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  1. Grab it here: https://faxinadu.bandcamp.com/album/nh-y-r-ng-ep Faxi Nadu - Nhay Rong EP and Producer Edition with track stems! OuT N0W at Bandcamp! Stream for free, album for 3e, producer edition 7e! Inspired by travels to #vietnam the album includes three tracks associated emotionaly with the experiences during that trip. From classy 90s style club/goa, through intensly psychedelic minimal techno to progressive beach day trance. Includes also a collaboration track with Nuno Muacho and HoodArt Art with album graphics also by HoodArt Art. The tracks make extensive use and showcase our own synthesizers and plugins developed by us through Ocean Swift Synthesis for the Sonic Core GmbH Scope platform! 1. Ha Long Sunset (Original Mix) 06:14 2. Bui Vien (Original Mix) 09:46 3. Faxi Nadu and Nomad Moon - An Ho (Message To Earth Remix) 09:56 All tracks written and produced by Yaron Eshkar Track 3 in collaboration with Nuno Muacho, remixed by Fernando Abreu Album art by: Fernando Abreu Mastered by: Faxi Nadu
  2. Hans Dunkelkammer - Post Factum EP by Pistolero Recordings 1.Hans Dunkelkammer - OM Dude 06:21 2.Hans Dunkelkammer & Chester SoSo - Weird Induction 06:43 3.Hans Dunkelkammer - 332 Future 07:22 4.Hans Dunkelkammer - Echnaton Blues 06:42 Label: Pistolero Recordings Cat #: PISTOLERO.016 Format: FLAC Released: March 2017 Style: Minimal / Psytech / Techno Mastering: Robert Hundt @ Anti-Logic Studio (Berlin) Artwork: Katarina Majic aka Wild Bronco “Minimal psychedelics from Hans Dunkelkammer”. www.soundcloud.com/hans-dunkelkammer tags: electronic tech funk zenonesque breakbeat deeptech dub futuristic hans dunkelkammer minimal pistolero recordings psytech psytrance techno
  3. VA - Protodynamics (compiled by Mayix) by Pistolero Recordings 1.Psydewise - Dry Powder 05:29 2.Jnr Hacksaw - Electrodynamics 04:31 3.Uchu - Satin Relay 06:26 4.Baboden - Dub Wash 06:47 5.Baodub - Unity (Virus_st Remix) 06:39 6.Sensitrope - Sweet Movements 08:58 7.Digital Swamp - Prototype 06:36 8.AquariOhm - Snow Crystals 07:21 9.Axawaya & Lost In Orion - Marginals 05:57 10.KontrolPhrik - The Big Bang 07:14 11.M&J - Check This 03:57 Label: Pistolero Recordings Cat #: PISTOLERO.015 Format: FLAC Released: February 2017. Style: Breakbeat / Psybreaks / Tech-Funk / Nuskool Breaks / Electro / Psystep / Psytech Mastering: Robert Hundt @ Anti-Logic Mastering (Berlin) Artwork: Digital Swamp “First full length Pistolero Rec compilation (compiled by label boss Mayix) is eclectic journey through psychedelic breakbeat sounds and similar grooves.” www.soundcloud.com/m-a-y-i-x tags: electronic breakbeat dub electro nuskool breaks pistolero recordings psybreaks psystep psytech psytrance tech-funk techno
  4. Artist: Emmanuel Top Title: Asteroid Label: NovaMute Date: October, 1996 1. Asteroid 2. Industriel 3. Replay 4. Generation 5. Reflex 6. Introduction 7. Development 8. Conclusion Paper. Deceased intact frog primed for dissection. Honey Baked Ham. Delicious. None of these things could shake me from my catatonic state which was induced by listening to the first half of this album. Minimal techno that took forever to get nowhere. This was a ride on a merry go round at a blistering 2mph. And with the track lengths being what they are every revolution is greeted with a punch in the nuts by the weird looking ride operator. Up until Generation came on I wasn't sure this thing had a f*cking pulse. The highly detailed cover should be a heads up. And just cause I woke from my nap doesn't mean this all of a sudden became Hardfloor. Far from it. Noisy at times and sounding quite dated. Yes, worse than Delta Aquarids. Poking around the interwebs you would think this was Jesus Christ in techno form. Introduction? Maybe to some more shut eye. If you're a fan of dated minimalist techno then this will probably be perfect for you. Tastes vary in music of course, but I would be interested in hearing anyone justify having to listen to this again.
