. A- 5. At the Mountains of Madness Some rare acid spirals in it. The bassline is awesome. Hard scratching acid. The climax is profound. A 6. Ayahuasca Classic acid trance, with some oriental highlights. B/B- 7. Chandra Knows A very futuristic track with a compelling cyberpunk atmosphere. A- 8. The Sea of Tranquillity You guys know that I don't like Goa downtempo. So, I won't rate this track :/ Overall : challenge succeeded. Proxeeus has refined his sound, and created an amazing album. He now stands as the new Semsis, even if he incorporates modern influences that recall early psytrance 1998 style (like X-Dream). Examples of Semsis : Planet, 1997 Pile, 1996 Artwork Not bad. The moon looked photoshopped. Overall it reminds me of a little something... Conclusion Cool music that is excellent to regulate your mental states. It's not surprizing that Jérôme Proxeeus found therapeutic virtues in this form of Goa Trance. GJ. DOWNLOAD FOR FREE
  11. Artist: GoaTree Title: Akasha Connection Label: Neogoa Date: September, 2015 1 - Aura 2 - Neural Oscillation 3 - Akasha Connection 4 - Don't You 5 - Oblivion Planet (vs Somnesia) 6 - Invisible People 7 - Weekly Drive (GoaTree Remix) 8 - Order To My Chaos 9 - Artificial Intelligence "You know I love you don't you?" "What the f*ck are they doing up there?" "Promoter said showers are mandatory for party entrance. So they all jumped up there and won't come down." "Damn shame what the fat one is doing to that tree. Just a damn shame." And this is how GoaTrees were born. Probably. I guess...I wasn't really that attentive in botany class. And how could I be when there were so many hot chicks looking for that easy A? GoaTree is Lukas Bartosek from Slovakia which is somewhere near India I think (geography class had even more honeys in it). This is his debut album presented for free on the Neogoa netlabel (although not only net anymore, eh?) with artwork by the one and only Richpa. And it begins with a thumping good goa track (Aura) that I was rockin' whilst mowing the lawn. Good lawn mowing music for sure. Dats my whip! Straight gangsta! Husqvarna fo' life! Yeah, I'm 44 years old. I don't speak that way. Forgive my momentary lapse. The next couple of tracks bounce along nicely with some catchy melodies and I liked the breakbeat in Akasha Connection. Don't You has a repetitive chant (African I believe, but as I told you I was looking at the ladies so I could be wrong) that doesn't thrill me. So...do I? No I don't. Oblivion Planet wasn't anything special and Invisible People comes off as simple filler, limping along. Weekly Drive had a grand beat during the break which changed things up a little before it rocketed back into a hyper 4/4. Not bad. Order to My Chaos ups the BPM's to 160 for a high intensity workout and he closes with the downtempo/midtempo Artificial Intelligence. Is that a f*cking shanai? Again like a lot if the tracks on this album I'm filled with a large load of meh. What the hell happened? I've found his compilation tracks much more detailed and enjoyable than a good portion of this album. It's not bad at all, but he himself has set the bar high so expectations of course rise with it. Perhaps this could've been another EP release instead of an album where he branches out and flirts with different styles. The sound is great and listening to Aura tells me that he has the ability to deliver the goods. He just didn't seem to do it here. Free at Ektoplazm!
  12. Artist: PsySutra Title: Nebulla Cebulla EP Label: Neogoa Records Date: December, 2016 01 - PsySutra - Infinnitus Anniversarius 02 - PsySutra - Semper Fi 03 - Artha - Insidelamp (PsySutra Remix) 04 - PsySutra - Air Trance Corporation (Red Sun Rising Remix) PsySutra is Łukasz Wiącek and with this 4 track digital EP he appears to be flexing his creative muscles. Like you I was expecting music in the vein of his recent release Gamma Phoenicis, but this is most certainly not that. Neogoa's final release for 2016 is quite interesting and at least for me wholly unexpected. For starters the cover looks like half an onion floating through space. Is it just me? Not my favorite work by Ivan, but if the music is good he could put a Campbell's soup can up there and I wouldn't care. And it is. Infinnitus Anniversarius- Pretty good psychedelic opener. The second half really kicks the door in. Semper Fi- is almost 11 and a half minutes of aggressive goa trance. Throaty 303s growl fiercely and he adds some Posford-esque chopped vocals and it just pounds all the way through. Insidelamp (PsySutra Remix)- This was one of the Artha tracks I really liked and Lukasz went and turned it into a smooth downtempo track. The lead flutters overhead while down below the slow dub beat plods on. Sparkle fresh. Then the breakbeat picks up the pace for a bit before settling in for the final chill. Air Trance Corporation (Red Sun Rising Remix) has floating, ethereal pads as the machine gun bass line marches in a progressive tempo. Can get lost in this one. While it's not my favorite, it's not a bad ep at all and shows the artist stretching his talent to other areas while still showing he can cause some goa earthquakes. Ektoplazm
  13. OUT NOW! Triglav is the new conceptual release by Lunar Dawn duo featuring three new tracks including collaboration work with Amir John Haddad (a touring member of Juno Reactor) and 4 exclusive bonus remixes by some of the best Neogoa artists - Proxeeus, Lectro Spektral Daze, Journey Into Sound and Dragon Twins. Since the release of Kolovrat album back in 2015, Lunar Dawn wanted to make something really special, more diverse, unusual but staying true in terms of ethnodelic motifs, melodic aspects of trance sound and of course, continue the story of Kolovrat mythos, but keeping all elements tight and psychedelic enough. The digipak (limited) version comes with bonus tracks and items, including 4 custom made wallpapers illustrated by Arkadiy Tronets (Svarog, Morana, Triglav and Cosmic Law) and download code for new Neogoa compilation Svemirski Hod. Tracklist: 01 - Jav (120 BPM) 02 - Nav [feat. Amir John Haddad] [140 BPM) 03 - Prav (145 BPM) bonus digipak tracks: 04 - Golden Arms Of Kresnik [Journey Into Sound Remix] (145 BPM) 05 - Svarog's Celestial Fire [Proxeeus Remix] (149 BPM) 06 - Golden Arms Of Kresnik [Lectro Spektral Daze Remix] (144 BPM) 07 - Svarog's Celestial Fire [Dragon Twins Remix] (143 BPM) All tracks written and produced by Kristijan Ilišinović and Saša Prečanica (Croatia) http://www.neogoa.net/lunar-dawn/ Bouzouki on track #2 (Nav) by Amir John Haddad (Germany/Spain) http://amirjohnhaddad.com/es/ Remix on track #4 by Gabor Czellar (Hungary) http://www.neogoa.net/journey-into-sound/ Remix on track #5 by Jerome Lesterps (France) http://www.neogoa.net/proxeeus/ Remix on track #6 by Danny Marshall (New Zealand) http://www.neogoa.net/lectro-spektral-daze/ Remix on track #7 by Mathias Pico (Belgium) http://www.neogoa.net/dragon-twins/ Artwork illustrations by Arkadiy Tronets (Russia) Artwork design by Ivan Parić (Croatia) http://www.facebook.com/neogoadesign Mastering by Igor Čeranić at Deimos Soundlabs (Croatia) http://www.deimos-soundlabs.com Released by Neogoa Records in 2016 (NEOGDP02 / NEOG049) http://www.neogoa.net Get digipak version | Free download | Listen samples | Watch on YouTube
  14. OUT NOW! Download/support this release: http://www.neogoa.net/new-psysutra-out-now/ After the release of his debut album 'Gamma Phoenicis' on Cronomi Records, back in 2014, polish Goa trance producer Łukasz Wiącek will release his new material on Neogoa Records through 4-track release entitled 'Nebulla Cebulla'. It will feature two unreleased tracks, remix of Artha's Insidelamp track and Red Sun Rising remix of Air Trance Corporation. More about this release will be posted in the upcoming weeks, including the release date, tracklist, samples, artwork and all other details. Tracklist: 01 - PsySutra - Infinnitus Anniversarius 02 - PsySutra - Semper Fi 03 - Artha - Insidelamp (PsySutra Remix) 04 - PsySutra - Air Trance Corporation (Red Sun Rising Remix) Written and produced by Łukasz Wiącek (track: 1,2 and 4) ‘Insidelamp’ written and produced by Michał Bączek, remixed by Łukasz Wiącek ‘Air Trance Corporation’ remixed by Michał Niecikowski Artwork design by Ivan Parić (Richpa) @ Neogoa Design Mastering by Igor Čeranć (Deimos) @ Deimos Soundlabs Samples: Teaser video: First track: More PsySutra @: www.neogoa.net/psysutra www.facebook.com/psysutra604 @psysutra www.mixcloud.com/psysutra More Neogoa Records @: www.neogoa.net www.facebook.com/neogoarecords @neogoarecords www.twitter.com/neogoarecords www.youtube.com/c/neogoarecords www.instagram.com/neogoarecords
  15. Hello friends! Our new release has been released today and you can grab the high-quality audio files right here: http://bit.ly/get-neg Negans debut #GoaTrance release 'Danse Macabre' is also available on YouTube - http://bit.ly/yt-negand on SoundCloud - http://bit.ly/sc-neg. If you like the music, please make sure to subscribe to Negans and Neogoa and share the music with your friends! Tracklist: 01. Midori (138 BPM) 02. Into Asylum (140 BPM) 03. Life On Earth (142 BPM) 04. Danse Macabre (145 BPM) Written and produced by Elie Seigneur www.facebook.com/negans Mastering by Igor Čeranić @ Deimos Soundlabs www.deimos-soundlabs.com/ Artwork design by Svem and Richpa at Neogoa Design www.facebook.com/neogoadesign More Neogoa Records at: www.facebook.com/neogoarecords www.twitter.com/neogoarecords www.instagram.com/neogoarecords www.youtube.com/c/neogoarecords More Negans at: @negans www.twitter.com/negansmusic
  16. Artist: Negans Title: Danse Macabre EP Label: Neogoa Date: October, 2016 1. Midori 2. Into Asylum 3. Life On Earth 4. Danse Macabre "Holy sh*t it's walking upright! Get the camera! Get the f*cking camera!" It's tough to stand out in a crowd. Mostly. We all crave acceptance even when we have something different to offer. Goa trance has reached the saturation point (some would argue that this happened years ago) where the music has become homogenized. Perhaps there's no place left to go? Well, certainly the minds at Neogoa don't believe that as evidenced from their past releases. This is also along those lines. Negans is Elie Seigneur and with his debut EP he has created something...hmmm. I dunno. Part goa of course, psytrance, and it certainly has a dark vibe. But I can't put it in a box and that terrifies the OCD gremlin inside me. She is so evil. You should see her go batsh*t crazy at a public bathroom when mouth breathing knuckle draggers don't wash their hands. So. Much. F-word. Back on topic, the ultimate test of music of course is whether it moves you and if it did and you liked the way you moved, do you want to hear it again. And I just don't know where I am with this. The sound is great (Igor Ceranic) as well as the artwork, but none of the tracks blew me away like the final two from The World Beyond did. That might be false equivalence as those last two tracks were some of the best goa trance I've ever heard. There are aspects in all four of the tracks that were quite appealing, but the sum hasn't put me over the top yet. I do know that each time I give it a listen I end up liking it more and more. So more spins it is! A nice, even number. My gremlin demands it. Must...keep it...under....control!!! Holy sh*t I hope no one has a seizure from this! Neogoa Bandcamp Ektoplazm
  17. JaraLuca Perpetuum Mobile Neogoa Tracklist: 1. Existence 2. Perpetuum Mobile 3. Galaxicity 4. Minds Circus 5. Insomnia 6. Uncontrolled 7. Solaris 8. Emptiness First and foremost, this cover art is awesome, probably my favorite so far by Richpa, symbolic for the sounds, open to interpretation for meaning, kinetic visuals that just leap out. My take is JaraLuca is the brain at the center shooting his goa energy into the open brains of the listeners located on either side of his creative stem. Once attached to the synapse of the listener the pure-white energy (or is that steam from these red-hot productions) are released into the universe to do, well, whatever great energy does once us humans have had our fill of it. I like the cover concept, a lot, and there must be a number of interpretations there but the important thing is that it enhances the music quite a bit if you're puzzling over it while tuned in to these sounds. "Existence," the title track, "Galaxicity," "Minds Circus" and "Uncontrolled" are rollicking numbers, full bodies of sound with great levels in each. Unfortunately, as of yet, I have had a tough