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Found 54 results

  1. Greetings friends, I hope this finds you well! After a small break for a little travel & general life shenanigans I am pleased to return with the latest edition in the Dreamtime Diaries psychedelic chill series. This one starts a little dark & creeps slowly yet surely towards the place where we need to be. The message is about perseverance, & making things happen regardless of what our goals are. Just keep turning up, put the hours intruly get stuck in & have fun playing with options...sooner or later the desired results will manifest. Enjoy the journey, & as always big thanks to all the artists for their wonderful music! Forever in your debt! 1. Dead Melodies - Superficial Stasis 2. Kaj. - Human 3. Owen Ear - Expectation 4. Nibana - Far Eden 5. Easily Embarrassed - Nothing But Spirit 6. Soulacybin - The Activation Part 2 (Sequencing Complete) ft. Alaya Love 7. Tanina Munchkina & Ajja - Equinox 8. Sk P - Eye Earth Part 2 9. Whithe X & Introvert - Alone 10. Indigolab - Medicine 11. Man of No Ego - Galactic Girl 12. Tripswitch - Deer Park (Joey Fehrenbach remix) PS: Remember sharing is caring!
  2. in preparation for the "best of 2014" voting i noticed that i haven't listened to much downtempo released this year at all. and apparently i'm not the only one. so what are the best downtempo releases you've found this year? any instant classics that one cannot ignore? was there a good psydub release like globular last year?
  3. Music of the gods offers hand crafted streams of the most beautiful psychedelic downtempo music around, and all for completely free 24/7! http://www.musicofthegods.com/
  4. Hello everyone ! Let me introduce myself , I'm Flooz , I'm 15 , I produce Psytrance on Fl Studio 11. Recently I'm posted out my new EP on Soundcloud and Bandcamp available in "Free Buy Now " on board, a piece of intro typed downtempo and three other tracks psytrance . If I come on this forum is for the purpose of making me known on a wider public , so do not hesitate to give me your feedback on my songs it really helps me ! Soundcloud : https://soundcloud.com/flooz-sound/sets/ep-time-to-travel Bandcamp : https://flooz.bandcamp.com/album/time-to-travel -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bonjour à tous ! Tout d'abord je me présente, je suis Flooz, j'ai 15 ans, je compose de la Psytrance sur Fl Studio 11 depuis une année environ, depuis peu passer sur Ableton. Récemment j'ai sortis mon nouvelle EP disponible sur Soundcloud et Bandcamp en "Free Or Buy", à la carte, un morceau d'intro typé downtempo et trois autres morceaux psytrance. Si je viens sur ce forum c'est dans le but de me faire connaitre sur un publique plus large, alors n'hésitez surtout pas à me donnez vos retours sur mes morceaux ça m'aide vraiment ! Sur ceux, très bonnes écoutes à tous ! Soundcloud : https://soundcloud.com/flooz-sound/sets/ep-time-to-travel Bandcamp : https://flooz.bandcamp.com/album/time-to-travel
  5. please check out my mixes here,wide variety of styles from Forest Dark Psy to Psy Dub and Oldskool,feedback is very welcome! https://www.mixcloud.com/Psycadelic_Gypsy_Tribe/
  6. Hello there. My harddisk with my big collection is gone. I just try to collect my fav. Chill. The artist i want to find is a live band (guess they from russia or ukrain). Thr track i remember called : on the edge /over the edge. And is a 12 minutes chill track which starts very slow and tribal , then gets more trippy with some darker flooting vibes at the eend.i remember the song stars with some water drop noises n stuff.the style is like the older chill tracks from atriohm or p.e Mahaon - spirallion . Similar to yggrasil but a little bit faster. Sry for my bad english Best wishes from germany I almost forgot : the track is an older one guess it was released or created around 2006-2008.
