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Found 68 results

  1. https://soundcloud.com/lentej/hyperstyles-cd06-goa-generation Tracklist - 01 Celestial Intelligence - Real Worth 02 Ajna - Come Back To Reality 03 Nova Fractal - Perplexed 04 Goasia - Tetrodotoxin 05 Liquid Flow - Synergy 06 Trinodia & Judaika - Enlightened Moon 07 Merr0w - Citrus Circus 08 Amanians - Fireworks 09 Crossing Mind - Cyclone In Your Heart 10 Arronax - Lightning Bolt 11 JBC Arkadii - Trance Galactic Voyage 12 Shakta - Lepton Head (Deedrah Remix) [CLASSIC] Happy Halloween! DOWNLOAD: https://bit.ly/hyperstyles-CD06 SUBSCRIBE TO ITUNES PODCAST: https://bit.ly/itunespodcastshyperstyleslentej
  2. Mixcloud http://www.mixcloud.com/Elysium/my-vision-of-trance-mix-part-4/ SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/elysium94/kristian-elysium-my-vision-of-trance-part-4
  3. --- 15 - 18 August 2014 --- The World Iz Turning --- Darkpsy party Norway Underground Power Dj Set : Antikriz/Horrordelic @ Forest Bday for Fleinar !! Part1: Tracklist Part1: 01: Crone - Fire And Blood (170bpm) Horrordelic Records 02: Necroillusion - Mr. Hyde Is Coming (170bpm) Triptec Records 03: Lepudness - Energy Heaven (178bpm) Horrordelic Records 04: Mk Ultra - LSDeath (180bpm) Triptec Records 05: Bones vs Miquiztli - Voces En El Abismo (180bpm) Triptec Records 06: Miquiztli - Ceremonial Circles (180 bpm) Triptec Records 07: Uphurya - 13 - Tales of Victory (190bpm) Dopetec Records 08: Azzault - 06 - Om Namah Shiva (180bpm) Horrordelic Records 09: Voidscream & Akira - 06 - Purgatory Gates (175bpm) Scared Evil Records 10: Asamori - Warped Instinct (177bpm) Scared Evil Records 11: Gloomy Phantom & Synthetic Forest - 01 - Knocking on Hells Door (164bpm) Scared Evil Records 12: Bones - Dark Voices (Tribute To Jim Morrison) (160bpm) Triptec Records 13: Prospectum Mortis - Kill The Monster rmx (160bpm) Obscurum Records 14: Made In Hell and DeeJoker - Demonizz da Garoa (157bpm) Obscurum Records 15: Dark Chico - Real World (158bpm) Darknox Records Part 2: Tracklist Part 2: 01: Nazrael vs Zaiklophobia - Fantasy 02: Holix & Dark Element - Spirit Guide (150bpm) 03: Space Alien - Happy Birthday To Us (148bpm) 04: Satyr Iasis - Tickler (150bpm) 05: Lost Reflection - The Weight Of The End (157bpm) 06: Zigorat - The World Can Not Restore Equilibrium (150bpm) 07: Ozore - A Night In The India (155bpm) 08: Dark Cygnus - Sahasranama 09: Necroillusion - Feel My Pain (154bpm) 10: Nazrael - Dark Days 11: Unfug - Hazy Fog Ooops, wrong button here ... But back at it 11: Aum Sync - Lunatik Karma - 172bpm 12: Paranoia Sector - No More Badtrip 168bpm 13: Selective Mood - Maine Frame 184bpm 14: HyperBurst - Star Childrens 185bpm 15: Kaya - Swastika 185bpm 16: Blind-ox - Eleusinian Mysteries 188bpm 17: Motorbrain - 10 - Blood Moon 190bpm 18: Somarobotics - Mentally BLind 19: Surupo - Dark Saga 20: Cyko - Data Beast - Darkpsy Dj Set : Antikriz/Horrordelic @ Forest Bday for Fleinar Find all tracks FREE @ Tracklist: http://darkpsyportal.anomalisticrecords.com/ http://facebook.com/horrordelic - http://horrordelic.com
  4. Calling all Psy-Trance / GOA / Progressive DJ's, Producers, Artists! Submit your mp3 mixes until the end of JULY for a once in a lifetime opportunity to become a part of history! We are producing a 24hr long non-stop collaborative mix. Already on board are: Yahel, Suntribe, Vibe Tribe, Stanislav Psyboy, DaVinci Code, Ace Ventura by Yoni Oshrat, Ohad Aharony, Vtek, Psysex. Limited space available: ONLY 14 MORE SPOTS LEFT! Visit https://www.facebook.com/1440DJMix?ref=hl for more info.