  5. Hey Guys Got some fresh Techno , PhutureD style. Some feedback will be appreciated:)
  6. Hey Guys Got some fresh Techno , PhutureD style. Some feedback will be appreciated:)
  7. https://splice.com/PhutureDescendance/deadmau5-feat-grabbitz---let-go---phutured-remix
  8. Sourone - Virtual Normality EP by Pistolero Recordings 1.Sourone - Virtual Normality 2.Sourone - Domesticated Delusions Label: Pistolero Recordings Cat #: PISTOLERO.013 Format: FLAC Released: January 2017 Style: Minimal / Techno / Psytech Mastering: Merv Pepler (Eat Static) at LabUFO studio Artwork: Katarina Majic aka Wild Bronco “Minimal/Psytech drive from Sourone”. www.soundcloud.com/sourone released January 16, 2017 tags: electronic zenonesque deeptech futuristic minimal minimal techno pistolero recordings psytech psytechno sourone
  9. Hey guys Some feedback on this track would be great. made in Reason 7.1
  10. TICKETS : www.goo.gl/dgLrvL FACEBOOK EVENT : www.goo.gl/jgBxRo ༄ SON LIBRE is back ! Son Libre Festival is welcoming you for its fourth edition on the 23rd, 24th et 25th of June 2017 in Collias, 15 minutes far from Nîmes. Wa are awaiting you for 3 days of pure madness, in our beautifull natural landscape under the shiny sun of southern France, in the heart of the Gardon Canyon. As in the past, we decided to offer you a quality line-up full of diversity. Be ready for uniques musical discoveries from locals an famous international artists. We know how the line-up scheduling is important that’s why we’ve worked hard on making each moment the most perfect one during 48 hours of non-stop music. Our philosophy is simple : Feel free for a weekend in thoses waves of sounds and in the warmhearted vibe of our human-sized festival. This is why we offer you two stages: ॐ Indian stage : Here Trance will rule, from the dark Forest of the night to happy prog during the afternoon. ☠ The temple stage : Will represent Techno as we Love it, with all it has to offer and also some more underground vibes that will make you trip at night and groove all day long. A lot of surprises are waiting for you so get ready to get mind blown as much during the day and night. What are you waiting for ? ! ☞ PRESALE: www.goo.gl/dgLrvL ► PASS WEEK END 3 DAYS : ► PHASE 1 : 25€ • SOLD OUT ► PHASE 2 : 35€ • 70 % ► PHASE 3 : 50€ • 0 % ► PHASE 4 : 65€ • 0 % ☀ 2 STAGES ☀ + MORE THAN 60 LOCALS & INTERNATIONAUX ARTISTS ☀ FREE TO GET IN AN OUT ( Alcohol allowed in plastic bottles) ☀ 5000 HAPPY PEOPLE ONLY ☀ MASSIVE SOUND SYSTEM BY EXEKUT AUDIO ☀ 2 CANOPIES WITH WATER SPRAYERS ☀ BIG DECO & STRUCTURES ☀ BIG TOP ☀ VISU & SHOW LIGHT ☀ MAPPING & LASERS ☀ FREE CAMPING ☀ ART & FOOD QUALITY STANDS ☀ CHILL OUT ☀ ECLECTIC MUSIC ☀ CLEAN DRY TOILETS 24/24 ☀ OPEN AIR ☀ TRUCK & CAMPING CARS PARKING ☀ PETS ARE NOT