  7. Shikoon EP (Self Released 2014) 1.Yeh Estekan Chaee 06:52 2.ElectroEthnica 08:18 3.Aiwa Alek 06:43 4.Ballaboochang 08:08 5.Abulele 06:53 Free Download (WAV,FLAC,MP3) on Ektoplazm: http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/yestegan-chay-shikoon Name your price (Donate) on Bandcamp: http://yesteganchay.bandcamp.com/album/shikoon "... Shikoon is about producing images in the mind that are far from identical. Rather than a pure psy dub piece of music Shikoon is challenging with numerous break downs, phrases, phat beats, skanking stabs and synth sounds that are beautifully arranged at almost every Middle Eastern turn of the sonic page." Mark Jickells - Turquoise Sound Company UK Credits: Written & Produced by Asaf Simchy Mastering by Dr. Cohen Artwork by funi http://funilab.com Logotype by Giulio Martinelli http://www.professionaldistortion.com Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/yesteganchay SoundCloud - http://soundcloud.com/yestegan-chay
  8. 1 8 Hertz 9:22 2 Dying Dolphin 9:24 3 Second Breath (Vocal Radio Mix) Featuring – Aviatrix 5:07 4 360 7:49 5 Muse 7:16 6 Heartwork 8:18 7 Equator 7:13 8 In Motion 6:46 9 Second Breath (Original Mix) 7:37 10 Back To Earth 6:36 STYLE December 2011 Ambient chillout and blissful downtempo. Vacuum is a delicate and sensitive album of lush, evocative electronica where languid beats and dream-like soundscapes support subtle melodies. These softly unfolding themes heave with hypnotic beauty, yet always retain plenty of complementary shade and dignity. Most tracks have extended, unhurried introductions where Zero Cult's ambient atmospheres can fully spread like multi-coloured mists before the rhythmic material sets everything in motion. There are also plenty of beatless interludes where the percussion falls away completely and sometimes the whole melodic framework too, leaving the listener gliding upon faint air currents ready, anticipating the second coming. Overall, Vacuum has a fine balance of light and shadow, delivering attractive compositions that feed the attention whilst neatly avoiding the clichés of the psychill mainstream. IN DEPTH Vacuum opens gradually with a hypnotic interplay of misty pads and lustrous echoing effects; sonic winds curl around ascending tones and a gentle rhythmic structure slowly coalesces: vibes, synth arps, bass pulse and, about three minutes in, a ponderous programmed groove. This track - Muse - establishes what the album is all about: saturated colour; serene harmonies and breezy beats. Heartworks sees the trance elements of Zero Cult's sound solidify around a bubbling bassline and measured beat, but this denser sound quickly evaporates as the next track once again takes on a more weightless approach. The album has at its centre the gorgeous Second Breath, this is a wonderfully transportational piece that revolves around a mesmerising motif that carefully evolves and repeats with a tender, insistent intensity. 8 Hertz introduces a more mechanistic tone arising out of dark drones and reverberating voice samples: here a sparse, thumping kick and grumbling bass line give the track a slightly sinister edge. For the most part this is a purely instrumental album, however, just before the end there is a track that casts a different spell: a soporific, meandering piece of hazy euphoria where an unusual female vocal hangs in the air, haunting the synthetics with a wistful song from New Zealand's Aviatrix. ARTWORK The cover artwork for Vacuum features a hi-key design where a complex tangle of synthetic grey-white thorns lies upon a smooth, pale, infinite plane. Like some hollow, plastic urchin or structure of artificial cactus spines this jagged, monochrome formation is in stark contrast to the curving, fluid music within. I don't yet have a physical copy of this album and so can't comment on other artwork except to say that I have had a number of Cosmic Leaf releases over the years and the graphic quality is of a consistently high standard. OVERALL Israel's Emil Ilyayev returns here with his sixth album of downtempo trance and follow-up to the 2010 release: Clouds Garden. Once more on Cosmic Leaf Records, Zero Cult delivers a maturing sound that luxuriates deep within the reverie of ambient chillout. The ten tracks here include two versions of the deliriously laid back Second Breath: an original mix and a second vocal radio edit featuring Aviatrix with the distinctive voice of Kerensa Stephens. Dying Dolphin has an accompanying video aimed at raising awareness of the plight of these endangered mammals. The footage displays some of the horrors of the 30 000 or so dolphins slaughtered around the world each year. You can further learn of Vacuum at the Cosmic Leaf website or you might like to visit the official Zero Cult pages at Myspace and Facebook. Catalog Number: CLCD038DG Genre: Ambient,Downtempo,Trance,Electronic,New Age,Electro Ambient,Electronic Label: Cosmicleaf Records Release Date: 02 December 2011 Label Link: www.cosmicleaf.com Artist Link: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Zero-Cult/43520643043
