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  1. I'm an ex normal trance listener and I do like melodic psy. I don't mind some uplifting cliches like supersaws, plucks, big arpeggiated melodies and the like, if used tastefully these things may work quite well in psy context. What I dislike is this happy laidback vibe which is dominating modern trance scene (and was one of the main reasons why I've mostly stopped listening to it) and is crawling into psy. Some of the tracks you've posted suffer from just this, the tracks by Orkidea and Ghost Rider sound like generic trance with psy basslines. I absolutely don't mind positive, euphoric mood in psytrance, but psy may not sound, well "mundane" (for the lack of better word). Well, if people are promoting their music here, why shouldn't I I absolutely don't pretend these tracks to be anything special, just my vision of blending psytrance with uplifting elements.
  2. Now I have my first official psytrance release RECURSIVE MATRIX ARTISTS Recursion Loop RELEASE DATE 2015-09-22 LABELS Gert Sound Records CATALOG GSR027 Just one track, some sort of melodic full-on inspired by Digicult and the like. You may listen to the track here and if you happen to like it, buy it here https://pro.beatport.com/release/recursive-matrix/1605481
  3. I agree that the album lacks consistency and some tracks are just unnecessary, like Freaky Alien or The Visions Begin, but the overall impression is very good. What Is Reality is my personal fav.
  4. So, this is how full-on sounds today? Not bad, powerful and menacing with some very tricky sound design but I wish there were more melodic content. The first track and Braincell/Spaceworm do have some pretty decent melodies, but other tracks are mostly focused on atmospheres and effects. Btw, the first track is NOT Droid/Gamayun. It is actually called Ancient Spirits and was released in 2013 by Time 2 Live - you may check out their free EP "Inner Self" at Ectoplazm.
  5. Just curious why would you need that? Actually, unless speech samples are heavily abused in an album (which happens sometimes) it's often basically impossible to recall if they are here or not. In order to answer your question properly I would need to re-listen my whole psytrance collection paying special attention to the voice stuff.
  6. Ormion, Starkraver thank you! Still not sure if I'll participate but maybe will try to submit smth
  7. Some questions. I'm not a pro artist, I don't have any psytrance releases at any label so far, just some music posted in social networks, some people like it. May I participate in the contest and would it be welcomed? Of course, I wouldn't be offended even a slightest if no, but if yes, then: May I submit a track which was already posted in a social network (not soundcloud) and was available for free download for a while? If yes, should I remove it from where it is posted? I usually do some mastering on my own, which is, of course, far from being professional and is only aimed at making a song slightly louder. Should I do it when submitting a track for contest?
  8. To me, there is one real gem on this compilation - Atlantic Spirit. The melody, the synths, the atmosphere - everything is done just right. If I had to find some flaws in this one this would be only the corny track title. The Last Jedy is also nice, not very memorable track but groovy and atmospheric. Everything else is "nothing special" at best. But I have to admit that I mostly don't get this Iono-like psy-prog thing. It seems that the idea behind it is to blend psy with "normal" trance or house, maybe to make the music more accessible, but the result is neither psy nor trance - in most cases too amorphous to be catchy and too tame and mundane to be trippy. But may be that's just me, people seem to like it.
  9. I agree - Shuma was much better. I failed to find anything to grab my attention in this one.
  10. U-Recken vs Nitro - Eternity - just a good full-on track http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EvnnkN-xY74 U Recken vs Nitro - eternity (Peace Maker remix) - something special
  11. One of my all-time favourite albums, I wonder why there is not much music like that made these days.
  12. I'm relatively new to psytrance so I may be messing up the subgenre definitions. To me, "night full-on" means any highly energetic psy with sinister or agressive mood, while "morning" means fluffy and melodic (Digicult, Protoculture, Fatali, U-Recken). Journey into other Spaces has some tracks which I do really like (my absolute fav is "Freedom" - not sure why I've called it "Liberation" in my above post - and I love everything in this track) but what I dislike about the whole album is that there are almost no changes in the overall sound - just 70 minutes of agressive acidic soundscapes. I prefer randomly mixing the tracks from JIOS with more fluffy tracks (like Protoculture) in my playlist. I know this track by Optokoppler and really like it. If their other music is like that it's definitely worth checking out Right now I'm listening to the Spectra album recommended by Manuser. It seems that the production quality is not great according to today standards but the music itself is not bad.