time breaking these tracks down and appreciating the details because it is too easy to get swept up in the energy and stomp a few moments of your day away. And that is not a bad thing, as it means I'll hear these tracks a few more times before things slow down enough to get at the lower levels of them. What I love about "Perpetuum Mobile" (an Italian and Portugese musical term for perpetual motion, a very fitting album title) are "Insomnia" and "Emptiness." I'm a sucker for beautiful female voices and the snippets in "Insomnia" add a level of enjoyment not to be found, as of yet, in any other track on the album. Too, the big, broad trance melodies are a lot of fun among all these crazy-good effects and fire-in-its-step rhythms. "Emptiness" is the psychedelic down tempo conclusion and a damn fine ending it is. Lovely, lush, relaxing with just enough energy to keep things moving forward nicely and those syncopated melodies are drop-dead gorgeous. No problems getting into all the details of this one and it will surely get a lot of play and mindfulness in my collection. The thing I hate about "Perpetuum Mobile" is "Solaris," it is off-the-chain crazy, holy-shit intense, the type of musical recklessness that gets me too hyped up and makes me feel like I could run through a wall. And I like my walls, they have pretty and interesting things hanging on them. Perhaps one day, though, I'll be fortunate enough to have something as intriguing as this cover art hanging there. Good release! Available for free play or download at http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/jaraluca-perpetuum-mobile/attachment/jaraluca-perpetuum-mobile () Edit: One thing that occurred to me is the similarities between this one, "Perpetuum Mobile," and Celestial Intelligence's "Perpetual Energy" that is also out this year. Very similar album titles, very similar go-for-it approach to goa. This one is fine but Celestial Intelligence is better because it has more fascinating layers and details in their tracks.
  18. Artist: Ohm Mind Album: Birds Will Go To Heaven Label: Neogoa Records Style: Goa Trance Format: Digital Cat.Num: NEOG042 Tracklist: Angkor Thom Unleash The Ohm Jungle Out Of Galaxy Doors Of Imagination Singing Owls Ultimate State Of Consciousness Cosmic Trance Birds Will Go To Heaven All tracks written and produced by Jérémy Cambon Artwork by Richpa @ Neogoa Design Mastering by Igor Čeranić @ Deimos Soundlabs Samples: https://soundcloud.com/neogoarecords/ohm-mind-birds-will-go-to-heaven For more free Goa trance music, please follow/like us at: Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/neogoarecords Twitter - https://twitter.com/neogoarecords SoundCloud - https://soundcloud.com/neogoarecords Bandcamp - https://neogoarecords.bandcamp.com
  19. http://soundcloud.com/neogoarecords/veasna-energy Pulsar (143 BPM) You Have Rights (144 BPM) Rubix (145 BPM) Hex (147 BPM) Godspeed (145 BPM) Showdown! (145 BPM) Three (147 BPM) Termination Shock (147 BPM) Ultraviolet (142 BPM) The Essence of Energy (90 BPM) Order your limited copy: http://neogoarecords.bandcamp.com/album/energy Shipping starts on July 1st. All tracks written and produced by Patrick Dinklage between 2013 and 2016. http://www.neogoa.net/veasna Mastering by Igor Čeranić at Deimos Soundlabs http://www.deimos-soundlabs.com Artwork design by Richpa at Neogoa Design http://www.facebook.com/neogoadesign [Website] http://veasna.de/ [Facebook] https://www.facebook.com/veasnatrance/ [soundCloud] https://soundcloud.com/pdinklag [bandcamp] https://veasna.bandcamp.com/ Stream complete album on YouTube:
  20. Free download: http://neogoarecords.bandcamp.com/album/galactic-aviator http://soundcloud.com/neogoarecords/goad-galactic-aviator Submerged On Ganymede (150 BPM) Outer Passage (146 BPM) Intergalactic Gates (150 BPM) Other Species (146 BPM) Tripping Astronaut (149 BPM) Galactic Aviator (150 BPM) Alien Pursuit (150 BPM) Goa Delirium (148 BPM) Mystic Presence (149 BPM) Lost in Time (147 BPM) Temple Monkeys (149 BPM) All tracks written and produced by Anders Munk http://www.neogoa.net/goad Mastering by Stryder at Beavernest Atop Studios http://www.facebook.com/stryderq Artwork design by Richpa at Neogoa Design http://www.facebook.com/neogoadesign [Facebook] https://www.facebook.com/GoaDdk [soundCloud] https://soundcloud.com/goadk Stream complete album on YouTube:
  21. Aspartic

    VA - Svemirski Hod

    Name: Svemirski Hod Label: Neogoa Records Release date: April 2016 Zenith 01 - OXI - Haphazard Dance (Nova Fractal Remix) (145 BPM) 02 - Zopmanika - Cosmic Influence (145 BPM) 03 - Imba & Hisia - Elysium Island (143 BPM) 04 - Omnivox - 5 Dimensions (143 BPM) 05 - Stellar Force - Astral Dive (145 BPM) 06 - Lunar Dawn - Orbiting The Sun (143 BPM) 07 - Cosmic Dimension - Another Species (146 BPM) 08 - Main Sequence Star - North Pole (120 BPM) Nadir 09 - Arronax - Dive Into Merak (110 BPM) 10 - Goasia - Skylander (142 BPM) 11 - Arcane Voice - Cerridwen's Potion (144 BPM) 12 - Ezoterica - Universal Mind (150 BPM) 13 - Screw Loose & Stevo - Celestial Bleeps (146 BPM) 14 - M-Run - Galactic Hunt (Part I) (140 BPM) 15 - CoaGoa - Tesla Coil (145 BPM) 16 - OXI - Edge Of The Universe (140 BPM) 17 - Perfect Blind - The Expanse (100 BPM) Time to review this Goa beast from Neogoa. About time. OXI's Haphazard Dance has been vamped by Nova Fractal and the man has done a superb job. I really like the original and Nova has put some more space sauce on top of it. Delicious! Love the warm rolling bassline and crisp production. Euphoric trance all the way. Zopmanika. Never ever heard of the name. Balkan, sure. Good? Fuck yeah! Bubbly jumpy melodic goa that doesn't give you one moment of rest. Once you get into the groove, it's party time! Just saw he has an album out on Sita records. Should check it out! In comes Imba, da masta. ;-) In collab with Hisia. They sure know how to control a lot of acid. It's really incredible. A track can hold much acids sounds, but the magic is to make it sound harmonious, danceable and just fingerlicking good. These gentlemen do a terrific job here. They throw a incredibly sweet trance break in it and there we go again. Superb track!!! Numero 4 in the list is Omnivox with 5 Dimensions. A lush deep track that takes the energy