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  1. Wow, this is really good. This is quite useful, particularly to newer arrivals. You shouldn't let assholes discourage you. There will always be some jealous folks. Good works should be expected to bring some stupid comments mixed in with the praise.
  2. Just sold endah a Dimension 5 12". He gave payment via Paypal very quickly, and was very patient with my delays. Would definitely deal with him again!
  3. I've got it. How much are you willing to pay, or what CDs do you have to trade?
  4. http://www.discogs.com/release/304441 Look, I suck at writing reviews (nor do I have the time to write one). I just wanted to give the above album a mention. I think this releases really stands out from the last few years' crap. The tracks are thoughtful, upbeat, enough progression to avoid becoming boring, excellent (!!) production, very detailed, great melodies and layering, and some of the tracks have great energy. Nick Barber's touch is obvious in several of the tracks. This is not the same ol' fullon shite. Most importantly this is really standing up to repeat listenings fo
  5. Enzo purchased one CD from me. He paid me through paypal. He responded to my emails quickly. Very easy to deal with.
  6. My first interaction was not good. I had "claimed" some CDs he was selling, and then I never heard back from him. When I asked what happened, he told me he had sold to someone else because he needed money quick. Then I had two successful transactions with him, very cheap prices on difficult to find CDs, did not charge much for shipping. He even got another copy of one of the CDs he had originally promised me (Juno Reactor - Luciana). Good deals. Then the 4th transaction did not go so well. I sent payment, but the CDs never arrived. I waited and waited, and then it was too late to fi
  7. I've ordered twice, got my package to New York in 4-5 days. No problems for me. My roomate also ordered from them many times and always used to praise their delivery speed. However there was one occassion where his package was missing one CD and he had great difficulty correcting the problem. I'm not sure how it turned out in the end because I moved out.
  8. IMHO the best shop around. Been ordering for several years now. Customer service is very responsive. Delivery by courier (which is cheaper than airmail for large orders) arrives to New York in 2 days. Low prices. You are able to get some Japanese releases that are difficult to find elsewhere. Once they sent me Scorb - Scorb when I had actually ordered Scozbor - Scozbor. They sent me the correct CD immediately, no questions asked, and they did not ask me to send the Scorb CD back!
  9. Ordered two CDs, got to the US in 5 or 6 days, no problems.
  10. What is there to get excited about? You see the output of the individual members of Transwave. Extrapolate.
  11. I try not to drive fast while high and listening to loud music. i bet you wouldn't be happy if someone was doing the above and killed your loved one.
  12. Redeemer, that is a good point. Sherlock, sorry but you are wrong. If you blind tested some psy track, you would not be able to tell the difference. You can belive what you want, but that is not the same as objective proof (i.e. the results of ABX testing by multiple people carried out @ http://www.hydrogenaudio.org ). There are some "problem samples" which MP3 cannot encode perfectly at any bit rate, but this is a very minor concern.
  13. Also, it is totally unecessary to sell WAVs. There are so many lossless encoders out there that can cut the size in half, and after decompression it gives the exact same WAV file. BIT-FOR-BIT exact copy. Anyone who demands WAVs over FLAC, LPAC, APE, etc is a fool.
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