  9. http://www.liquidseed.net/releases/lsd011-sonicstash-autumn Here in Greece autumn starts to rise but this album came to remind as how beatiful and creative this season can be . Autumn album composed in autumn of 2006 at Rethymno city by xristoforos makris a.k.a. sonicstash, it was played live in the beggining of an unforgotten free party in university of Rethymno . Years passed and we meet again ...this electronica gem was somewhere in a hard disk, and now after a remastering from acid lagos ,released by liquidseed.net Put some tea ,roll a chigarete and leave sonicstash to take you in eternal autumn. this album is a masterpiece of minimalism and simpicity. if you like artists like Autechre or Boards of canada this 23 minutes is for you and its a another free download !. Peace and love out there ! Sonicstash (1981) is a producer, composer and Dj from Greece. He attended classes of Byzantine music for 5 years and later he studied Music Technology & Acoustics at ATEI of Crete with emphasis on sound synthesis, composure & production of electronic music and programming of interactive sound systems. From 2005 he started to perform his own music mostly Live Electronics with algorithms developed by him. At the same time he composed and produced his first album "Autumn" 2006 and made his first steps on electronic dance music. Now days he performs Live Act and Dj sets focused on Deep, Funky and Progressive House and Electro Techno. He is also one of the leading Djs and member of the organization team of 1200m Electronic Culture Music Festival at Greece. He currently lives and works at London. Labels : On The Stick Records (CA), Liquidseed (GR) All tracks and cover written , arranged and produced by Xristoforos Makris (Sonicstash) from Greece. Mastering by acid lagos
  10. The "Integrity" album is the result of 5 years worth of Mindex' collected works. It consists of parts created in different moments of life, related to various of experiences - meetings and separations, love, friendship, journeys, seasons and deep spiritual practices. The album can be compared with mandala, a kaleidoscopic image where totally different elements are scrupulously assembled into one clear sonic painting. As in all previous releases Mindex demonstrates here how beautiful and delicate electronic and live instruments, futuristic sound designs and jazz could be merged. Deep basses, flurrying lower chakras, and ethereal female vocals that are capable of carrying your mind away to an unknown reality. If you like to dance to unhurried driving beats and travel into your inner self, behold fantastic landscapes in your imagination - this album is for you! Listen it here: https://soundcloud.com/loodmarecordings/sets/mindex-integrity Mindex info: https://www.facebook.com/mindexsound https://soundcloud.com/mindex Get the album from here: http://www.beatport.com/release/integrity/1180648 http://www.loodmarecordings.com/loodma0038
  11. Imaginative producer duo Yarn returns with a hypnotic new EP on Psylife Records showing their diverse musical taste and talent once again. Inner Expedition features four previously unreleased psychedelic downtempo delights each carefully designed to be a perfect soundtrack for exploring deeper consciousness... Tracklist: 1. U.S.M. 06:35 2. Before Rain 07:51 3. Rooms In Mind 08:20 4. Inner Expedition 07:35 download for FREE at http://www.psylife.net Earlier releases from Yarn: QUESTIONS & ANSWERS EP (free download) http://music.psylife.net/album/questions-answers-free-download YARNIA (debut album 2013) http://music.psylife.net/album/yarnia
  12. Imaginative producer duo Yarn returns with a hypnotic new EP on Psylife Records showing their diverse musical taste and talent once again. Inner Expedition features four previously unreleased psychedelic downtempo delights each carefully designed to be a perfect soundtrack for exploring deeper consciousness... Tracklist: 1. U.S.M. 06:35 2. Before Rain 07:51 3. Rooms In Mind 08:20 4. Inner Expedition 07:35 name your price or download for FREE at http://www.psylife.net right now - coming soon to Beatport, iTunes etc... More info: http://www.facebook.com/yarnsounds http://www.soundcloud.com/psyliferecords Earlier releases from Yarn: QUESTIONS & ANSWERS EP http://music.psylife.net/album/questions-answers-free-download YARNIA (debut album 2013) http://music.psylife.net/album/yarnia