and beastiness of the previous track down. Very well placed imo. It was time for something deeper and floatier. The track is very psychedelic with lots of stabbing sound effects and many layers. Extremely well crafted. Absolutely loving it, mainly because it's so lush and hypnotic. Stellar Force, a collab between Imba and yes OXI. Starts off hesitating, but after a while you realise it's just the intro. After 2 minutes, all sounds come in full force and create a whirlwind of psychedelia all around. Is it the collab with OXI or has Imba just reached the pro level of goa trance creation? Because this is greatness. Really, I'm astounded. Thanks for the orgasm at minute 7. Up next is Croatian talent Lunar Dawn with the beautiful track Orbiting The Sun. My god is he settling a name for himself. Again high quality spiralling goa trance with a basskick so deep. It goes up and down, makes you dizzy, makes you smile. Warm positive goa trance that is a pleasure for the ears. Perhaps my favorite of the compilation because it's so damn hypnotizing. It just goes on and on like a train at lightspeed. Bazinga!!!!!! Cosmic Dimensions Another Species is for sure a dance floor bursting track. The darker bassline made me thinking if it was going to be a track that I was going to skip, but no way. Although I didn't feel it for "In a special kind of space", this track is much better and twisty. Yes, approved. We have now two downtempo tracks which I can't really review. To me it's nice background music. Next goa track is Goasia's skylander, which sounds so oldschool, it's too oldschool for me. Don't know if the track is from the 90's or recent, but the lack of a solid bassline makes me skip it. I'm sure many of you will disagree. Cerridwens Potion has the intention to lift off at any time, but never manages to do so. I'm sure with fluo and blacklights everything sounds better, and although this is not a bad track at all, it falls short in terms of surprises amongst the other stuff. Ezoterica sounds way too old for me to enjoy, same as with Goasia. Sorry, but skip. Celestial Bleeps and Galactic hunt are too trippy for me, but will surely find an audience. Tesla Coil is a ear worm with some hook I can't get rid off in my head, but a twist or some surpsises would have made it more enjoyable. Aaah, back with OXI and Edge Of the Universe. God I love his basskick. The track has many parts, and when they all come together in the end it's pure bliss. Pure Goa madness that needs to be played at some Old Is Gold party in september. ;-) We close with another downtempo track. And that's the great end of it. CONCLUSION Svemirski Hod is a fantastic goa trance compilation and features top class tracks from both emerging and established goa trance artists. I must applaud to all artists involved and the Neogoa label for bringing this to us. Even for free, which is almost unbelievable. But for the artists it is a huge boost for their career now that everyone can listen to these superb goa gems. Simply amazing. Job well done. Download at Ektoplazm
  22. Artist: Various Title: Celestial Transvibration Label: Neogoa Date: October, 2014 1. Protorai - Midst Aetheric Halls 2. Ankrosado - Thing 3. Neuropa - Meganeura 4. What Lies Beneath - Ritual Algorythm (Early Spring Remix) 5. Proxeeus - Mission Atlantis (Alien Voices Mix) 6. Veasna - Quantum Connundrum 7. Arronax - Wings of Laniakea 8. PharaOm - Mighty Sun Sometimes you have to expand your horizons. Try new things and break out of your comfort zone. "C'mon Jimmy...just try a backflip." *flinches* Ooh...nobody saw that. "I've never ridden a motorbike before. So just, twist the accelerator and I'll go? Wow, that's easy!" FFFF*****CCCCCCKKKKKK!!!! Point is trying new things is usually a good thing. Neogoa is the penultimate netlabel when it comes to goa trance. Their releases are consistently great with a track record that a for profit label would envy. When Ivan hooked me up with this a few days ago I asked him what was the idea or the theme behind this compilation. He told me that he wanted to showcase new artists and for this compilation to go in a darker or more experimental direction. Well mission accomplished brother! Yep! Well, except that...the mission here was actually you know...accomplished. This compilation is the definition of a pot luck. Minus grandma's runny potato salad. The first three tracks are of the experimental variety with a sound akin to Slinky Wizard, Psychaos or COP. Shout out to psynewser Paul Eye representing on Meganeura. None of the tracks are mind blowing, but they are interesting and they avoid the all to frequent current goa stereotypes. Then you come to the longest track ever released by Neogoa in Ritual Algorythm. Made by another psynews regular ritual_Om this 20 minute effort is a storytelling journey. Not in the melodic goa sense, but in the exploratory mold. Again, interesting to say the least. And that is the turning point because the final four tracks are what you would expect from Neogoa. Melodic, goa stormers with newcomer Proxeeus kicking the door in saying, "Here I am...love me." Great f*cking track. The last track by former goa stalwart PharaOm was a downtempo goa track that sounded awesomely sinister. If that was the last goa track you made homie, you went out with a bang. So kudos to Neogoa for showcasing newer artists and sending goa trance in another direction. Neogoa is more than just a netlabel they also seem to find lots of up and coming talent that go on to future success. Maybe it'll stick, maybe it won't, but creativity is the mother of invention. Or some sh*t like that. Mdk
