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  1. Wow, right up my alley. Thx for bringing this up @Manuser. Very Koxboxy. Great flow and keeping it smooth while it's also very versatile. The goa wavelenghts is there but transduced in a more metropolitan/high tech style .... and funky ^^ Super neat progressive patterns all the wayz !
  2. Hello Psynews, while hanging around the world wide web, at the crossroad of two digital neuron I fell on this! http://music.hyperreal.org/artists/metanet/metanetmain.html I love those kind of weird 90's cyberspace-like website, the far out philosophy and the raw psychedelic aesthetic. So please share your favorites if you have some! I also ended up finding this from there: This documentary looks legit super cool (it's about Japan!) but I don't know where to buy it :/ raycastle.com doesn't seem to have it. If some charitable soul is up for sharing or heard of some underground sellor ... 604BillionTHX
  3. I live in a big city in France and thete's always party, but it's all club and the club aren't even that good. Add to that expensive and you have the main reason I don't go often. The line up has to be something special to make up for the rest. It can't even begin to compare with the vibe you find at psy festival or a well organized outdoor party. Belgium has a lot of oldschool and one party I did there last year was neat, real family rave vibe, I hope to go back again. Not so many parties a year but I want to do more, especially festivals - ZNA this year!
  4. Hey Reger, yeah hunting your own meat is not possible for all humanity that's the point. Too much people. I also think the "good rationallisation" is a big part of the problem. We are emotional beings and there's great truths in that. If you are not ready to have the kind of intimate relationship with what you eat such as I kill you. I make the effort of killing, I watch you die, I piece you out with your blood on my hands, the smell feeling my hand and the sound of the limb being torn apart. You shouldn't eat meat. We have been made less sensitive from eating our food (what is more intimate than what penetrates your body and feed you?) from plastic boxes delivered in supermaket. And so we lost something that is a jewell in our hearts, for some heat and habits, tasty stimulation.
  5. My policy is: I will not refuse eating anything if it does not refuse being eaten. I don't have a problem with meat eater as long as they slaughter the damn beast by themselves and don't go with the easy saikopat-plastik version from the supermarket. I think this woulf solve most problem of the current economy.
  6. I had a great time at Contact, some other time for the psy roots!
  7. I expect him too! He played a quite oriented techno set at Connection and it was a blast! Thanks for the tip. I hope your marriage will open to rubbing, without the wrong way.
  8. Yesterday wasn't possible. I had to sleep. Today is good because I leave tomorrow and can get beyond sleep to the plane. I'm up for anything that's showing the club culture indeed. I don't know those artits, goodkicking mental techno would be a blast! edit: Yuta plays at Contact so I'll go there! Thanks for the advice gfp1 and everyone. I'll try and find my way there (to the attractive girls of course) ...
  9. Thanks you guys, I will check those out! Go or not to go I won't regret it, Japan is an amazing experience.
  10. AiKyO

    I'm in Tokyo

    Hi! I'm in Tokyo, if anyone has some advice on where to find the tekno tribes, please do tell. I really want to taste it, especially if goa! Arigato!
  11. Hi! I'm in Tokyo till the end of the week, if anyone has some advice on where to find the tekno tribes, please do tell, especially if goa!!!
  12. I care for divine transmission of the spirit of trance, if this happen I can dance. I like balance. I like when there's no break for more than five minutes. I like when it knows when to take its time and how to bring change. When each song that is brought forth creates an unexpected or expected reaction, new alchimies, when there is balance between those, balance between the night and the day. It is flow for me then. It also happened I could understand the story sometime while dancing very madly, I think you can reach a state of concentration where you feel the music so much and you translate it in the right movements that the mind will tune itself with the body, and thoughts, may it be words or visions, will go hand in hand with the myth that is created.
