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  1. yup liquid sun is quite cool. i like ambient galaxy more though. anyways i really like astral projection type stuff and i will check out those of your suggestions that i dont already have. thanks alot. but what i am currently searching for is what prana has and what astral projection does not. its like rave or something with the goa. other tracks like this are also talamasca-tribal journey and polenesian lion. talamasca does not have any other tracks with those attributes. i have found prana has the kind of rave or i dont know what it is. someone help me identify it and reccomend me more? i t
  2. Hi. I dont even try to listen to new psytrance i dont ever find anything worth listening. (except i love filteria) Anyways does anyone know of nice GOA that is similar to Prana? i came across a few prana tracks and they are absolutely awesome. I especially love the track 'kiba'. it seems the older the goa the more i like it :/ . I also like hallucinogen, astral projection etc. nice melodies with an ambientish feel - i think i also would apreciate it if anyone could tell me of like new goa such as filteria? or is that about it hmm wait come to think of it there might be a kind
  3. 'The unidentified phenomenon is heading for Moscow' - Etnica -Be on go 'The way i feel i dont have to sleep for a year, i'm on F&$*ing FIRE!' - Hallucinogen - Shamanix hmmm theres many more but i cant remember the songs names exactly.
  4. What is in your opinion the best melodic goa?? i have started listening to psytrance about 2 years ago, and i found i only like some tracks of the other psychadelic psytrance genre's, But i seem to struggle to find any goa i dislike. So basically the point of this is for me to find cool melodic goa that i didnt know about. My favourites are Hallucinogen & astral projection.
  5. hehe i'm into goa. Not that much into full on. i like stuff like hallucinogen, astral projection, cosmosis, infected mushroom, astrix etc.
  6. ta all. I go to try out some gms, sun project, x-dream and etnica (etnica albums eclips3 and earth- something or other). anyways i find all those albums ok-ish buuut they all seem so repetitive. they start out nice and then it just seems to get boring to me. anyways in the mean time of trying those out i actually started likeing shpongle - are you shpongled? more. (even though they are not THAT great in my opinion) I think i should rather just look for bands exactly like infected mushroom, cause they have never let me down. i think i like constantly changeing atmospheres / themes with
  7. Just thinking it would be cool to get to know some people that listen to psytrance. It would be muuuch easier to find out what music i like/dislike by getting to know someone with goa/psytrance music. Also i got no friends that share my music taste, so if there are big events it would be nice to have a buddy. LoL this post seems SO dumb. I live near Cape Town. (studieng at stellenbosch at the moment)
  8. woah overwhelming all this stuff! thx guys. unfortunately my pc is currently broken. but i got some x-dream and etnica off of our university network and onto my mp3 player. I am gonna have a listen to it soon.. hehe when i get home from this computer lab. i see u guys are suggesting mostly old school goa to me... hmmm i didnt nesisarily want to be listening to old school but i suppose its fine. I wouldn't mind trying some good brand new albums that u guys recoment me either. meybe there are other genre's i like that i have not yet descovered. for instance infected mushroom's apogiffa
  9. @ oopie TA! soo in anoebis's 'all facets of trance..' post (just above these topics) it would be the top left section of the picture. but i also see infected mushroom in the 'psychadelic trance branch' hmm so this mean i'm a mixture between those two? hehe so many artists u give me. maybe rather only list the ones u think are best / u think will suit me best eheh. - ah thx reger i go check that one now.. hmm listening to shpongle again they dont seem to bad. probably cause i only got it in back ground and not really listening. any other cool melodic/slightly ambient go
  10. HiHi. I am new to this forum. Basically i need help to find out what kind of psytrance i like. I have tried to find out for myself and it is a bit confusing to me ( all the genres). I dont have a super internet connection so i cant sample all types either. So the idea is i list the stuff i like and then maybe some experienced person can tell me what other stuff i'd like too. I started listening to infected mushroom 2 years ago. I started listening to 'the otherside' and really liked it. i found more infected mushroom tracks and i really enjoyed b.p.empire and classical mushroom. heck i lov
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