  23. Original article: http://goatrance.hu/en/neogoa-interju-richpaval-a-kiado-vezetojevel/ Neogoa netlabel started four years ago, concentrating on goatrance. They did a tremendous work promoting this style. Their releases are all high quality and distributed through Ektoplazm, all of them for free! Label-boss Richpa answered our questions. 1. Before we go deep into goa, please introduce your newest release from Neogoa! What are your personal thoughts of Out Of Body Experience by Lectro Spektral Daze? To whom do you recommend this release? Yeah, OOBE is our latest digital EP release published on Ektoplazm and it’s a collection of three previously unreleased tracks from the very talented New Zealand based psytrance and Goa trance artist Danny Marshall, better known as Lectro Spektral Daze. It’s a little bit of a different breed of Goa trance music with a strong focus on groove and storytelling, but yet with enough interesting melodies. It’s hard to give a proper description (one of the reason why I hate writing promotional texts for our releases). 2. Please introduce yourself! Who is Richpa? Are you rich because of goa? Richpa is Ivan Parić (Rić-pa; see what I did there?), a 28 years old freelance graphic designer, who (obviously) enjoys Goa trance music. Besides that I enjoy learning and reading about history and ancient cultures (especially Nordic and Slavic), watching sci-fi movies and listening to some underground death or black metal while having a cold beer (a lot!). I don’t consider myself to be rich especially not because of Goa trance music. To be clearer, I don’t connect money with my work at Neogoa, which is one of the reasons why our releases are available for free and legal download at Ektoplazm. Did I mention that I love long walks in nature and sunsets? 3. How did you get involved with the Goa scene? What are your favourite releases from the classic era of our beloved style? Honestly I can’t remember the exact year when that happened, but I’m sure more than ten years passed since that moment. I was at my friend’s place and while he was doing something in the kitchen I decided to check his CD collection and I noticed the Pulse Vol.1 CD and I liked the artwork. Since we were into electronic music back then, I asked him about the CD and what kind of music it was. The “This is Psychedelic Trance” tagline was pretty much confusing to us even if we had enjoyed some trance music. He couldn’t give me an exact or correct answer so I decided to borrow that CD and listen to it. What can I say, baaaam – goodbye everything, hello Goa trance. Of course, a couple of weeks later I found the review of that CD on the old Psynews website and started to explore the genre itself. Speaking of favourite releases, well if I have to pick just one, then probably it would be Alien Protein by Etnica. But it’s always hard to choose, especially because there were so many great albums in the 90s. 4. And what do you think about this new-goa (new-school if you will) sound? How do you compare it to the classic sound? What do you think what are the differences and developments in the music? I’m trying to avoid any analysis or comparisons, especially when it comes to ‘sound’ (between old-school Goa trance and new-school). There are differences but you have to be aware that some artists nowadays are producing some super interesting retro-sounding Goa trance music as well. But if we are going to talk about the difference in general, the first thing is that today production tools are more accessible and it’s easier to explore the possibilities and search for a preferable sound. An artist always wants to have his or her own (signature) sound and as a netlabel owner I’m trying to respect that and not to bother the artist or myself with technical details because I’m not an expert when it comes to sound. I leave all the technical details to be solved between the mastering studio and the artist and when both are happy we start the release process. If you’re referring to what’s trending in Goa nowadays, well the answer is obvious, the biggest thing is very melodic / morning sounding Goa music. You have a lot more artists who are producing that kind of Goa trance at the moment. On the other side, more acidic, darker and experimental Goa trance isn’t yet on the same level, but each label I know about is doing its best to promote and present that kind of modern Goa trance music. I’m sure that in the next decade of Goa trance music, less melodic and more experimental Goa music will get more recognition. 5. You started Neogoa net-label in 2010 if I am correct. Why? What was your main reason? Why goa? Why not gansta-rap, tech-house or Transylvanian raw black metal? Sometime between 2008 and 2009 I got myself more involved in “new-wave Goa trance”, mostly with music that has been released by Suntrip, Phototropic and my favorite label back then – Metapsychic. I felt that I should write more about Goa trance music in general and try to cover and provide as much interesting information as possible about the dawn of Goa trance music and the new-school era. After all it’s the same genre and some kind of evolution, or even better, revolution happened, because enthusiastic people had the balls to release Goa music in an endless sea of generic full-on and progressive trance. After I finished writing “The History and the uprising of Goa trance” in Croatian and Mirza (Arronax) translated it to English, the logical next step was to create a small and simple website with that information presented there, including a database dedicated to modern Goa trance music with label profiles and list of artists (even today I have those HTML files somewhere), so people can be informed about everything on single page. That’s how the Neogoa website was born. A couple of months later in December 2010, after I spoke and negotiated with more than thirty artists, Dimensional Gateway (our first release) was published on the Ektoplazm website and its purpose was the promotion of our website and the genre itself. Speaking about other genres, especially black metal, I had a similar idea/plan (as with Neogoa) but at this moment I’m just enjoying some atmospheric (3rd wave) black metal from the US and one day maybe I will give a shot at promoting or working with some underground metal label, at least as a graphic designer. It’s not good to be limited to the same things in life! 6. Why did you go with a net-label rather than a normal label? Don’t you see the big bu$ine$$ opportunity in goa-trance? There is a meme about being a Goa trance DJ in these hard times (with Johnny Depp and a little kid) which explains perfectly the situation about making money with Goa trance music. I can’t speak for others but after I spoke with some fellow label-owners and artists, CD sales are dropping each year (even in cases when you have already an established name and follower-base), and that is a fact. Digital music is getting more and more popular each year and it is one of the reasons why Neogoa found its place among even bigger labels who have a stronger financial background in such short period of time. I don’t consider Neogoa to be “different” from the others; we’re all doing the same thing, doing our best to promote quality Goa trance music, but through different ways and with different approaches. 