  13. We are proud and excited to announce this new release, something very different to all our previous releases which is a movie soundtrack that is inspired in the children´s life and their experiences in the streets of New Delhi.. The soundtrack is a mixture of contemporary electronic music going from ambient, glitch, breaks combined with organic Indian sounds. Most of the tracks have been produced by Keeze who has lived in India for some time so he is quite connected with the Indian vibes, Nimbus English producer delivers two tracks with a modern mixture of bass music with Indian influences. We hope you enjoy these great collection of tracks!! My Street - My Life is a highly experimental fictional film accompanied by a powerful film score. It is set in the middle of New Delhi, India, where street children live amidst the hustle and bustle of a typical market street. The film is heavily based upon reality and the children acting in this film are the real street children from the area - this is their street. They have no acting experience nor education, but have spent many afternoons watching the cheap matinee screenings of old Bollywood movies at the run down theatre in one of the side streets. During filming, the children followed the directors' instructions and improvised around them as they pleased, telling the story of a few typical days in their lives. This style of acting resulted in the cinematographer having to be prepared for sudden changes of plan and direction, improvising alongside with the street children. The film is subtle yet strong. No great glamour is added, nor any great tragedy. The film remains true to the lives of these street children - they hope, they try and they fail. The project started as a 10-15 minute short, made mostly for the benefit of the children. The immediate benefit was that the acting and being filmed brought some novelty and excitement into what can be monotonous days. However, in the deeper sense the project was first and foremost an attempt to help the children understand that despite the harshness of their highly underprivileged existence on the streets, they do still have choices, and that the choices they make greatly affect their lives. We have known these children for several years - the oldest boy we have known for 11 years. Older street children often become a 'lost generation' as far as NGOs are concerned - it is much easier to help a child that has not been living on the street for too long than rough teenagers like the ones in this film. *My Street - My Life* aims to motivate these children, to empower older street children to improve and take control of their ownlives in a more positive way, however small that improvement might be. The project developed from the intended short into a 1hour 30minute low budget feature film that retains several visual aspects of documentary filmmaking. My Street - My Life is full of colours and life, so vivid that at times one can almost smell the odours of India. The imagery is accompanied by a film score of striking original music combining traditional sounds with modern beats, written by Ken Barrett. In addition to offering a highly authentic insight into the lives of street children in India, this film also gives a very accurate impression of daily life in a busy Indian bazaar with continuous movement and an abundance of life. http://www.savagestudio.org/mystreet_mylife/ Master by Juan Cristobal at Balance Audio Mastering, Bcn,Spain http://www.eardreammusic.com credits released 20 August 2013 Ken Barrett & James Roberts BANDCAMP: http://eardreammusic.bandcamp.com/album/my-street-my-life
  14. www.liquidseed.net/releases/lsd010-samplestick-add-one-nothing Liquidseed free Netlabel is once more proud to present it's 10th release this summer. Ambient sound waves, depressing atmosphere and loud beats make a nice combination of downgressive and progressive sounds.keep on lovin' & living! samplestick soundcloud.com/benhe soundcloud.com/samplestick All tracks written , arranged and produced by Giorgos koutsogilas (samplestick) from Greece. Mastering and cover art by acid lagos
  15. here is a demo of my new downtempo track, listen to it and enjoy if you like it! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5AyVUgm9AqA
  16. Discover great psychedelic trance and chillout music by visiting http://www.psybeat.com/radio For an international psytrance festival guide visit http://www.psybeat.com Comments welcome.