ALLOWED ! LINE UP : ॐ ॐ ॐ INDIAN STAGE ॐ ॐ ॐ Psytrance • Forest • Twilight • Full on • Trance prog • Zenon • and more ... ★ LIQUID SOUL ✪ Iboga Records ✪ Trance Prog' LiveSet (Switzerland) SC : www.soundcloud.com/liquid-soul ★ OUTSIDERS ✪ Sacred Technology ✪ Psytrance LiveSet (Israel) SC : www.soundcloud.com/outsidersmusic ★ ELECTRIC UNIVERSE ✪ Sacred Technology ✪ Psytrance LiveSet (Germany) SC : www.soundcloud.com/electricuniverse ★ SPHERA ✪ Iboga Records ✪ Trance Prog' LiveSet (Israel) SC : www.soundcloud.com/sphera ★ OUTSIDE THE UNIVERSE ✪ Nano Records ✪ Psytrance LiveSet (Israel and Germany) SC : www.soundcloud.com/outsidetheuniverse ★ HATIKWA ✪ Xonica Records ✪ Trance Prog' LiveSet (Germany) SC : www.soundcloud.com/hatikwa-music ★ UNDERCOVER ✪ Solar Tech Records ✪ Trance Prog LiveSet (Israel) SC : www.soundcloud.com/underthecover ★ MAITIKA vs STARLAB ✪ Digital Om ✪ Trance Prog' LiveSet (France) (India) SC : www.soundcloud.com/maitika-official SC : www.soundcloud.com/starlab-sounds ★ ANIMATO ✪ HOMmega Records ✪ Trance Prog' (Israel) SC : www.soundcloud.com/animatomusic ★ STARLAB ✪ Digital Om ✪ Psyprog LiveSet (India) SC : www.soundcloud.com/starlab-sounds ★ SPINAL FUSION ✪ Profound Records ✪ Full On LiveSet (India) SC : www.soundcloud.com/spinal-fusion ★ KABAYUN ✪ Sangoma Records ✪ Special 3H LiveSet Twilight+Forest (USA) SC : www.soundcloud.com/kabayun ★ ATRIOHM ✪ Parvati Records ✪ Forest Psy LiveSet (Macedonia) SC : www.soundcloud.com/atriohm ★ VERTICAL ✪ Parvati Records ✪ Forest Psy LiveSet (Finland) SC : www.soundcloud.com/vertical_parvati ★ PETRAN ✪ Parvati Records ✪ Forest Psy 2h LiveSet (Greece) SC : www.soundcloud.com/petran-music ★ FUNGUS FUNK ✪ Sangoma Records ✪ Psytrance LiveSet (Russia) SC : www.soundcloud.com/fungus-funk ★ MODULE VIRUS ✪ Sangoma Records ✪ 2h DarkPsy LiveSet (England) SC : www.soundcloud.com/modulevirus ★ DJANTRIX ✪ Digital Om ✪ Darkpsy LiveSet (Macedonia) SC : www.soundcloud.com/djantrix ★ MILLIVOLT ✪ Zenon Records ✪ Psygressive LiveSet (Switzerland) SC : www.soundcloud.com/millivolt ★ KALKI ✪ NBM Records ✪ Psyprog LiveSet (France) SC : www.soundcloud.com/kalkimusic ★ TILT ✪ Hadra ✪ Psyprog (France) SC : www.soundcloud.com/tilt-hadra ★ BLACK MUFFIN ✪ Trance Prog LiveSet (France) SC : www.soundcloud.com/izzy-cham ★ RUDBOY ✪ Suce mon beat ✪ Psy prog (France) SC : www.soundcloud.com/djrudboy ★ CHOIX FACEBOOK ✪ ???????? ✪ ???????? SC : ???????? ★ DJ CONTEST ✪ ??????? ✪ ??????? SC : ???????? Booking close ♫♫♫ CONCERT ♫♫♫ LIVE ♫♫♫♫♫ ★ PETER POWER ✪ Ufordia ✪ Atmospheric LiveSet (India) SC : www.soundcloud.com/peter-power ★ RAKOON ✪ Karma Kusala ✪ Dub Trance LiveSet (France) SC : www.soundcloud.com/rakoonreggae ★ ASHKABAD ✪ Reggae Dub Live! (France) SC : www.soundcloud.com/ashkabad ★ JAHLIX ✪ Soul waves records ✪ Dub Reaggae Live! (France) SC : www.soundcloud.com/jahlix ☠ ☠ ☠ THE TEMPLE ☠ ☠ ☠ Techno • Acid tekno • Groovy techno • Hardtek • Acid core • Drum'n'bass • Minimal • Deep house • and more... ★ ALEX STEIN ✪ Fresco Records ✪ Groovy Techno (Brasil) SC : www.soundcloud.com/alex_stein ★ BECKERS ✪ Highnote Records ✪ Techno (Germany) SC : www.soundcloud.com/d-nox_beckers ★ PERFECT STRANGER ✪ Iboga Records, Digital Structures ✪ Techno Trance minimal (ISR) - Spécial 3H set SC : www.soundcloud.com/perfect-stranger ★ WOODY MC BRIDE ✪ Plus 8 ✪ Acid Techno (USA) SC : www.soundcloud.com/woodymcbride ★ DOUBKORE ✪ Doubsquare Records ✪ Minimal (Italia) SC : www.soundcloud.com/doubkore ★ DOCUMENT ONE ✪ Buygore Records ✪ Drum'n'Bass (England) SC : www.soundcloud.com/documentone ★ BILLX ✪ Undergroundtekno ✪ Hardtek (France) SC : www.soundcloud.com/billx ★ ALRYCK ✪ Astrofonik ✪ RaggaTek Hardtek (France) SC : www.soundcloud.com/alryck ★ CHRIS LIBERATOR ✪ Stay Up Forever ✪ Acid Tekno (UK) FB : www.facebook.com/DJChrisLiberator ★ Mr GASMASK ✪ Protocole Records ✪ Acid Core LiveSet (Belgium) SC : www.soundcloud.com/mrgasmask ★ EPIDEMIE ✪ Obs.cur ✪ Acid Core LiveSet (Belgium) SC : www.soundcloud.com/epidemie ★ ACID WANKER AKA MIK IZIF ✪ Physical Records / SPU ✪ Techno Acid (France) SC : www.soundcloud.com/mik_izif ★ JACIDOREX ✪ NeoAcid ✪ Tekno Acid Kore LiveSet (Belgique) SC : www.soundcloud.com/jacidorex ★ DETUNED ✪ Doubsquare Records ✪ Groovy techno (Italia) SC : www.soundcloud.com/detunedofficial ★ MARK HOFFEN ✪ Sweet Melodic ✪ Techno LiveSet (France) SC : www.soundcloud.com/mark-hoffen ★ LIL FISH ✪ Frenchtouchprodction ✪ Trip Hop (France) SC : www.soundcloud.com/lilfish-1 ★ DJ HP ✪ NBM Records ✪ Groovy Techno (France) SC : www.soundcloud.com/krymoditif ★ MISSTICK ✪ NBM Records ✪ Techno (France) SC : www.soundcloud.com/djmisstick ★ KDS ✪ Groovy Techno (France) MC : www.mixcloud.com/KDS ★ BRONSTACH ✪ Trakerz ✪ Deep House (Italia) SC : www.soundcloud.com/bronstach ★ RYYKS ✪ Techno (France) FB : www.facebook.com/dj-rykkks-100659779463 ★ NEBULASAH ✪ Electro (France) FB : www.facebook.com/nebulasash ★ ANTIDOT ✪ Suce Mon Beat ✪ Groovy Techno (France) SC : www.soundcloud.com/antidotsucemonbeat ★ NALAXX ✪ S.M.B Records ✪ Electro LiveSet (France) SC : www.soundcloud.com/nalaxx ★ FREDBULL ✪ Suce mon beat ✪ Drum'n'Bass Neurofunk (France) SC : www.soundcloud.com/fredbull-smb ★ FRANCKY X ✪ Suce mon beat ✪ Techno Acid (France) SC : www.soundcloud.com/frankyx ★ FRED DLZ ✪ Suce mon beat ✪ Tech House (France) SC : www.soundcloud.com/ ★ L'ANIMAL ✪ Suce mon beat ✪ Groovy Techno (France) SC : www.soundcloud.com/lanimalsucemonbeat ★ DR SCROLL ✪ Suce mon beat ✪ Techno (France) SC : www.soundcloud.com/drscoll ★ FEN X ✪ Suce mon beat ✪ Drum'n'bass SC : www.soundcloud.com/fen-x-bassmusic
