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  1. Hydraglyph - Cigarettes And Silver Bullets Hydraglyph live this weekend. Niiiiice!
  2. Prometheus is God! I can't wait for the next twisted gig in May. His new tunes are so good, and his live sets are amazing
  3. Who is Brain Damage? Where is he from? Does he play at gigs or any festivals? I simply can't get enough of his tracks. Especially Flux. Sooooooo good. I need more.
  4. The Even 11 track is indeed good. I look forward to more from them.
  5. I can hardly wait. This bodes well for Soulclipse. Lots of new sounds.
  6. Yeah Astrix - Coolio (Infected Mushroom Remix) rocks!! I still love the IM trance tracks. Its just their new Electronica style that dosn't tickle my fancy
  7. What are some albums that only you seem to appreciate. Albums from artists that don't seem to be popular and not many people know about. Albums that are not necessarily your favourite, but you always seem to enjoy. For me it would have to be: Hydro Generator - Lucid Dream (ignoring the first track). Dunno why but i always really enjoy this one.
  8. Protoculture - Refractions I wouldn't really call it fullon, but if your going to class cosma as fullon, then Protoculture is too.
  9. In any musical genre you will have people that are really talented and those who do not do the genre justice. In my experience psytrance dj's are far superior simply becuase the complexity of the tracks is much higher. As has been said earlier, psytrance tracks tend to be journeys unto themselves (actually goa was the example but i feel it applies to all psy except maybe fullon). Beyond a doubt the 2 most amazing dj sets i have heard have been Simon Posford (Shpongle set), and Prometheus (Younger Brother Set). Especially Prometheus, that guy has mad skills.
  10. I think you guys need to lighten up. I find most remixes pretty funny. In fact I actually enjoy them sometimes. Maybe its because i came from a heavy metal background before i got into psy.
  11. Touche. Nah I dont really dig Neo-full-on actually. My preference is Psychedelic Trance with emphasis on the Trance part. Too much so called "psytrance" these days doesn't really have a trance element. Or if its faster than prog it gets lumped in with Full-on. Stuff like Protoculture and Silicon Sound are what i like.
  12. I HATE GOA. BLARRGGHHH! It makes me want to jam a screwdriver in my ears. Personnaly i like inovation. Get with the times people, music has evolved.
  13. Waking Life Awesome movie to watch while your tripping. The visual style is amazing.
  14. I liked it alot the first time i heard it, but i think that was largely because i had just listened to the Delirious album which i found really boring. Subsequent listens leave me feeling it is a good album but a little on the 'hard trance' side of things. Definately has more club appeal.
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