  17. "Erot - Thoughts From The Past EP" is now out as "Name your price". Featuring 3 tracks. The original version of "Atmos", an edit of my remix of Lemonchill's "Mantra" and a track called "Valeriana". The EP have been mastered by DJ Zen Coverart is made by Sorin Pricop. Tracklist: 1. Valeriana 2. Atmos 3. Lemonchill - Mantra (Erot RMX) 2.0 http://erot.bandcamp.com/album/thoughts-from-the-past-ep
  18. from my latest ep, here is a free download of a psychill downtempo journey... enjoy! https://soundcloud.com/meta-zen/the-obscure-project-gritty
  19. We are happy to release the eighth album of liquidseed netlabel . lsd008.Room nine unlimited - Moments through life. Paulo Fernandes from Portugal (Room nine unlimited) takes us for a 35 minutes travel with his spaceship. it's a story made by two chillout and four progressive trance tracks. His style makes an outstand with it's unique sound, a crazy kick-bass flow, emotional piano scales, strange sounds, instruments and melodies ...this album can really shake the dancefloor. it's another undreground and free download of liquidseed that hopes to make this world a better place. www.liquidseed.net/releases/lsd008-room-nine-unlimited-moments-through-life fb : www.facebook.com/liquidseed contact : liquidseedfreelabel@gmail.com
  20. Ahhh... time to ramp the energy wayyyy back. Close your eyes and expand your consciousness. Explore the clouds, listening to the strings, pianos, and beautiful melodies, letting your mind drift up through the stratosphere and into space. Enjoy your journey Skysurfer - Here Comes the Sun (Piano Dream Mix) [Manifold] Amethystium - Ethereal [Neurodisc] Jaia - Epsilon (Tesseract Remix) [iono] Murya - Carl's Last Interview [uxmal] Chronos - Free Falling [soundmute] Apple & Stone - Authentic Reaction [Kontor] Asura - Everlasting [Altar] Timewave - Re-Entry [Mistique] Koan - Selena's Song (Blue Mix) [blue Tunes] Marvin Wilson - Imagine Instead [Alex Tronic] zerO One - TransfOrmatiOn/bu_ist (Phutureprimative Remix) [Waveform] Myk Bee - Colours Of Nature [Mistique] Image credit to Singglefritz. Ziptnf - Cloud Travel (1:12:42) 167MB ~320kbps
  21. With his new album titled:”buddhism”, Idan Or aka Lemonchill set his mind to bring new vibes and emotions. His new album influenced by 90s electronica sounds and grooves combined with lemonchill well known melodies created groovy rhythms and an intense sensation of tranquility,with help from artists such as: “kota” and “cabirei bro” and remixes by “Javier” , “reborn soul” and “alwoods”. Buddhism will surly be a new and exiting sensation to your ears and minds. Forget the past don’t think about the future concentrate on the present this is Buddhism! will be released soon as a cd on goa magnetic tv records. http://lemonchill.ba...uddhism-preview
  22. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=evnZygV27qg
  23. Jule Grasz- Earth Feelings [bNP008] Info & Samples: http://bnprecords.com/cd-103/Jule-Grasz/Earth-Feelings.html http://bnprecords.bandcamp.com/album/earth-feelings Release Date: May 21, 2012 File under: Downtempo, Electronica, Ambient, Chillout, Psychill. Release note Beats & Pieces are proud to offer you a chance to take a special musical journey with Jule Grasz’s new album – Earth Feelings. Unfortunately it is not common to encounter women creating electronic music, and we are especially happy for the chance to introduce you to a very talented one. Earth Feelings is a special album- it is contemplative, deep and hypnotic. The tracks are very long (11-18 minutes) and yet they never tire as you find yourself deeply immersed in them. A very strong atmosphere is ever present and the music is full of emotion and feel. Inspired by travels through