  13. There could be some "weekly discussion" thing, I know some other forums with low participations and it helps bring some activity, people get to know each other better outside of the usual subjects. I would love to see young people as me, in their early twenties,overflood and bring new life to goa trance forums but it most likely won't happen
  14. Suntripper is the most active I know, I would be interested in finding more groups too.
  15. It mostly comes after heavy nights of listening to loud musics, sometime takes time to vanish. At Connection this year, the sound was quite loud and there wasn't many room to escape it, especially the bass and kick would overload my ears to the point of it becoming an issue. I would always go to sleep with a heavy buzzing in my ears and was quite worried about it. A friend lend me some earplugs protection and it saved me, though the sound was less enjoyable, at least I could listen to it without feeling bad about hurting myself. I don't know if there are selling points for hearing protections in festival usually but it should be mandatory. And the sound doesn't always need to be so loud, excess is a thing, especially if the place doesn't have the space needed to find your sweet spot (both for balance and loudness). I might still have a very low tinnitus, that I can only hear when there is zero sound around me, but very low and it doesn't bother me (I might concentrate to hear it). Also, don't use earplugs headphones, a friend of mine got deaf in one ear with those shitty things (and the shitty mp3 quality) (he overused them but still). --- If someone has some nice earplugs protection to share, please do! (all links in page one are dead)
  16. I don't play a lot of video games, my last love have been rather indie and psychedelic: Rez, Panoramical, FEZ, Hyper Light Drifter, ... I always pictured tentacles while listening to Goa trance, a bit like the "electronic brain" of FSoL, so playing Thumper was a real treat. This game would leave anyone tranced out o their selves in a dreadful peak. There's nothing quite like it. It was make by two guys over nine years, from scratch, they built their own engines (etc) and now it's on every platform (even phones!). There is something about death in it that I find very well understood.
  17. They may have killed religion but the offspring of Christianity have very well survived. I have a hard time not seeing the entire way we approach the psyche and the body as a result of two thousand years of Christianism, even science to a large extent is a natural follow up and it has certainly been raised to the rank of religion and is understood by many like a dogma. That is actually something I wanted to get at too. Though I don't think any discipline that comes from the outside is oppression and exploitation, I certainly do think we live in a time were the structure that are deeply inside of us and those that we create (have been created) outsides (generate into social construct) are tremendously at odds. This creates unbalance. But when inside and outside go in some form of accordance, in a little dance of their own, it flourishes. What is really weird today is that man has gotten some of his inside outside but in a material way, and a way that does not match the Outside (nature - which is also our deepest "Inside"), it's a sort of fake inside, culture, it does conserve some natural traits, but as off now it cannot dance with it. The spirit can get manifested into vision - I guess it's some sort of synesthesia, it is part of this "inside out" process to me, which I think is very healthy and much needed. Skipping it is like skipping digestion. It's like the "art of consciousness", which is really something we are estranged from nowadays - to live consciously and in awareness. Right now I would tend to say you sense the spirit through seeing because you see some things that reminds you the spirit is in all else (and for man's creation, some things more than other), some attributes, it can be a shape, and it evokes in you, it awakens the feeling of, the spirit. As you say, it in't distracting, but focusing. It strips things to their essence (does not mean refined), their naked self.