7. What’s your main goal with Neogoa? For us, the fans, it’s an awesome way to find new artists and music and I am sure it’s a great opportunity for the artists as well to introduce themselves, do you agree? Well, the main goal is to stay on the right path, to explore different influences, themes and motifs, to present them properly and correctly, to avoid fakery and be open towards people (our followers, fans) who are interested in our work and the ideas behind the music. Money doesn’t fuel people, honesty and straight-forward attitude does. It is the core reasons why so many people are doing great things for Neogoa voluntarily, from mastering studios, uploaders, reviewers, translators, and DJs who are promoting the music of our artists. Goa trance liberation is the Neogoa essence and main motto. People feel that and they know that this project is growing and building because of it. I assume that artists on Neogoa recognized the opportunities of being exposed to a large amount of people in a quick and easy way, especially since Ektoplazm is probably the best source for legal Goa trance music. With good exposure and promotion, the possibilities of being noticed and booked for some gig are much bigger and, (sad but true), with gigs you can at least cover some expenses and earn some money. Great results in promotion through Neogoa are the main reason why label exists (and why I’m not releasing Transylvanian raw black metal (yet) as you said lol). 8. Setting up and running a net-label takes a lot of time and effort. What motivates and drives you to do this? It does take some time indeed, but if you enjoy your every-day work then it’s not as hard as some people might think. Although Neogoa takes a couple of hours each day in my life, it’s not that easy to handle all the other activities while preparing a release. I’m trying to have some sort of balance between Neogoa and my other work, for example graphic design. Regarding the motivation, as I said earlier, all the people involved in some way with Neogoa are the reason why this label still exists and the good feedback that we’re getting for our releases means that we’re doing the right thing. We’re living in hard times and people sometime need some small little good thing and if Neogoa is a reason for their happiness, our mission is done. A couple of months ago one nice guy (a disabled ex-fireman) sent me a heart-touching message about him being grateful for all the music that Neogoa released for free, because he can’t afford to buy music and I can’t explain you how I felt after I red that message. He’s not the only one, there are a lot more heroes out there who deserves a small piece of happiness and it is a privilege for me and for all artists (and I think I can speak in their name too) to make people happy with music! 9. In my opinion there is a “quality level” connected to Neogoa. If something comes you know that it’s not that bad. How do you choose the artist and releases? For example if I have a small bedroom goa project can I send you demos? Thank you. Well, it’s not piece of cake to pick certain number of tracks and release them just like that. If you want to establish a decent level of quality you have to reject some material, but usually I reject music that really doesn’t have anything with the style we’re promoting. If there is potential in the music, I like to send some sort of feedback to artist with some suggestion and if he manages to deliver the product, than we talk about release slots. The communication is the crucial part, many artists are craving quality feedback and suggestions/ideas, and I’m trying as much as I can to deliver some interesting ones. In the last two years I tended to promote new names as much as possible, because when you give them a fair chance and when they get good feedback, their self-confidence grows and they will be more involved into music making, hopefully exploring different themes through their music. Being innovative in any kind of way is something that I like to push when I see it in someone’s work. Regarding the demo submission, all information can be found here (http://neogoanetlabel.tumblr.com/demo), so if you decide to send us your bedroom Goa project, just don’t forget to follow the rules hehe. 10. Your first release was the Dimensional Gateway compilation. What are your memories of it? Which track is your favourite of that compilation and why? Dimensional Gateway was a great experience. I met a lot of great people online while working on it and I felt proud when it finally came out on Ektoplazm. I can’t say that I have favorite track on it, since all of them are there for a reason. If you want to experience the idea and the story, you have to listen to it from the start to finish. 11. Which are your favourite three Neogoa releases and why? Which is your all-time favourite track from the Neogoa catalog? Man you’re asking tough questions haha. Okay, my favorite Neogoa release(s) always change since I’m not always in the mood for Goa trance only (blasphemy!) and you know that we’re releasing downtempo music as well, so in recent times I really enjoyed Shamanizm Parallelii’s latest album, The World in a Drop of Rain – http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/shamanizm-parallelii-the-world-in-a-drop-of-rain. Regarding the uptempo stuff, Arronax and his Crossing The Rubicon album is a perfect pick for cold autumn nights – http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/arronax-crossing-the-rubicon 12. Your most successful release on Ektoplazm is PharaOm’s Under The Sun Of Goa. What do you think is the main reason for that success? Because we put Ganesh on the artwork and word ‘Goa’ in the album name. J Seriously, it’s because Oswald is a very talented and skilled musician and his work has left a strong mark on the Goa trance scene. He’s currently working on