  5. Bluffphonica - Life,the universe, and everything 105.22min / 241mb / 320kbps Melody trance psytrance Mix Download: http://goo.gl/vMc30z
  6. Je vous post directement le lien Soundcloud, en free download evidemment ^^ https://soundcloud.com/#papa-damage-kore-s/mix-vinyles-trance-prog-goa Pour ceux qui veulent la playlist demander moi en privé svp et sa sera un plaisir de vous la transmettre ! Du reste si vous souhaiter nous suivre (FREE ou MIX) venez aussi en pv on echangera nos 06 ;-) Bonne ecoute et surtout n'hesiter pas tous les coms sont les bienvenues, mauvais ou bon sa fait avancer d'avoir vos avis! merci
  7. PLAY: SOUNDCLOUD / YOUTBE 01. InnerZone - Universal Enlightment 02. JIS - Mind Therapy 03. Cosmic Dimension - Dark side of the Universe 04. Alien Message - Arc Prime (White) 05. Hypnagogia - Angular Pulsation 06. Kurandini - Kalindian 07. OXI - Gemini Astroid 08. Imba & Ethereal - Solar Resonance (Live Mix) 09. Cactus Arising - Long See Long Walk 10. CoaGoa - Sequoia Valley 11. 01-N - 12. Javi, SkoOma - Flubber 13. Siam - Transparent feelings 14. Sky Technology - Pleadian Connection 15. JBC Arkadii - Fraktal Diving 16. GoaTree - Gods of Annihilation 17. Nova Fractal - Common Cold (Screwloose Remix) 18. Crossing Mind - Trip Through Unconsciousness
  8. Gagarin Project – Cosmic Awakening 07 – Moon (psychill mix) We are happy to present you Cosmic Awakening episode 7 – Moon by Gagarin Project! Enjoy 66 minutes long cosmic journey into Shamanic Psybient, Tribal Psychill and Ethnic Ambient from Ibojima, Dream Stalker, Goatika Creative Lab, Desert Dwellers, Organic Shapes, Tengri, Kliment, Uchu, Chilled C’Quence, The Peaking Goddess Collective and (val)Liam.. Cosmic Awakening mixes are broadcasted at psychill internet radio: di.fm/psychill and www.psyradio.com.ua every 4th Saturday of the month. Original vocal samples are prepared, recorded and integrated into each mix. Tracklist: 01. Ibojima – Caps Of Ambience 02. Gagarin Project – Cosmic awakening with Gagarin Project Episode 7 03. Dream Stalker – Under Moon 04. Gagarin Project – Moon, Luna, Diana, Selene, Chandra, Shining 05. Goatika Creative Lab – Air 06. Desert Dwellers – Moonlit Horizons (Caravan Mix) 07. Organic Shapes – Quiet Species (Gagarin Project Mix) 08. Gagarin Project – The only cosmic body to have been visited by humans, moon causes tides and influences our mood 09. Gagarin Project – New moons reflect beginnings and full moons – emotional culminations 10. Toast 3D – Phenomenology of Spirit 11. Tengri – Dance Of The Crow (With Vlastur) 12. Gagarin Project – A great man is he who does not lose his child’s heart 13. Kliment – Melting Touch 14. Uchu – Bodhisattvas (Gagarin Project Edit) 15. Chilled C’Quence – Circular Structure 16. Gagarin Project – Dive into your unconsciousness, into the deep sea. And remember that pearls do not lie on the seashore. If you desire one you must dive for it 17. The Peaking Goddess Collective – Star Peace 18. Gagarin Project – Close your eyes and place your hand on your chest. Feel the rhythm of your heart, that pulsing energy of the life-force passing through you. Think of the priceless moments you experienced, memories that support the music of your heart, harmonious, diverse and multi-tone 19. (val)Liam – Moonlight Lullaby 20. Gagarin Project – Cosmic awakening with Gagarin Project Episode 7 (outro) Much love and gratitude to all the artists and labels presented in this mix. The full copyright for the music in this mix is owned by the respective artists and/or publishing/recording labels. Gagarin Project makes no commercial use of this music and mix it to promote this magic sound amongst our friends. Please support the artists by buying their music or donating to them directly. To download this mix and to get more info about this artist and the radio show: www.gagarinproject.org - See more at: http://www.psybient.org/love/release/gagarin-project-cosmic-awakening-07-moon-psychill-mixpsybient-mix/#sthash.TSPxUWqM.dpuf
  9. www.psybient.org and Gagarin Project are happy to present you Cosmic Awakening episode 4 - Neptune. Cosmic Awakening mixes are broadcasted at di .fm/psychill and www. psyradio.com.ua. Original vocal samples are prepared, recorded and integrated into each mix. --------- MIX => https://soundcloud.com/gagarinproject/gagarinmix-27 --------- Gagarin Project - Cosmic Awakening 04 - Neptune title: Cosmic Awakening 04 - Neptune mixed by Gagarin Project type: mix style: Psychedelic, Psybient, Psychill, Ambient, Psydub, Cosmic tags: experimental, calm, intense, ambient, liquid, fast-changing, Psybient, Ambient, Cosmic time: 70:53 min date recorded: 20-04-2013 release number: GAGARINMIX-27 Tracklist: 01. Gagarin Project - Cosmic Awakening Episode 4 (intro) 02. Scann-Tec - White Sun (live edit) 03. Ishq - Leaf 04. Gagarin Project - small, thin, yet visible brush strokes, open composition, depiction of light in its changing qualities, effects of the passage of time, movement as a crucial element of human perception and experience, unusual visual angles. Be an impressionist of your life. 05. By The Rain - Mystical Water 06. Androcell - Seahorse Dreams 07. SeaMoon - Outbackfrogz (Gagarin Project Remix) 08. Gagarin Project - Neptune, Poseidon, Varuna - God of rain and sea 09. Gagarin Project - Creativity, idealism and compassion, illusion, confusion, deception - colours and lights, waves and tides... 10. D. Batistatos - In The Bottom Of The Ocean 11. Aes Dana - Horizontal rain 12. Echo System - Bosphoressence 13. Gagarin Project - In many cultures, societies, and religions, there is memory of a distant past when humankind lived in a primitive and simple state, but at the same time one of perfect happiness and fulfillment. 14. Gagarin Project - In those days there was an instinctive harmony between humanity and nature 15. Iool - Chromosoma 16. Khooman - Slide! 17. Slackbaba - Drink More Tea 18. Gagarin Project - Neptune, Poseidon, Varuna - God of rain and sea 19. Scann-Tec - Hope (live edit) 20. Gagarin Project - Cosmic Awakening Episode 4 (outro) Much love and gratitude to all the artists and labels presented in this mix. The full copyright for the music in this mix is owned by the respective artists and/or publishing/recording labels. We make no commercial use of this music and mix it only for our and our friends pleasure. Please support the artists by buying their music or donating to them directly.