  18. Pretty much that to me. People are traumatized by the stupid excessive and nonsensical discipline of modern society but sometime don't realize their concept of freedom has also been shaped by this very society. Getting wasted on the weekend and getting out of your head is very capitalist (I was actually shocked how much the rave culture is consumerist!). I have found this thread (:What are the Worst Thing about Psytrance and it's Culture? - 2013) and a lot of people state drug as one of the issues with the scene. But drug isn't an issue of the scene, it's an issue of the capitalist society we drag on - because we are not always so different we would like to be and we tend to enhance (sometimes in excess, excess being so freaking capitalist) those aspect. Drug use did not exist in most part of the world before colonialism and good occidental society brought them alcohol. So now some of you say i'll kill fun. Some of the fun has to die, some will live on - the chill, the craziness. I have seen people chilling without alcool, or even weed, "all you need is spirit and nothing", right? There's some truth to that. And that's why I don't consider psychedelics to be drugs, they reveal the spirit and have a certain way to do so - they also lead me to spirituality, the discipline and killed my drug addiction (soft but here), how could I consider them same as speed, alcohol, even MDMA to a point, etc? I can't. Discipline is purposefulness (I join Hasheeshian here), where does your purpose comes from? What does it imply? For me it implies a sense of sacredness, it is why I was attracted toward the psytrance scene in the first place - and I gravitate toward Goa trance because it gets me into trance in no time, the goal was trance, shamanic trance and divine extasies at some point (right?). And that kind of music is super structured, it's very square but also very organically and crazy at the same time, and most importantly it get you there. There is a purpose. There is this sense of learning I find amazing in Goa, I find it back in martial art or meditation, from repetition, endless repetition, leading to endless variations, there is learning. I think those spirits are very much alike. We have a whole world that is a strange balance between supreme seriousness and lousy fun - meanwhile our ancestors had discipline and were leaving a "freer" life in a highly sacred and wise way, and it did not meant dogma forcibly, just look at (their) mythology: it's weird, quirky, absurd, mystical, contradictory, poetic to the root, ... It escapes definition (but does so in a certain way), isn't that freedom? ...
  19. But structures don't mean dogma. It's impossible to escape structures, our world is a network of highly complex structures. And highly complex structures allow "freedom" (whatever that means). Samples are words. Words constructed by the very societal construct we try to deconstruct. The difference between a sentence and a movement is immensely vast. Every form of ritual, meditation and all, are beyond language - or are body/eternal language. Getting into "that" structure, is the most freeing that can happen - in my experience. And you know, loud music with repetitive beats and patterns is an ideology in and of itself. But music is abstract, evocative. A good structure is like that. It lets you project yourself onto it and find things that you can relate to on a deep level, things you may no have known of. That is basically wisdom, it is guiding you. And this is present to an extent in psytrance event, maybe not enough. What I sort of mean is, we need a diversity of structures, but that means more structures. When a structure is organic however, it does not feel limiting but the very opposite. Limitations are expending. Some things are not bound by time ...
  20. People often associate structure and discipline with rigidity and restriction, I think it's the perfect opposite. When those things are done right, they open endless doors, blissful ones - we are just traumatized by society very bad way of doing those things. Rave culture is full of contradiction, and there is a beauty in that of course, but still, it's carrying a lot of society bad habits and addiction. And even though it is more progressive than a lot of other things, we could take it further I think. At first the further looks like the psy-trance scene, because that's where it's more "spiritual" - less speed, more tribal alien gods; eventually I still feel we can get so much deeper (a basic thing is singing, we go to music festival but people rarely sing together. It's a beautiful thing I have seen the tremendous healing and bonding power in some Rainbow Gathering). If you were to say "Well, there is going to be music, but we have to get you 'there' first, so there will be a ritual (in any form)", most people would freak out, be bored or go smoke their joint and yell for the music to start. Or if you say "Now, let's drop the music and integrate the two previous mix for a wee bit thirty minutes", and I don't know, other stuff that could be "spiritual or intellectual" (because i'm like: "let's represent the digestive psychic process in parties, let's get symbolical yo"). I'm sure we can find new way to structure the parties and make everyone interact, bring new meanings and horizon, make the parties "more" than just parties. Most people think those kind of structures will kill the "Good Time", they don't want to get heady or what, they just want to drop out. It's too bad, because if you accept to kill the Good Times, you get to the Sacred Time. That little dragonfly beyond death that sings with the cicadas ... Still, though I can see the downside of the psy-culture, I still think there's enough diversity for things to fluctuate. And a good amount of people see it as a place of transformation. When you get into meditation or martial art it's like this beautiful technology designed by ancestors of yours that make you rediscover yourself, and there is wisdom and balance soaking every inch of the stuff. There is this respect and gratitude that are inherent to the whole thing, and it's there in music culture too, but it can become more primordial. I think that's the spirit that psytrance needs to enhance, the ritual, more and more. Wasn't is supposed to be digital shamanism?
