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  1. I'm listening to One lOve right now, and at least now I understand your point of view. Yes, this album has worse production and lost much of One Love's goaholic atmosphere ... It's rhougher , like if they took less time to produce it. Anyway , I find Gajinrocker and You decide amazing. And I like also the tracks with the so-loved-so-hated contiunos bassline, even if they can't IMO be compared to some of MSG 's best works.
  2. old analogic feeling , yes some sounds seem as they are comnig straight from an old 8 bit ... I like melodies and atmosphere. Very "goaholic". I put this album midway among IFO (sharper sounds) and Juggeling alchemist (more silky) If you like the previous two, you'll like this one too
  3. yeah , do you felt it too ? I don't understand how these guys have made so many albums, but I admit I've never seen them alive neither I own Machropage. They sound so flat. Since now I like only two of their songs : witches' dance, and a progressive style song on drosophilia of which I don't remembar the name. Maybe alive they rock ...
  4. quote 100% I'm liking a lot this album . wow . Electric Universe is becoming one of my fav projects. Why ? Maybe it's the overall mixture : I like the riff they choose, the sounds they do, the patterns, the choice of vocals' timing ... 303, fast , mystical , rocking guitars .... maybe some songs sound too much like videogames background music ... this album would also fit in some matrix fighting scenes ... they use simple melodies (4-5 notes riff) and pump them really good with lot of acid effects and velocity ... turn your living in a dancefloor , play it loud
  5. 1 science - electric universe 2 monna lisa overdrive - juno reactor 3 feel the universe - juno reactor 4 kabalah - astral projection 5 samurai - juno reactor 6 le plaisir - ricky effe 7 aeris gloriae - yoko kanno (ghost in the shell stac ost) 8 entrance to the shrine - yuzo koshiro (y's book i & ii ost) 9 gravity of love - enigma 10 phoenix - asura (just what i'm listening to more often in these days) :drama:
  6. awesome me belonging to the Partypackers group this is toooooo much true
  7. mama : william orbit, asura papa : nothing
  8. move on baby move on baby lot of fun that music was. beautiful summers.
  9. just listening to land and freedom ... tears falling from my eyes ...
  10. don't forget some 303. do melancholic melodies. effects of rain always good.
  11. pioneers of psy trance are Roland's engineers
  12. my girlfirend listen most of all to rock , but she is mind-opened and slowly is beginning to appreciate some goa , depending on what cd I'm listening in my car while we are together this month she liked twisted , aes dana and very much classical mushrooms (she even asked for a copy of the cd); she disliked etnica (she said that are too boring ) ...
  13. placebo if I really need to wake up
  14. Yes, sad isn't the correct word . To render the feel I should have written : melodies have a melancholic echo, not sad in the sense of a sad rock ballad, but neither sunny in the sense of morning trance ... being talking about alchemy, they really hide inside a feel of nigredo (the alchemistic depressive phase which preludes to enlightement ) , but they are also uplifting , bu in a magic/gothic/crowleyan way ... some thing like unconscious/trascendental or at least they feel in that way for me
  15. yes, mush mushi is getting better and better ...
  16. juggling alchemist on ebay it's really a shame ... considering your musical tastes (which i can desume from your reviews) you will like a lot this album get it , get it
  17. for me it still relies on the mood .. for example, bust a move, amazing production, sometimes i can't really follow the whole flow because there are too many passages form classical to guitars to psy , sometimes it turns me crazy, most of all after 05'39"
  18. It will be a wondeful year for newcommers like me who will spend this whole year discovering 14 previous years of amazing music
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