his other non-Goa trance side project but he will release a downtempo track on our next compilation – Celestial Transvibrations. We’re also talking about some other releases as well, so maybe he will get back to making Goa trance music again. Regarding the high number of downloads, I think some server-crash happened on Ektoplazm and some numbers changed, but no matter the number of downloads, it’s great album and people should check it if they haven’t yet. 13. If somebody asks you “What is goa-trance?” what would you say? Which Neogoa release would you recommend to introduce this style? When I worked on the Dimensional Gateway 3 compilation, I asked the good people on Psynews and on Facebook to send us one word that describes what Goa trance means to them and we collected a lot of words and put them on the inlay artwork. For me it’s a wonderful genre that has been under the radar for many years (when you compare it to other more exposed genres in EDM), but maybe it’s better to have that underground vibe on the scene. People are more honest, more open and it’s easier to communicate and plan things together. I see Goa trance as a little kid, growing each day and getting better and better, so it would be a shame to spoil it with fame and money. Don’t get me wrong here, I still think that many artists and DJs are not paid enough for their work, and many labels are losing money, but in those situations you have to push even harder and better, because only with hard work you can achieve good things in life. If that’s money, well people interested in money will find the way sooner or later. 14. Your releases are mostly goa-trance style. Why didn’t you release other forms of psy-trance? Don’t you like them? Well it’s hard to say that we release only Goa trance. A lot of our releases are not 100% Goa trance and why should they be? For example if you look at the PsiloCybian or BlackStarrFinale albums on Neogoa, both artists are dance-floor friendly, with a lot of psytrance and even full-on influences. The exact definition isn’t important here, the quality of music is. They succeeded in blending Goa trance music with other styles and a lot of people liked that. Someone will like the more straight-forward Goa trance sound like Alienoma or Morphic Resonance. It’s a matter of taste and it would be totally unacceptable for me to focus only on Goa trance music. I said earlier that we also promote and release downtempo and psychedelic chillout music. Anything that I find good enough will get a slot on Neogoa. Speaking about other genres, there are plans to expand our musical ideas through a sub-label, but more about that later. I don’t like to say that I like one certain genre, because each genre has something good to offer. 15. It looks like that the “normal” music business is dying. Although there are still some successful psytrance labels, most people (goa people included) don’t buy music anymore. What is your opinion on this? Do you think this is good because it helps or it makes things worse? If someone doesn’t buy music that doesn’t mean he or she doesn’t support the scene in some way. I know a lot of people who are not buying music but they support the scene by going to parties, making visuals and decorations for artists, writing reviews, promoting music on social networks, posting about different projects on their blogs, promoting artists on YouTube (some artists don’t like that type of promotion, but in recent years more and more artists are aware how important YouTube promotion has become), etc. However, I respect all people who keep buying music, especially on CDs and for sure they’re one of the biggest reasons why some labels still exists. 16. You design your releases and work for other artists as well. Is that a hobby or your job? Which is your favourite picture? Besides Neogoa artwork, I make designs (under Neogoa Design) for other Goa and ambient labels as well, including Sita Records, Suntrip Records, Timewarp Records, Goa Madness Records, Phototropic Records, UAF Records, DAT Mafia Records, Random Records, etc. It’s not only a hobby since I have to pay bills as well, but whenever someone needs a graphic design for a charity release or any worthy cause, I’m doing it pro-bono. Besides that I also design flyers and logos. I’m trying to have my own style when it comes to graphic design but sometime a label or artist wants something different and it’s always cool to explore different styles than the usual things that I’m working on. I don’t have a favorite piece of art, but the most fun was a collaboration work with Dejan and Goran at Adamantite Studios for the latest Goasia album on Suntrip Records. 17. This year Suntrip released a best-of compilation of Neogoa. Where did this cooperation come from? Whose idea was the release? Who chose the tracks? Which one is your favourite track? Yeah, we released Epoch Of The Terrans through Suntrip and it was a great collaboration project between Neogoa and Suntrip. Honestly it wasn’t hard to work with them since I designed some artwork for them and we have really great communication. The idea came from my side after some people asked about the possibility of having Neogoa material released on a CD, and I said that I’m willing to do so if any label shows some interest in this project. I received a couple of offers but Suntrip was the best option. I asked people to send us their favorite tracks from Neogoa on Psynews and on Facebook and we received great suggestions. After that I spoke with Jos and he gave some of his suggestions and I gave some of mine and in the end the complete project was done. It was fun to work on it and I hope sometime in the future we will do something similar again, not only with Suntrip, but with other labels as well. 18. What is your opinion about the current hyped style of psytrance (off-beat)? I heard a new release is coming from Neelix on Neogoa, is that true? Do you think that there will be a goa-trance revival sometime in the future? I don’t have any special opinion; I’m sure it has its audience and that people enjoy it. Two years ago or even more I heard a track by Neelix and I liked it but after I heard couple more tracks by him I found out that they sound “samey” and I decided not to involve myself anymore into his production and music. But if he respects our demo submission rules, I will listen to his promo if in some crazy scenario he sends something to Neogoa hahaha. Speaking about revival, I think it’s happening now, but sometimes people don’t know how to appreciate the moment we’re living in, and when those things are gone we start to be nostalgic. I enjoy each day when I wake up, drink a coffee and check my Soundcloud stream while listening to new music. There is a lot of quality Goa trance nowadays and a lot of great artists; let’s appreciate that for a moment. 