  10. Bluffphonica - WaldStampfer 117min. (Forest-Mix) Download: http://goo.gl/hw0LWT
  11. Hey guys, here is a set i played this weekend at a rave in Bremen/Germany. Its a combination of Psytrance/Psytek and morning FullOn. Hope you like it and give some feedback. Cheers! KariMix @ HundertMorgenwald 25.10.13 https://soundcloud.com/karimix/karimix-hundertmorgenwald
  12. DOWNLOAD: http://db.tt/fQtTS4D2 180 MB / 75 MIN
  13. A mix inspired by a dream I had as a child where Bosco, the Care Bears and I all sailed up the grand canal in a boat. To quote Bosco: Knock knock, open wide, see what's on the other side, Knock knock, any more, come with me through the Magic Door http://www.mixcloud.com/katalepsis/aint-life-grand-canal-mix and here is the Mixcrate link for downloads http://www.mixcrate.com/katalepsis/aint-life-grand-canal-mix-327667 Tracklist: Radio GuerillaSolid Snake DeependingPoint Under the shadeAntix Serenaii (antix remix)Sun Control Species Keen String rmxFiord Techno & Trumpets (Andrea Bertolini Remix)Solid Snake Cheap tricksSun Control Species
  14. Hello Psy Lovers !!!! My name is Gal & I am a Psychedelic Producer ! I was Born in Vilnius , Lithuania in 1987 & Today I'm Living & composing in Rishon Le-Zion, Israel ... I Spent a year in the " Yoav Gera - SOUND " institute in Tel-Aviv ... Combining some music skills & rythimn techniques to bring you some AgressivE BeatS to the table !!! Go In & HaVe A Listen ... -=BooM=- Enjoy !!!!! https://soundcloud.com/p5ionix
  15. http://soundcloud.co...torm/nexus-live That bassline... Edit: I read on FB that there's still a long way to go (next year) for the new album. Hope they fix the bassline accordingly. It's probably better for parties but not otherwise.
  16. Earth Swing and Psy travels to the hinterlands of Electro Swing bringing together a myriad of differing styles. In the second instalment of the Convergence series we travel with David David Attenborough on a wondrous journey to an altogether more psychedelic plain. Showcasing some of the worlds finest psy and electro swing producers, David starts off his journey deep in the Jungle exploring some of more ambient sides of Swing and Psy, slowly his 80 minute journey brings him through a profusion of different styles ranging from minimal to hard prog and even a touch of Melbourne glitch for good measure. This Journey is not to be missed! Released by: Hellzapoppin Release date: Jun 12, 2012 http://soundcloud.co...earth-swing-psy
  17. Paz Kelmer Live set@Some Desert in The Middle East PLayList: Electric universe all is nothing Electro sun- planet domination Laughing Buddha – the pill original mix Xerox&illumination – tribal metal (insomnia remix) Digicut&u recken – into the heartland Digicult – last warning Loud-elastic mood Loud – small talk 2009 Paranormal attack – be with you Gms vs michelle adams-sweet dreams Onyx&e-jekt-star light Paz Kelmer-Sequins of life Space tribe vs mad max – peak experience Electro sun – into the sky Painkiller – gazpacho Orca – sad movies Cutting edge science- azax syndrome Rabdom l – psylodeliak Kamasutrance – ran gi la 2001 Space tribe vs laughing Buddha - destiny Free Download!!!!
  18. Hello producers! I have one a big problem! Mix of my tracks is so straight line, so have no space, its so boring. Can you give me some advices, how can I make it better, spicier with more space, easy sayed with good mix? thx!
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