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Found 7 results

  1. Artist: Schizoid Bears Title: Dictator of Silence Label: Forest Freaks Date: July, 2017 1. Shimmy Ye 2. Kito Visato 3. Analogue Woods 4. Man / Robot 5. Spacecake 6. Dropout 7. Kuelveerstuk 8. Keep It In My Heart 9. Parabulock P. Tale and C. Monster are back with their third release offered freely by our friends at Ektoplazm. Lithuanian Forest Freaks has been making some noise (get it?) in this genre with compilations like the Under the Moss series. This project does forest right with dark and uncertain atmospheres that bring to mind those places we are loathe to tread. There is a lot of twists and turns with new sounds lurking around every tree making for a very saturated aural experience. It can be harsh and electrically abrasive yet continuously lends itself to deep hallucination. Tracks like Man / Robot and Drop Out seem to have a perfect mix of power and psychedelia. In truth it's a lot to take in and like a lot of releases in this genre the sound sometimes tends to get bogged down with its equivalence. That said, I really liked it and while it isn't something I would listen to everyday, it gave me a sense of unease throughout. Free at Ektoplazm
  2. Artist: Various Title: Under The Moss Vol. 3 Label: Forest Freaks Date: June, 2014 01 - Re-Horakhty - Ravebros (148 BPM) 02 - Tom Noise - Double Trip Tip (150 BPM) 03 - C.Monster - How Do You Know (148 BPM) 04 - Schizoid Bears - Rhythm Of My Life (148 BPM) 05 - Cenotes - Dive (152 BPM) 06 - CTO Gram - Marshmallows, Monkeys, and Mortality (152 BPM) 07 - DoHm - Moss Party (152 BPM) 08 - P.Tale - Ypsilon (152 BPM) 09 - FungPung - Anthill (150 BPM) "How do you know?" Cause I'm American and we know everything. Where the hell have you been? Anyone who didn't think the series sporting foliage with eyes on the cover wouldn't have a LOTR sample is kidding themselves. This type of music just lends itself to fairytale creatures and magical realms. If I studied geography solely by listening to forest trance I would assume all of Scandinavia was like this. The cool parts anyway. Having reviewed the previous two volumes I would say this one is more accessible to those not indoctrinated in the rituals of forest trance. More Wizack Twizack night time mischief than supernatural there's no way out we're all going to die dread. Oh it's still psychedelic as hell so underestimate it at your peril. Full of hallucinogenic atmospheres, bubbly sounds and screechy leads. Just not as heavy. Get more fish with a wider net don't you know. That said aside from the dirge sung at the beginning of Ypsilon and the insanely twisting Anthill (f*cking awesome by the way) nothing stood out. And that's ok. Because with forest trance it is most assuredly about the journey and atmosphere and this compilation has loads of it. A deep eeriness and mystical whimsy. Oaks older than man and moss retaking all that he in is arrogance has built. Structures are temporary, but the forest...the forest is eternal. Creatures that were the stuff of legend appear and we realize that they didn't just appear. They were here all along. Free at Ektoplazm Mdk
  3. Finally a proper debut album from DoHm, and a first physical release from Forest Freaks, congrats! Promo text: "Dohm presents his Debut Album (CD) from the Dark Poetry – a special collection of deep, mystic, forest dark psytrance. From the enchanted forests of Lithuania, these powerful dance floor melodies orchestrates digital nature to take you on a spiritual flight through the jungle of your own soul". buy directly at the label http://forest-freaks.com/cd-music-store/ samples and buy: http://beatspace.com/8353/Forest+Freaks/DOHM/From+the+dark+poetry/detail.aspx other free stuff from Forest Freaks (highly recommended) http://www.ektoplazm.com/label/forest-freaks and check out his debut EP... awesome! http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/dohm-swampology
  4. Artist:Various Title: Under The Moss Vol. 2 Label: Forest Freaks Date: January, 2011 01 - Cookie Monster - Magic Drink 02 - DoHm - Yaga The Ring 03 - Re-Horakhty - Dungeon Keeper 04 - Schizoid Bears - Electronic Music 05 - P.Tale - Where Are You 06 - Cenotes - One Of Us 07 - DoHm - Technological Nightmare 08 - FungPung - Acceleration Deceleration Man they have some cool covers. Following up on the success of Volume One, the sequel aims to take you back to those dark, impenetrable forests. Where creatures scurry at the sound of your footsteps and the trees are as old as time itself. Some of the usual suspects are here like DoHm and Cenotes, but most are projects I have never heard of. One thing they all have in common however is their country of origin. Lithuania. Still don't know where that is. Probably next to Rhode Island if I remember my geography right. Magic Drink- The liquid sounds, the dripping, the eerie glass like pad... Oh yes this has all the makings of a big ocean of spooky. Throw in the fact it's made by "What the f*ck it this...oatmeal raisin?" Cookie Monster and all I see is epic win. Put your boots on and get your shovels there's lots of layers to dig through over the consistent bass line. There isn't one thing that stands out, but it's a brilliant way to start a comp. Feels like I'm being watched by ancient trees. Or a very paranoid muppet. I'm not gonna take your sh*t. F*ckin' psycho. Yaga The Ring- Oh DoHm...shaman of the forest...rain your deep bass sweeps and echoing forest creature sounds down upon us! Bubbling is a hallmark in this genre and this track has it covered. It's not