  11. Description: PsyTyx is a fresh project formed by the eccentric Psy-Techno artist 'Psychasm' and the Progressive Melodic Psy DJ 'Tatyx'. It's a wicked cocktail of psychedelic space blips, deep rough Techno beats and bouncy deep flowing bass. They start a new track by working as separate units, creating lots of home brewed sounds, beats and noises, when the amount of material has stacked enough they arrange them together afterwards in a co-op operation. Everything is then polished with new sounds and ideas, and a new PsyTyx track can now be heard in the night lights. This technique brings some wacky psychedelic yet funky patterns and colors, which not only is quite unique, but also exciting the critical listener . The official release date is 13/01/2017 and all tracks are available now in Psyshop as a pre-release: https://www.psyshop.com/shop/Downloads/eur/eur1dw007.html Some Soundcloud Demos:
  12. TOLTEK http://morphonic-records.com/artist-dj-toltek-huicholity-live-4.html NADESHIKO http://morphonic-records.com/artist-nadeshiko-27.html PSYKELO http://bhooteshwara.com/artist/psykelo/ https://www.mixcloud.com/psykelo/ Décoration par Artemusss Entrée sur donation mini 5€ pour la sortie du prochain EP du label Vestiare obligatoire, 2€ L'Officine, 11 rue de la grandeTruanderie 75001 Paris M° Etiene Marcel - Rer Les Halles
  13. Artist: Masa Title: Son Ov A Seed Label: Hypnodisk Date: November, 2015 You may have noticed that I didn't provide the track list. Well, I had to listen to this nonsense so I felt that actually typing the titles would send me into a post-Vietnam PTSD rage that some of you might not survive. There are 19 tracks and I'm sure that I said "What in the unholy f*ck?" at least that many. Masa is Masayuki Kurihara from Japan and he's been around a looong while. You might recall his album Inside from 1996. I don't, but you might. He's had some tracks that I liked on some compilations, but this... First off it's broken up into two discs and contains stuff done as Masa and his alias X-Tron. A few of the tracks are previously released, but put out again as live versions. It's got that gritty, raw feeling to it that sometimes veers into pretty noisy territory. This feels like a collection of tracks scooped up from the cutting room floor that weren't able to make any album cuts. And there's no mystery here. Straight ahead all the way. It's not all turds and kidney stones though as tracks like Nu Experience and Master & Margarita (Live At Rainbow 2000 '96) bounces nicely with some twisting layers. But over 20 bucks for maybe two tracks I'd really enjoy? Hypnodisk Bandcamp
  14. Bandcamp link. Dreamy acid techno with a Japanese Goa feeling. All analog. Tracklist : 1. X995 2. X996 3. X997 4. X998 5. X999 6. X1000 Enjoy !