Norway and the encounters with its beautiful nature and its people, the album is very expressive and while creating a strong sense of melancholy and longing it also manages to stay optimistic and positive. Prepare to be hypnotized and experience some real Earth Feelings. Track list: 1. Corona 2. Morning Sun 3. The Deep 4. The Flow I 5. The Flow II Available on all major download shops and on our bandcamp: http://bnprecords.bandcamp.com/album/earth-feelings Beats & Pieces- Quality Sonic Information! Beats & Pieces web: http://www.bnprecords.com Beats & Pieces facebook: http://www.facebook.com/bnprecords Beats & Pieces youtube: http://www.youtube.com/bnprecords Beats & Pieces twitter: http://www.twitter.com/BeatsPieces .
  24. Hey everyone! Listen to our latest e.p produced by Emiliano Ena aka K160 electronic producer from Italy. Deep crafted organic and melodic sounds for the mind and body, influenced by the sunrise and the moon. K 160 provides two evolving timeless tracks with pads and melodies that make you feel as you were floating in the sky. We hope you enjoy this e.p. K160 - SKYWALKER 1.- Skywalker 2.- Sunrise and Cocktails Buy It : http://eardreammusic...album/skywalker Enjoy! Cover photo by: Tuek, Design by: Daniel Emba. Mastering by: Juan Cristobal Ribes at Balance Audio Mastering Studio. :: ALSO ON EARDREAM MUSIC :: TOR.MA - What I Feel When You Sleep http://eardreammusic...-when-you-sleep OCELOT - Violet Rays Of Light http://eardreammusic...t-rays-of-light Eardream Records Bandcamp | http://www.junodownl...ght/1873288-02/ Juno Download | DIGITALIS / HIBERNATION - Singularity EP http://eardreammusic...-singularity-ep Eardream Bandcamp | http://www.junodownl...-ep/1760693-02/ Juno Download | :: FREE DOWNLOADS :: V.A FAMILY TREE http://eardreammusic...v-a-family-tree V.A NATURAL INTELLIGENCE http://eardreammusic...al-intelligence EARDREAM MUSIC GLOBAL ELECTRONIC MUSIC NETWORK. http://www.eardreammusic.com/ info@eardreammusic.com
  25. Artist: Various Title: Ambrosia Label: Ultimae Records Date: November, 2011 1. Sub Strat MAX MILLION AND GUSK 2. Light Tails MIKTEK 3. Distant Industries ONE ARC DEGREE 4. Principles of Gravity AES DANA 5. Homo Imperceptibilis SYGNALS 6. Sun Ritual SESEN 7. Hyades ALPHA TEK 8. V.A.N.T.A ASURA 9. Why MEMPHIDOS 10. Ominous Ride MIKTEK Ultimae. Nuff said? Sub Stata- Love that breakbeat they open up with. That sh*t is gritty. Which of course is the perfect yin to the yang of all the layers in this pig. Strumming guitar, pads that reach from horizon to horizon, and a memorable lead melody make this an ideal opener. Full...so full. . I would breast feed until I was 70. Light Tails- This track is aptly named because sparkling synths float behind the ever present churning bass. It's slow and drifting. There is a hypnotizing quality about it like how some spiders mesmerize their prey or Dave Chapelle does battle with Gochira... So hypnotic.... Distant Industries- One Arc Degree delivers a massive track with a big breakbeat and shimmering leads that become more distorted as they're filtered. People are talking in the background and I gotta wonder if he recorded this in a coffee shop. Hey, shut the f*ck up, I'm just here to get my danish. It doesn't impact the track thankfully, but with nice layering and flow it is very pleasing. It has floating qualities with vocal harmony and even a slight operatic riff. Principles of Gravity- Soft choir, stuttering synths, and the classic click and pop percussion and you know you are listening to an Aes Dana track. It's mid-tempo with pads ruling the atmosphere as it echoes with breakbeats. The choir gives it an overcast Propehecy feel where Christopher Walken does battle with the good angels. Moody