  13. Guys, thank you for the suggestions, will check them out! I have this album by Silicon Sound, for some reason I copmletely forgot that I have it, but it's indeed quite good, thanks for reminding me about it. As for Talamaska, I only lsitened to his "Psychedelic Trance" album which sounds more like a bunch of Hollywood film trailers rather than anything psychedelic but the guy obviously has some melodic talent which I appreciate. Which album by him would you recommend to start with? I also have "Journeys into Outer Space" by Electric Universe, there are some decent tunes on this one (Liberation is very good) but overall it is too dark/acidic for my taste, it is more of night full-on, isn't it? Btw, I should add "Analog Superhero" by Ibojima to my list of good melodic psy, listening to it just now and it is quite enjoyable.
  14. When this album was relased I was a "normal trance" listener and I quite liked some tracks from here. Now I can't imagine mayself listening to it again but it has done the job - fueled my interest to psytrance.
  15. Very good album indeed. Mostly the same bubbling TB-like synths as in 100500+ other goa tracks but this time they form some catchy melodic structures while still being trippy enough. Also very good production quality. All tracks sound a bit samey, that's my only complaint.
  16. I freakin love Digicult especilally The Lucid Nation album, here are my favorite tracks and I want more songs like these. Basically, I need music with full-onish basslines and synths which has some prominent and memorable melodies, neither very dark nor too cheesy (by "cheesy" I mean stuff like Electro Sun, Intersys, Perplex, Talamaska, generally the music with MTV-pop/happy rave melodics, especially vocal tracks). I don't mind some uplifting trance and/or goa elements (like the first track I've posted has both uplifting and goa synth lines). Other albums and compliations I already have which contain the right elements and have the right vibe U-Recken: Deeper into Man, Flames of Equilibrium Tropical Bleyage (wtf does their name mean?): Melodic Perception Bitkit: Necessary Illusions, The Last Shadow Ephedrix: Expander, Far Away Aquila: Gain Control Protoculture: Circadians, Refractions Fatali: Faith System Nipel: Deep into Matter (but not the later stuff) Astrix: One Step Ahead Toast3d: High Infinity (too cheesy sometimes but some tracks are ok) Space Buddha/Toast3d: Reality Check Nord Project: Terracore Compilations: Orientation Vols. 3-5 Goa Neo Full-on, Vols 3-4 Agitato Homemade Vol. 3 I used to follow the releases by Dacru, but they switched to night fullon (Spirit Architect, Djantrix) which is not my cup of tea. When going through recent full-on releases at other labels I ususally come across either too dark stuff or something boring and uninspired
  17. Is it his mom singing? Actually without the vocals it could be a decent track
  18. I tend to agree. I started listening to psy maybe two years ago but I've already noticed that many of the albums released in the first half of 00s sound fresh and interesting even today and often are much better than the later works of the same artists (e.g. Protoculture, who has released two awesome albums in 2003 and 2005 and then suddenly decided to become another Van Buuren wannabe). Would be great
  19. To the OP: the songs by Upgrade Music you've posted seem to be inspired by classic Infected Mushroom sound. Check out their Vicious Delicious and IM the Supervisor albums (but please stay away from Army of Mushrooms!) Also you may like Deerob. His stuff can be freely downloaded at Ectoplazm http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/deerob-deevolution http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/deerob-jayus
  20. I can't stand almost anything else I've heard from Sesto Sento but this is pretty awesome!
  21. Just a stellar album, one of the rare cases when psytrance actually provides a feeling that can be loosely described as "spiritual contact" with something (maybe it's just me, of course). This melody on 2:45 mark in "Into the Heartland" gives me goosebumps everytime i hear it. Unfortunalely the remix by Astral Projection which appears on "Soul Samadhi" is just lame (well, maybe not that lame, but when I knew that AP remixed the Heartland I expected it to be the killer of all killers, but it turned out to be just another goa song).
  22. One of my favourite psytrance albums ever, a blend of beautiful goa melodics and pretty decent full-on beats. Unfortunately, its seems that free download is no more available, but the album was re-released in 2013 and can be purchased at Beatport. Highly recommended for those who love melodic psytrance like Digicult, Ephedrix or Bitkit. Btw., it is a side project of the man behind the chill-out act Eguana from Cosmicleaf Records.
  23. Thank you! Probably I'll somehow rework the intro part, it may be indeed too minimalistic.
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