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  1. ... last night, I listened to this disc from end to end at home. Gosh! I'm in love! The key is not to listen with expectations of psy-tech. It's more a seamless electronica album that slowly, gracefully, just plain makes your life better. There are a few tracks that will also work in a DJ set, but that's not the main point here. This is me retracting my initial, hasty 4/5 and not replacing it. This record is not in the out-of-five game. +++++ Just in case they read this stuff, guys, please, keep on the path of track #8, "Added Planet". Thanks for going to The Secret Plac
  2. There is still the subtle "Special MidiMiliz Crew" influence in the rhythms, the distorted, delicious muttering vocals, and the louche/menacing background treatment with its understated snarl, walking softly and carrying a big stick. But please, go no further down the track toward generic minimalism; it's diluting the genius of these excellent producers. Don't get me wrong, I am still buying this release to support these top-drawer artists, but I don't think it will stand out from the crowd in, say, five years, as head-and-shoulders above any other release of the era. I think the crew need
  3. Solid techy feel to these tracks. They may not appeal to everyone, but Sensient is clearly proud of the sound he's after. Worth a long look. Actually Zenon as a label has been releasing tracks at or near the top of the genre for the last little while now, and this work continues that progress.
  4. A few weeks later, I've started working this into my rotation. It is growing on me, and becoming a favourite. Every so often, something about the arrangement roundhouse-kicks my face, and I wonder, "how the hell did I miss that all this time?" :drama: :clapping: OOoooooo! It's lovely! Buy it if you haven't. 9/10.
  5. Not as consistently excellent as Fraktalik Fraterniti, but where it's good, it's heart-in-the-throat, stop-what-you're-doing, tremendous work. And Bigwigs succeed in releasing something utterly fresh and distinct from any other sound. Throughout, their playful approach resonates without reducing it to kid stuff. The production values are top-notch. Tracks 1, 2, 8 are special. It's worth the price for those alone. The others are less accessible, but I'm not judging them yet. I hope to be able to appreciate them more when I have the time to get into the album as a whole. Yeah!
  6. Nuclear Ramjet 'Neoponik' also appears on the excellent Coldgroove 'Complexity' comp. His 'Down the Wall' appears on the very good Jester Records 'Rewired' compilation. Both the Simmetune and the Nuclear Ramjet EPs are just wonderful releases. Thanks so much to all concerned for making these available. Gosh!
  7. If it's speed vs. quality, I'm all for waiting it out. Take however long it takes, please, guys, but do blow us away with subtlety and craftsmanship that we have come to see as the watchwords of X-Dream. Really, I just hope it doesn't besmirch their status, as some see Etnica, Juno Reactor, and other greying titans of this kind of music.
  8. 01 - Gopher 02 - High Noon 03 - Transcend 04 - Pitfall 05 - Ignite 06 - Peevish 07 - Far-Sighted 08 - Recover 09 - Avalanche 10 - Pace 11 - Starling 1 - Gopher The work starts off with lightly broken-beat percussion and a rattly, gentle wobbly bassline. Agreeable, minimal-chic pads and high-hats complete a warm, inviting intro to make us all nod in time. But there is more going on here that appears at first blush. It's the little sounds that tie it together into coherence. 2 - High Noon A straight 4/4 techy piece with a monotone dirge in the bass and a s
  9. Hey wow! I noted the other evening that a "T. Roehr" lists with the Poles (current Kino Oko and Epi Centrum) on the Bigwigs' "Fraktalik Fraterniti" release. Could be the same guy, via 'oe' to "ö" to "o". The credits on that release don't provide bios.
  10. Hell, if Trentemoller gets on here as psy, then Tony Rohr stomps all over it with his first full-length LP. 1 - The Dirty Thirty [Redux] 2 - Super Cool Hoon [Album Version] 3 - Buzz Buzz Buzz [Album Version] 4 - Pause Be With You [Album Version] 5 - Twentyfour [Album Version] 6 - El Sonido [Album Version] 7 - Strings and Strings [Album Version] 8 - All Choked Up [Album Version] 9 - Openair Hair [Album Version] 10- Scary Lab [Acid Version] If you know Tony Rohr, the LP is perhaps not quite as biting-on-tinfoil/urgent-attention-required as some of his singles.
  11. freak51

    V/A - Abracadabra

    OK, I stand corrected. The 'Model 1' cover is very, very good in the right context. The vocal sample doesn't work as well as the original, but it's only a few seconds and not worth worrying about. Still digging the rest of the disc too.
  12. In general, I'm don't really enjoy trancey sounds anymore ... but this is an exception. Tremendous effort, guys. This is one of the trippiest things in creation. Take a bow!
  13. freak51

    V/A - Abracadabra

    Topic #39433. Although this is the third release called Abracadabra in the past few years, so I can see how it got a double-topic.
  14. freak51

    V/A - Abracadabra

    1. Siu Nim Tao MANTIK 2. The Gentle Way of Mind-Destruction ALIC 3. Black Magic (Live rmx) FUZZION 4. Fabricated METALOGIC VS. MICHAEL LAWRENCE 5. Model 1 Epi Centrum (rmx One) MIDIMILIZ 6. Acid Flash (original mix) FUZZION 7. Through your head METALOGIC VS. TAO 8. Elephant's Boogie THE ROCKITMEN 9. Beats, Rhythm and Harmony KINO OKO 10. Sin Sinati MASS TURBO Horns & Hoofs' latest comp focuses less on the Russian Noise Gulag (now that plenty of other labels have picked it up and are rapidly turning it into a formula) and
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