  15. Everything is Legal is a group of psytrance artists from Republic of Georgia. This album sounds all different. With the elements of future tech, electronica, breakbeat and glitch. Containing 3 Downtempo tracks, each with a very special sound. The experimental method follows the whole album. In a world of sound standardization this album clearly stands out with its special attitude. It had to come eventually - very special album from the gradually growing Georgian Psychedelic Community. Hear this and you won't be disappointed. Everything is, in fact, legal in the world of sound. Or at least that is how it is supposed to be. You can actually listen to the whole album for free on the Bandcamp. Not sure if it is downloadable or not: https://2kija.bandcamp.com/album/udabno-2 Tracklisting: 1. The North Node 04:56 2. 1 Corinthians 10 23 05:58 3. Shkhara 06:38 4. 2kija vs Everything is Legal - Free Form God 08:12 5. Spide-R 05:07 6. Artsaxvide 06:12 7. Udabno 04:29 8. 12 Knights 06:43
  16. Artist: Various Title: The First Pulse Label: Pulsewave Records Date: 1996 1. Dormant - Auspex (Intro) 2. ARTificial - Origin of Species 3. Asiodiziac - Skinn 4. Mnemosyne - Six Feet Over 5. File Operation Error - Manhunt 6. Clockforest - Systems On 7. Subconscious Aurists - Astral Interference 8. The Signus - Robot Zone 9. Juicehead - Anything Is Everything 10. Clockforest - Sun Mark 11. File Operation Error - The End 12. ARTificial - Lunimous Lullabye (Outro) Keep your distance ladies. I know what you're thinking. "Jesus tap dancing Christ this guy will review a f*cking ham sandwich." And to that I would say if I had the time. But back on task... With the exception of Mississippi and Alabama everyone knows that this is a dated look. The only thing missing is a member's only jacket and a pair or acid washed jeans. And that's what this compilation is like. I don't know where I got it, but I think it was a throw in when I bought some stuff off Discogs. Two decades old and man it sounds like it. Think of a smorgasbord of electronic music that will bring you back to the early days. I put it here because it has some goa sounding tracks in it. Origin of Species comes to mind and it wouldn't have been bad, but those crash cymbals! A lot of the tracks just sound like dated 90's techno and electro. Complete with rave sounds and orchestra hits. Throw in a little dream trance and gabber and it's really the total package of no thank you. Perhaps this will make you feel nostalgic. Not me though. Just made me want to delete it.
  17. very rough sketch done quickly https://soundcloud.com/grantstanleysa/its-coming-soon-test-a
  18. Hi guys , i am new member in this forum and i call you to listen this track,i didnt know exactly which style it is, i just call it progressive psy. All comments are welcome 136bpm enjoy
  19. Hey Everyone. I'm glad to announce this release with Euroforix Records who to got this out in time to reach the public. At the moment is is available on Amazon , Psyshop and Bandcamp for now, and more outlets will be added soon. http://www.euroforix.com/releases/approaching-pluto/ The Tracklist: (1) Approaching Pluto - Cosmic Rain (2) Approaching Pluto (Subdream Remix) (3) Approaching Pluto (Red Eye Syndrom Remix) (4) Approaching Pluto (Rewird Remix) (5) Approaching Pluto (Shauli Remix) (6) Approaching Pluto (Wyram Remix) (7) Approaching Pluto (Psychasm Mercury Remix) (8) Approaching Pluto (Noforix Remix) (9) Approaching Pluto (Psychasm Venus Remix)
  20. Hey Guys edit; track is finished. main device used: in Reason Matrix - On all vocals, Echobode - on Lead sounds and transitions Predator - filtering only Sonic Refills - Orchestral instruments Primal Audio filterS on all tracks Blamsoft Dc-1 distortion Yoko Band splitter McDSP compressors on all tracks Mclass Eq on All tracks RV7000 In Reaper: Mostly free VSt's B-line 303, Free audiorealism basseline Free Kontakt Player with Komplete Elements A1 trigger gate Minimal Systems free analogue filter