an in your face track though, but one that serves as a sticky guiderail deeper into the mossy overgrown forest. Rather bengn actually. Mysterious yes, but not as foresty or dark as I was expecting. Dungeon Keeper- "Your dungeon floor is lovely...order your minions to jump up and down." Ummm...what? Unless his minions are all 38 DD's nymphos there is no reason to utter that sentence. It doesn't stop there. Because the sample offers the ever corny countdown. From ten. The synth is a metallic wall that is holding back the flood of fire with minute cracks appearing up and down it's expanse. The music itself isn't bad as it's nicely atmospheric, but the sample kills it for me. What is this...satan trance? This is what my dungeon would look like. Electronic Music- "At the moment there's certainly an increasing interest in electronic music." Yes there is. After the vomit inducing autotune craze, now every song on the radio is borrowing from electronic music. Schizoid bears? The gummy bear communtiy is a fanatical one of close knit allegiances. All it takes is one slip of the tongue and retribution is swift. This music is dark and fits the idea that something cute like a gummy bear actually are homicidal maniacs. Sounds bubble and waver and if you think these bears are just delicious, well... That's what the last guy said. If that is not their debut album cover then they need a new PR man. Where Are You- "Like a rainbow." Weird sounds like you would expect from this music start this track off and it's spooky like clowns are spooky. Sure they're all bright colors and smiles now, but after an afternoon of phoning it in at the carnival, it's time for some real fun. Nightmarish synths oscillate as voices speak from the blackness. Man this is a trip gone horribly wrong. It undergoes several changes and man each corner is trippier than the next with layers of bad dreams. This one gets stronger as it goes on and is my favorite here. One of Us- "Tonight...you will become one of us." This project is a forest staple and all that I have heard has been very juicy. No exception here as it bubbles and has bark scorching leads that lay bare untold eons of evil and deception. They move up and down as soft pads serve as a perfect contrast to what's actually going on here. Every where you turn there is nothing but sinister cadre. They even have their mark Holy sh*t...I think I just stumbled upon the universal symbol for a circle jerk. Technological Nightmare- "It is the responsibility of man to control science and technology. Intruding into another humans dream...is a technological nightmare." You can't stop DoHm, you can only hope to contain him. The nightmare he creates is full of squeaky synths, detuned sounds, and visions of the subconscious. This is wandering into someones mind and realizing they think of some f*cked up sh*t. Don't like that girl in your calculus class do you? A little harsh don't you think? Just drop the class.... Acceleration Deceleration- FungPung. Sounds like I stepped in something. It starts slowly as some twisted creature crawls from the mire then in the blink of an eye it rockets to ludicrous speed. Well, not ludicrous, but faster. Large synth washes and skittering alien footprints echo down a long hallway full of demented souls. Love the deep crunchy sounds. There are numerous changes in tempo to maximize it's descriptiveability. Also makes it feel twice as long. I had to listen to this one a lot to take it all in. I found the second half to be darker and more deeply detailed. It's still all good though. I hope they continue this series as it is some really good forest trance. http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/under-the-moss-vol-2 Mdk
  5. Artist: Schizoid Bears Title: Bearsky Dreams EP Label: Forest Freaks Date: December, 2011 Nothing is more terrifying than seeing the dark side of something that always gave you comfort. What can I say, Santa loves the hoe, hoe, hoes! shortly after this pic was taken they found parts of little timmy in the freezer of the neighbor across the street who always waved to you on his way to work. "Now where dat Barbie b*tch at?" So the Freaks are at it again with a release from C. Monster and P. Tale. Two Lithuanians who love the dark side and first name initials. It's a 4 track EP that makes you think what really goes on in the deep woods where there are no prying human eyes. Love the cover with the psychedelic colors and the slighly out of focus bears watching in the background. Back on Action- Sounds like the bears have had enough with these f*cking hikers sh*tting in their woods. Hear that weird evil cry? That's them. Great effects and twinkling sounds create a rich atmosphere. But that is only added to with the clicking and bubbling as someone sings in an attempt not to be scared. It's not powerful but rather suggestive. Ooohhh...look what you diiiiiiiiid. Now you made him angry. Planeta Pliuk- Something about Russian that makes samples spooky. Unless you're Russian I guess. For all I know he said, "How bout some scrambled eggs for breakfast?" But for me it's very cold war get the hell outta here type stuff. Holy sh*t did you just forest goa me? I think you did, Ursa Major. So this is what bears do in the woods when nobody is lookin'. Twisted forest sounds with intertwining melodies. Pumping all the way through as you get lost in the woods. Easy to get turned around isn't it? Waggish Night- I love layered forest tracks and this is the tail that wags the dog. Or bear, in this case. Typical forest sounds with eerie pads and bouncing