19. Goa isn’t just about the music. What about the goa parties? Are you a big partier? Do you plan to organize a Neogoa showcase party sometime? That would be awesome! Parties play an important role in music promotion, but I’m not a guy who goes to parties or festivals since my work is based on promotion through social networks and internet and I’m not that much into psytrance parties in general. But slowly people are starting to organize more and more Goa-trance based gatherings and events which is a great thing and it’s always great to see a Goa trance artist playing for a big festival. I hope people who are involved in organizing parties and festivals will give more opportunities to a less well-known artists because if they don’t do, who will? I’m not planning to host any Neogoa showcase party since all our music (after I get it from mastering) goes to fellow Goa trance DJs and radio hosts, and if they find something suitable for their mixes/shows, they’re promoting it. 20. How is the goa trance scene nowadays in your country? Which artist do you recommend worth checking out (not just goa, any style)? The scene is growing and getting better. There are a lot of amazing artist coming from Croatia, but the party scene isn’t on the same level as it is in other countries (Belgium, Israel, Brazil to name a few). However, some great people are doing their best to change those things. Besides the Lost Theory festival, a lot of smaller organizations are hosting parties and even festivals (remember Goa Fanatics?), which is a cool thing for Goa trance music. Speaking of artists, well let’s see: PsiloCybian/Screw Loose, Lunar Dawn, Nova Fractal, Omnivox (ex. Vox), Hotep, ½ of Goasia, M-Run/Adrenalin Run, Perfect Blind, Liquid Flow, Project Shidartha, Deimos, Atom Based, Decadent Sympozium and many others. Without any doubt, Croatia and the Balkan Peninsula in general have the strongest Goa trance artists roster in the last couple of years and I’m sure it will grow more and more. For more about our artists you can check our Croatian compilation published on Ektoplazm entitled ‘Entities’ compiled by PsiloCybian, Deimos and Richpa, or my Croatian Goa mix on YouTube. 21. What can we expect from Neogoa in the future? What are your plans for the rest of the year? In the next couple of weeks we’re releasing two (more darker/experimental) releases by Dragon Twins (a great project from Belgium) – Only For The Wicked EP, and our 2nd compilation in 2014 – Celestial Transvibrations, which will feature a lot newcomers including Protorai from Hungary J , as well as Neuropa, Ankrosado, Veasna, Proxeeus, What Lies Beneath and good old Arronax and PharaOm. For 2015 we will release full length albums by Lunar Dawn, GoaTree, Lectro Spektral Daze and Proxeeus, a remix album of collaboration work between Nova Fractal and Arronax, and a bunch of joint releases between Neogoa and our new sub-label – Ae Records (https://www.facebook.com/aehorde), featuring music by Jagoa, JaraLuca, Twisted Nature and many others. There are also two compilations in the making, one similar in style to the Dimensional Gateways series called “The World Beyond” which will be the most challenging project so far on Neogoa with an amazing lineup, and a new (as yet untitled) Sky Technology compilation on Neogoa. Besides music, recently we launched localized versions (non-English) of our page at Facebook, so from now on Neogoa is available in Dutch (https://www.facebook.com/neogoabelgium), Croatian (https://www.facebook.com/neogoacroatia), French (https://www.facebook.com/neogoafrance) and Russian (https://www.facebook.com/neogoarussia) and hopefully in the upcoming months we will have even more localized versions of our page, but for all people who want to get their latest Neogoa feed on English, they can follow Neogoa here: https://www.facebook.com/neogoa.netlabel Thank you again I hope it wasn’t that boring at all. It wasn’t boring at all and I hope next time there will be at least forty questions haha (joking). Thank you and best of luck with your website!
  24. Hello Psynewsers! I decided to open a topic for my gigs and update it regulary. I might play in your country and we might meet You can also check about gigs, releases and news on my offical Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/imba604 Let's start with summer tour!
  25. BREAKING NEWS... PSYCHAOS RECORDS is nearly ready to roll ..!! Schedule : PSYCHAOS - CHRONOLOGY Around 20 tracks of Psychaos from 1993 to 2003. This double album will contain unreleased tracks, mixes and versions of all the classics you know and love. Will be re-mastered_(no loudness wars here_max -11 to -10 db RMS) This collectors double album archive will be released on Psychaos Records on CD and will contain a 12 page booklet full of interesting facts and techniques involved in the making of these tracks. ------------------------------------------- PSYCHAOS - CAUSE & EFFECT re-mastered. Digital release only unless there is demand for a cd release. ------------------------------------------ PSYCHAOS 2.0 REWIRED Selected Psychaos tracks re-engineered, authentic and true to the originals but with todays quality and depth of sound. Also contained will be modern remixes of selected tracks. CD release. ------------------------------------------ PSYCHAOS & FRIENDS All new tracks. All new collaborations. CD release. ----------------------------------------- PSYCHAOS - new album (to be named) completely new material for the modern dancefloor..!! CD release. ---------------------------------------- Comments, opinions and suggestions welcome. Ask any questions you like.. Psychaos Crew....
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