  21. https://streamable.com/dbgax This has come around Reddit today, I didn't felt like making a thread about it. Great stuff!
  22. I have discovered Goatranch not so long ago, so I have many many hours of mix listening ahead. I haven't done a lot of mix listening actually, sometimes when I wanted something in the background without cuts I would just check something out of YT. It's actually very different from the dancefloor, where you are taken through the journey with all of your body and moves, So now, I'm listening to this, how could I resist it when it's all TIP and there are Aliens in the title
  23. Nice review. I have good memories of his set at Connection this year, right after Yuta
  24. Old is Gold. I was actually reading about Goa and how each wave thought the vibe was gone when a new one came - so since the late 70's some were already saying how it losts its magic. I think it's natural to see that people fascinated with their tribal roots, said Golden Age of Mankind, all of them Archaic Revival, would be subject to making that sort of pattern arise. I haven't lived the Magic Era, I was born in 1995, and I am stuck on old-school Goa so hard! There's nothing quite like it ... For me, it's about what the music vehiculates, what state of mind it puts you in. Goa is a great combination of many things. The energy it communicates (not to fast so it allows great body expression), the meditative quality of it (which allows for extended home listening), the endless layers and the texture of the sound ... The beautiful melodies arising from pure mystery, before being swallowed again by that utter ineffable essence. The rythms it creates which are purely liberating and allows great variations and pure expression. The hardware feel of it. The context of it all I guess ... It's just the perfect combination, why go seeking something else when you have stricken the core of it? Well, it's evolution some say, and it is, but every evolution ends in revolution. I really believe in the special ability of Goa trance to transform the mind like no other music - it's like the Epiphany of Techno music, dead wood beat music (that is already amazing) just gets to a purely spiritual level, with outer weirdness from parallel dimensions ... Anyway, the way I like to think about it is like Hendrix but dispatched on many peoples. Goa was a meteor. And the "Old Gods" were Old Gods, they were transfigurated by great spirits and supreme vibe, but it was beyond them, it was flowing through them. They cannot hold it in their hands. It has gone someplace else now ... Old sig Old
  25. Greetings Psydroids, I come from Planet Goa. Upon arriving in my flying saucer (which oscillates...) onto Earth I lost all memory of my previous endless lives. I then passed my blossoming childhood and quirky adolescence lost between neurons not entirely my own, yet on my way I was, was I? Oh, through Neptune's Valleys I swam, beyond the Gates of Oblivion and some other sides of the moon I gazed, but all those fragments were but the reminiscence of stars passed eons ago ... That is until I found the Cosmic Tribe, itself in (r)evolutions of its own, many of them seeking ways back to their homeworld and new hive minds, reconnecting with them Cydelikspace and Outer Realms. I had broken the spell Maya, Maia had welcomed me in its mystery! But ephemeral the dream ... I did reach the shores of my once native world again, yet vanishing it is. I was born as it was melting into Myths and Legend, morphing into ever new forms - not always representative of my beloved Home. My Ancestors' language was communicated to me still, I should dance, again and again, dance I should never end, past and future should they melt, dance I should ever bend ... Since my arrival on Earth, I live in the Country named France. Though I have trouble understanding linear time, I am aware the number that denominates me is 21 .... I went up the river after the Star Dancer showed me the way not so long ago and I guess that's all I can _really_°say '`'`°=*)"(<.:..::...:::]]/T\\\o|o///T°¤*§§"s;>-_-<"m°°..+...°D°xSxx°M°xSxx°T°xsSsx'k```L^¨^¨o§/;]@°[;\§o¨^¨^!µ!!---------- ° ° °`
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