sumb*tch. Homo Imperceptibilis- "You have 48 hours. That's the length of time it needs to adapt itself to our living conditions. Then it will be too late." The piano arpeggio is the focus as the effects and beat crowd around. Once that's gone, it's whizzing and whirring rivulets of electronica as the bass wobbles. The break has some cool percussive sounds and then it gains mid tempo status with a cello that sounds like Rena Jones is in the house. Long track that has a lot of phases so a good amount to chew on. Sun Ritual- Dawn breaking over the Himalayas perhaps? What began as a party of 5 is now whittled down to 3. Quite the mysterious intro at 20,000 feet. No beat until almost 3 minutes and it was worth the wait. It's a cross between hip-hop funky and soaring pads that leave you without oxygen. There is so many little touches here that they all add up to brilliance. It's unbelievable. There is talent and then there's, uh...talent. Yes, yes, that's really impressive. Hey fatty, when was the last time you saw your penis? Hyades- How do you follow up a brilliant track? With another one my dear Watson. This bubbles and meanders like a snake on the hunt for that dumb mouse who didn't see the writing on the wall. It's stand offish with attitude, bass growls and layers drip with atmosphere. This is the darkest track that oozes malevolence. Annnnnnnnd.....I crapped myself. V.A.N.T.A.- Am I the only one who starts singing the FANTA commercial when I see this track name? I am aren't I? Besides Aes Dana, this is the only other artist that I am familiar with. After all the great tracks from the "newbies" I never thought I would have to wonder if Asura could keep up. Well, I'm afraid he was outclassed on this one. I thought it was going to be a classic becuase the first 4 minutes are awesome downtempo with chopped up chants and deep pads, but I don't think it could run with the complexity of previous tracks here. Whereas the beginning was all dark mood, the melody is light and doesn't fit for me. Still good? Yes, of course. Why- With the brightest track on the compilation Memphidos proves that sunshine always follows the rain. It's a break beat with dream sequence synths. I was diggin' on the beat too. Real thumping. Nice, but I think it's misplaced on this compilation. It's like inviting a vegan to a barbecue. Yeah, nobody wants to stare, but we're wondering why the f*ck you didn't bring any carcass to the party. Ominous Ride- Miktek with another go and he's going crazy with the rain stick. But thankfully it's back to the dreary after that previous bright hiccup. Slowly evolving with pads and a sad piano melody pretty much descirbes this final effort. The story closes as the hero stares off into an uncertain future. This was really dark. Not dark in a satanic or get me the hell out of this forest way. More in a gloomy are we ever gonna see the sun again way. Composed mainly of Greek artists it's ironic that a land known for it's beautiful sunshine can deliver such moody and dark music. And I loved it. I believe all will agree that too much happy sunshine music is just as annoying as too much heavy dark stuff. This was wonderful and I have come to expect nothing less from Ultimae. Layer intensive, great effects and atmosphere, with a varied set of rhythms. Some artists you know and some you probably don't. Comgatulations to Fishimself for compiling, Mr. Vilius for the mastering, and the artists for their great work. Do not hesitate to get this if you like your chill on the darker side of things. I don't think I'm telling tales out of school by suggesting this could be downtempo album of the year. Psyshop Beatspace GoaStore Mdk
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