  21. --------------------------- F.S.I DANCE FESTIVAL 2016 Delphi Camp - Anemokampi - Galaxidi https://www.facebook.com/events/1006349742764532/ --------------------------- A Five-Day (19 - 23 August) Summer trip, between history (Ancient Delphi) and contemporary art, participation by the leading artists (Music, Art, Culture, Ecology) in a high and very well organised production and at an exceptional Beach Camp includes: Sea, Nature & excellent Facilities! [APOLLO (Main) STAGE] Opening Ceremony by: JUNO REACTOR (SoundSystem) Live Acts: AIOASKA ANASA ANIMATO ASTRAL PROJECTION ASTRIX ATMOS AVALON CYDELIX EGORYTHMIA ENARXIS JUNO REACTOR HI PROFILE JP ILLUSION KINGPINK LIQUID SOUL LOUD INNER STATE PROTONICA UPGRADE VINI VICI SESTO SENTO SIDE LINER SIRION SUN & more acts tba. Dj’s: ALEXAND3R ARGY ECHOSENCE CHRIS OBLIVION CHRISTO ZEN ELECTROPUNK NIKOS LIQUID LOVE N-IGMA OMNI-TECH XDIMENSION & more acts tba. [DIONYSUS (Club) STAGE] (Opening by Nicolas Dales Music - DownTownUnderGround) ALWAYS LATE ANALOG TRIP APNIA ARS DEMENTIS ATHOS CJ GIOVANNI DJ NAS DJ KUMO DIEGO VAROS DRY WET DUFFY D. PETROCHEILOS ISI JAY MADOX JON TSAMIS J MEGAS KONDAK KONSTANTINO SCAPE LIEM METRONOMES MICHAEL SAK MICRO KEL MIKEE MIKELE NADJA NICK A. NICK B. NICK JOJO NICOLAS DALES NIKKI GONZALES NOETIC CURVE OKTABEAT RONI IRON ROTTEN STYLE SETH SIMOS DANALIS SKINNY so S SPIROS PAPPAS SYSEX TECH1NE TONI MANGA TONIC D TRIXX V.ROX More Info: -----TICKET SALES & INFO UPDATES----- Online Ticket Sales: http://fsievents.net/presale.html 1st_Phase 60E until Wednesday 25/05 ----SOLD OUT------ 2nd_Phase 75E by end of JUNE Limited number of tickets* 3rd_Phase 90e till AUGUST 12th. #Gate_Price 100e Beach Camp. FREE entrance for CHILDREN under 12th yrs old* GENERAL INFO: (2 Shaded Camping Zones +1 Family next to Children's area): Festival BUSSES from Athens International Airport, center of Athens, Patra & Thessaloniki to the venue & back, REQUESTS for Shops, Art & Ecology organizations. Rental of small houses (6-14 persons) inside the Camp or rooms at the nearest hotel to the Festival Area. CONTACT: F.S.I. Dance+Concert inbox or info@fsievents.net or 0030 6977663948 For the 1st time in Greek Festival History: + 5 Days at a Full comfort Beach Camp + 40 Toilets (Not chemical / 20 male + 20 female) w/ 24h cleanliness* + 20 Showers (10 male + 10 female) w/ 24h cleanliness* + 2 Lifeguards (swimming pool & beach). + Beach area and swimming pool (extra charge area) + 32 friendly securities for your 24 hour safety + 2 female Guides for your help in camp & beach area + 24 hour first aid by (Doctor & Nurse) + Busses Festival Transport from the biggest Airport of Greece (EL. Venizelos, Athens) and the Centre of Athens, Thes/niki & Patra (3 biggest cities/states of Greece). + Nearby to Delphi Archaeological Site + Small houses inside the Festival area. + Book shops and Free Library + The Elite of International & National Artists + High quality of Sound & Lights System + Theamatic decoration by one of Europe's best team BOTN Decoration+Visuals team + Installations, Visuals & Live VJing by: Vj Nisidis & BOTn team. + 2 Shaded Camping Zones +1 Family Camping Area + Playground (Strictly Children's Area) + Art, Fire & Juggle Performers + Workshops, Yoga, Kiosks + Market Area + Restaurant with fresh Mediterranean Food + Tea & Coffee Shop w/ Panoramic Sea View + Free Car Parking Space.
  22. Hey guys , been a busy month. This track was long overdue but yet not much time to work because of upcoming projects. Made in Reason 7.1 . I try and keep everything I do as Psychedelic as possible even though not religiously sticking to the genre. The Next few tracks is definitely going to be more Psy-ish and probably there will be some Full-on Psy, Goa and will attempt to do a Twilight track, knowing myself it will most likely be a mixture of some sorts. See you then:)
  23. Hey Guys Im happy to share my first Ep with you. After a year in the making it's finally out. I have been posting tracks tagged as "Psytechno" to adequately describe the types of tunes I make. The first track is a Deeptech track made by bass/tech/house producer, D33jayk http://classic.beatport.com/release/technolimits-ep/1714172
  24. Hey guys wassup! Just finished this tune after a week's hard work and experimenting a lot. This was originally intended for a remix contest but got sidetracked. I used free software to generate the sounds of this track ,inside of Reaper, which was very painful to do. loops were imported back into reason for arrangement and (kind of ) mastering.
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