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Greetings to you!


Well, I discovered "goa" around 1995 when I came accros the album V.A./ Traveling.

What I heard just blew my mind and the very next day I went back to my local record store to find more music like this. I cross checked the names of the artists and left for home with albums like Distance to Goa 2 and 3, Twisted, Sonic mandala, Phototropic ... ... ... a new musical world enfolded right then and there.. between my ears... I have been addicted ever since and started building a modest collection ..... .....


I like the early "goa" sound, after that I welcomed the, back then, new full-on sound (mostly israeli) but feel I've grown out of that now.... only to return to "goa", quality psytrance and blissful chill-out/downtempo/ambient ... ... ... the new wave of darkpsy is something I don't quite get....I guess it are the bpm's ... ... but to everyone their taste ... ...


"It is the music that takes me away... ... blissful traveling without moving ..."


You can view my ever expanding little collection on discogs.com:




feel free to comment/suggest....



Bom Shankar!

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