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  1. He was arrested in India in 2015 for illegal substance storage.
  2. Converting Vegeterians II I decided to see for myself if it is really the utter POS, but the whole thing surprisingly turned out to be quite enjoyable listen. There are some WTF moments, especially when Duvdev tries to sing, and of course it has nothing to do with psytrance at all, but it is a good music.
  3. If you listen to a typical compilation by Iono music or Nano records, or a bunch of tracks belonging to the so-called UK psytrance subgenre, you will find plenty of acts which don't stand on their on and probably don't even try. Lots of tracks with same sounds, same structure, same melodic lines.
  4. Hi! I decided to put together some sounds I've made for Dune2 (51 in total) and share them for free. The sounds were made for use in my own tracks and also in order to explore the sound shaping abilities of the synth. Some of the sounds are typical trance and psy stuff, some are of more experimental nature. Here is the individual presets demo ( I was too lazy to write a proper demosong ) https://soundcloud.com/recursion-loop/synaptic-trancemission-demo And here is the soundset https://www.sendspace.com/file/wloh6r Some sounds require additional wavetables provided by Dune 2 users. The wavetables (and the details of their authors) are also included into the package. Hope you like my sounds EDIT: If you get an errorbox when loading the sounds into Dune 2, please install the latest Dune2 version available in your user service area.
  5. Talpa/The Riddler (if we discount his collaborations with other Tesseract guys). His production style changed over the years but the overall aesthetics and melodic approach stay more or less consistent Terrafractyl
  6. Such is life Thanks to everyone who voted for my track (and also to everyone who didn't but took a time to listen to it)! And congrats to the winners, of course! The Cybernetica's entry is absolutelly tremendous and the first place is totally well deserved
  7. Thanks! Idk about an album, I'm producing psy for less than a year and still I'm often get distracted by other genres, like breaks or normal (cheesy) trance. I find it kinda depressing to be stuck into one subgenre, I do different things when the mood strikes, it may be goa today and full-on tomorrow . As for now I'm focused on progressive psy, like this but I also consider doing something in the vein of this three turtles track. All in all, it's very inspriring to find out that people like my works! This dream reactor track - well, after all I think it's not my best output ... But it is accepted by a label, so let it be (btw, technically it's no more "free music promotion" but when I started the thread I didn't think that the track will be commercially released))
  8. I wouldn't call it "goa trance" but neither it can be called "failed attempt" because it is definitely good at being what it is, beautiful and intricate. However it certainly falls apart into two unrelated pieces - the first part (dark) and the second one (light) strating about 4th minute. It should be two tracks probably.
  9. The music is just as bad as is the cover
  10. Thanks, mate! The acid stuff is made with Sylenth and Zebra (mostly Sylenth)
  11. I'm just listening to the track on youtube. Indeed, the track is something really special (thanks for pointing my attention to it, will now check out other works by this guy) but the voice samples are criminally out of place. Obviously it is not techncially possible to remove them from a stereofile, you may only cut away the whole parts of the track with the voices in ableton or something, or ask the author to remove them from the mix and render a different version specially for you
  12. Finally came up with a passable mix, so since the thread is still not deleted I'll post it here
  13. Thanks! Massive is a terrific synth for psy, indeed. Great choice
  14. Here is the track, the only synth which is NOT Dune is the bass (and the drums are samples), but with new envelope mode they added into v. 2.5 this kind of bass should be also doable in Dune Honestly, I'm not quite happy with mixing and mastering I've done on this one (this is an old track I hope I've improved since then), but at least it was me who was contacted by the label and offered a release and not vice versa, so maybe that's a sign that the track is not utter crap , still it shows what Dune is capable of, I designed most of the sounds by myself. Here is the list of improvements in 2.5 http://www.synapse-audio.com/news-dune2update250.html They added analog switch for envelopes which fixes their werid behavior, now Dune sounds much more punchy, and also added two new filters. It's a good idea to keep the synth collection at minimum, I use 4 synths on daily basis, Dune 2 and Massive being two of them.
  15. Fake psytrance meets fake operetta It is definitely one of the most notorious examples of bad taste and a maybe sign of deterioration of psytrance as a genre, yada, yada, but I actually quite like it
  16. Just curious, why you are selling Dune2? Imo it's a very good synth which is especially useful for psytrance, psychill and related genres (btw., I've just released a full-on track made almost 100% with Dune2) and with 2.5 update it gets even better. . I remember that I was underwhelmed a bit when I bought it because of the presets, but as I started to program my own sounds I recognized how good it is.
  17. After several listens I still can not decide if I like this or not. Excellent production, tasty sounds, really psychedelic atmosphere, but when the music stops playnig I can't remember a single track. It's like a journey through constantly changing twisted and strange sonic landscapes, but with no focus at anything. It changes, and changes, and changes ... Suddenly all these unpredictable changes become very boring and predictable. Cosmic evolution is somehow better than the others because it has some distinctive melodies. Where the fvck has melodic, emotional psy like early U-Recken gone?
  18. Definitely the U-Recken's best and one of my favourite musical albums ever (including not only psytrance albums). Each of the U-Recken's albums has something to offer to the listener but strangely, it seems that the quality of his music gradually decreases from album to album. Deeper Into Man was a bit worse than Aquatic Serenade, Light at the End of the World was a bit worse than DIM and Flames of Equilibrium is ... well, not bad at all, but not exactly the level of quality I expect from U-Recken.
  19. Nice, clean mixing, some sounds are very tasty. I also liked the melody in the end of the track. As a downside, it sounded a bit too samey throughout the track. More development would help imo. Still, good job.
  20. This pissing horse pic would be a great cover for their second album "Beyond Music" and pretty much anything else they released after that, but this album is actually not bad at all. I agree that they've gone over the top with this "feel good" vibe in some parts of some tracks, but the whole thing provides good balance between futuristic atmosphere, driving aggressive beats and accessible catchy melodies. Like many of mid 00's full-on releases it's far from being an example of great mastering job, but it seems that these guys have had great fun producing it and the music conveys it very well. The title track is especially good.
  21. Pretty much identical to 100500 other new school goa releases. All genre cliches are here, and it's almost impossible to tell one track from another. Also, the mastering is IMO not very good, loud and clear but way too overcompressed and highs are too harsh. "Cosmic trance" is a pleasant exception, I like the main melody but the supporting harmony seems to be wrong.
  22. That's kinda "introduce yourself" topic? I'm not a "producer" in the sence that I don't make a living by making music, don't have a constant contract with a label and all that, I'm just making music for my own pleasure, some of my stuff gets released at minor lablels, but mostly I set it for free download. That's my soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/recursion-loop That's some of my psytrance tracks I do different genres, like normal trance, progressive breaks etc., but now I'm mostly focused on psy.
  23. Massive is a fine synth and especially good for psy, I use it all the time, but it doesn't do FM. I downloaded the demo, and it indeed sounds very tasty, that mid-00's full-on signature sound which I love. No other my synth sounds exactly like it, I think I'll grab it while it's on sale. The GUI is kinda confusing though, It seems that they compromised usability for the sake of following the workflow of the hardware prototype. It took me quite a while to figure out how to assign LFO to pitch and cutoff, and once I enabled the unison I failed to find how to disable it.
  24. It's on sale right now. Afaik, it is modelled after the iconic Nordlead, I've checked some soundbank demos labelled as psytrance, they sound very authentic, all these squelches, FM leads, risers - very delicious sound. But on the other hand, I already have some fine synths, icluding Massive, Spire, Sylenth, not sure if I need another one.
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