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  1. ...so? It's housey and psychedelic. Even you can't pin it down exactly; genres shmenres Hope you enjoyed the mix no matter what it was called; if you want to hear more there's links on our Facebook and Myspace pages.
  2. Does what it says on the tin... Direct link to Steve OOOD - Psychedelic House: http://www.sendspace.com/file/7ky5a1 Mixes folder (13 online out of at least 50 available): http://www.sendspace.com/folder/nz6out Enjoy!
  3. Plusquam Records (and Midijum Records and Synergetic Records) are now owned by the guy who also owns Psytropic Records, Thomas Vitali aka Chemicus aka Psynina. If Plusquam has bought Crotus it means really that Vitali has bought it. Try asking Vitali direct.
  4. As someone who has had some of their music re-released on these labels I can state that at no time since their re-release have I been given any royalties for their sales
  5. http://www.psynews.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=55727 Thanks C.
  6. Hi all My blue laptop bag was stolen at the Cyberlink "Not Too Cheesy 2009" party, in Pedrogão Grande on 02.05.2009. The bag contained my laptop, soundcard, MIDI controller, passport and wallet, amongst many other things. If anyone has any information about this please contact me directly - O_O_O_D@yahoo.com. I was playing at this party for free - no fee - so this is a very very hard blow for me. Pics of the stolen items: Laptop bag: Techair http://i.ebayimg.com/06/!BRnrB+g!m...BvMQ)5g~~_1.JPG Laptop - Compal CL56, blue with OOOD sticker on the lid: http://www.gearxs.com/product_images/MG03072.jpg Soundcard - Nuendo Audiolink 96 (identical to RME Multiface): http://images.fixya.com/S/Steinberg/177x150/25265484.JPG Korg PadKontrol MIDI controller: http://mos.musicradar.com/images/Computer%....pad-460-80.jpg If I get my stuff back, I will reward anyone who helps. If anyone knows them, Rita and Sa were apparently the last people to see my bag; I was DJing in the chillout when this happened. Thanks for your help. Colin
  7. It's not a concert or a trance party. It's Duvdev's wedding. :drama: "yes but..." leave the guy alone, it's his WEDDING.
  8. You should be able to open Cubase SX files in any later version of Cubase. Be aware though that Cubase SX3 is discontinued; the current version is Cubase 5. DEFINITELY recommended to upgrade from Cubase SX!
  9. Really enjoyed working on this, it deserves to do well.
  10. That says DMT to me. Great cover, makes my nose itch.
  11. The next OOOD album will be 8 ambient tracks with a 160bpm ripper to finish.
  12. Colin OOOD


    I just finished the book, and saw the movie two days later. As soon as I saw the adventurers' hand-stitched costumes I knew this was going to be a film about 'real people' (ok, real make-believe costumed wannabe-superheroes, but you know what I mean)... the different decades were represented with an excellent feeling for the times, and most of the film just reeked of the 80s, even down to the cinematography. I was particularly struck by how similar-looking the characters in the film were to those in the book - it was quite uncanny. Dark, only as unnecessarily violent as the characters themselves, and morally ambiguous to its core, the film provoked a debate about morality that lasted for hours afterwards. Certain fairly important things were left out of the film though, necessitating the change of ending, and for me this had the effect of lessening the impact and authority of what I felt the book was trying to say about people. Great film, I'm not often moved to write reviews but this one is worth it IMHO.
  13. Even stranger, I wrote part of it, and have never been properly credited. "Life is everywhere we look, from worms in the soil beneath our feet to tiny plants in the purest spring water, in the air we breathe. Where there is life there is evolution; it's a part of the deal. Evolution affects not only the physical forms life takes but also its behaviour, and homo sapiens has certainly developed some remarkably complex cultures and societies over the millenia. " - this is just a small part of the intro text I wrote for the Dance Trance and Magic Plants compilation back in about 1996.
  14. Looking forward to getting these puppies in the post soon...
  15. Cool man, there's good stuff on all the Infected albums I've heard. I was using that album as an example though, not in any particular "I think this specific album is crap" way; it could have been anything.
  16. You can send me the track, I'll master it and send you a 3 - 4 minute clip; that should be enough for you to tell. If you like it and want the whole thing it'll cost €30 (I normally charge €50 for a single track). This is a special Psynews deal, limited offer as I'm pretty busy with mastering right now.
  17. How are we supposed to know if we like something or not unless we listen to it? <plays Converting Vegetarians album from start to finish> "Oh man, I didn't like that." <plays Converting Vegetarians album from start to finish> "Arrgh noooo that's horrible!" <plays Converting Vegetarians album from start to finish> "AAAARGGH I HATE THIS ALBUM!" <plays Converting Vegetarians album from start to finish> "RRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHH!!!!11!!!!11eleventyone!!" [kills self] Yup, that's how I listen to things. Not. No need to take things so personally just because someone disagrees with you.
  18. I found this on CDR just today; no idea where it came from.
  19. It used to be Psy-Forum.co.uk; the name had to change but it's still the UK's main psytrance forum. It's moderated (say hello to Faction if you join up ) but with a light touch - you have to be fairly hardcore twattish to be banned - and apart from the music/party/festival/release/technology discussion sections it has a huge General Discussion section which is pretty fukin random at times. It's a good place to be, I've been a member there for as long as I've been a member here.
  20. Every time you use Megaupload, your girlfriend calls me for phone sex. So don't do it. It was fun the first time but she's got no imagination. Like the clip btw. I've passed it on to Chris Organic, he said he'll be getting in touch soon. sike
  21. www.excessionmusic.com (his but no site yet) He's also doing stuff as Skein: www.myspace.com/skeinmusic + http://www.skeinmusic.com/, and runs the online music label 4Digital with James Monro: www.myspace.com/4digitalaudio
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