leads are on the menu and it does.not.stop. A very deep and involving track. Sick and Tired- "I'm sick and tired of hearing about all of the radicals." More of the punishing style with juicy and bubbling effects and unlike a lot of the darkpsy or forest this has more than one melody running concurrently. So the bears are sick and tired of you starting fires in their woods. Sick and tired of the sh*tty food selection in your pick a nick baskets. But mostly they are sick and tired of your extreme couponing. "Take that bush league sh*t to Food Lion, p*ssy. Dis Kroger, n*gga!" I hope they release more stuff and refine their sound. Some of the tracks were a little light in places and could use a little more oomph. Sounds odd to say, but I hope they take this in a darker, horror movie direction because it almost writes itself. Like a psychotic serial killer bunny named Kottontale that...ah, you get the picture. Using the cuddly teddy bear as a theme could prompt some truly psychotic images. Psychedelic....I meant psychedelic. It's free so I urge you to check it out. "That was nice, right? Just like we rehearsed. You need me to do it again? Cuase I got no problem with that." Ektoplazm Mdk
  6. Artist: Various Title: Voices of the Trees Label: Forest Freaks Date: October, 2011 01 - Gioll - Lost Senses (150 BPM) 02 - DoHm - Lost Engineers (152 BPM) 03 - Kaos - Amok (150 BPM) 04 - Cenotes - Smektachius (148 BPM) 05 - Distorted Goblin - Psychodrama (150 BPM) 06 - Therange Freak - Creepy Shumadi (150 BPM) 07 - Whrikk - Frying Saucer (151 BPM) 08 - Red - Rock & Roll 21 Century (148 BPM) Free darkpsy and forest compilation anyone? Lost Senses- "You have finally lost your senses." Who you tellin'? This is pumping forest psychedelia with the super fast bass line and nice acid lines that fit well with the scratchy forest sounds. There is a nice melody that floats in at 2 and a half minutes but it only stays briefly. The best way to lure someone into a trap I say. It's not too heavy and is more accessible for those like myself who are reluctant to cross over to the dark side. You know so I'm standing at the edge of the forest, and the sun is going down and my f*cking dog ran in there. Do I go after him? Lost Engineers- Senses, engineers...of course everybody's getting f*cking lost it's a dark forest! This guy from Lithuania is one of my favorite forest trance producing guys. His tracks are spooky and motherf*cker I got turned around in this dark forest and can't find my way out. Damn dog. The woods creak and crack like a bowl of Rice Krispies and it all makes sense now. You twisted motherf*ckers...where's my dog? The opening strings are horror movie ready and the trees feel...alive. I see eyes everywhere...red, unblinking orbs. What was that sound? Amok- Those twisted sprites are mocking me now with portamento smiles. More scratchy leads run amok as they lead me deeper into the dark forest. The temperature drops as effects fly by my head. In the distance I hear a lone wolf cry. This is pretty twisted. Smektachius- Made up word? Possibly. When my son sees stickers that are identical he calls them dupakips (aka duplicates.) Flutes? Surely there must be somebody friendly here, mean people don't play flutes. Right? Bubbling forest sounds make me fell...uneasy. Spiraling effects and sick laughter have me looking over my shoulder. Oh, thank God it's Ronald....McDonald? What the f*ck happened to you? Don't...try...the...McRib. It's...people!!!! This was a great forest track. Great I tell you. Psychodrama- "What would you think if I told you that you, me, everyone came from outer space? Weird though it sounds, it's true. We're all aliens." Exhibit A What.The.F*ck? Bubbling, squeaks, pumping bass line...it's all here. At this point I'm pretty numb, having seen so many disturbing images. Creatures of dark origin circle with teeth bared, saliva dripping from their gaping maws. I just...I just want to find my dog and go home. Creepy Shumadi- Oh f*ck what's that clicking noise? Is the Predator here too? I love the use of the eerie chopped up synths, definitely chilling. There is a music sample that is used for twisted purposes but the reverb is so heavy that I can't make it out. It kinda becomes a wall of sound and takes away the evil pleasure of this track. Otherwise it woulda been a masterpiece. Frying Saucer- Fully under the sway of the forest, scratchy synths have their way. Don't know which way is up or down and just accept the next new horror thrust in front of me. Effects are spit out and twirled about as the aliens set their phasers to ridiculous Oh sh*t...Taco Bell...kicking in... To me this just comes off as incoherent noise over a bass line. Rock & Roll 21 Century- And in the totally unexpected what the f*ck department comes the final track. Sure, Homer Simpson is awesome and been used by loads of people. But...stay with me here. It had all the makings of a pretty good and groovy forest thumper. And then I discover that the forest swallowed the Marshal Tucker Band. How they got in there, I don't know. But they were still singing about what some woman did to him. Let it go dude. You're a zombie now anyway. Every now and then I need a little forest. The bubbling sound and dark atmospheres offer a nice balance with the melodic goa and twilight sounds I usually listen to. This was a pretty good comp, with the standouts being DoHm, Cenotes, TheRange Freak, and Gioll. Thanks to Ektoplazm it costs you nothing to enjoy. http://www.ektoplazm.com/2011/voices-of-the-trees Mdk
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